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Chapter 1344 - Daoist Scattered Spirit

The bald youth revealed a smile. but hidden deep within his eyes was a solemn gaze. There was a faint hint of horror in his gaze when he looked at Wang Lin. He had followed Wang Lin and personally witnessed everything Wang Lin had done. He had also watched Wang Lin use that cultivator as bait and kill almost 100 people in just half an hour!

What shocked him the most was that that powerful Nirvana Shatterer cultivator couldn't even endure one blow!

"What is his cultivation level?"

The shock from all of this set off a huge wave in the bald youth, but compared to all of this, the fact Wang Lin had pointed him out was even more shocking. From Wang Lin's words, Wang Lin had long known that he had been following him. This was beyond his expectations!

Although his cultivation level wasn't at the peak, his hiding technique, which he had inherited from countless years ago, was at the peak. None of the previous celestials could detect him as he moved through the 7 Million Worlds, not even ones with higher cultivation levels.

Even when a fourth Heaven's Blight cultivator came, the bald youth was able to comfortably follow that person without being detected at all. 

At this moment, his mouth was dry. The red lightning bolt before him gave him the strongest crisis in his life. Every time the lightning flickered, he felt his skin crawl. He knew he couldn't dodge the lightning; as long as the lightning moved, he would without a doubt die!

Wang Lin's cold and calm words were like a invisible sword the penetrated his mind and brought him endless chills!

The surroundings were completely silent aside from the thunderous rumbles from the divine retribution clouds and the sweat dripping from the bald youth's face. Wang Lin looked at the bald youth, and after a few moment of silence, he frowned!

Seeing Wang Lin frown, the bald youth's mind trembled. He quickly clasped his hands and said, "Celestial, please don't be angry. This lower realm resident is called Scattered Spirit. I meant no hard. Please…"

Before he could finish speaking, Wang Lin waved his right hand and the red lightning bolt shot out at the bald youth at an unimaginable speed!

The bald youth only saw a blinding, red light, and the red lightning bolt penetrated the spot between his eyebrows!

The bald youth's body trembled and he coughed out blood, but he didn't die! A powerful aura suddenly charged out from between his eyebrows, forming an aura around him. His cultivation suddenly spread out and an earth-shattering ancient aura appeared!

It was as if there was a heaven-shaking soul sleeping inside this person. This person was so extremely strong that not even the Ji Realm could instantly kill him!

"Sure enough, as I expected!" Wang Lin's eyes revealed a strange light as he stepped forward and reached toward the youth!

The eyes of the bald youth surrounded by the aura suddenly became clearer and older. The moment Wang Lin closed in, he softly said,

"If Fellow Cultivator still wants Spiritual Thunder… please listen to me!"

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he stopped in the air, coldly looking at the youth. Before, this person's eyes showed immaturity, but now it seemed as if this person's eyes contained countless years of experience.

The bald youth slowly said, "This old man's name is Scattered Spirit. I have lived for tens of thousands of years. I have reached the fourth Heaven's Blight… 

"This old man has 971 avatar like this one before Fellow Cultivator, and each of them contains my will. With these avatars, I can move through space like the Scatter Thunder Clan cultivators and not be noticed by anyone.

"I secretly followed Fellow Cultivator without malice, but I wanted ask for help and make a deal! If Fellow Cultivator is interested, it would benefit both of us!" the bald young man slowly said as he looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin remained calm and slowly said, "You know of the Scatter Thunder Clan?"

The bald young man revealed a complicated expression and nodded.

"Can Fellow Cultivator follow me somewhere? I'll tell you everything on the way."

Wang Lin revealed no emotion and calmly asked, "What place?"

"The end of the world…" The bald youth let out a sigh and waved his right hand. The divine retribution clouds immediately dissipated, and at the same time, a rune flashed inside his hand. It flew toward the man in a daze down below and landed between his eyebrows. This caused his cultivation to immediately be hidden, preventing him from causing divine retribution anymore.

After doing all of this, the aura around the bald youth withdrew into his body and he clasped his hands at Wang Lin. He then turned around and stepped into the void. He unexpectedly broke through the void and left this world.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he also stepped forward. He broke through the void along with the bald youth.

