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Chapter 1355 - Seven Sword Chops the Heavenly Mountain (2)

All of this happened in an instant. Daoist Scattered Spirit's eyes were filled with killing intent, and he instantly closed in. The 971 marks all landed on the rumbling thunder clouds around the head elder.

The clouds rumbled and immediately began to collapse!

When they collapsed, there was nothing stopping the Heaven Reversal Stamp from rotating the world, and it came crashing down. The head elder rapidly retreated but was still hit by the force, and his face immediately turned pale.

Just as he treated, Wang Lin's War Spirit Print arrived with its unimaginable speed. It immediately collided with the head elder.

A thunderous rumble echoed, and Daoist Scattered Spirit seemed to go crazy. He closed in with the 971 marks and shot out with the War Spirit Print, releasing a heaven-shattering force!

The head elder was thrown back by this thunderous rumble and coughed out blood. He was injured once more. His expression was hideous as he let out a roar and stopped his body. There was madness in his eyes as he hit his clan mark between his eyebrows.

"Thunder is split into six types: Heavenly Thunder, Earth Thunder, Origin Thunder, Magnetic Thunder, Dao Thunder, and Spiritual Thunder! All types, appear for me!" he roared, then six bolts of thunder flew out from his clan mark!

Heaven was the star and the Heavenly Thunder was a cultivation planet!  It was formed with a secret Scatter Thunder Clan spell!

Earth Thunder was the innumerable dust and fragments of planets. It was refined and turned into thunder!

Origin Thunder was the most simple. A cultivator needed to gather origin energy like crazy until it shattered their origin soul. At that moment, a black hole that could absorb infinite origin energy would appear. This was the cost to create Origin Thunder!

As for Magnetic Thunder, there were special areas in space that contained powerful magnetic force that made all treasures and spells useless. The Scatter Thunder Clan used a unique method to give birth to a bolt of thunder every 3,000 years. This was Magnetic Thunder!

Dao Thunder was rare in the Outer Realm. The Scatter Thunder Clan's ancestor had slaughtered into the Inner Realm and gathered the dao intent of the Inner Realm cultivators. Then he refined it into Dao Thunder!

These six different types of thunder surrounded him and formed a giant vortex before him. He pushed this vortex and charged forward!

When the War Spirit Print collided with the vortex, crackling sounds echoed. Large amounts of cracks appeared on the palm and then it collapsed. Daoist Scattered Spirit's marks were also no match and were being pushed back.

"I want to see how you two will resist the six divine thunders my Scatter Thunder Clan has collected. Die for me! After I kill the two of you, I'll kill the 100 million lives here to appease my anger. I'll wipe out most cultivators here to ensure my Scatter Thunder Clan's safety!"

The head elder roared like crazy and pushed the six divine thunders forward. Wang Lin and Daoist Scattered Spirit constantly retreated. Wang Lin's eyes lit up as he retreated, and he oared, "This is your 70% confidence!?!"

Daoist Scattered Spirit's expression was gloomy and he didn't speak. However, he stopped retreating and his hand formed a seal, then his eyes lit up and he roared, "Avatar Destruction Spell! 971 avatars, collapse for me!!"

After he spoke, the 971 marks gave off a shocking light and a destructive aura spread out. They all began to explode!

Almost 1,000 marks exploded at once, forming an indescribable destructive force, and it confronted the vortex formed by the six divine thunders!

The resulting thunderous rumble ripped open the void and spread out in all directions. When the two collided, the six divine thunder vortex suddenly paused.

This shockwave was too powerful, and it was no weaker than Daoist Scattered Spirit's self-destruction. The head elder coughed out blood and the madness in his eyes became even stronger.

Taking this moment of pause, Wang Lin no longer held back. Today's battle would end in either the death of the head elder or the death of Wang Lin! His right hand quickly pointed forward and the illusions of two deer appeared. Then ten million sword shadows rushed out and fell down like rain.

At this instant, Wang Lin's left hand formed a seal and then he waved it. Endless light appeared around him and quickly gathered around his body, forming a giant light silhouette!

As Wang Lin used the Light Shadow Shield, everything inside the 7 Million Worlds gave off light that broke through the void to gather on Wang Lin's body. This caused the light silhouette to grow and reach an unprecedented level!

Just after he finished all of this, the 10 million sword shadows landed on the vortex and all collapsed. The vortex closed in and landed on the light silhouette around Wang Lin.

