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Chapter 1333 - This is the Life

Time slowly passed on this Scatter Thunder Clan planet. In the blink of an eye, Wang Lin had been here for a month now.

During this month, he didn't return to the cave, but chose to cultivate in the Heavenly Thunder Clan. Over the past month, Xu Liguo and Big Red had begun gathering a large amount of items that could be traded for thunder crystals, with the Heavenly Thunder Sect as the center.

With everything that had been gathered, Wang Lin could trade for 100,000 thunder crystals.

Xu Liguo rarely got to leave the storage space, so he was extremely excited and began a campaign outside the Heavenly Thunder Sect. He didn't like to act alone, so he always took more than 10 Foundation Establishment Heavenly Thunder Sect disciples, and they moved like locusts. He had used an unknown method to take any Core Formation cultivator he found under his command.

In just one month, there were almost 100 Scatter Thunder Clan members under him. Xu Liguo seemed to have learned this from somewhere, but he had made them make him a giant bamboo throne. It was 1,000 feet wide and shined brightly with Xu Liguo sitting on top. He also had four Scatter Thunder Clan female cultivators accompany him. He was extremely arrogant!

The dozens of cultivators carried this throne forward. There were also dozens of cultivators on all sides.

While moving forward, Xu Liguo specially chose two very loud Core Formation cultivators to roar nonstop.

"Grandpa Xu is here. He is imposing, magnificent, unrivaled, handsome, and incomparable!"

This voice was like thunder. Xu Liguo laughed loudly and felt extremely proud. He was leaning on one female cultivator while eating a fruit from another female cultivator and drinking wine. There were two more female cultivators gently massaging his faintly corporeal body.

This enjoyment made Xu Liguo very excited.

Aside from the four female cultivators, there were also four very handsome men. They were half-kneeling there, also serving Xu Liguo.

"This is the life!! This is the life I, Xu Liguo, should enjoy. That fiend has been going left and right for 2,000 years, but it is Grandpa Xu who is truly happy!! Haha, it's your Grandpa Xu who is smart. Life should be enjoyed!" As Xu Liguo listened to the roars filled with flattery for himself and enjoyed being served by the female and male cultivators, his entire body felt good. His eyes squinted and he couldn't help but feel melancholy.

"How long has it been since I've felt this happy… Damn it, if not for that fiend catching me, I could have enjoyed this happy life for years now…  Err, well, maybe my lifespan would have ended by now...

"Forget it, what's the use of thinking so much? I must make up for all the life I missed in these 2,000 years. There are too few women. If there can be 100… 1,000, it should be perfect. Eh, add 1,000 handsome men and 10,000 people carrying the throne to roar together for me. That would be perfect!

"To reach this goal, Grandpa Xu will have to work hard!" Xu Liguo was in high spirits. Just at this moment, there was a ray of light flying toward him, and there was a Core Formation cultivator inside.

This person got within 100 feet of the throne and loudly said, "Great Immortal is imposing, magnificent, unrivaled, handsome, and incomparable!" With that, he took a breath and quickly said, "50 kilometers ahead is the cave of the late stage Nascent Soul old monster Chen Dongfeng. He seems to have noticed something and has already activated the restrictions."

Xu Liguo pinched the face of a female cultivator beside him and proudly said, "Continue moving forward. I'll let you all see how Grandpa Xu deals with a mere Nascent Soul cultivator!"

The 50 kilometer distance was crossed quickly. The giant throne covered the sun, creating a huge shadow over the mountain, and gave off a powerful pressure.

There was a cave in the middle of the mountain. There was a large amount of restrictions at the entrance, sealing the cave! There were also eight small flags around the mountain, spinning rapidly and creating black fog.

After the throne closed in, Xu Liguo had a self-satisfied look as he slowly raised his right hand. Only after attracting the gazes of all the surrounding cultivators did he wave his hand!

With a wave of his hand, the world rumbled and countless sword shadows appeared in the air. The moment they appeared, they let out endless sword hymns, and sword energy scattered everywhere, pushing the clouds apart. Even the world dimmed.

Xu Liguo was the sword spirit who had obtained the inheritance of the ancient sword intent. Although he was lazy, when he was sealed in the Four Divine Sect by Wang Lin, he was forced to cultivate. Not to mention a mere Nascent Soul cultivator, Ascendant, Yin and Yang, and even Nirvana Scryer cultivators were no match for Xu Liguo!

With a wave of his hand, as the world rumbled, endless sword energy appeared. The sword energy was extremely dense and made all the surrounding cultivators tremble as if they were surrounded in nevermelting ice!

