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Chapter 1357 - Seven Sword Chops the Heavenly Mountain (4)

The head elder was completely shaken by the power of that sword. He was extremely frightened. That sword strike would've been enough to destroy him completely if not for the thunder armor! Not even his origin soul would have a chance to escape before it could be destroyed by that strike!

"What kind of sword is this!? Not even the eternal thunder armor can resist it, and I was seriously injured!" The head elder's face was pale and filled with horror.

The eternal thunder armor was one of the three major treasures of the Scatter Thunder Clan, and it was far stronger than the Thunder Slaughter Mirror. It was refined by the Scatter Thunder Clan's third step ancestor and was passed down for generations, protecting the Scatter Thunder Clan!

Only people at the fifth Heaven's Blight could use this armor. Even when facing third step cultivators, this armor would allow them to survive for a bit!

However, the armor was destroyed in one hit, which made the head elder's scalp go numb! He was about to retreat when a flash of cold light appeared in Wang Lin's eyes. He slowly raised the seven foot sword!

Although this strike was extremely powerful, Wang Lin clearly felt countless people in the 7 Million Worlds die. This strike came at the cost of countless people willingly giving up their lives!

This sword was heavy, very heavy...

Seeing Wang Lin raise his arm, the head elder's pupils shrank like crazy. His hand formed a seal and pointed to the sky as he roared like crazy, "Eternal thunderbolt, break this storm and descend!!!"

As he roared, he hit his clan mark and released all the power in his clan mark to summon the eternal thunderbolt in here. He had a feeling that he would only have a chance to survive if the eternal thunderbolt could get inside!

Otherwise, he would without a doubt die today!

He had never before felt such a powerful sense of a life and death crisis. He let out an almost crazy roar as the thunder outside the storm raged several times stronger and began bombarding the storm.

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the world. Every time the thunder bombardment landed, the storm would tremble and countless would die!

Wang Lin ignored what was happening outside as he raised the sword in his hand while staring at the head elder. The second sword strike chopped down!

The ray of sword energy shot out, containing the souls of countless lives, and it was filled with a monstrous killing intent. The indescribable sword energy rushed toward the head elder!

The head elder roared, "Eternal thunderbolt descend, descend, descend!!!" The clan mark between his eyebrows split in half and a shocking force surrounded him.

At the same time, his roar seemed to be heard by the eternal thunderbolt outside the storm. The eternal thunderbolt seemed to use some unknown method to instantly expand several fold into a bolt of thunder 10,000 feet thick and descended on the storm!

This storm shook violently and people continued to die inside the 7 Million Worlds. Even the second strike Wang Lin was preparing was affected as large amounts of the power had dissipated before reaching the head elder.

Daoist Scattered Spirit formed a seal and pointed at his chest. He coughed out blood and seemed to weaken, but a powerful force came from the 7 Million Worlds!

This power came from the mountains, rivers, the earth, the grass, and all beasts! The power infused into the storm to prevent the eternal thunderbolt from breaking through!

The head elder retreated with a miserable scream and coughed out six mouthfuls of blood. The protection he had formed with his clan mark collapsed and a wound appeared on his chest once more. The wound was deep enough for his bones to be visible!

If that was all, it wouldn't show the might of this sword energy. The two wounds from the first two strikes were filled with countless souls of the 7 Million Worlds. They turned into mournful souls that began devouring at the wounds, causing black gas to come out of them.

If it wasn't for the eternal thunderbolt using its might to disrupt the storm to dissipate 70% of the force, there would've been no way for the head elder to escape!

However, in spite of this, the head elder was still seriously injured!

Intense pain could make one mad, and despair could make one crazy. At this moment, this was what the head elder was experiencing. The pain from the countless souls devouring him filled his body, and despair filled his mind when he found that not even the eternal thunderbolt could break it. How could he escape?

When the madness filled him, he stopped running. His hands formed a seal and he waved his hand as he roared, "No one can kill this old man. I sacrifice 3,000 years of my life to awaken my thunder mark and use my third step ancestor's spell! Yin and Yang eternal thunder, appear for me!!"

After the head elder roared, his face turned even more pale and 3,000 years of lifespan dissipated. An extremely powerful force gathered before him.

