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Chapter 1331 - For Senior…

There were tiny lightning bolts swarming around each of the thunder fruits inside the valley.

"This is the thunder fruit…" Wang Lin reached out and one of the fruits flew into his hand. He carefully looked at the green fruit, and it did contain some thunder power. It could improve the body inside and out, making it more suitable for using thunder spells.

"In Qi Zhi and Yu Fei's memory, this thunder fruit can be exchanged for one thunder crystal…" Wang Lin looked at the fruit but didn't swallow it. Instead, he crushed the fruit and a small flash of thunder appeared and was absorbed by his right hand into his origin soul.

Wang Lin closed his eyes and silently observed the power of thunder from the fruit. A moment later, he opened his eyes. They were filled with thunder. His gaze penetrated the valley to outside the cave and he muttered, "I was going to go steal, but I didn't expect someone to deliver themselves to me."

At this moment, the four rays of light arrived near the cave. Without the need for the Nascent Soul old man to speak, one of the Core Formation cultivators walked out and shouted, "Qi Zhi, the Heavenly Thunder Sect is here. Come out and greet us!"

This voice echoed for a long time inside the cave.

The Nascent Soul old man looked down at the restrictions outside the cave and frowned. When Wang Lin walked through, he didn't activate any and found them insignificant. However, to this old man, they were very intricate.

He faintly felt a sense of crisis.

"Since this Qi Zhi was able to become a Nascent Soul old monster, he can't be underestimated. Just the restrictions outside the cave are not simple." He stopped the Core Formation cultivator from speaking and gloomily said,

"Fellow Cultivator Qi, I'm Qiu Dehai, one of the four grand elders of the Heavenly Thunder Sect. Today, I became because my sect master will soon reach the Scatter Thunder Rankings. I ask Fellow Cultivator Qi to donate some magical treasures and pills." His voice was gloomy, and he had spread out his entire mid stage Nascent Soul cultivation into his voice, letting it drift into the cave.

Just as his voice echoed, the door to the cave rumbled and opened. Something was thrown out. It was Qi Zhi, who was in a coma.

This sudden scene startled the three Core Formation cultivators and caused Qiu Dehai's pupils to shrink.

"Are you looking for him?" A cold voice came from inside the cave, and following the voice was Wang Lin in white. As he calmly and slowly walked outside, a faint pressure spread out.

"You… You're Yu Fei!" One of the Core Formation cultivators apparently recognized Yu Fei at a glance. However, under this pressure, his core trembled and his voice was filled with disbelief.

The Nascent Soul old man stared at Wang Lin. His nascent soul trembled and he had a bad feeling. Wang Lin was standing right there, but when his divine sense swept by, he found nothing. It was as if this person didn't exist.

He had only felt this feeling from his sect master. However, he had a feeling that even if his sect master was here, his sect master wouldn't be able to detect this person at all.

What made his scalp numb even more was the pressure coming from this person. This pressure was extremely strong, and under this pressure, he felt the spiritual energy inside his body stop. Those cold words seemed to contain a tearing force that was going to rip him from the inside out.

Cold sweat covered his forehead, and Qiu Dehai swallowed hard. He slowly backed away and clasped his hands. "This old man doesn't know this Qi Zhi, and this is my first time meeting him. Since Fellow Cultivator was here first, then this old man will leave. It's all a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding!" He suppressed the trembling of his nascent soul and slowly retreated. He felt that this person was too powerful for him to resist. It was best to let him go and return back to the sect.

The three Core Formation cultivators also felt like something was wrong. They retreated in terror and were about to leave this place.

"You're just going to leave like this?" Wang Lin revealed a smile that wasn't a smile and looked at the four of them.

This gaze made Qiu Dehai's heart skip a beat, and he didn't hesitate to wave his hand to push the three Core Formation cultivators toward Wang Lin as a shield. He quickly retreated and was covered in cold sweat when he was about to teleport away.

The Scatter Thunder Clan didn't allow clan members to kill each other, but you could waste their cultivation or kill indirectly. This old man knew all of this very well, and he had done it many times. At this moment, he was terrified, and his first thought was to escape.

Wang Lin ignored that teleporting Nascent Soul cultivators and waved his right hand. Those three Core Formation cultivators all screamed miserably as the marks between their eyebrows collapsed and large amounts of treasures flew out. Wang Lin put them all away before stepping into the sky.

The three Core Formation cultivators coughed out blood and fell to the ground one by one, their cores all collapsed. Although they weren't dead, their cultivation had been wasted!

Qiu Dehai had heard those mournful cries after he teleported. The chill in his head had increased, and he didn't hesitate to teleport away.

When he reappeared, he was already far away. The moment he reappeared, he teleported once more. After doing this several times, he had used almost all the spiritual energy in his body, but he didn't dare to stop. He took some pills and teleported once more.

Wang Lin's figure and voice became a dark cloud that weighted heavily on his nascent soul. He feared that he was too slow and would get caught.

