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Chapter 1338 - Killing Master Zhou Tian

Wang Lin had cultivated for 2,000 years, and the entire path he had walked on had been extremely dangerous. Using his wisdom and his indomitable will, he had struggled through many life and death situations. This had given him the courage to fight against the heavens.

He even dared to fight a third step cultivator like Daoist Water. If not for the fact he was chased by Tuo Sen and then meeting Dao Master Blue Dream made Wang Lin fel that the ancient star system was unfathomable then he won't had chose such a subtle method of dealing with the Scatter Thunder Clan.

However, all of this had a bottom line. If someone had stepped over this line, Wang Lin's reckless nature would've broken loose. Even if he intended to move more cautiously, he would still kill!

Zhang Xingye's battle intent had taken root in Wang Lin's mind!

At this moment, this Master Zhou Tian, who was a mere Nirvana Scryer cultivator, dared to bare his fangs. Wang Lin's eyes became cold as he looked at Master Zhou Tian, and he revealed a sneer on the corner of his mouth.

When Master Zhou Tian saw Wang Lin's expression, his heart skipped a beat and he felt a vague sense of danger. However, when he looked at Wang Lin, he only saw an Ascendant cultivator. For a little cultivator like this to reveal this expression, Master Zhou Tian frowned, and killing intent appeared in his heart.

He could never have imagined that someone could enter this place, impersonate a member of the Scatter Thunder Clan, and enter the Thunder Crystal Temple! He didn't know that this person before him was like an extremely fierce primal beast!

Just at this moment, the six Scattered Thunder Clan cultivators in charge of this place suddenly opened their eyes. One of them stood up and looked at Wang Lin. "Your name is Yu Fei?"

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. With his wisdom, he immediately judged that the reason this person knew him had to do with the Corporeal Yang junior that had given him the jade.

Without a word, he waved his right hand and that jade appeared. It flew toward the person that spoke.

The cultivator's eyes narrowed when he caught the jade. After looking inside, he examined Wang Lin before clasping his hands at Master Zhou Tian. "Senior Zhou Tian, please give us some face. This person was entrusted by an old friend to head to the 7 Million Worlds to take the trial. The task doesn't just ask for one person. How about letting him go as well?"

Master Zhou Tian had an indifferent expression as he looked at the cultivator who had spoken. These cultivators that guarded the west gate were also like ants to him. But in the end, they had higher positions in the family and had an elder behind them. Even though he was arrogant, even he had to carefully consider this.

"Killing someone here would make it difficult for the elder. Let this little brat go into the 7 Million Worlds where no one can detect his death. After all, with the restriction around the 7 Million Worlds, not even the ancestor's divine sense can enter. This is why that place is where the clan deals with personal grudges. It is also where everyone trades in secret!" Master Zhou Tian made a decision and no longer paid attention to Wang Lin. He nodded slightly before he disappeared into the jade toward the 7 Million Worlds.

The moment after he disappeared, the jade gave off a bright glow and Wang Lin caught it. His divine sense went in and he disappeared into the 7 Million Worlds!

The Scatter Thunder Clan cultivators in charge of the place frowned and revealed displeased expressions.

"That person is too ungrateful. We helped him and he didn't even say thanks!"

"Forget it. I was originally going to persuade him to not enter the 7 Million Worlds. There was killing intent in that Master Zhou Tian's eyes. That child couldn't see, but we could clearly see it. Once that child enters, I fear he will face a life and death crisis!"

"It is a pity about Fellow Cultivator Hao Ran's request. From what he said, he had his eye on this person."

"This matter is not related us. Whether he lives or dies will be decided by fate!"

The six of them passed messages between each other before they dropped the matter and closed their eyes to cultivate once more.

As for Wang Lin, after he disappeared, his vision immediately blurred, but his origin soul was too strong, so he immediately recovered. When he recovered his vision, he could clearly see the narrow passage. This passage gave off a crystal light. When this light touched your body, it made you transparent; even your insides became invisible.

Under Wang Lin's careful observation, he clearly felt there was a thick wall preventing divine sense from extending out. There were also raging, chaotic turbulence surrounding the passage.

"This place is extremely strange. Looking at the thickness of the wall, there is no way for divine sense from outside to extend in here. It would be impossible for someone to detect a person being killed here!" Wang Lin's eyes became cold. He rushed forward, moving at a shocking speed.

