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Chapter 1332 - Arch-Rival

The skinny cultivator had spewed out a lot of words, and they were all filled with sincerity. Below him, the members of the sect were all gobsmacked. They had been in the Heavenly Thunder Sect for a while, but they had never seen their always-majestic and domineering sect master speak words like this.

Wang Lin's always calm expression turned into a strange smile when he heard the words of this skinny cultivator.

The skinny cultivator didn't reveal any hint of falsehood, as if everything he had said was natural and true. His expression really made it difficult for Wang Lin to attack and waste his cultivation.

With Wang Lin's wisdom, he had naturally seen through that this was all this skinny cultivator's plan. The skinny cultivator knew that he couldn't resist, and this was the only way to keep his cultivation.

"What is your name?" Wang Lin landed on the ground like a willow leaf fluttering in the wind. He stood at the center of the Heavenly Thunder Sect's square.

"Answer: my name is Zhong Big Red. Zhong like little Zhong and red like little red. Junior has only ever respected one person. Let me clear the path, let me…" The skinny cultivator was going to continue when he was interrupted by Wang Lin.

"Enough. Hand over everything you have gathered that can be used to exchange for thunder crystals."

Although Big Red looked calm, he was scared out of his wits. Earlier, he was cultivating in the main hall when he heard four heavy objects smash into the square. His divine sense spread out to find his four head elders thrown to the ground with their cultivations wasted. He was startled and became furious.

However, that anger completely disappeared when he saw Wang Lin, and he trembled. He was at the early stage of Soul Formation, and although he didn't cultivate domains like Inner Realm cultivators, his mark was 30% active. Also, due to his cultivation level, he had come into contact with other cultivators, and the highest level one he had met was at the Ascendant stage.

When he sensed Wang Lin, he was terrified to the point that it felt like the world was going to fall apart. This feeling was several times more powerful than when he met the Ascendent cultivator. Luckily, he was extremely clever and didn't hesitate to change that terror into excitement, followed by his rapid flattery.

He had only used this trick three times in his life. The first time was when he was at the Foundation Establishment  stage and had to revolve a crisis. The second time was when he was at the Nascent Soul stage. He escaped from the Ascendent cultivator with mere a scare and had even obtained some benefits. This was the third time he had used this invincible art.

In Big Red's point of view, out of all his spells, this invincible art was his true ace, and it could save him at critical moments. So he had practiced it in secret until he was extremely proficient at it. It was his ace, so he only ever used it as a last resort.

When he heard Wang Lin's order, he quickly formed a seal and hit the mark between his eyebrows. There was a flash and things that could be exchanged for thunder crystals flew out until they formed a small mountain.

"Senior, this is everything Junior has gathered over the years. Although there isn't anything extremely valuable, there are a lot of thing. Junior estimates that these should be worth around 50,000 thunder crystals." After he spoke, he carefully observed Wang Lin's expression. When he saw Wang Lin frown, he immediately became terrified, then he clenched his teeth and quickly spoke.

"Senior, Junior also has some treasures to give Senior." As he spoke, his right hand hit his mark once more and three more items flew out.

The first was a branch as thick as an arm, but it was flashing with thunder. The second was a pill that gave off a green glow. The third was an ancient mirror.

"These three items are things Junior had specially prepared for Senior. Just these three can be exchanged for 10,000 thunder crystals."

Wang Lin looked at Big Red with a smile that wasn't a smile. His gaze made Big Red's scalp numb, and just as he was about to speak, Wang Lin waved his sleeves, causing everything that could be exchanged for thunder crystals to disappear.

No one had noticed him open a spatial crack, and a divine sense filled with ecstasy rushed out of it.

"Master, you finally remembered me. Ah, Little Xu has been teaching that Liu Jinbiao a lesson all these years and hasn't been lazy at all!" Although Xu Liguo's cry had come from the storage space crack, to everyone else, it seemed to have come from the void.

At the same time, Xu Liguo appeared in the Heavenly Thunder Sect.

After Big Red heard Xu Liguo's voice, his eyes narrowed as if he had met the most powerful enemy in his life.

"Master, I have been following your order and have been tormenting Liu Jinbiao. That old boy is actually quite pitiful. He could have offended anyone, but he had to offend my mighty, handsome, and powerful master!" The moment Xu Liguo appeared, he didn't even look at his surroundings. His face was filled with flattery as he rubbed his hands and stared at Wang Lin with a pitiful expression.

