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Chapter 1353 - Battle at the Scatter Thunder Clan! (7) 

The eight ancient thunder dragon souls were torn into pieces and were rapidly dissipating. However, as Wang Lin inhaled, 30% of them were absorbed by him.

The moment the ancient thunder dragon origin souls entered his origin soul, the thunder inside his origin soul surged. The thunder inside his body roared and turned into silver snakes 100 feet wide and 1,000 feet long. The popping sounds that they emitted sounded like whips lashing at the sky! 

An indescribable thunder might came from Wang Lin’s origin soul. It was heaven-shattering!

All lightning, all thunder, and everything related to thunder formed rapidly inside Wang Lin. He seemed to vaguely grasp something, but everything was still a bit blurry.

The thunder essence hidden inside his origin soul began to expand like crazy. It was like a beating heart, and every time it beat, the thunder essence would grow, giving birth to more essence energy!

What was even more shocking was Wang Lin’s origin soul. When he devoured half an ancient thunder dragon in the Demon Spirit Land, his origin soul turned into that of an ancient thunder dragon. Then, over the years, it gradually transformed and formed thunder essence. His origin soul was now almost a bolt of thunder!

However, this was still “almost.” His origin soul hadn’t really become a bolt of thunder!

Right now his origin soul began to change rapidly! It was constantly evolving to become a true bolt of thunder! The ancient thunder dragons he had devoured were causing his origin soul to move toward completion!

Before this, even though his origin soul was on the same level as the eternal thunderbolt in the Scatter Thunder Clan, he was only on the same level. There were still differences in strength within the same level. However, all of this was rapidly changing!

Wang Lin’s understanding of thunder was being confirmed tens of thousands of times. His origin soul let out a roar as it turned into a soul devourer and inhaled once more!

The world changed colors, space trembled, and countless spatial cracks appeared. All the remaining ancient thunder dragon souls were inhaled into Wang Lin’s origin soul!

At this instant, Wang Lin’s origin soul moved like crazy and condensed from its fog form. A terrifying power of thunder essence came out of his origin soul.

The moment this aura appeared, the thunder lake around the Scatter Thunder Clan retreated and surrendered! As the aura spread, the eternal thunderbolt in the holy land of the Scatter Thunder Clan let out a heaven-shattering roar for the first time since the battle began!

This roar seemed to come from ancient times and seemed to carry an indescribable pressure. This roar was like a challenge issued by the eternal thunderbolt after it detected something that could threaten it!

As Wang Lin’s origin soul shrank, his thunder essence aura spread out. In an instant, blinding thunder came out of it. As his origin soul continued to shrink, the fog disappeared and a giant thunder tattoo appeared from within the fog.

The moment the thunder tattoo appeared, a pressure no weaker than that of the eternal thunderbolt spread out. The world trembled and space itself collapsed, and the rumbling of thunder was heaven-shaking!

The Spiritual Thunder rotated rapidly around the thunder, forming this thunder tattoo!

Although this sounds slow, it all happened in almost an instant. The head elder was stunned at this sudden change. He had never heard of anyone being able to devour ancient thunder dragons!

However, a powerful sense of crisis erupted in his heart. He vaguely felt like something bad was happening. The roar that came from the eternal thunderbolt seemed to be rushing the head elder!

“I can’t let him continue. I must stop him, or else it will be a disaster for my Scatter Thunder Clan!” The head elder had a hideous expression, and he became sober. He let out a roar as he rushed toward Wang Lin.

However, just as he closed in, the thunder tattoo formed by Wang Lin’s origin soul retreated and landed between Wang Lin’s eyebrows. His origin soul returned to his body and a rumble came from within him. Every fiber of his muscles, every inch of his bones, and even his internal organs were filled with the power of thunder!

It was as if he had reincarnated into thunder!

The thunder mark flashed in his right eye and the essence thunder appeared. It was 10 times stronger than before. As the head elder closed in, Wang Lin waved his right hand.

Thunderous rumbles echoed like crazy from all directions. A fine net made of thunder appeared around Wang Lin. This thunder net contained Wang Lin’s will and couldn’t be broken unless he was facing a thunder cultivator who could compete with Wang Lin in terms of thunder essence; otherwise, there was no chance!

As he waved his hand, more and more thunder nets appeared, forming layer after layer. Soon, 10 layers, 100 layers, 1,000 layers, 10,000 layers… 70,000 layers!

