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Chapter 1345 - The End of the World

Wang Lin's mind was in shock. As he listened, he couldn't help but feel admiration. This person's talent had surpassed that of any cultivator Wang Lin had encountered!

Whether it was Red Butterfly, Li Qianmei, or Situ Nan, none were as talented as this person! They also didn't have his determination to break through everything to find the truth!

"I broke through the cage and saw the world outside for the first time… It was the starry sky, and it was beautiful, beautiful… My speculation had become truth… I saw cultivators like me, but they were very weak… The weakest was only at the Soul Formation stage...

"However, even that Soul Formation cultivation cultivator could become heaven and come kill my people! I was angry and began a slaughter. As I slaughtered, I learned the truth from the people I killed!" The bald young man laughed loudly and tears flowed from his eyes.

"The truth is that the place I live in is called the '7 Million Worlds,' and this is a place created by the Scatter Thunder Clan. We are like cattle in captivity, and when we reach the Soul Formation stage, they arrive with divine retribution to take our Spiritual Thunder!

"I also found out that over the countless years, the legends handed down by my ancestors in the 7 Million Worlds were all false! They were all fake!! The moment they became celestials, they were all dead!!

"This is the Celestial Realm, these are the celestials!"

The bald youth's voice contained a hint of madness and was filled with monstrous resentment. Wang Lin silently pondered. His complicated expression became even stronger.

"The heavenly dao and divine retribution, in my eyes, are merely a task to the people of the Scatter Thunder Clan. A task anyone in the clan can take! What's funny is that even then, I didn't dare to believe all of this, I didn't even dare to kill too many members of the Scatter Thunder Clan...

"I was scared, I was afraid. I also knew that the person that spared me had become the head elder of the Scatter Thunder Clan… I was afraid that the Scatter Thunder Clan would find out that I knew everything. I feared the Celestial Realm that had weighed upon me and the 7 Million Worlds for countless years...

"I didn't dare to resist…" Tears continue to flow from the bald youth's eyes. That memory was the most painful part of his life.

"I even told myself that none of this was true, that the world I'm in is not a cage. I wanted to escape… escape from the truth I found, so I continued to fly across space through the 7 Million Worlds just like now…" the bald youth said bitterly as he crossed through the worlds.

"Until one day, I arrived here…" The bald young man stopped and looked at Wang Lin as he pointed ahead!

In this short period of time, the bald youth had gone through the 7 Million Worlds. Where he was pointing was still space, but it was covered by a layer of mist and was a blur.

This place was extremely quiet, without any sound.

The bald youth walked forward but stopped before the mist. He placed his right hand on it and pressed down. The mist churned and a blinding light came from the space before them.

At the same time, more ripples spread and a giant barrier slowly revealed itself behind the fog. This barrier was like a wall that extended endlessly and surrounded the world!

Cultivators were as small as dust before it.

The bald youth softly said, "I escaped to here and arrived at the end of the 7 Million Worlds, the end of the world… Here, my thoughts of escape collapsed. I had to face the reality, the truth!

"I no longer ran. I chose to face them, chose to resist! I went back to the 7 Million Worlds and created the Scatter Spirit Sect. Every avatar spread out their spirit, and my scattered spirits control a majority of cultivators in the 7 Million Worlds!

"I taught them the cultivation method that would allow them to reach the Soul Formation stage the fastest. I began cultivating like crazy, creating avatar after avatar. Tens of thousands of years later, I reached the point you celestials call 'fourth Heaven's Blight!'" The bald youth turned to look at Wang Lin.

"I'm going to kill the celestials, I'm going to subvert the Scatter Thunder Clan and take my people out of here! However, even after tens of thousands of years, even with the power I have accumulated, I still can't beat the head elder, who is at the fifth Heaven's Blight...

"I can use everything, pull together all the cultivators I can control, and even use the life and death formation I placed tens of thousands of years ago, but I can only seriously injure him! Not kill! This is not even mentioning the rest of the Scatter Thunder Clan elders...

"My cultivation has reached a limit. I can't reach the point where I can withstand the life and death calamity of the fifth Heaven's Blight! I need your help!" The bald youth looked at Wang Lin with plea in his eyes.

