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Chapter 1336 - Promoting into the Scatter Thunder Ranking

The green fog would churn and flashes of thunder would come from within. This caused almost all the cultivators who entered to feel a sense of awe and respect.

They didn't dare to get close to the green fog at all and chose to fly at the center of the passage. It was as if they were worried that a giant hand would reach out and grab them from the fog.

Although it wasn't the first time Big Red had come to the Thunder Crystal Temple, after he entered the passage, he was still terrified and cautiously flew forward. Wang Lin was calm as he looked at the surrounding green fog.

This fog was terrifying to others, but to Wang Lin, there was nothing to fear.

"This fog is very interesting…" Wang Lin could see that this fog was not really fog, but thunder. Someone had used a powerful spell to bring thunder here and then crushed it into fog. Then they added their own unique spell to make it act as a protective formation.

"So thunder can be turned into fog. The Scatter Thunder Clan has already studied thunder to this degree… They turned thunder into fog and in turn changed it into something flexible. In terms of protection, it has a similar effect to my Wind and Rain World...

"With a thought, this thunder fog can shrink into a cage. There are endless possibilities! It is wonderful indeed!" As he walked through the passage he began observing the fog even more carefully.

"The Scatter Thunder Clan didn't expect any outsider to come here, and right now the thunder fog is active, which is equal to displaying its core for all to see… Since they are so kind, I won't be polite!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and his divine sense spread into the fog and he began to study it.

His divine sense was so powerful that it completely suppressed the thunder fog, so it couldn't resist as Wang Lin studied it. If the fog had not been opened up like this, Wang Lin would've had to be much more cautious, and it would have taken some time for him to see the core of this spell.

However, right now it was extremely convenient for Wang Lin. As his divine sense studied the fog, he quickly deduced the spell used.

This spell that turned thunder into fog was extremely intricate, so much so that even Wang Lin was marveled by it.

Something like this had never happened in the Scatter Thunder Clan. They would have never thought that someone could simply enter the fog and see through the origin of the spell used to create the thunder fog!

Throughout the ages, Wang Lin was the first one!

The Scatter Thunder Clan would have never thought that someone could break through the thunder lake and mix into the clan. It was something unthinkable. Only third step cultivators could enter without being injured. No one else could enter at all!

Only Wang Lin could do this. His origin soul was a bolt of thunder on the same level of existence as that eternal thunderbolt. This was why he could accomplish this almost impossible feat!

Now he had arrived at an important place in the Scatter Thunder Clan and saw the thunder fog. It was as if the veil was open for him to clearly see everything, and he learned one of the Scatter Thunder Clan's secret spells, Fog Transformation Thunder Spell!

If the Scatter Thunder Clan knew of this, they would be shocked and terrified. This was beyond their imagination!

The passage in the fog wasn't long; it only took 15 minutes to pass through. Even though Wang Lin's divine sense was suppressing the fog, no one noticed anything. After all, Wang Lin's origin soul was also thunder, so using thunder to comprehend thunder left no openings.

The moment he walked out of the fog, Wang Lin withdrew his divine sense. His eyes lit up and a rune appeared faintly in his eyes.

This rune was the dao essence of the Fog Transformation Thunder Spell!

After walking out from the passage, a towering mountain appeared before Wang Lin. At the top of the mountain there was an extremely luxurious temple that was covered in thunder. The temple had three large words at the entrance.

"Thunder Crystal Temple!"

Rays of light filled the area. The cultivators that exited the passage all flew toward the temple. Wang Lin and Big Red also flew up and soon arrived outside the temple.

"Master, there are three gates in this temple: east, west, and south. The east gate is for exchanging for thunder crystals, and the south gate it to use thunder crystals to exchange for treasures and pills from the clan.

"As for the last west gate, only powerful cultivators can go there. That is where the clan gives out tasks. Once you complete a task, you can earn a lot of thunder crystals." Big Red knew Wang Lin had never come to the Thunder Crystal Temple before and had his own doubts. However, given the benefits Wang Lin had given him, he pretended like he didn't know.

Wang Lin already knew this from Big Red's memory. He nodded and said, "I'll go alone. When I leave, I'll find you."

Big Red quickly nodded.

