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Chapter 1347 - Battle at the Scatter Thunder Clan! (1)

Wang Lin didn't stop them. He watched the terrified middle-aged man taking the similarly terrified gorgeous woman, and they disappeared in an instant.

"Outer realm Nirvana Shatterer cultivators have to die…" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and the Ji Realm charged out. The red lightning immediately charged forward!

The Ji Realm affected the endless thunder in the sky, and the rumbling intensified, as if the sky was going to collapse! The thunder descended down on to the planet like eternal thunder, and it was as if the entire planet had turned into a thunder prison!

As the middle-aged man retreated, his face was filled with monstrous fear. He used spells and a large amount of treasure to resist this red lightning that brought him an endless sense of danger like he had never felt before!

However, the moment those spells and treasures touched the red lightning, they all collapsed; they weren't able to stop it for even a moment!

"What kind of thunder is this!?!" The middle-aged man didn't hesitate to grab the girl that called him godfather but was, in truth, one of his dual cultivation partners. Before she could even react, he moved her to block the red lightning!

The woman's eyes were filled with disbelief as her body collapsed!

Borrowing this time window, the middle-aged man retreated like crazy. He tore open the void and was about to enter. When he was halfway inside, the red lightning penetrated through the void and entered his back!

The middle-aged man's body trembled and his eyes became unfocused. His body exploded and his origin soul was destroyed!

From when Wang Lin appeared to the end, it had only been a moment. He didn't intent to kill the woman, as someone like her couldn't do much. What happened to her was irrelevant to Wang Lin.

Xu Liguo witnessed all of this and witnessed Wang Lin's strength. At this moment, he was about to flatter Wang Lin when Wang Lin grabbed Xu Liguo and threw him into the storage space. Then Wang Lin turned into a ray of light and flew into the sky!

"Next, I'm going to battle the entire Scatter Thunder Clan!" Wang Lin's eyes were cold, and he moved faster and faster. In an instant, he broke through the atmosphere and arrived in space!

The thunder among the stars rumbled loudly. It seemed to respond to Wang Lin's will. Wang Lin walked toward the giant continent at the center of the 16 planets!

He walked into the thunder, creating a heaven-shaking rumble with the thunder surrounding him. He formed a shocking scene; it seemed as if he had summoned endless thunder here!

Wang Lin wore thunder and stepped on lightning as he slowly walked toward the Scatter Thunder Clan's holy ground!

The eternal thunderbolt in the temple on the continent also roared, seeming to be preparing to confront Wang Lin!

Wang Lin was not far from the Scatter Thunder Clan's holy land. He immediately closed in, and a powerful voice suddenly came from the holy land.

"This is my clan's holy land. You can't enter without a summon. Quickly, leave!"

Wang Lin's expression was calm, and he completely ignored this voice. He pointed with his finger and the endless thunder gathered. It was as if Wang Lin's finger had absorbed the thunder of the heavens and earth and began to bombard the Scatter Thunder Clan's holy land.

The thunderous rumbles were heaven-shaking, and a green light flashed around the holy land. As the large amount of lightning bolts fell, they looked like rain, causing large amounts of ripples on the green light.

"You dare? Anyone who trespasses on the holy land will die!" With a roar, a person flew out from the holy land. This old man was at the Nirvana Shatterer stage. He stepped out from the barrier and formed a seal as he charged at Wang Lin!

Wang Lin sneered. Instead of retreating, he charged forward. In a flash, he arrived before the old man. The old man's eyes were instantly filled with terror, and before he could react, Wang Lin caught his right hand. Wang Lin moved his arm and lifted the old man!

The moment Wang Lin lifted the old man, his origin energy charged into the old man's body. Popping sounds echoed and he instantly killed the old man!

Wang Lin loosened his right hand and the old man screamed as his body crashed into the green light and exploded!

The old man's death shocked the Scatter Thunder Clan members inside the holy land. A sharp cry echoed as all of the Scatter Thunder Clan members' jades trembled and gave off a glaring, red glow!!

The trembling and the red light shocked many Scatter Thunder Clan members. However, they soon reacted, and their expressions changed greatly!

This red light meant that someone had trespassed on the holy land!!

The jade on Wang Lin also gave off this red light. He took it out and crushed it! His hands formed a seal and the heavens roared as endless thunder appeared from the void. Wang Lin controlled all that thunder to bombard the barrier!

The thunderous rumbles were heaven-shaking. At the same time, hundreds of cultivators flew out from the surrounding 16 planets. They all had gloomy expressions as they charged at Wang Lin!

These cultivators were mostly at the Illusory Yin, Corporeal Yang, and Nirvana Scryer stages. Before they even got close, they shot out spells and magic treasures at Wang Lin!

