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Chapter 1343 - Bait

The snow fell like goose feathers and covered the earth, layer by layer. The entire world was white. There was even a dense layer of snow covering the vegetation, and layers of ice reflected the sunlight.

The snow pressing down on the tree branches gave off a shocking feeling, as if the branches could break at any moment.

It was currently morning, and smoke gradually arose from the mortal village. The smoke drifted into the air in an attempt to color the snow grey but was shattered by the falling snow and the cold wind.

Sounds of dogs barking came from the city or village. A new day had arrived.

The rising sun in the distance was a lot less warm in this cold winter. It lazily released sunlight, but there was no heat...

There was a plain to the east of this world. This plain was covered in grass in the summer, so mortals liked to graze their animals here. Lying down on the grass and looking at the blue sky was very pleasant.

However, there was no grass in sight, only white. Due to the sunlight reflecting off the white snow, if you looked at it for too long, your eyes would hurt from the endless, white snow.

In the winter, no mortals would come here, so there were no footprints… However, today there was a person sitting alone in the snow!

This person was a handsome middle-aged man who looked very upright. He calmly looked at the sky with a hint of complication in his eyes.

"My cultivation… I can't suppress it anymore…" The man sighed and looked nostalgically around at the white snow around him while he silently waited for divine retribution to arrive.

Not long after, the world rumbled and the snowflakes suddenly collapsed. A wild wind appeared in the sky and swept all the snow away. This wind also blew away the thick snow that had gathered on the plain around the middle-aged man.

The snow was pushed apart like the ocean waves, revealing the bare earth below! The bare earth was even more eye-catching than the surrounding snow.

At the same time, divine retribution clouds appeared and quickly gathered. There seemed to be a person standing inside. This person gave off dense celestial spiritual energy and released a majestic aura!

"Lower realm cultivator, withstand divine retribution and become a celestial!" the mighty voice  roared like thunder from the clouds. However, when it fell in the ears of the middle-aged man below, it didn't cause his expression to change at all.

The middle-aged man patted his clothes and stood up, looking at the clouds. He looked at the clouds with a complicated and extremely mocking gaze.

"Become a celestial?" The mockery in his voice became even stronger.

As he mocked, the thunder in the sky rumbled. The celestial in the clouds raised his hand and the clouds rumbled. A bolt of thunder that could split the world descended on the man!

This middle-aged man remained motionless, and the moment it fell, he raised his right hand. The thunder fell on him, and after a thunderous rumble, the thunder dissipated. The middle-aged man's face was pale, but his head was still high!

He saw the celestial in the clouds raise his right hand once more, and thunderous rumbles echoed. The second divine retribution was brewing, and it appeared a moment later!

However, just at this moment, a shocking change occurred.

The sky was originally covered in endless divine retribution clouds, but at this moment, a force suddenly appeared. It formed a pair of giant hands that penetrated the clouds and tore them apart!

The resulting thunderous rumble was even louder, and the divine retribution clouds were ripped open, revealing a gap! A young man in white walked out of the gap!

The moment this young man appeared, the expression of the celestial changed greatly and he roared!

"Who are you!? This old man was here first!"

"I'm your divine retribution. I'm here to destroy the heavenly dao and collect the Spiritual Thunder!" Wang Lin raised his right hand and pointed at the divine retribution clouds in the sky!

Thunderous rumble echoed and the old man in the clouds trembled. The thunder inside his body rumbled outside of his control and his expression changed. However, he didn't escape but unexpectedly charged out of the cloud with a ferocious expression. His hands formed a seal and he spat out a thunder bead that shot toward Wang Lin.

"Arrogant to the extreme!" The old man was very fast and rapidly closed in. He gave off the aura of a late stage Nirvana Scryer cultivator. It seemed like he was about to break into the Nirvana Cleanser stage!

The thunder bead contained endless thunder. It was a treasure composed of five Spiritual Thunderbolts! The bead was charging at Wang Lin with earth-shattering power.

"I'll take this bead." Wang Lin calmly walked forward. With one step, he disappeared instantly and then suddenly appeared behind the old man. Without even turning around, he casually pointed behind him, his point landing on the back of the old man's head.

