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Chapter 1349 - Battle at the Scatter Thunder Clan! (3)

The moment Wang Lin's original body awakened, the hundreds of thunder dragons chasing his origin soul trembled violently, and some exploded!

Although the remaining thunder dragons didn't collapse, the pressure coming from the thunder lake made it so they didn't dare to move forward! Even the expression of the calm head elder changed. Hee paused for a moment and his face revealed a rare trace of seriousness.

At this moment, Wang Lin's ancient thunder dragon origin soul rushed into the thunder lake. He suddenly turned around to face the head elder and quickly turned into his human form.

"I, Wang Lin, have come to collect the eternal thunderbolt and destroy your Scatter Thunder Clan!" Wang Lin slowly repeated what he had said before, and his origin soul retreated into the thunder lake.

The head elder's eyes lit up and he sneered as he moved into the thunder lake. The thunder lake was originally churning and rumbling, but the moment the head elder entered, it became quiet, as if an invisible force had pressed down upon it.

The head elder's divine sense spread out within the thunder lake, and the thunder within his divine sense calmed down. It surrounded him as if it were following its master.

"Is this your helper? This old man wants to see how this helper will help you destroy my Scatter Thunder Clan!" The head elder's mighty voice spread out in all directions.

However, just as he spoke, a cold voice slowly came from the distance.

"As you wish!"

These three simple words set off a monstrous rumble. This roar was 10 times, 100 times, 1,000 times, 10,000 times more intense than before, and made the entire thunder lake churn!

At the same time, the thunder lake before the head elder churned, and rumbles that sounded like fists swinging rapidly charged at the head elder!

The monstrous rumble carried with it a sense of madness, the momentum to tear the heavens in half, and the might to pierce through the world, setting off a storm in the thunder lake!

The eyes of the head elder narrowed and looked into the distance. Before him, the thunder rumbled and danced like silver snakes, and the rumble that seemed to come from ancient times got closer and closer!

At this moment, if you looked from above, you would see a heaven-shaking scene!

In this scene, far away from head elder in the thunder lake, a young man with white hair was moving in a straight line toward the head elder.

As he moved forward, his right hand continuously threw punches. Every punch he threw would cause the thunder in the thunder lake to gather like crazy. This thunder gradually formed an illusory fist before the young man!

At first, the fist was only 100 feet wide, but as Wang Lin continued to move forward and punch, it absorbed more thunder. It grew to 1,000; 10,000; even 100,000 feet!

This 100,000 foot fist was completely made of thunder. It was a shocking scene, and anyone who looked at it would be terrified!

The rumble suddenly closed in and the sound spread out in all directions. Even the Scatter Thunder Clan members on the 16 planets could hear the thunderous rumble that sounded like the world was collapsing!

The expression of the head elder changed and became very serious. Although he knew that the other person must've been confident to lure him here, he was the strongest person under the third step, and he was inside the Scatter Thunder Clan, so he didn't take it seriously!

At this moment, when he saw the giant fist made of thunder, his mind trembled!

"This isn't just the power of thunder, there is another spell within it!!"

The thunder rumble was heaven-shaking, and Wang Lin was walking behind it. He continued to punch, and the thunder fist grew once more into 200,000 feet!

As a result, it seemed to replace heaven itself as it shot toward the Scatter Thunder Clan's head elder!

"Old bastard, do you dare to fight me!?" Wang Lin closed in and threw his last punch! With this punch, he activated all the ancient god power in his body. The stars between his eyebrows rotated like crazy and large amounts of ancient god power flowed out!

Adding Wang Lin's cultivation and his control of thunder, he was able to form a heaven-shattering punch! The 200,000 foot thunder fist descended with a thunderous rumble. It was like a giant punch from another world, descending on the head elder with a destructive aura!

The head elder retreated a few steps and waved his hand to hit his mark. The clothes on his body moved without any wind and his hair scattered. Then his eyes shined brightly and he roared,

"What a powerful thunder punch. This old man will battle you!" The moment his hand landed on his mark, it shined brightly, and a treasure flew out!

