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Chapter 1350 - Battle at the Scatter Thunder Clan! (4)

"Giant Thunder Stamp!" After revealing the seal and displaying peak fourth Heaven's Blight cultivation, the head elder seemed to become a different person. He gave off a powerful pressure!

The surrounding space seemed unable to withstand this pressure; it began to twist, and cracks appeared.

After he said "Giant Thunder Stamp," the surrounding thunder rumbled. Then the thunder that was pushed back quickly gathered in the head elder's right hand.

A giant ball of thunder suddenly appeared!

This ball of thunder instantly became hundreds of thousand of feet large as the endless thunder gathered. The thunder inside roared and rotated rapidly!

"Gather for me!" the head elder roared, and heaven-shaking rumbles came from the ball of thunder in his hand. The ball of thunder was compressing like crazy!

10 fold; 100 fold; 1,000 fold; 10,000 fold; 100,000 fold; 1,000,000 fold… As the ball compressed, the thunder rumbled, and the light was blinding. The light lit up the surrounding space, and even the head elder seemed to disappear into the blinding light!

It was as if all the light, thunder, and life were gathered by the ball of thunder in the head elder's hand. It was being compressed, compressed, and compressed again!

This terrifying scene shocked even Wang Lin's mind, and his pupils shrank. He knew what spell the other person was using, and he had learned it himself. At this moment, his eyes lit up and he raised his right hand as if he was holding the sky.

"Giant Thunder Stamp!" Wang Lin's voice echoed and all the thunder gathering toward the head elder trembled. A thunder mark appeared in Wang Lin's right eye, and there was an accompanying bolt of thunder rotating around it. Wang Lin's right eye shined, giving off a demonic feeling!

The thunder in this world was split in half. One half charged at Wang Lin's right hand and instantly formed a giant ball of thunder.

When the head elder saw Wang Lin also use the Giant Thunder Stamp, his pupils shrank, but he didn't speak.

Their gazes collided as they held the balls of thunder, and they began to compress like crazy!

The ball of thunder in Wang Lin's hand instantly compressed 100,000 fold and was still going. Earth-shattering popping sounds came from the ball of thunder!

1,000,000 fold, 2,000,000 fold…. Up to 3,000,000 fold. The ball of thunder in Wang Lin's hand gave off a terrifying aura that could destroy the world. It was no longer a simple ball of thunder, but thunder that could extinguish the world!

As thunderous rumbles echoed, the ball of thunder in the head elder's hand also compressed like crazy as it absorbed the surrounding thunder. It had already compressed 5,000,000 fold!

All of this happened in an instant. As the two people compressed thunder, a huge change occurred. The world seemed to be split in half, with one half being pulled toward each of them!

Two different forces of thunder suddenly erupted from the split world! What the Scatter Thunder Clan held was the eternal thunderbolt, the thunder essence that had appeared from the void in ancient times!

His eyes revealed a strange light and he suddenly jumped. He charged at Wang Lin with the thunder that had been compressed 5,000,000 fold!

"Die for me!"

Everything Wang Lin had obtained was obtained by himself step by step, from when he devoured half an ancient thunder dragon until he formed his own thunder essence. Although it couldn't compare to the eternal thunderbolt, it was on the same level of existence!

The moment the head elder arrived, Wang Lin also jumped with the thunder that was compressed 3,000,000 fold. Wang Lin let out a roar as he rushed out!

"In the name of my thunder essence, I command all thunder to condense once more!!" Thunderous rumbles came from the thunder in Wang Lin's hand. It began to compress like crazy and suddenly reached 4,000,000 fold!

This level of compression was Wang Lin's limit. His eyes revealed madness as he closed in on the head elder. They began a battle of thunder among the stars!

Both of them were thunder cultivators. The battle of two thunder cultivators could be explained in an extremely simple term. What they were competing with was their control over thunder!

Similarly, both of them had natural resistance toward thunder, so no ordinary thunder could hurt them. However, the thunder they were using controlled their wills and therefore could cause severe damage!


A thunderous rumble spread like crazy, and the surrounding space began to collapse like crazy. Spatial cracks appeared and the thunder lake trembled. The collision of the two balls of thunder formed an unimaginable shockwave!

This shockwave spread out like surging waves! The impact caused thunder to surge in all directions like raging waves. It immediately affected the 16 Scatter Thunder Clan cultivation planets!

There were countless deaths and injuries thanks to the rumble!