Endless sword energy fell on the mountain. The black fog around the mountain immediately collapsed, and when the eight small flags were going to explode, Xu Liguo grabbed them.

"That fiend said that no treasure can be damaged. These can be traded for thunder crystals!"

The sword energy broke through the fog and landed on the mountain. With Xu Liguo's careful control, the sword energy penetrated the mountain, and layers of layer of it fell off until the whole mountain disappeared, leaving only the cave without any walls!

It was like a mortal house with its roof taken off. Sitting inside was a middle-aged man who was shocked into a trance by what had happened.

"Grandpa Xu is here. He is imposing, magnificent, unrivaled, handsome, and incomparable!" Loud roars came from the cultivators beside Xu Liguo, and this really exuded an imposing aura! This awakened the middle-aged man who had been frightened into a trance!

"Obey Grandpa Xu and offer up everything that could be traded for thunder crystals. Disobey and Grandpa Xu will waste your cultivation and imprison you for life!" the two Core Formation cultivators with particularly loud voices immediately roared.

The middle-aged man stared dumbfoundedly at the throne. The throne was far too big and gave him a powerful pressure. He swallowed hard and didn't hesitate to respectfully clasp his hands. "Junior will hand over everything."

Xu Liguo laughed. He looked at the middle-aged man and smiled. "Good. From now on, follow your Grandpa Xu. I want to ask you, where can I find female cultivators?"

The middle-aged man felt his scalp go numb under Xu Liguo's gaze, and he had a bad feeling, but he didn't know what to do. When he heard the question, he quickly said, "If it's female cultivators, there is a place 5,000 kilometers away with a sect called the Thunder Celestial Sect. It's a sect filled with female cultivators, and its sect master is extremely beautiful! However, her cultivation level is quite high… It is said she has some relationship with an inner member of the clan…"

The moment Xu Liguo heard "beauty," his eyes lit up and he ignored the part about her cultivation level. He waved his hand and roared, "Lead the way! Come with Grandpa Xu to steal people! Steal treasures!"

The group of people flew off into the distance. The giant throne was extremely eye-catching in the sun, and Xu Liguo's proud laughter could be heard. There was also the faint roars of almost 100 people.

On the other side, Big Red had also begun to collect like crazy. Big Red was only at the Soul Formation stage, so for him to complete the task, Wang Lin had given him a flying sword.

This sword was ordinary, but it was extremely powerful for first step cultivators. It allowed him to beat mid stage Soul Formation cultivators and even hold out for a while against late stage Soul Formation cultivators.

However, compared to Xu Liguo's arrogance, Big Red was much more cautious. Although he had taken some cultivators with him, he wasn't having a good time. However, he was more familiar with the Scatter Thunder Clan and knew what could trade for more thunder crystals. He knew where many caves were located, and adding the pill and the sword Wang Lin had given him, he felt confident. He felt like his chance had come. As long as he could satisfy Wang Lin, perhaps he could get another pill.

Thinking about this, Big Red became confident and excited, but he was also secretly on guard against Xu Liguo. He felt that this Xu Liguo was his archrival!

"Damn it, if Senior only had me beside him, it would be godsend for me. I didn't expect to meet this Xu Liguo, who also practices the invincible art. His cultivation level is higher than mine and he is extremely shameless. He must have practiced the invincible art to reach his current cultivation level!

"However, I, Big Red, won't concede defeat. Although my cultivation level isn't high enough, I have secretly researched the invincible art for hundreds of years and wasn't able to display all of it before. Now, with Xu Liguo here, I have to use 120% of my ability to battle him! The winner is still undecided!"

Big Red sneered as he brought the people with him and destroyed several caves. He was secretly preparing what to say to Wang Lin in his heart so he could use the invincible art at any moment.

"I, Big Red, have very high talent in the invincible art. I don't believe I can't beat Xu Liguo!"

While Xu Liguo and Big Red were gathering, Wang Lin was sitting in the Heavenly Thunder Sect with a jade before him. This jade contained a set of cultivation methods used by the Scatter Thunder Clan.

This cultivation method was called the Great Thunder Stamp. It allowed you to compress all the thunder in your body in exchange for a powerful explosive attack! However, this only worked with the help of the clan mark, and it could help one slowly awaken the clan mark when cultivated for a long time.

Wang Lin was studying this cultivation method so he could understand the Scatter Thunder Clan's mark. He vaguely felt like learning this would be extremely important in order for him to absorb the eternal thunderbolt!

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