The old man's face immediately turned pale and monstrous fear filled his eyes. He coughed out blood and his body trembled as red blood lines appeared on his head and spread across his body. His body collapsed, hi origin soul was destroyed, and his mark was taken!

Wang Lin's left hand held the bead containing five Spiritual Thunderbolts. Killing this old man had taken him no effort. His left hand crushed the bead and the five Spiritual Thunderbolts were quickly absorbed by his right eye. They then started rotating within his right pupil. This gave Wang Lin a demonic look.

All of this happened too fast; it only took an instant. The middle-aged man was still in shock and hadn't recovered.

Wang Lin's right eye had absorbed all five Spiritual Thunderbolts. He floated in the air as he slowly said, "You, spread out all your cultivation and continue your divine retribution!" 

The middle-aged man took a deep breath as he suppressed the uneasiness in his heart and looked profoundly at Wang Lin. He spread out his full cultivation and his peak Soul Formation cultivation filled the world.

After 10 breaths of time, more thunder came from the divine retribution clouds in the sky. Another gap was opened in the sky and a person walked out!

"Haha, I finally met someone going through divine retribution!!" The man that came out of the gap immediately laughed wildly. However, before his laughter was over, Wang Lin waved his right hand.

The person who had just arrived didn't even see everything clearly before his body exploded...

The middle-aged man who was going through divine retribution felt his scalp tingle. No matter how dumbfounded he was at this moment, he realized that he had become bait for this young man in white...

"He can instantly kill celestials!!"

Time passed. Soon, another person walked out of the gap. This person was very cautious and quickly placed large amounts of protection around himself after he appeared. However, with a wave of Wang Lin's hand, all of that protection collapsed along with his body. The cultivator let out a miserable scream and was killed!

In just 15 short minutes, more than a dozen Scatter Thunder Clan member had appeared with the middle-aged man as bait. However, without exception, they were all killed the moment they appeared.

The middle-aged man going through divine retribution was already numb, and the terror in his heart became stronger and stronger. He let out a wry smile and simply decided to stop looking and close his eyes.

This method was much faster than hunting them. After another half hour, almost 100 people had been killed by Wang Lin!

"A Nirvana Shatterer cultivator finally came…" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he smiled as he looked at the old man walking out of the gap in the divine retribution clouds covered in thunder!

This old man was wearing black and gave off a powerful sense of majesty. As soon as he appeared, his expression changed and he looked down. He immediately saw Wang Lin and smelled the scent of blood that filled the world!

The old man's expression became serious and he revealed killing intent. He unexpectedly didn't retreat but charged at Wang Lin. His hands formed seals and he pointed at the void.

"To use this method to kill your own clan, you deserve to die!" the old man roared as he turned into a bolt of thunder and charged at Wang Lin. At the same time, a shadow appeared, and that shadow was also the old man!

At this moment, his body split into two. One charged at Wang Lin and the other retreated like crazy. It used teleportation and was about to escape!

Wang Lin's expression was calm. This Scatter Thunder Clan Nirvana Shatterer cultivator was a decisive person. He had thought of destroying an avatar as the cost of escaping in such a short period of time!

Wang Lin was, after all, not in his original body. If not for his Ji Realm, it would've been difficult to keep this old man from escaping with just his Nirvana Shatterer cultivation. His eyes flashed red and his Ji Realm flew out. It turned into red lightning and immediately penetrated the old man's avatar that was blocking him.

The avatar trembled and its eyes dimmed before it collapsed. The red lightning charged out from the avatar and charged into the old man's body right before he could teleport away!

The old man coughed out blood and monstrous fear filled his eyes. However, a moment later, his origin soul was destroyed and he died. His body fell from the air and his mark was taken.

"How much longer are you going to hide?" Wang Lin's expression was calm. After killing the Nirvana Shatterer cultivator, he looked into the distance. The Ji Realm red lightning pointed at that direction and crackled, ready to shot out at any moment.

Ripples appeared in the sky. The bald young man that had taken the body and was called "Master Scattered Spirited" by the people of the 7 Million Worlds appeared.

Wang Lin calmly looked at the bold youth and slowly said, "You have been following me until today. I'll only give you one sentence to explain. If you're explanation doesn't satisfy me, you will die!"

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