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Chapter 1354 - Seven Sword Chops the Heavenly Mountain (1)

The moment Wang Lin entered the 7 Million Worlds through the charm, a net of light appeared before him. This net of light provided protection, allowing Wang Lin to retreat even faster.

The eternal thunderbolt immediately slammed into the net of light and a thunderous rumble echoed through the 7 Million Worlds. The net of light flickered rapidly and then collapsed.

The moment the net collapsed, the tens of thousands of Scatter Thunder Clan members in the 7 Million Worlds all bled out from their orifices and died!

Daoist Scattered Spirit had captured every Scatter Thunder Clan member here after Wang Lin left. He didn't kill them but sealed them into the net of light to act as a shield.

At this moment, this net of light collapsed and all the Scatter Thunder Clan members here died!

The eternal thunderbolt also trembled. The protection from the net was very powerful, causing the eternal thunderbolt to lose a lot of power. It was about to continue chasing Wang Lin when an illusory figure walked out!

Daoist Scattered Spirit stepped out from the void with a mysterious gaze in his eyes, and his right hand grabbed the eternal thunderbolt.

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the world. Daoist Scattered Spirit's clothes fluttered, popping sounds came from his body, and he coughed out blood. However, he held onto the eternal thunderbolt. It continued to weaken but still didn't collapse.

Wang Lin stopped retreating and charged out. His right hand formed a fist and he threw a punch without hesitation. Thunder came out from his right eye, forming a net of thunder.

Daoist Scattered Spirit let out a roar and squeezed it harder, causing the eternal thunderbolt to weaken even more. Then he let go, and at that moment, Wang Lin's punch and thunder landed on this piece of the eternal thunderbolt.

A thunderous rumble echoed, and thanks to their combined attack, the eternal thunderbolt collapsed!

A powerful shockwave caused Wang Lin and Daoist Scattered Spirit to retreat. All of this happened in an instant. As they retreated, the head elder appeared not far away.

The moment he appeared, his expression changed!

"7 Million Worlds!!"

He immediately saw Daoist Scattered Spirit, and his pupils shrank a bit.

Daoist Scattered Spirit looked at the head elder and slowly said, "Scatter Thunder Clan's Head Elder, do you still remember me?"

The head elder had an extremely serious expression, and with his intelligence, he immediately understood everything. This Wang Lin wanted to lead him here but feared his suspicion and began a battle. Then he escaped at a critical moment so that he would chase him into the 7 Million Worlds, wanting to finish Wang Lin off.

Once he entered the 7 Million Worlds, he would enter the other party's trap! However, his cultivation was heaven-shaking and was only second to third step cultivators. Although he knew that Wang Lin must've been prepared, he didn't panic. He looked at Daoist Scattered Spirit and frowned slightly.

"It's you! That ant from back then. If it wasn't for me letting you live, you would have died to the divine retribution!" Although the head elder seemed to be unphased, he was extremely shocked inside. He recognized this person and couldn't imagine how such a person could appear among the ants in the 7 Million Worlds and reach such a cultivation level. Yet no one in the Scatter Thunder Clan had found out about it before!

This kind of thing was beyond his imagination, and he couldn't understand how it had happened. However, now that he discovered it, he had to kill this person!

Daoist Scattered Spirit smiled. There was monstrous resentment in his eyes as he stared at the head elder and said, "I have lived to this day to break through this world and destroy the so-called Celestial Realm your Scatter Thunder Clan claims to be, and kill you!"

The head elder sneered and waved his hand. As he did so, hemoved forward and coldy said, "What nonsense! Even if the two of you join forces, you're not my match!"

With a wave of his hand, the world rumbled and endless thunder appeared before the head elder. It turned into countless balls of thunder that shot toward Wang Lin and Daoist Scattered Spirit!

Daoist Scattered Spirit grinned and revealed a hint of excitement and madness. He had endured for countless years, suppressed for countless years, hidden for countless years, and today he would finally be able to let it all out!

His hatred for the Celestial Realm and the Scatter Thunder Clan made him laugh loudly!

"Today, I, Scattered Spirit, will get revenge for generations of my clan that died to yours. I want to… kill the celestial!" He stepped forward, and his hands formed seals and swung to the side.

"This old man has traveled the 7 Million Worlds over tens of thousands of years. I have circled the end of the world and have left behind footprints over all 7 Million Worlds. This allowed me to gain enlightenment in a self-created spell!

