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Chapter 1348 - Battle at the Scatter Thunder Clan! (2)

At this moment, Wang Lin's origin soul left the body, and Yu Fei's body slowly floated away. What appeared before the Scatter Thunder Clan was Wang Lin's origin soul filled with thunder. He was like a bolt of thunder that had descended from the heavens.

His words were calm, and as he spoke, the thunder lake around the 16 Scatter Thunder Clan planets rumbled even more intensely, as if they were responding to him!

This scene cause the tall, middle-aged man's pupils to shrink. With his cultivation level, he could clearly feeling the almost suffocating thunder might from Wang Lin!

"So it turns out you're not a member of my Scatter Thunder Clan!" the giant face that appeared from the eternal thunderbolt inside the temple said in a low voice.

"You dare to run wild in my Scatter Thunder Clan with your low cultivation level and declare you will destroy my Scatter Thunder Clan? What arrogance!" The voice was filled with mockery, and his roar was like a thunderous rumble that suppressed the sound from the thunder lake!

Wang Lin's origin soul was floating in space. As the thunder light flashed, the vague image of a dragon flickered. He remained calm before the head elder's roar and wasn't affected at all. There was a flash of coldness in his eyes as he pointed at the eternal thunderbolt and coldly said, "Do you dare to battle me in the thunder lake?"

There was no trick or scheme, Wang Lin had come today for a battle!

Everything he had done before was for this battle! This was why he had given up Yu Fei's body and revealed his origin soul. All of this was to lure the head elder. Wang Lin believed that while the head elder normally wouldn't have noticed anything, since Wang Lin displayed had his origin soul, the head elder would be able to pick up come clues!

He was using himself as bait to have a battle with the strongest person in the Scatter Thunder Clan, the head elder!

After he spoke, Wang Lin retreated and turned into a bolt of thunder, charging into the thunder lake. The thunder might his origin soul gave off made it so no one dared to stop him!

The eyes of the tall, middle-aged man lit up and he was about to chase. But nine auras came out from the temple and vaguely locked on to Wang Lin!

These nine auras were all Heaven's Blight cultivators!

"Battle with me… Good!" A thunder-like rumble echoed. The eternal thunderbolt roared and the huge face shrank into bright bolts of thunder, then a person walked out.

This person looked about 40 years old and his eyes revealed no emotion. His lips were thin, so he was a vicious person. At this moment, he walked out of the eternal thunderbolt and left the holy land!

"Greetings, Head Elder!" The tall, middle-aged man immediately bowed. The eyes of the Scatter Thunder Clan cultivators were filled with fervor when the head elder appeared!

The head elder was the leader of the Scatter Thunder Clan and was the pinnacle of the Scatter Thunder Clan. Everyone admired the head elder, and to them the head elder was the heavens!

Even the nine auras that had locked onto Wang Lin appeared, revealing themselves to be nine people of varying ages. They all bowed.

"This child has a lot of secrets and has great use for me! Also, for this person to come here with his cultivation level, I fear he is no alone. All of you, guard this place. I want to see what he is capable of!" the head elder said indifferently, then he slowly walked forward with his hands behind his back.

He wasn't fast, but with just a few steps, he crossed an immeasurable distance as if the world had shrunk before him.

Wang Lin rushed forward like a bolt of thunder, but after only a moment, he suddenly turned around. The head elder only took two steps to leave the people of the Scatter Thunder Clan far behind and appear 1,000 feet behind Wang Lin!

This place was already very far away from the Scatter Thunder Clan's holy land, and there was only endless thunder surrounding them. They were the only two people here!

"Retribution Thunder, Spiritual Thunder, and an eternal thunder similar to the one in my clan's holy land… Not bad, you do you have something on you that could attract this old man, which is why you are so sure I would show up!" The head elder was calm. He had lived for far too long, so he was very cunning. All of Wang Lin's intentions were clear before his eyes.

"You're not this old man's match, so let your helper come out." Even now, the head elder revealed no emotion, and from beginning to end he was as calm as water while emitting a terrifying aura.

After he spoke, he raised his right hand and casually waved. In an instant, space trembled and a giant vortex unexpectedly appeared. A heaven-shattering roar came out from inside the vortex.

