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Chapter 1337 - The Secret of the Scatter Thunder Clan

Wang Lin put away the jade from the pool and was about to leave. At this moment, one of three old men beside the pool slowly opened his mouth.

"So you're Yu Fei!"

Wang Lin's expression remained calm and he nodded.

The old man examined Wang Lin and slowly said, "Not bad. To be able to remain calm under my pressure means your heart is strong. Accumulating resources for several years before exchanging it all today shows that you're very wise. Very good!

"You're qualified to enter the west gate to see if you can find a suitable task. Only low rank cultivators exchange resources for thunder crystals. Since you're now in the Scatter Thunder Rankings, you can complete missions given by the family and earn much more thunder crystals." The old man looked at Wang Lin with admiration. He was satisfied with how calm Wang Lin was.

Wang Lin faintly smiled. Then he nodded slightly but didn't speak.

"I didn't think that you would enter the Scatter Thunder Ranking before us. As tradition, the people responsible for the east gate have to give gift to someone who has entered the Scatter Thunder Ranking for the first time. This is a great thunder pill. It was personally made by me and had been compressed 8,900 times. Take it to protect yourself!" The old man waved his right hand and a thumb-sized ball of thunder appeared and floated before Wang Lin.

The other two old men smiled at each other. One of them waved his hand and a jade appeared. He threw it at Wang Lin and said, "This jade contains a cultivation method of the Scatter Thunder Clan. It is useless to me, but if you cultivate it, it can awaken your clan mark even more. Consider it a greeting gift from this old man."

The final old man, who was a Corporeal Yang cultivator, looked at Wang Lin carefully and smiled. "I won't gift you a treasure, but a sentence. Go to the west gate and chose the Spiritual Thunder task. It will be the quickest way for you to gather thunder crystals! You can smoothly accept this task with my jade." As he spoke, he waved his right hand and a jade slowly flew toward Wang Lin.

"Spiritual Thunder?" Among the memories of the Scatter Thunder Clan members he had devoured, there was no Spiritual Thunder.

"Since you can enter the rankings, you can know a few things. Our ancestors have been studying thunder for countless years. They found that there are six types of thunder in this world. If you can absorb and refine all six, you will obtain an indescribable thunder!"

"The six types of thunder are Heavenly Thunder, Earth Thunder, Origin Thunder, Magnetic Thunder, Dao Thunder, and the last is Spiritual Thunder! Taking this task isn't just to get thunder crystals, but for you to come in contact with the six types of thunder! OK, you can leave," the old man explained. 

Wang Lin nodded before clasping his hands and leaving.

After leaving the east gate, he heard a lot of talking, and the name "Yu Fei" was being talked about constantly. Wang Lin walked past them as usual and began to ponder.

"Six types of thunder… Although the Scatter Thunder Clan's control of thunder is weaker than mine, their study of thunder has reached a peak… That Corporeal Yang junior wants me to choose the Spiritual Thunder mission. Spiritual Thunder… Spiritual Thunder... What kind of thunder is this…" As Wang Lin pondered, his eyes lit up. He had always been bold, so he simply changed his direction from heading to the south gate to the west gate!

There were very few cultivators in the west gate of the Thunder Crystal Temple. Only occasionally would someone walk out, and although their expressions were normal, Wang Lin could see frustration. It seemed they either weren't allowed to accept a task or hadn't found a satisfactory task.

After standing outside the west gate for a while, Wang Lin calmly walked inside. He appeared in a new space. This place was very big and was like a void surrounded by thunder. However, this place was obviously isolated, as the sound of thunder felt like it was coming from far away.

There were six old men at the Yin and Yang stage sitting there. The had indifferent gazes, and no one knew what they were thinking about.

There were hundreds of jades floating in the air, and they each gave off a different strength of light. The weak lights were soft, while the bright lights were harsh.

Aside from Wang Lin and the six old men who were in charge of this place, there were about a dozen more cultivators scattered here. Their divine senses were spread across the jades in the air.

The Black Devil King was among them!

Even Master Zhou Tian, who was extremely respected outside, was also standing here. He was calmly staring at the brightest jade, pondering.

Wang Lin's entrance didn't attract anyone's attention. His divine sense spread out without anyone detecting and swept past each of the jades.

A moment later, Wang Lin had the general idea.

These jades held various tasks given out by the Scatter Thunder Clan. These included leaving the clan to hunt for someone or finding extremely rare materials.

The brighter the light, the more difficult it was, and similarly, the more thunder crystals you would get as a reward.

Wang Lin's gaze swept through them and in the end landed on a bright jade. This was also the jade Master Zhou Tian was looking at.