Wang Lin's expression was neutral, but Big Red felt his heart skip a bit. His pupils shrank as he shot Xu Liguo a stare filled with hostility. He had only faintly felt that Xu Liguo was a powerful enemy, but now it was clear. This person had the same invincible art as him. Seeing how the other was able to embody the invincible arts in just a few words, it was a level above his long speech!

"Archrival!! This person must be my archrival!!" Big Red took a deep breath and began to observe.

"Master, please don't send me back too quickly, considering how loyal and hard-working Little Xu has been…" Xu Liguo revealed a mournful expression.

Big Red looked at Xu Liguo, and his expression became even more serious. "Even his expression contains the true meaning of the invincible art!!!"

Wang Lin revealed a smile that wasn't a smile as his gaze moved between Xu Liguo and Big Red. The reason he had summoned Xu Liguo was somewhat related to Big Red.

"Perhaps it would be better for Xu Liguo to gather thunder crystals in the Scatter Thunder Clan for me…" Wang Lin made up his mind, then he nodded slightly and slowly said, "If you do this well, we can talk about it."

With that, Wang Lin sent out a message to Xu Liguo, giving his order, and as Xu Liguo listened, his body began to tremble. He was trembling due to excitement, and after Wang Lin finished, he looked up with excitement and laughed.

"No one is better than your Granda… Err, Little Xu. Master, rest assured, a mere billion thunder crystals, leave it to me!"

The bad feeling inside Big Red became even stronger. He quickly took a few steps forward, looked at Wang Lin with a respectful gaze, and said, "Senior, Junior hasn't finish speaking. Junior still has a treasure that can be exchanged for 10,000 thunder crystals! Only someone like Senior can possess such a treasure!" After he spoke, he hit his mark again, and there was a flash of light. A flying sword flew out and gave off a chilling aura.

Wang Lin revealed a smile as he nodded slightly and put the flying sword away.

Xu Liguo looked around and then looked at Big Red. He hadn't paid attention the surrounding people earlier, but now he immediately felt that something was wrong.

"This person is giving off a faint scent of shamelessness… However, it is far from a match for your Grandpa Xu. Grandpa Xu has been flattering this fiend since before you were even born!!" Xu Liguo revealed a kind smile as he looked at Big Red and smiled. "Fellow Cultivator is?"

Big Red looked at Xu Liguo with the same smile and clasped his hands. "I'm Zhong Big Red. Zhong as in big Zhong and red as in big red!"

Their gazes collided at this instant. The smile on Xu Liguo remained unchanged as he withdrew his gaze. Just as he was about to speak, Big Red was a step ahead and said with a look of flattery, "Senior, Junior's Heavenly Thunder Sect has a lot of people. Let me get the things they have to exchange for thunder crystals to give to Senior."

After he spoke, he turned around and roared at the Heavenly Thunder Sect members who were gobsmacked at the scene before them.

Under his pressure, everything that could be exchanged for thunder crystals was gathered by Big Red and handed to Wang Lin. Wang Lin put it all away, then his eyes flashed an indiscernible amount. He waved his right hand and took out a pill.

He casually took out pill he didn't know the value of. It was a pill he had refined from the soul of a rank 4 beast in the Cloud Sea. However, when Big Red saw this, his eyes widened and he exclaimed, "Soul Pill!! This pill can be exchanged for at least 20,000 thunder crystals and is extremely rare!"

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he waved his hand. The pill landed in Big Red's hand.

"I give this pill to you. From now on, you will help me collect things to exchange for thunder crystals!" Wang Lin said gently. He wasn't going to trade for thunder crystals with his own pills because he would be making the Scatter Thunder Clan more powerful. Instead, he was going to use Big Red to collect treasures from the Scatter Thunder Clan members and use their own possessions to trade for thunder crystals!

Big Red took a deep breath. He held the pill and immediately said, "Senior, rest assured, Junior will do his best!!"

Xu Liguo stared at Big Red with hostility in his gaze. Although he didn't care for the pill, this Big Red was uncomfortable to look at, and his gaze became vicious. 

"Damn it, you dare to fight with your Grandpa Xu for favor before this fiend? Little brat, you've got guts! Just you wait, your Grandpa Xu will remember you. In almost 2,000 years, none that have tried to fight with your Grandpa Xu for this fiend's favor has had a good fate. Your Grandpa Xu has plenty to time to kill you! I'm going to torment you to death like I tormented Liu Jinbiao!"

Xu Liguo's eyes lit up and he revealed a dark smile.

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