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Chapter 1346 - Where is Master?

At this moment, a shocking change occurred on one of the 16 Scatter Thunder Clan planets that were surrounded ty the endless thunder.

Xu Liguo had turned into black fog and was escaping into the distance. He was holding a gorgeous woman who had a sneer on her face. His face was filled with panic and malice as he continuously roared.

The gorgeous woman's eyes were filled with mockery as she coldly said, "You can't escape. As soon as you captured me, you caused a great calamity! This is just one elder and you're already running. It won't be long before my father comes out of closed door cultivation and refines you into a thunder soul so you can be tormented for thousands of years to resolve the hatred in my heart!"

Xu Liguo appeared from the fog, then he slapped her and angrily shouted, "Shut up! What hasn't your Grandpa Xu seen and experienced? What does this count as!?"

Killing intent flashed through the gorgeous woman's eyes as she let out a cold snort and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Just at this moment, the sky rumbled, and the thunder was heaven-shaking. The endless rumbles spread across the sky, causing all creatures to tremble. Even the Scatter Thunder Clan members inside their caves were terrified!

The entire sky was dark, but in just a moment, countless silver snakes filled the sky. It was as if the end of the world had arrived!

An old man wearing green stepped through the sky. It was as if he had crossed immeasurable distances with just one step!

"A mere sword spirit dares to be so arrogant before this old man? You managed to escape before, but this time you will die!" The old man formed a seal and pointed at the escaping Xu Liguo.

Thunderous rumbles echoed as all the thunder gathered, forming millions of silver snakes, and shot at Xu Liguo!

Xu Liguo let out a scream and suddenly turned around, using the gorgeous woman as a shield. He sliced the air with his hands at the endless thunder and endless rays of sword energy came out of his body. These sword energy was heaven shaking and gave off an cold aura. They collided with the thunder!

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!

The sky changed colors and the clouds shattered. A powerful impact scattered, causing Xu Liguo to cough out soul essence and immediately weaken. However, the impact pushed him away and he quickly escaped with the gorgeous woman.

"If you let me go, I can reduce your punishment, but if you…" The gorgeous woman also coughed out blood due to the impact and stared at Xu Liguo. However, before she could finish speaking, Xu Liguo let out a strange cry. His right hand directly reached into her shirt and he squeezed her chest hard.

"Shut up, little girl. If I die, I'll kill you first!" Xu Liguo's squeezed, caused the gorgeous woman's face to turn pale. It was clearly very painful!

However, just at this moment, the old man's eyes lit up in flames and overflowed with anger. He had been hunting this sword spirit for a long time, but the sword spirit's spells were all extremely clever and would often resolve the danger. The sword spirit's speed was also unimaginable; he vaguely felt like he couldn't catch up!

When he saw what Xu Liguo had done, he let out a roar. His right hand formed a seal and his mark flashed, then a ball of black thunder flew out!

The ball of thunder moved along with the old man's right hand. It broke through the world and charged at Xu Liguo!

"Damn it, this again!!" Xu Liguo let out a scream as he withdrew his right hand and turned into black fog, then he scattered. The moment he scattered, the ball of black thunder arrived.

A thunderous bang echoed, causing the earth to rumble and making countless spatial cracks appear. Thunder scattered in all directions and the rumbling continued!

All of this happened in an instant. After Xu Liguo collasped, he turned into black fog and reappeared in the distance. Xu Liguo's body reformed, but it was blurry; even his spirit body was seriously injured.

However, his hand was still clinging on to the gorgeous woman.

The moment he appeared, three black threads came out of the ball of thunder and charged at Xu Liguo. Each of those three threads contained the power of destroy the heavens!

The moment they arrived, Xu Liguo grinned as he retreated and used the gorgeous woman as a shield! The three black threads paused and immediately changed directions.

Taking this opportunity, Xu Liguo quickly retreated and roared, "Old man, what hasn't been seen by your Grandpa Xu? You're merely at the Nirvana Cleanser stage, you're nothing! Once my master returns, he can kill you with just one finger!"

Black gas came from the face of the old man chasing Xu Liguo, and his anger reached a limit. He had lived for many years, but he had never met an enemy with such a vicious mouth. As he chased, the other party had constantly cursed him, and even though his heart was normally as calm as water, he couldn't help but become angry!

"When this old man catches you, I'll make you wish you were dead!!!"