"Head to the 7 Million Worlds, become the heavenly dao, and descend divine retribution…" At first Wang Lin didn't care, but after looking at it more closely, he trembled and looked even more closely.

"Descend divine retribution and punish the people of the 7 Million Worlds. Kill those who reached the peak of the Soul Formation stage and are about to ascend to the Celestial Realm. Collect their Spiritual Thunder…"

There was a lot of information inside the jade. After Wang Lin finished reading it, a huge wave was set off in his mind, and he didn't dare to believe it.

In this world, everything, including vegetation, beasts, cultivators, and so on, all had spirits. Once they reached the peak of the Soul Formation stage, they would ascend to the Celestial Realm!

Wang Lin understood this. He had learned this back on planet Suzaku. If the Celestial Realm hadn't collapsed, once a cultivator reached the late stage of Soul Formation, they would face divine retribution and ascend to the Celestial Realm. The Soul Transformation stage, in fact, belonged to celestial cultivation, which was why Soul Transformation cultivators needed celestial jades to cultivate!

There was a place that was created by the first Scatter Thunder Clan ancestor. He was considered the strongest Scatter Thunder Clan member, as well as the third step cultivator who had led the clan to its peak and placed a clan treasure in the Sealed Realm Formation.

The ancestor didn't create this world by himself, but had gotten help from some mysterious cultivators. This place was called the 7 Million Worlds by future descendants.

The name implied that there were 7 Million Worlds inside! There were countless creatures living there, and they were all cultivating!

They believed that there was a Celestial Realm, or someone had made them believe that there was a Celestial Realm, for countless years. Only their Celestial Realm was the Scatter Thunder Clan!

Every life inside the 7 Million Worlds was an ant to the Scatter Thunder Clan. For some unknown reason, they wouldn't allow high level cultivators to sprout there. Once a cultivator reached the peak of the Soul Formation stage, divine retribution would appear and destroy them!

However, some of the cultivators in the 7 Million Worlds would give birth to a strange force due to their talent or something special about their body.

This force would change when the divine retribution hit them, forming one of the six types of thunder the Scatter Thunder Clan had categorized… Spiritual Thunder!

Any person who could form this Spiritual Thunder in the 7 Million Worlds would pass the divine retribution and enter the Celestial Realm. Countless legends of them would spread across the 7 Million Worlds, and praise and admiration of their success would be passed on for generations!

However, the truth was that those cultivators were destroyed and had become the Scatter Thunder Clan's Spiritual Thunder! The celestials that delivered the divine retribution were members of the Scatter Thunder Clan!

The divine retribution the 7 Million Worlds faced was merely a task the Scatter Thunder Clan had placed in the Thunder Crystal Temple!

It took a long time for Wang Lin to awaken from the shock. He looked at the shining jade and silently pondered.

Since entering the Ancient Star System, Wang Lin had felt the strength of the Ancient Star System, and Dao Master Blue Dream had even pointed it out. But it wasn't until now that he finally realized the strength of the Ancient Star System!

"I still remember the battle against the Moongazer Serpent in the void and the first time I saw someone from the Ancient Star System. He called himself… Heavenly Dao… Who knew that the negligible Scatter Thunder Clan in the Ancient Star System would have such a big secret. Unbelievable!"

Wang Lin had a complicated expression. He had to admit that he had underestimated the strength of the Scattered Thunder Clan...

"However, even if this is the case, I still have to devour the eternal thunderbolt and destroy the Scatter Thunder Clan!" Wang Lin had fought many adversities in his life, but he was never held down. Zhu Quezi couldn't, the All-Seer couldn't, the Alliance couldn't, Allheaven couldn't, and even Daoist Water couldn't!

He was slowly getting close to the secret of the Scatter Thunder Clan and the secrets of the Ancient Star System, but this ignited his indomitable will!

"I want to see what this Spiritual Thunder is!" Without hesitation, Wang Lin raised his right hand toward the jade. However, at this moment, Master Zhou Tian had also made up his mind and had reached for the jade just before Wang Lin!

Master Zhou Tian was closer to the jade and was faster than Wang Lin. Wang Lin frowned as he loosen his hand and the jade flew into Master Zhou Tian's hands.

He grabbed the jade and coldly at Wang Lin, then he only said one word.

"Scram!" His expression was indifferent, and pressure spread out without showing disdain. This was his proud as a Nirvana Scryer cultivator, a stage that put him above millions of people. Wang Lin was like an ant that he could kill hundreds of times with a wave of his finger.

A junior daring to compete with him for a mission was the same as asking for death!

Wang Lin's expression was cold and there was a faint flash of coldness in his eyes. This was a sign that he was going to kill!

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