Wang Lin no longer paid any attention to Big Red and withdrew his gaze from the lavish temple. He could tell at a glance that the power of space was at work here. It looked like one, but in reality there were four layers of space.

The east, south, and west gates all led to three different spaces. But there was also a fourth space without an entrance. Wang Lin's divine sense swept by and clearly found nine auras cultivating inside.

"There are a lot of powerful cultivators in the Scatter Thunder Clan. Out of the nine auras, there five are at the Nirvana Scryer stage, three are at the Nirvana Cleanser stage, and one is actually at the Nirvana Shatterer stage!" Wang Lin quietly walked toward the east gate of the temple.

There were a lot of Scatter Thunder Clan members here. They were either alone or in groups, and it was extremely lively.

In particular, there was a large amount of cultivators at the east gate. They were obviously hiding their excitement as they quickly left. There were also those that had been alive for far too long and remained calm, not revealing any of their thoughts.

This kind of mental strength was related to personality and age. Wang Lin had cultivated for 2,000 years and had seen a lot. He was very cunning, and his ability to scheme was no weaker than that of those old monsters that had lived for tens of thousands of years, sometimes even more.

After all, aside from cultivation level, your cunning was also a key point to your survival.

Wang Lin wasn't in a rush to enter the east gate, so he observed it for a while. Wang Lin then put up an indifferent expression and walked toward the east gate. He didn't know anyone here and no one here knew him. Adding his indifferent expression, no one came to talk with him.

The moment he entered the east gate, Wang Lin clearly felt like he had entered a space someone had created. Before him was a black pool that seemed to be filled with mud-like substance, and it was bubbling.

There were three old men sitting on the side of the pool, and their cultivation levels weren't low. One of them was at the Corporeal Yang stage and the other two were both at the Illusory Yin stage. Thunder moved within their bodies.

Wang Lin had learned how to trade for thunder crystals from Big Red's memory. Not wasting any time, he touched the mark on his forehead to pretend to open up his storage space. Large amounts of items that could be used to exchange for thunder crystals flew out into the pool and were devoured by the mud.

After a while, Wang Lin still didn't finish, and the three old men sitting there opened their eyes and carefully looked at Wang Lin. Their eyes revealed a strange light.

The three of them had been in charge of this place for a while, and they rarely ever saw anyone who could take out so many things at once to exchange for thunder crystals. This caught their attention.

Wang Lin's cultivation level could change at will, and at this moment he was an Ascendant cultivator before there three old men.

After everything had been exchanged and swallowed by the black pool, Wang Lin calmly took out a jade. This wasn't something to trade, it was the Scatter Thunder Ranking.

He casually threw the jade into the black pool. Muffled roars came from the pool, and not long after, the jade flew out from the pool and into Wang Lin's hands.

At the same time, the Scatter Thunder Ranking jade every single clan member had gave off a ripple. This meant that there was a change to the rankings recorded within!

Every year during the three days the Thunder Crystal Temple was open, there would be drastict changes to the rankings. However, the first 800 names rarely changed, and at most they would be placed in different order.

However, at this moment, the Scatter Thunder Ranking jade gave off a violent ripple. This only meant one thing: a new person had entered the rankings!

Almost every cultivator in the Scatter Thunder Clan took out their ranking jade and looked into it.

First place was still Master Spruce, but the amount had changed from 1,900,007,000 to 2,400,009,000!

As the cultivators of the Scatter Thunder Clan looked through the list, the smart ones looked from the bottom and immediately saw the newcomer that had caused the ripple!

At rank 799, Yu Fei with 464,000 thunder crystals, only 3,000 higher than rank 800!

"Yu Fei? I wonder what trial planet he is from. He instantly entered the Scatter Thunder Rankings!"

"This person isn't famous, but the clan has a lot of people, so it is impossible to know them all. Since this person could enter the rankings, he can't be looked down upon. Although he he is at the bottom of the rankings, to be able to enter the list means he must have skills."

"This name is easy to remember. Yu Fei, Yu Fei! However, these are the three days when the rankings change the most. I don't know if this person would still be on the rankings in three days!"

At this instant, there were people talking about this across all 13 trial planets. After all, there were only 800 people on the rankings, so the moment you entered, you would become famous!

The name "Yu Fei" was remembered by a lot of the Scatter Thunder Clan members.

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