The shockwave of the thunder caused the thunder lake to churn and expand outwards. It instantly expanded by more than 100 times, and a thunderous rumble echoed across the Ancient Star System!

A few cultivation planets not far from the Scatter Thunder Clan were affected. Thunder rained down upon them!

This was like a collapse that spread like crazy within the Scatter Thunder Clan. This collapse was too powerful, and as it spread, it immediately caught the attention of many powerful cultivators in the Ancient Star System!

Some third step cultivators noticed the huge change in the Scatter Thunder Clan!

During the collision of thunder, Wang Lin's thunder collapsed and he was thrown back. He coughed out a large mouthful of blood, and there were even bits of internal organs mixed in. It felt like all the bones in his body had shattered, and pain washed over him. He was thrown back like he had been hit by a powerful gale!

This was merely the first shockwave. As Wang Lin was thrown back, the second shockwave arrived. The destructive aura was enough to wipe out all life!

At this moment of life and death, seeing the shockwave close in, Wang Lin wasn't just thinking about himself, but also about how to attack the head elder. He believed that the other party had to be having a difficult time facing the destructive aura from the collapse as well!

"I'm giving it my all!" Wang Lin's eyes were filled with madness. His character had alway been like this: the more dangerous it was, the more bold he became. Due to his precise calculations and amazing mental strength, he was able to again and again beat those stronger than him!

As the second shockwave arrived, Wang Lin's hands formed a seal and pointed forward. Rays of light suddenly appeared inside this chaos!

These rays of light contained thunder, lightning, starlight, endless light from the spatial cracks, and even the light from the Scatter Thunder Clan's planets and cultivators far away!

More importantly, there was light that came from the 7 Million Worlds charm in his storage space. These lights gathered like crazy and surrounded Wang Lin. A huge light silhouette suddenly appeared around Wang Lin!

From afar, it was impossible to see Wang Lin; one could only see the giant light silhouette absorbing light!

Dao Master Blue Dream's strongest defense spell, Light Shadow Shield!

The moment the light silhouette appeared, the second shockwave arrived and collided with the light silhouette around Wang Lin. The light silhouette trembled violently and the light became even brighter, lighting up the entire world!

The light silhouette sounded like it couldn't hold on anymore. Wang Lin let out a roar and spat out blood at the light silhouette. The blood immediately spread across the light silhouette, helping it reflect the second, third, and fourth shockwaves!

At the moment of reflection, the light silhouette collapsed. Wang Lin's face was pale, but his eyes were filled with killing intent. Blood light flashed and the blood sword followed the reflected shockwaves!

"Die for me!!" The thunder mark in his right eye flashed, giving off a demonic flow, and flew out form his right eye after the blood sword. His eyes also flashed red and his Ji Realm shot out at the same time!

All of this happen too fast. In a just an instant, the reflected shockwaves shot out along with the blood sword, thunder essence, and Ji Realm lightning!

The head elder was retreating and waved his hand, resisting the power of the shockwaves. However, at this moment, his expression changed like never before and his eyes overflowed with shock! He could have never expected Wang Lin to be so bold and do something so unbelievable in this situation!

In particular, the appearance of the light silhouette was a heavy blow on his mind.

"This!! This is Dao Master Blue Dream's Light Shadow Shield!!! Could it be that Dao Master Blue Dream wants to kill me?!"

The reflected shockwaves rushed at him and fused with the shockwave that was already charging at him. It was as if the head elder was now withstanding the entire force of the collapse. 

A life and death crisis that hadn't appeared in a very long time suddenly arose in the head elder's heart. He didn't have time to think before the shockwaves completely enveloped him!

Thunderous rumble echoed across the world and didn't dissipate for a very long time. Wang Lin used the Wind and Rain World while retreating

However, just at this moment, a heaven-shaking roar filled with endless anger erupted. When the impact dissipated, a figure filled with endless thunder walked out!

It was the Scatter Thunder Clan's head elder, but even more powerful than before. His powerful aura formed a storm around him, and he was infinitely close to the third step!

His clothes were in tatters and there was a hole in his chest that was created by the blood sword. There was a crack on the mark between his eyebrows. This was caused by the Ji Realm. His body was covered in injuries, which were caused by Wang Lin's thunder essence! This origin soul was also damaged, and this was caused by the shockwave!

"You're dead for sure!! With my endless vitality at the fifth Heaven's Blight, with my status as the slave of the eternal thunderbolt, open the ancient world and summon the ancient… Thunder Dragon!!!"

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