Thunder dragons came out of vortex like crazy. One, two, three… in the blink of an eye, 999 thunder dragons appeared. When they appeared, endless thunder surrounded them, and they all let out roars as they charged at Wang Lin!

Wang Lin's pupils shrank. This was the first time he had faced someone at the fifth Heaven's Blight. Although it wasn't the third step, it was the strongest under third step! The other side was able to create 999 thunder dragons with just a wave of his hand. This spell was heaven-shaking and was already beyond what could be considered a spell!

Those thunder dragons didn't allow Wang Lin to think too much and charged at him. Wang Lin retreated while his hands formed a seal. Thunder flashed around his origin soul, forming a halo around him.

The moment this halo appeared, Wang Lin pushed out his hand and coldly said, "Thunder of the world, listen to my command. Upend the heavens and earth, collapse for me!"

He pushed his hands forward, and the halo around his origin soul immediately spread out with him as the center. When the thunder dragons encountered the halo, their bodies trembled and their eyes became filled with confusion and struggle.

Wang Lin raised his right hand and pointed forward several times. The confusion in every thunder dragon that was pointed at by him collapsed, then they turned around to attack the head elder!

This sudden change caused chaos to occur within the head elder's spell! The head elder's eyes lit up and he sneered.

"Interesting, indeed interesting!" As he spoke, his right hand formed a seal and he pointed at the sky. He slowly said, "As the head elder of the Scatter Thunder Clan, slave to the holy thunder, command the thunder of the world with my endless will to disintegrate the world!"

After he spoke, the nearly one thousand thunder dragons around Wang Lin gave off endless thunder and roared as if they were crazy, then they charged at Wang Lin. Even the thunder dragons controlled by Wang Lin began to struggle. It only took a moment for them to break free of Wang Lin's control and fall under the head elder's control once more!

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!

Those thunder dragons bombarded Wang Lin, causing his origin soul to almost collapse. He continued to retreat, and his origin soul was turning transparent!

Every thunder dragon contained the will of the head elder. Not only did this damage his origin soul, but the will entered his origin soul as if it was trying to control him!

This was the first time Wang Lin had encountered something like this, and his mind trembled. As he was being bombarded, he retreated even faster!

All of this happened in a flash, fast beyond imagination. However, when Wang Lin retreated 10,000 feet, his expression changed. He didn't hesitate to cough out a mouthful of essence energy and step forward. Then his origin soul rapidly shrank.

Just as he quickly change directions, rippled appeared where he was. An ancient hand reached out and mercilessly slammed toward him!

Although Wang Lin had avoided the sudden danger, he was hit by the shockwave of the palm. His origin soul trembled violently and his face turned pale.

"Not slow to dodge… but just how many times can you dodge…" The head elder walked out from the ripples. There was a hint of mockery in his calm gaze toward Wang Lin.

"You said before that you were going to take my clan's eternal thunderbolt and destroy my Scatter Thunder Clan. If this is all your power, you can't do it."

Wang Lin didn't speak a single word as he retreated and turned from human form into an ancient thunder dragon. He charged toward the thunder lake in the distance.

The head elder sneered and he waved his right hand. The remaining hundreds of thunder dragons all charged after Wang Lin. This was a scene that could shock anyone who saw it!

An origin soul ancient thunder dragon in front with hundreds of thunder dragon chasing. There was also a middle-aged man with his hands behind his back slowly walking forward.

"You want to escape to the endless thunder lake and use it to fight this old man… But all the thunder here contains my will, so how can you borrow any of it!" The voice of the head elder was extremely clear among the endless rumbles of thunder.

Wang Lin didn't speak at all and moved like crazy, instantly closing in on the rumbling thunder lake!

The endless thunder lake was monstrous, and when Wang Lin got close, the roars became even more intense!

At the same time, deep within the endless thunder lake, there was a ball of thunder 10,000 feet wide. Wang Lin's original body opened his eyes and revealed a cold gaze!

"Old bastard, you finally came!"

The moment his eyes opened, the thunder lake around the 16 Scatter Thunder Clan planets began to boil! It was as if their king had awakened and was displaying their endless thunder!

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