Wang Lin coughed out blood and the light silhouette trembled violently, almost collapsing. However, a large part of the six divine thunders' power was reflected at the head elder. The head elder cloud coughed out blood once more and his face turned extremely pale.

Just at this moment, Daoist Scattered Spirit suddenly walked out. His hands formed a seal and his body began to emit a monstrous flame as if his was burning. He chose to burn the origin energy in his body and charge at the head elder like a meteor.

But the head elder was too strong. He turned around and controlled the six divine thunder vortex to attack Wang Lin, and his other hand turned into a thunder arm to confront Daoist Scattered Spirit!

However, both Wang Lin and Daoist Scattered Spirit were extremely powerful. With them working together, and the head elder being injured, it was difficult for a winner to be decided quickly!

"He isn't injured enough. If we can injure him once more, I can kill him!" Daoist Scattered Spirit roared. This was already the critical moment, and he no longer cared if the head elder heard him.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. The light silhouette around him was about to collapse, and once it broke, he would have no protection. This would mean his defeat in this battle! It was too late to think now. Wang Lin revealed a decisive gaze, and with a thought, the Wind and Rain World activated!

"I'll trust you once more!" Wang Lin revealed a decisive gaze. It was not easy to injure the head elder, as the head elder's spells were too strong. He could hold off both of them and not be at a disadvantage. Then there was also the spells he could use by sacrificing his life, which was filled with endless possibilities.

If it was outside the 7 Million Worlds and the head elder was willing to sacrifice 1,000 years of life, Wang Lin would certainly not be his match.

"In order to injure him now, I must use Joss Flames! Joss Flames are poisonous and are useless to me, but they can be used to kill!" Wang Lin quickly thought of his and activated the Wind and Rain World. His divine sense spread out and a mighty voice echoed within the Wind and Rain World.

"All those killed by me, worship me and become my disciples. At the expense of your souls, dedicate yourselves to Joss Flames. Gather it for me!"

As Wang Lin's divine sense spread out, large amounts of Joss Flames appeared from the heads of the countless souls inside the Rain and Wind World! A lot of souls collapsed. They sacrificed themselves to send out Joss Flames.

Those with high cultivation levels gave off a large amount of Joss Flames, but none of them could compare to the ancient celestial concubine. The Joss Flames she gave off was ⅓ of the total Joss Flames.

These Joss Flames were gathered from the Wind and Rain World by Wang Lin, and he condensed them into a ball!

The Joss Flames inside rotated like crazy, and an endless pressure spread out.

As the pressure spread out, the head elder's pupils shrank and became filled with disbelief. During this battle, Wang Lin had surprised him many times, but the moment he saw this small ball, he was shaken!

"Joss Flames!!! You… You actually have Joss Flames!!"

Wang Lin knew time was of the essence. As the Joss Flames gathered, killing intent appeared in his eyes and he threw it forward. The ball of Joss Flames charged forward, and when it touched the vortex of six divine thunders, it suddenly collapsed!

The power of Joss Flames was the power that third step cultivators controlled. The moment it collapsed, the world trembled, layers of space disintegrated, and the six divine thunders shook violently.

A large majority of the Joss Flames ball dissipated, but just as it dissipated, Wang Lin sent out a crazed will inside the Wind and Rain world.

"Destroy the souls, offer Joss Flames!!"

As his voice echoed, large amounts of souls in the Wind and Rain World exploded and died. They turned into large amounts of Joss Flames and bombarded the head elder.

The vortex formed by the six divine thunders collapsed and the remaining Joss Flames charged at the head elder. At the same time, Daoist Scattered Spirit's attack became even more intense.

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the world as the head elder coughed out blood multiple time. A thunder armor had unknowingly appeared around him. His body was pushed back and his eyes became unfocused and blood shot. There was madness in his eyes.

"I sacrifice my vitality to summon the eternal thunderbolt of my clan to descend on the 7 Million World and punish all living beings!" As he roared, outside the 7 Million Worlds, the eternal thunderbolt in the holy land suddenly moved. The...

The entire thunderbolt seemed to awaken and then left the holy land. It broke through the void and charged for the 7 Million World!

"What comes next is what I said I was 70% confident about!" Daoist Scattered Spirit took a deep breath and sat down. There were sorrow in his eyes but also determination.

"7 Million Worlds' 100 Million Life Formation, activate!" 

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