"You are not the same as the Scatter Thunder Clan members, you're the first hope I've seen. With our power, you're able to help me. I can see that you also have no good will toward the Scatter Thunder Clan. If we cooperate, it would benefit both of us!"

Wang Lin silently pondered.

The youth gnashed his teeth and said, "I followed you the entire way and saw that you were collecting Spiritual Thunder. I have it! If you agree to join forces, I can give all of it to you!"

Wang Lin still didn't speak and looked at the barrier with confusion in his eyes.

"In addition, there are countless cultivators of my clan in the 7 Million Worlds. If this matter succeeds and my clan can get out, I will agree to any request you make in the future. Even if I'm not here, my clan will continue to follow that order for generations!

"I found out from the memories of the Scatter Thunder Clan that in your world, there is an Inner Realm and an Outer Realm. If you need it, my entire clan can help you battle the Inner Realm!"

After a long time, Wang Lin slowly said, "How confident are you in killing the head elder?"

The bald youth's eyes lit up, and after pondering a bit, he said, "If you help me, I'm 70% confident!"

"70%..." Wang Lin silently pondered as he withdrew his gaze from the barrier. His eyes revealed a strange light and he slowly nodded!

The bald youth was exhilarated. He looked at Wang Lin profoundly and smiled.

"Good. I'm going to kill all the Scatter Thunder Clan cultivators here. This will attract their attention, and the head elder will surely come here!"

"No need to do this. If all the Scatter Thunder Clan cultivators die, then they won't only send just the head elder. If several elders come, there will be some problems.

"If you have a method teleporting me into this place, then I can draw the head elder in here! Once he dies, the matter will be settled!" Wang Lin calmly looked at the bald youth.

The bald youth silently pondered for a while and then slowly nodded.

"I can can destroy 20% of my avatars to form a charm. This charm, along with me casting a spell inside, can open a passage that will last for only three breaths of time. You can't go out from this passage, but you can come in." With that, the bald youth didn't hesitate and closed his eyes.

The moment he closed his eyes, tens of thousand of cultivators trembled and their bodies collapsed into flesh and blood. Soon, everything in their bodies quickly dissipated into the void.

All of this happened in an instant. The bald youth's face turned slightly pale, then his right hand formed a seal and the power from those tens of thousands of avatars gathered from the void. A moment later, a blood-colored token appeared, and he handed it to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin accepted it and carefully looked at it. He clasped his hands before turning around and disappearing with one step!

"Wait for my message!"

Wang Lin's voice echoed and gradually dissipated.

The bald youth looked at where Wang Lin went. After pondering for a long time, he murmured, "I can only trust him… only trust him…"

As Wang Lin quickly moved through space, his eyes shined and he began to ponder. He didn't believe everything the bald youth had said, this was just how he was. With his cultivation level, he naturally knew how much power was required to open a massage. The bald youth being willing to sacrifice so much in an instant was a show of sincerity.

Killing the head elder of the Scatter Thunder Clan was only one of the reasons. The more important reason was that he wanted to help these people break free. He wanted to break something, he wanted these people to be able to leave here in order to prove something... 

Wang Lin moved very fast as he charged toward the square at the center. Soon, the square appeared before him. With one step, he crossed an immeasurable distance, landing on the square.

He ignored the gazes of the surrounding people and his body disappeared. When he reappeared, he was already outside a towering pavilion.

This was the place to leave the 7 Million Worlds and return to the Scatter Thunder Clan!

There was a huge transfer array beside the pavilion. At this moment, the transfer array was activated with a dozen or so people inside. The transfer array was about to activate, and there were several Scatter Thunder Clan members outside who were in charge of the formation.

Wang Lin suddenly appeared. He didn't even look around before stepping toward the transfer array.

One of the Scatter Thunder Clan cultivators in charge of the transfer array immediately shouted, "Stop!! The formation is activated, wait for the next group!"

However, before they finished shouting, Wang Lin waved his right hand, tore a gap in the transfer array, and walked inside.

This scene caused the expressions of the cultivators outside to change greatly, and they were horrified. Even the dozens of people that were inside the transfer array were shocked!

The formation lit up, and everyone inside, including Wang Lin, disappeared without a trace.

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