This treasure was a green ancient mirror with a thunder mark on the back. This mark was exactly the same as the Scatter Thunder Clan's eternal thunderbolt!

"Thunder Slaughter Mirror, break everything for me!" the head elder roared as he threw the mirror. A thunderous rumble came from the mirror, and it grew countless fold!

In the blank of an eye it turned into a 100,000 feet mirror before the head elder.

When Wang Lin's thunder fist arrived, a thunder fist of the exact same side appeared within the mirror!

This Thunder Slaughter Mirror was one of the Scatter Thunder Clan's main treasures. Any spell below the third step would be immediately copied, and its power would be no weaker than the original. It could counter any spell!

This treasure was already heaven-defying, and compared to Esteemed Xuanbao's rank 9 Nirvana Void treasure, this mirror was rank 2 Nirvana Void treasure. It was far beyond a Void treasure and was infinitely close to a Nirvana treasure!

The giant thunder fist stretched out from the Thunder Slaughter Mirror. At this moment, it was as if there was a giant hiding inside the mirror and throwing a punch from within!

This fist was exactly the same as the fist Wang Lin had made. Even the size, thunder, and trajectory were exactly the same!

In an instant, these two giant fists collided outside the Thunder Slaughter Mirror!

Rumble, rumble, rumble!

The thunderous rumble was heaven-shaking, and powerful shockwave spread out like crazy. However, the thunder fists didn't dissipate. They continued to fight as if two giants were fighting. The thunderous rumbles of the two punches echoed continuously!

Wang Lin's expression was ferocious as he moved behind the thunder fist and continued to throw punches. The punches made the thunder fist rumble even louder, but the copy thunder fist also intensified!

The sounds of fists colliding spread across the entire Scatter Thunder Clan; the sounds even echoed outside the Scatter Thunder Clan!

"Break for me! Break! Break!" Wang Lin roared. He step forward once more and the ancient god power inside him condensed like crazy. His ancient god stars were already rotating so fast, they were impossible to see clearly as he continued to throw punches.

The Thunder Slaughter Mirror could replicate all spells, but it couldn't replicate the power of the ancient gods! The ancient gods were beings from ancient times, how could a mere treasure replicate them? How dare a mere treasure replicate them!

As Wang Lin moved forward, the replicated fist began to retreat. Wang Lin grinned. He was going to push this fist back into the mirror and cause it to collapse!

This scene shocked the mind of the head elder. His hands formed seals and was about to use a spell when Wang Lin let out a roar. His two hands clasped together and mercilessly smashed down!

A thunderous rumble echoed and the replicated fist collapsed. Wang Lin's thunder fist pushed the replicated fist back into the mirror. At this moment, Wang Lin opened his mouth and a flash of red appeared. The blood sword appeared and surrounded the world in a blood light. It immediately charged out and landed on the Thunder Slaughter Mirror!

There was a crisp sound and then a large amount of cracks appeared around the spot the blood sword had stabbed into. The head elder was filled with disbelief as the mirror shattered into pieces!

The blood light flashed and returned to Wang Lin's side. Wang Lin pushed the remaining thunder fist through the broken mirror and arrived before the head elder.

It suddenly descended!

The Scatter Thunder Clan's head elder let out an angry roar and spat out a mouthful of energy that collided with the punch, creating another thunderous rumble!

As the deafening sound echoed, Wang Lin trembled and was pushed back several steps, and the thunder fist collapsed!

However, the head elder was also pushed back, and his clothes were in tatters. His eyes shined brightly and popping sounds came from his body.

"You are qualified to fight this old man, but before me you will without a doubt die! It has been a long time since I have used power beyond the fourth Heaven's Blight. I don't need fifth Heaven's Blight power to kill you. Today, I'll let you personally experience the power of peak fourth Heaven's Blight!"

The head elder raised his right hand and tore at this mark. It was as if he had torn a seal off, and an incredibly powerful cultivation erupted from his body!

This cultivation was very powerful and caused the surrounding space to tremble. Even the thunder didn't dare to approach him!

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