"Old fellow, can't you say something else? You've already said that 100 times! 100 times, ah, 100 times. Say, old man, do you want to watch me take advantage of this little girl? Why else wouldn't you have caught up with your Nirvana Cleanser cultivation? Do you want to see me do it 100 more times?" Xu Liguo said viciously as he teleported away. Although he was weak and almost like an empty oil lamp, his words had become more vicious!

"Good, your Grandpa Xu will let you see all you want!" Xu Liguo's right hand reached toward the gorgeous woman and tore her clothes. A large portion of her clothes were torn off, revealing her snow white skin.

The viciousness in the woman's eyes became mostrous, and she screamed, "I'm going to kill you!!!" 

"Shut up, little woman. If you keep making your grandpa angry, I will take over your body. You know I'm a spirit, I can easily take over your body! Then I'll begin to undress!" Although Xu Liguo was speaking viciously, his heart was bitter.

"Master, if you don't come back, your Grandpa Xu will be finished!! You're the one who let me out, but now you're not caring about me!!! Master, please appear!!"

After the woman heard Xu Liguo's words, her face turned pale. She immediately shut up and no longer dared to utter a word.

The old man in green who was chasing him had heard Xu Liguo's words, especially those last few words. They caused anger to fill his body, so much that he almost coughed out blood. He simply decided to continue pursuing and not speak.

While the old man continued to chase, Xu Liguo weakened more and more, but he continued to say vicious words. The old man was fuming with anger!

A gentle voice appeared in the world! "What a sharp-mouthed sword spirit. I want to see if you can still say those words after I drain your spirit body and seal you inside a pig!"

A middle-aged man wearing blue appeared along with the voice. He appeared in a extremely bizarre way and stood right in front of Xu Liguo's escape path!

The gorgeous woman immediately shouted in joy, "Godfather!!"

"Peak Nirvana Shatterer!!" Xu Liguo's pupils shrank and his body trembled. Just as he was about to retreat, the middle-aged man raised his right hand and casually waved.

Xu Liguo's body rumbled and his body split into pieces, turning into black fog. The woman held by him was surrounded by a gentle force and was taken to the middle-aged man's side.

At this moment, the old man closed in.

The black fog quickly took form once more, but it was even weaker. It was as if the wind only needed to blow to cause him to scatter.

"Hehe, I didn't think this little girl's godfather would be so young. Godfather, godfather, I think she should be your mistress!" Just as Xu Liguo spoke, the middle-aged man's expression became gloomy. He waved his right hand and wind and thunder rushed toward Xu Liguo.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and Xu Liguo collapsed once more. Just as he recovered, he collapsed once more. This continued, and he rapidly weakened. He was about to be completely destroyed!

"Instead of killing you at once, I'll let you continue to disintegrate and taste the fear of death again and again!!" The middle-aged man's voice was gentle, while the gorgeous woman beside him was filled with monstrous hatred!

"Master, save me. If you don't save me, I'll die!!" Xu Liguo was filled with fear. If not for the fact that he had provoked the woman so much that it simply couldn't be turned around, he would have long surrendered.

"That's right, you still have a master. I want to see what gall your master has to provoke me. I'll have to be buried with you!" The middle-aged man revealed a gentle smile.

However, just at this moment, a cold voice slowly appeared from the world. This voice was like countless sharp blades and was filled with a powerful chill!

"I'm his master!"

The moment the voice appeared, the gentle smile on the middle-aged man immediately became stiff and shock appeared in his eyes. He had his divine sense spread out the entire time, but until the voice appeared, he hadn't noticed anything!

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the entire world was replaced by thunder. It was as if someone had moved the thunder from the outside to here!

Wang Lin walked out from the thunder.

"Master!! Master, save me!!!" Xu Liguo had never been like this, he had never seen so happy about Wang Lin showing. He was filled with grievance and flew toward Wang Lin.

However, the green-clothed old man hated Xu Liguo to the bones and subconsciously lifted his right hand to stop Xu Liguo. However, the price of this subconscious action was death!

The moment he raised his right hand, Wang Lin casually waved his sleeve and disappeared. When he reappeared, he was beside the old man, and he casually pointed to the spot between the old man's eyebrows.

The old man's body trembled as panic and disbelief filled his eyes. His body collapsed, and his origin soul was destroyed with it!

The pupils of the middle-aged man in blue shrank, sweat covered his forehead, and terror filled his eyes. He immediately stepped back and grabbed the woman. He was about to escape.

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