The head elder suddenly closed in with his hand reached forward, displaying his fifth Heaven’s Blight cultivation. He ripped apart tens of thousands of layers of this thunder net, but they instantly recovered!

“Right now I need to find a safe place to go into closed door cultivation and devour this. I can’t continue my battle with this person!” Wang Lin quickly retreated, and the charm leading to the 7 Million Worlds appeared in his left hand!

Seeing Wang Lin retreat, the head elder seemed to have gone crazy, and the sense of danger in his heart became stronger and stronger!

“I can’t let him escape!” The head elder coughed out blood and turned into a bolt of blood thunder. The mark between his eyebrows flashed and thunder gathered in that bolt of blood thunder. The blood thunderbolt struck down on the thunder net.

Thunderous rumbles echoed across world and 60,000 of the 70,000 layers of thunder net instantly collapsed. However, just as the head elder was going to rush in, the 60,000 layers instantly recovered!

The head elder’s entire cultivation was thunder-based, and in this battle against Wang Lin, he held the advantage at the start. However, Wang Lin’s thunder essence had increased greatly, so he could not confront Wang Lin. If it was any other fifth Heaven’s Blight cultivator, killing Wang Lin would be much simpler. However, this wasn’t the case for the head elder. He and Wang Lin were both thunder cultivators, so they were competing in their control over thunder!

At this moment, Wang Lin was retreating even faster, and the charm in Wang Lin’s hand made him feel ill at ease. He didn’t have too much time to think, and he revealed a decisive gaze!

A fifth Heaven’s Blight cultivator was certainly not only limited to what he had shown before. A fifth Heaven’s Blight cultivator was the strongest power under the third step. After reaching this cultivation level, you were far stronger than fourth Heaven’s Blight cultivators.

However, the premise was to use the spell that was unique to fifth Heaven’s Blight cultivators!

Life Spell!

To sacrifice your own life and use your own vitality to use a spell that contained a hint of the third step. This was the real reason fifth Heaven’s Blight cultivators were the strongest under the third step!

The head elder had never had to use this before in any of his battles. He didn’t have much vitality left and had to keep his cultivation sealed so that the vitality would be drained more slowly. He had to struggle to survive long enough for that chance to enter the third step!

However, he couldn’t think about it too deeply now. Killing intent appeared in his eyes as his right hand pointed at the sky and he shouted,

“Sacrifice to the heavens! As a slave to the eternal thunderbolt that descended in my clan, I sacrifice 500 years of my life in exchange for a divine body. I request the holy thunder to descend on my body and turn into… the Invincible Chaos Thunder!” The head elder’s voice contained a strange tone. After he spoke, his mark released a blazing glow.

A giant compass vaguely appeared in the world. This compass was boundless, and one could easily see it by looking up. Even if one was outside the Scatter Thunder Clan, they would still clearly see it!

This compass contained an ancient aura, and it was damaged in many places, as if it had almost collapsed in a great war. However, when it appeared, a powerful pressure descended!

This pressure was very strong. The moment it appeared, it caused the 70,000 layers of thunder around Wang Lin to give off a sound that made them seem like they were at their limit. Wang Lin’s expression also changed as he stared at the compass, and his expression became serious.

His right hand holding the charm also slowed down.

He wanted to see what this mysterious compass was and how powerful a fifth Heaven’s Blight cultivator’s spell was!

After the compass appeared, it silently rotated. As it rotated, time seemed to pass and the world fast forwarded countless years!

The head elder’s face turned pale as if a portion of his soul was cut off. Death aura filled his face, but the death aura instantly dissipated.

When that disappeared, so did the large compass. It was as if the compass had absorbed enough vitality and had disappeared. After it vanished, a bolt of thunder seemed to break off from the eternal thunderbolt at the holy land and shot toward the battlefield.

In an instant, the portion of the eternal thunderbolt suddenly arrived. As the Scatter Thunder Clan’s head elder roared, the thunder descended on Wang Lin’s 70,000 layers of thunder-like divine retribution.

The resulting thunderous rumble was heaven-shaking, and the 70,000 layers of thunder collapsed instantly. Even though they recovered instantly, they instantly collapsed once more and a powerful thunder might descended. Wang Lin’s pupils shrank, and he didn’t hesitate to crush the jade as the eternal thunder closed in!

A black vortex suddenly appeared behind Wang Lin. He took a step back and instantly disappeared! The eternal thunder chased into the vortex.

The head elder hesitated for a bit, but seeing that the vortex was about to disappear, he didn’t have too much time to think. He charged into the vortex!

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