This force suddenly rotated him before him and then formed a Yin and Yang symbol! The Yin and Yang symbol rotated until it turned into a vortex, and thunderous rumbles came from within the vortex. A pressure beyond second step cultivators suddenly appeared from within the Yin and Yang symbol!

"Yin and Yang eternal thunder, kill this person!" the head elder roared, and the Yin and Yang symbols suddenly split in half. The Yin thunder that destroyed the soul and the Yang thunder that destroyed the body fused together to form the Yin and Yang eternal thunderbolt!

As the thunder rushed toward Wang Lin, Wang Lin raised his right hand and mercilessly chopped down a third time! The sword energy was dazzling and contained countless souls of the 7 Million Worlds. The mournful cries of countless souls echoed as the sword energy collided with the Yin and Yang eternal thunderbolt!

Thunderous rumbles echoed and Wang Lin cough out blood before retreating a few steps. He revealed a fierce expression as he charged forward and chopped down the fourth time!

Although the Yin and Yang eternal thunderbolt was strong, it was no match for the souls of the 7 Million Worlds. The Yin and Yang eternal thunderbolt collapsed, and the shockwave landed on the head elder's body. He coughed out blood and his face became extremely pale. A third wound appeared on his chest and his internal organs began to collapse!

Countless souls rushed into his body and began to devour him. The intense pain caused the head elder to almost go crazy. He ignored his serious injuries and charged toward Wang Lin!

"Even if I die, this old man will drag you into the reincarnation cycle with me!"

However, just as he rushed forward, Wang Lin's fourth chop descended.  It was filled with the hatred of the people of the 7 Million Worlds toward the Scatter Thunder Clan!

At this instant, Wang Lin's right hand moved and he didn't hesitate to chop a fifth time!

The two rays of sword energy flew one after another, almost forming a wave. Inside them were the mournful screams of countless souls. The head elder was already crazy from the pain. He no longer cared about his lifespan and waved his hand.

"I sacrifice 10,000 years of my life and collapse my third step thunder essence inheritance to use my countless Scatter Clan members as Joss Flames to activate my Scatter Thunder Clan's Big Dipper Spell!" The head elder's roar was heaven-shaking, and he immediately sacrificed 10,000 years of his lifespan!

The Big Dipper Spell was the Scatter Thunder Clan's most powerful spell. The Big Dipper spell borrowed the power of the stars and turned into nine killing stars. The space before the head elder distorted and shined brightly as nine stars appeared in a formation. One look would make you feel as if your mind was being sucked in.

The nine stars gave off a demonic light and quickly flew out to resist Wang Lin's fourth and fifth rays of sword energy!

A thunderous rumble quickly spread out when the rays of sword energy collided with the nine killing stars of the Scatter Thunder Clan's number one spell, Big Dipper.

The intense rumble echoed as if space itself was collapsing. This tearing force spread out across the 7 Million Worlds. The square the Scatter Thunder Clan controlled at the center rumbled and was torn into countless fragments.

As the rumble echoed, the Big Dipper map trembled and was torn into pieces. The nine killing stars all shattered and dissipated. The head elder's body was a bloody mess and his legs exploded, leaving only his upper body. An indescribable fear washed over him and awakened him from his madness. He anxiously retreated, his hands forming seals as he did so. The flesh on his lower body moved and he rapidly recovered!

"This person has the Million World Soul Sealing Whip, so I can't escape with my origin soul!!"

Wang Lin's body trembled when the fourth and fifth rays of sword energy dissipated. Countless lives were lost in the 7 Million Worlds, and he coughed out blood. His flesh and body collided nonstop.

He suddenly looked up and stared at the head elder. Killing intent filled his eyes and he roared, "If you don't die today, then I, Wang Lin, will not stop!"

As he roared, his eyes were bloodshot and he rushed out once more. He raised the seven foot sword and chopped down for the sixth time!

The sixth ray of sword energy caused the world to tremble, and the edge of the 7 Million Worlds began to collapse as if it couldn't handle it anymore. Countless spatial cracks appeared, and even the 7 Million Worlds began to fragment. It was as if the 7 Million Worlds was about to collapse completely!

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