"7 Million Celestial Slaughter Stamp!"

As Daoist Scattered Spirit's mournful voice rumbled, the 7 Million Worlds rumbled as if it was awakening. Countless illusions appeared around Daoist Scattered Spirit!

There were too many fragments. They were densely pack and spread as far as the eye could see. However, if you looked closely, you would find that they were exactly the same as the 7 Million Worlds here!

This was Daoist Scattered Spirit's great spell! He was extremely talented, and he had used his divine sense to imprint the 7 Million Worlds into his mind. Then, over the countless years, he refined this imprint so he could simulate the 7 Million Worlds!

This was similar to when Wang Lin imprinted the sea and celestial door into his mind!

However, what Daoist Scattered Spirit had imprinted was the 7 Million Worlds he lived in. Even the edge of the world was imprinted in his mind!

The moment this spell appeared, the world changed colors and the clouds scattered. The boundless fragments of the 7 Million Worlds formed a storm and surrounded the head elder. They immediately shrank to form a miniature 7 Million Worlds!

"Seal!" Daoist Scattered Spirit roared, and the fragments shrank, forming a giant seal!

The head elder's expression changed. If it was just Daoist Scattered Spirit, he wouldn't consider him a thread, but right now there was also Wang Lin, who he dread a lot!

Although Wang Lin hadn't attacked, his gaze was like a blade locked onto the head elder.

The head elder couldn't be distracted. His eyes were filled with decisiveness as he was about to use his fifth Heaven's Blight spell to kill both of them immediately. He felt a faint sense of crisis, making him believe that if he kept being stingy with his vitality, it would be too late!

After making up his mind, his hands quickly formed a seal and his clothes bloated up. His long hair moved without any wind and an extremely powerful cultivation erupted from his body!

"I'll let you all see the true power of fifth Heaven's Blight cultivation! I sacrifice 1,000 years of my life in exchange for the heavenly thunder clouds. Thunder Cloud Formation!" The head elder's mark shined brightly, and with a bang, the giant compass appeared once more in the 7 Million Worlds!

The compass silently rotated, then the head elder's face immediately turned pale and became hideous. He raised his hand and clouds began to appear from the void. It only took a moment for boundless clouds to appear!

The clouds churned, and large amounts of thunder were hidden within them. The thunder moved within the clouds as they collided with each other, creating rumbles, each one louder than the last!

This thunder became more and more violent until it replaced every sound in the world. The sound waves rippled out from the clouds like crazy!

These ripples were formed by the head elder's Thunder Cloud Formation. They would affect the blood and mind of a person, causing their body to collapse and soul to shatter!

The thunderous rumbles echoed like crazy. Wang Lin's body trembled and he coughed out blood. His hands formed a seal and the Wind and Rain World appeared around him to resist it.

Daoist Scattered Spirit's face also turned pale as he waved his sleeve and coughed out blood. The blood fused with the illusion 7 Million Worlds, and it began to shrink rapidly, getting ready to slaughter the head elder trapped within!

The ripples from the Thunder Cloud Formation became even more intense when they confronted the shrinking 7 Million Worlds, resulting in a heaven-shattering rumble.

Rumble, rumble, rumble!

As the 7 Million Worlds illusion rapidly shrank, it collapsed, but it also created a powerful shockwave. This caused the Thunder Cloud Formation to become chaotic, and a large portion of it disintegrated!

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he took a step forward. He raised his right hand and mercilessly pressed down! The moment his hand pressed down, the world in his eyes suddenly flipped!

Heaven Reversal Stamp!

Flip the sky to become the ground, flip the stars to become the void! The entire world reversed and the world in Wang Lin's pupils rotated. The heavens were reversed!

At this moment, the illusion of a world appeared and reversed. Thunderous rumbles echoed and the head elder's expression changed greatly. He waved his hand and thunder clouds appeared below and above him as he tried to hold on!

Daoist Scattered Spirit's eyes lit up and he charged out at the head elder inside the reversed world! His hands formed a seal and 971 marks appeared around him as he charged forward like crazy.

Wang Lin's eyes turned cold with killing intent and he raised his left hand. The War Spirit Print appeared in his mind and he pushed forward. A huge palm print appeared and shot at the head elder!

This palmprint was like the heavens itself, and it contained endless power. It caused the pupils of the head elder to violently shrink!

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