Wang Lin let out a cold short. When the hundreds of cultivators got close, he waved his hand. He then opened his much and roared,

"Thunder of the world, listen to my command!"

After he spoke, the expression of the hundreds of cultivators changed greatly and their bodies trembled. At this moment, the thunder inside their bodies trembled violently, as if they had met the king of thunder!

"Gather!" Wang Lin's roar was shocking. The moment his voice echoed, the hundreds of cultivators let out miserable cries. Thunder erupted from each of their bodies, forming bolts of thunder that shot toward Wang Lin!

They quickly gathered around Wang Lin, forming a ball of thunder 1,000 feet wide. Wang Ling grabbed it with his right hand and then threw it at the barrier around the holy land!

Thunderous rumbles echoed like crazy and the barrier trembled violently!

"What an arrogant tone. The thunder of the world needs to listen to your command? When did my Scatter Thunder Clan produce such a unfilial child?" A gloomy voice came from the holy land. An old man in black walked out or the temple. He had grey hair and a gloomy expression. His cultivation spread out directly passing Nirvana Shatterer, he was a powerful cultivator at first Heaven's Blight!

The moment the old man spoke, tens of thousands of cultivators flew out from the surrounding 16 planets.

"Let me see if you have the qualifications to be so arrogant!" The old man sneered, and killing intent filled his eyes. He charged out from the holy land and his right hand formed a seal. Then his mark flashed and a giant thunder dragon appeared and shot toward Wang Lin!

The old man was standing on top of the thunder dragon when his right hand reached out and a long sword appeared covered in thunder!

Wang Lin calmly looked at this person and shook his head.

"You're not qualified to fight me." Wang Lin's eyes lit up and his Ji Realm shot out at an unimaginable speed. It broke through the void and directly collided with the thunder dragon.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. The thunder dragon trembled and let out a mournful cry as it collapsed. The first Heaven's Blight elder's eyes were filled with indescribable horror. He waved his right hand and attempted to block the red lightning with the sword in his hand.

Popping sounds echoed and the longsword immediately collapsed into countless fragments. The old man's face was pale and he wanted to retreat, but the red lightning was even faster. After breaking the longsword, it was going to rush into the old man's body.

The old man's eyes were filled with intense terror. The feeling of death had never been so close! Just as the red lightning rushed to the spot between the old man's eyebrows, a crazed roar came from the temple on the holy land.

"Stop!!" As the roar echoed, a tall, middle-aged man stepped out from the temple. With just one step, he broke through the barrier and arrived next to the first Heaven's Blight cultivator.

However, his speed was still too slow compared to the Ji Realm. The moment he came out, the Ji Realm had pierced through the first Heaven's Blight cultivator's head and come out the other side.

This cultivator's eyes became blurry and he coughed out blood. His body collapsed, but his origin soul rushed out. He was seriously injured but not dead!

Wang Lin frowned. He wasn't here with his original body, so he didn't have much Ji Realm. The was the reason why he couldn't completely kill a first Heaven's Blight cultivator.

"You dare to rebel?!" The tall middle-aged man grabbed his clan's origin soul and looked at Wang Lin, this eyes were filled with killing intent! The aura of a third Heaven's Blight cultivator spread out from his body; it was earth-shattering. Ripples spread across space itself.

Wang Lin didn't any anything as he raised his hand and hit his forehead. Thunder rumbled as Wang Lin's origin soul left Yu Fei's body and appeared in the world!

His origin soul was filled with thunder, and there was also the Spiritual Thunder accompanying him. The rumbles were heaven-shaking!

"Thunder of the world, listen to my command, come from the endless thunder lake and destroy for me!"

Wang Lin's divine sense spread out like crazy. At this moment, the thunder lake around the Scatter Thunder Clan began to rage like the sea. A monstrous wave was set off, and the entire thunder land began to rush toward this location!

One could see the thunder lake rushing in from very far away!

This extremely spectacular scene made it look like the thunder lake coming to destroy everything. The expressions of all the cultivators that had come here from the planets changed greatly! Even the expression of the tall middle-aged man changed greatly!

The rumbles of thunder replaced everything. However, at this moment, a mighty roar came from the eternal thunderbolt inside the temple on the holy land.

"Who are you?!"

This voice didn't come from the temple, but from inside the depths of the eternal thunderbolt. It was the head elder of the Scatter Thunder Clan who had reached the fifth Heaven's Blight!

A 1,000 foot face appeared within the eternal thunderbolt. This face was like the sun, it lit up the star system!

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he slowly said, "I'm Wang Lin. Today I can to take the eternal thunderbolt and destroy your Scatter Thunder Clan!"

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