The spatial turbulence began to surge with Wang Lin's speed, and large spatial cracks appeared. However, they couldn't stop Wang Lin at all. The spatial cracks would often shatter and dissipate due to Wang Lin's speed!

How could Wang Lin not have seen the killing intent in Master Zhou Tian's eyes? Wang Lin's personality had always been like this: if other don't offend him, he wouldn't offend them! If the other party decided to kill him, then he would kill them!

Wang Lin and Master Zhou Tian had entered the tunnel to the 7 Million Worlds almost at the same time. Master Zhou Tian was also moving faster, but he had to avoid the turbulence, so he naturally had to slow down.

He had a thunder cloak wrapped around him, making him look like a thundercloud as he charged ahead. his indifference from back in the Thunder Crystal Temple had disappeared and he was now gloomy, giving off a domineering aura.

As a Nirvana Scryer Cultivator, he had his own pride. The 7 Million Worlds was a lawless land, and it was a place the powerful cultivators liked to go. Whether it was trading in secret or solving a personal grudge, the elders of the clan wouldn't see it. This was where only the strong were respected!

This tunnel wasn't very long, so it didn't take long for Master Zhou Tian to get close to the exit. Arrogance filled his face as he thought, "I have to be on guard in the transaction with Master Hao Kun. His cultivation level is slightly higher than mine, so if I go with the intent to battle, I won't be his match!

"However, I have asked a few close friends to go with me so Master Hao Kun would be more scrupulous…" As he pondered, he moved faster and faster. All he thought about was the exchange, and as for Wang Lin, in his view, Wang Lin was only an ant that wasn't worth thinking about. He would only need to wait at the square in the 7 Million Worlds for a moment and immediately kill this Yu Fei the moment he appeared.

However, just as Master Zhou Tian got close to the exit and was thinking about the exchange, his hair immediately stood up. The most intense sense of crisis he had ever felt in his life erupted from within his body!

The moment the sense of crisis spread out, an extremely cold voice resounded behind Master Zhou Tian!

"You want to kill me?"

This voice was like the cold air from the depths of hell. The moment this voice entered his ears, Master Zhou Tian's expression changed and he turned around to see Wang Lin slowly walking over.

His pupils suddenly shrank and he revealed a look of disbelief. This was the first time he had seen someone who could walk so calmly through this chaotic space that led to millions of different worlds.

The chaotic turbulence collapsed before this person, and there were broken fragments behind him. At a glance, it looked like this person made the world collapse when he moved!

Adding the extremely cold voice, it made Master Zhou Tian think that this person had broken through the void to kill him!

"You… You… You hid your cultivation!" Master Zhou Tian's face was pale, but there was a flash of killing intent in his eyes. He had cultivated for a long time and had naturally faced many life and death crises. Although he was shocked, he quickly recovered, and without hesitation he hit the mark between his eyebrows. When the mark flew out, thunderous rumble echoed and endless thunder appeared in the void!

The thunder he gave off was monstrous in this narrow tunnel, and it was as if he had turned into a thunder dragon. The thunder dragon opened its mouth and charged at Wang Lin.

"I originally planned to kill you in the 7 Million Worlds, but since you came looking for death yourself, I'll take your life now!" Master Zhou Tian's sinister voice echoed as the thunder dragon roared. The roar echoed as if there were countless people roaring at the same time. This sound wave fused with the thunder and produced the strongest attack of a Nirvana Scryer cultivator!

He was using his full strength at the start. This showed his fear and suspicion of Wang Lin appearing here.

Wang Lin remained calm and there was a look of mockery in his eyes. He raised his right hand and gently waved! "What nonsense! All thunder in the world, listen to my command: collapse!"

Thunderous rumbles suddenly echoed violently. The thunder dragon let out a miserable scream and its head began to collapse. This collapse quickly spread across its body, and the thunder dragon shattered after only a few breaths of time!

All of this happened in a flash. After the thunder dragon collapsed, Master Zhou Tian appeared. He was coughing out blood, his face was pale, and his eyes were filled with shock and disbelief. His eyes widened and became filled with endless panic!

"Nirvana Shatterer!! This is Nirvana Shatterer cultivator!! No, this is beyond Nirvana Shatterer, this is…" His scalp was numb and he was scared out of his wits as he frantically retreated!

At this moment, there was only one thought in his mind, and it was escape, escape, escape, escape!

"Aren't you going to kill me?" A cold voice echoed in the passage...

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