"This old man reached the Soul Formation stage and comprehended the heavens at 100 years of age. After viewing several divine retributions, I realised that the so-called celestials were not like what the ancestor told us… Because of this doubt, I had suppressed my cultivation to not reach the peak of the Soul Formation stage. Instead, I secretly looked for the answer…" The bald youth walked in front, and with every step, he broke through a world as he walked into the distance in the 7 Million Worlds.

Wang Lin had a calm expression as he moved with him through the 7 Million Worlds.

At this moment, mortal capitals, parts of space, and even the spring rain and autumn wind flashed around them constantly.

"Unfortunately, although my talent is quite good, I could no longer suppress my cultivation. When I was 200 years old, I could no longer suppress it, so I triggered the divine retribution… The celestial that came was the Scatter Thunder Clan's current head elder...

"His cultivation level at that time was only Nirvana Scryer. I was seriously injured and was on the verge of death, so I simply couldn't resist… However, instead of killing me, he wasted my cultivation and left...

"I originally thought that the heavens were merciful, and it wasn't until many years later that realized that he had allowed me to live so there was a chance I keep cultivating. Thus, there would be another chance to give birth to Spiritual Thunder." The bald young man's voice was bitter.

"However, he didn't expect that not only would I rebuild my cultivation, but during that divine retribution, I had comprehended the changes of the world. I borrowed the existence of the 7 Million Worlds to suppress my cultivation and also came up with a method of allowing my cultivation to become stronger without causing divine retribution!" As the bald young man spoke, his eyes were filled with reminiscence. 

Wang Lin looked at him and calmly said, "Scattering yourself amidst all the avatars." 

The bald young man nodded.

"I used the Scattered Spirit technique to pass into others my cultivation beyond the Soul Formation stage, and after 1,000 years, I reached the Ascendant stage. I had 971 avatars!

"971 was the limit of Scattered Spirit technique, and it couldn't be surpassed, so I found a way around it. Each of the avatars act as a main body and once more use the Scattered Spirit technique. Each of my 971 avatars have 971 avatars of their own!

"With this constant cycle, my cultivation level slowly grew until I reached the Nirvana Scryer stage…" When the bald young man got here, he let out a sigh.

He and Wang Lin were both powerful cultivators. They had broken through the worlds as they walked and moved further and further away.

"After I reached the Nirvana Cleanser stage, I began to pursue the doubt I had years ago. I wanted to know if this heaven was really the heavens. If this earth was really the earth. If this Celestial Realm was really the Celestial Realm!

"I wanted to pursue the legend that had been passed down since ancient times from our ancestors, their depiction and craving for the Celestial Realm! However, although I had reached the Nirvana Cleanser and had powerful cultivation, I could not leave the 7 Million Worlds. I could only travel within it, and there was an invisible barrier I couldn't break with my cultivation!

"Thus, I came up with the method of controlling my countless avatars to all break through the Soul Formation stage and trigger divine retribution! At that moment, a small portion of divine retribution was triggered by me!

"Every time divine retribution appeared, I would observe it from the side, and as time passed, I gradually understood something. At the same time, I was shocked by what I understood!

"I couldn't believe that the world I existed in was created by someone else. I couldn't believe that I was viewed as an ant by others and only existed for them to collected Spiritual Thunder!"

Wang Lin silently pondered a he listened to the bald youth. There was a complicated expression in his eyes.

"I'm lost and helpless. I told some people about it, but none of them believed me… Even I didn't want to believe it. I didn't want to believe it was all true… It would've been better if I had found nothing and it was all just my own speculation...

"I spent thousands of years in confusion… Until one day, I saw two celestials fighting, and one of them died and his body fell from the sky… I stood in front of the body for a very long time until the corpse rotted and until it disappeared completely. After a long time, I laughed until tears flowed out. That corpse wasn't a celestial at all, it was a the same as me… a mortal cultivator!

"From that day onward, I was no longer confused. I told myself that I wanted to break this world, I wanted to go outside and see what was out there. To verify if my speculation was true!" The bald youth was filled with excitement. This was the first time he had said this to someone else.

"I began to cultivate. Every one of my avatars began cultivating Scattered Spirit as well. Time continued to pass, but the indignation in my heart became stronger and stronger… Until I reached the Nirvana Shatterer stage! Even my avatars had reached the Nirvana Scryer and Nirvana Cleanser stages! I finally broke through the cage and stepped into the starry sky!"

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