He teleported more than 10 times and rushed out more than 50,000 kilometers. During this time, he had devoured a large amount of pills and could be said to be running for his life. He had even crushed the jade from his sect to summon help from surrounding sect members!

There were many small sects like the Heavenly Thunder Sect. The clan would naturally not interfere and would actually encourage people to form and join sects.

Qiu Dehai was covered in cold sweat, short of breath, and had teleported many times. After a teleport, there was a flash of light before him and a middle-aged man in green walked out. He frowned and looked at Qiu Dehai.

"Elder Qiu, what did you encounter to make you so scared that you even called for help?"

After Qiu Dehai saw the middle-aged man, he felt relieved, but he didn't answer the question. He immediately looked back and his divine sense spread out behind him. Only after he found no trace of Wang Lin did he let out wry smile. He looked at the middle-aged man and was about to speak.

However, just at this instant, a voice that made Qiu Dehai lose his wits appeared like the cold wind.

"Not going to run?"

Qiu Dehai felt his scalp go numb and his eyes filled with monstrous panic. He no longer dared to talk with the middle-aged man and immediately began to teleport away.

The middle-aged man was also startled. When Wang Lin's voice echoed, he felt like his nascent soul was hit by a hammer and coughed out blood. After seeing Qiu Dehai's behavior, endless terror arose inside him and he didn't hesitate to teleport away like Qiu Dehai!

"If the two of you split apart, I'll destroy both your cultivations…"

The two of them ran like crazy and teleported nonstop, using all the pills they had. They didn't dare to stop or separate from each other. However, after teleporting a few times, the consumption of spiritual energy was too great for the two of them to bear.

"Qiu Dehai, you provoked such a person and then dragged me into it!!!" The middle-aged man gnashed his teeth as he escaped and stared with Qiu Dehai with anger.

Qiu Dehai's face was pale and filled with fear. He wanted to speak, but the voice that made the two of them panic echoed once more.

"Keep asking for help and call all the Nascent Soul cultivators of your Heavenly Thunder Sect… Take me to your Heavenly Thunder Sect; otherwise… I'll waste your cultivation!"

The middle-aged man took out a jade and crushed it to request for help before Qiu Dehai. He hated Qiu Dehai to the bones, and if he couldn't drag more people down with him, he couldn't vent the anger in his heart.

After one hour, an extremely strange scene unfolded on this planet. Four Nascent Soul cultivators were escaping in panic. Three of them revealed intense hatred along with the panic!

Wang Lin calmly walked behind the four of them. Along the way, as Qiu Dehai and company had called for help, the other two elders arrived. The four of them escaped together and had to listen to Wang Lin's request to escape toward the Heavenly Thunder Sect.

A mountain appeared in the distance. This mountain wasn't big, but there were clouds around it. There were also stone steps winding from the peak.

There were some building on top of the mountain. It had the look of a sect.

When the four terriified cultivators brought Wang Lin here, Qiu Dehai quickly said with a trembling voice, "Sen… Senior… This is… This is the Heavenly Thunder Sect…"

Along the way, the four of them had been forced to rush as fast as they could. Adding the panic and terror they felt, their minds were tormented the entire way.

Wang Lin looked at the mountain and waved his right hand. A gust of wind appeared and wrapped around the four Nascent Soul cultivators. The four of them let out screams and their thunder marks were broken open. Large amounts of treasures flew out of them. Wang Lin put them away, and at the same time, the gust of wind smashed through the clouds and the four of them landed at the square of the Heavenly Thunder Sect!

The entire Heavenly Thunder Sect was completely silent. Some of the weaker cultivators were originally cultivating in the square. After seeing the four head elders being tossed into the square, they were speechless.

"Senior, Senior, you finally came!!" In this silence, a person suddenly charged out. He was thin and looked ordinary, but he was at the early stage of Soul Formation. His eyes were crystal clear as he looked at Wang Lin with excitement in his eyes.

"When I saw Senior, my heart couldn't settle down for a long time. Senior's cultivation is heaven-piercing and your style is unmatched. In that short moment, I felt as if I had seen Senior many reincarnation cycles ago. I couldn't calm myself and only wanted to see Senior a bit more before my lifespan ended. Every time I looked, the spiritual energy in my body would move on its own and even my cultivation would increase, as if I had devoured countless thunder fruits. Only someone like Senior would have such an ability. Not even the elders of the Scatter Thunder Clan, not even the clan head could compare to Senior when they were at your age.

"Senior, Junior asks for nothing and is willing to hand over everything I have collected to Senior. I only hope that Senior would let me stay with Senior so I can see Senior often and witness Senior's rise. Let me be Senior's lackey, let me clear the path, let me slaughter all of Senior's enemies, let me dedicate my life to Senior until my death!!!"

Even with Wang Lin's cultivation, he couldn't help but be startled by these words from this skinny man, and he couldn't help but think of Xu Liguo.

In truth, it was not only him. If any other cultivator were to see this, they would be stunned on the spot.

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