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Chapter 1328 - Possession

Among the vastness of space within the Ancient Star System, there was a star domain filled with thunder. This was where the famous Scatter Thunder Clan was located.

From afar, the Scatter Thunder Clan's star domain was like a giant thunder lake. Even from far away, one could hear the thunderous rumbles of the eternal thunder.

These rumbles were fierce, and all fierce beasts avoided the area. If someone got close without the Scatter Thunder Clan token, they would immediately be attacked.

Millions of bolts of thunder descending at once had shocking power! This was one of the reasons why the Scatter Thunder Clan could be one of the big clans in the Ancient Star System without a third step cultivator!

Similarly, the Scatter Thunder Clan had a glorious past. Countless years ago, they were one of the clans that placed a treasure in the Sealed Realm Formation!

There was an eternal thunderbolt within the Scatter Thunder Clan. It had existed since the beginning of time and had appeared from the void. It rumbled endlessly, and the Scatter Thunder Clan built a temple there to worship the thunderbolt.

The location of the temple was the holy land of the Scatter Thunder Clan, and it was extremely well guarded, making it very difficult for ordinary people to get close. There were always elders there, and although they had no third step cultivator, there was one person at the fifth Heaven's Blight. The strongest person under third step cultivators!

For Wang Lin, the Scatter Thunder Clan was like a steel wall! There were many powerful cultivators, and like the Tattoo Clan in the past, just one clan was enough to set off a chaotic war in the Inner Realm!

Every Scatter Thunder Clan member cultivated the dao of thunder. They believed that there were six types of thunder. If they could cultivate them all, they could split the world and inherit the true meaning of ancient thunder. They would then obtain the origin of thunder and climb into the third step.

However, since ancient times, very few people had entered the third step. Over the countless years of the Scatter Thunder Clan's existence, only one person had reached the third step during their glorious past.

Even without a third step cultivator, breaking into the Scatter Thunder Clan was more difficult than climbing the heavens!

Wang Lin calmly stood before the Scatter Thunder Clan's star domain. Before him was the flashing and roaring thunder. It was like a thunder late with bolts of thunder moving like silver snakes dancing!

At a glance, it could shake the hearts of most cultivators and make them not dare to take a single step forward! This place was several times stronger than the thunder lake Wang Lin had encountered in Allheaven.

Before he got close, he could clearly feel all the hair on his body being pulled by a magnetic force. Even the space outside this thunder lake was filled with the power of thunder and could occasionally explode into bursts of thunder.

If it was back when Wang Lin was in Allheaven, even after he devoured half an ancient thunder dragon and obtained the ancient thunder dragon origin soul, it would've been extremely difficult to enter. He would likely have to retreat, or else the thunder would kill him before the Scatter Thunder Clan had to do anything.

However, after absorbing the power of thunder from the Scatter Thunder Clan's statue, the dao fruit, and then giving birth to his thunder essence, Wang Lin's control of thunder had reached a terrifying degree. He silently looked ahead, and after a long time, he entered the Scatter Thunder Clan's star domain!

The Scatter Thunder Clan didn't have anyone guarding the perimeter, as the eternal thunder was the best protection! Wang Lin slowly moved forward. His arrival didn't attract any attention from the Scatter Thunder Clan!

Wang Lin slowly crossed 50 kilometers in about seven minutes. Every step he took, the hair on his body trembled and traces of thunder entered his body through every single pore.

His mind was calm, without any joy or sorrow. It was as if he had entered a realm of emptiness. There was no Scatter Thunder Clan before him, only that boundless thunder lake! At the center of this thunder lake was the eternal thunder!

After crossing 50 kilometers, he stepped into the thunder lake. The thunder lake roared and thunder filled Wang Lin's eyes, replacing everything. This unexpectedly lit up the surrounding space!

Like the dawn on a cultivation planet!

The bolts of thunder swam through the thunder lake and surrounded Wang Lin, creating a thunderous rumble! Wang Lin's left foot was inside the thunder lake, and half his body was in as well!

Endless numbers of silver snakes rushed over toward his left foot. As they surrounded him, they filled his body. If it was anyone else, their body would immediately explode and their origin soul would be extinguished due to not being able to withstand this indescribable thunder!

Even their storage space would be shattered this thunder, and all the treasures inside would lose their effects!

Wang Lin closed his eyes and his body became covered in thunder. The thunder lake was like a big mouth devouring Wang Lin. This caused him to be covered in endless thunder!

Thunderous rumbles continued to echo while Wang Lin's body remained motionless with half a foot inside the thunder lake. Time slowly passed. In the blink of an eye, 15 minutes went by.

Just at this moment, a huge wave was set off in this massive thunder lake and a roar echoed. Wang Lin's eyes suddenly opened and there was a thunder mark flashing rapidly within one of them. In just the blink of an eye, it flashed thousands of times!

Every time it flashed, the roar of the thunder would become stronger, and soon, everything was replaced by the roar of thunder. Wang Lin took a step forward and entered the Scatter Thunder Clan!

The moment he entered, the thunder lake inside the Scatter Thunder Clan roared violently and large amounts of thunder swam like crazy!

Wang Lin slowly walked forward. As he moved forward, all the thunder under his feet seemed to cheer and then enter his body. Wang Lin was like a thunder celestial as the thunder gathered in his right eye, causing the thunder mark to become more and more clear.

He moved forward for an unknown amount of time and entered the inner part of the Scatter Thunder Clan. The thunder here roared even more intensely, and it covered everything. Here, not even divine sense could penetrate, and vision was torn apart!

Wang Lin sat down and began to cultivate as more and more thunder gathered in his body. Thunder gathered from all directions, and the violent rumbles stirred up the entire thunder lake!

Wang Lin's aura slowly faded until it completely disappeared. Although he was just sitting there, if someone closed their eyes before him, they wouldn't be able to detect him at all!

At this moment, Wang Lin had become a bolt of thunder and fused with the thunder lake, so there was no way to tell that he wasn't part of it!

After a long time, a thunder mark flew out from Wang Lin's closed right eye. It was too fast and instantly entered the thunder lake. It quickly swam away.

This thunder mark looked like a normal bolt of thunder, but as it moved, all the thunder in the thunder lake had to make way and guide it. This allowed this bolt of thunder to move faster and faster.

The boundless thunder lake was like a huge ring. At the deepest part, there was no thunder, but 16 cultivation planets!

From afar, these cultivation planets were filled with thunder as if they were condensed from bolts of thunder!

They were arranged in a circle, and at the center was a broken continent. This broken continent looked as if someone had broken it off from a complete continent. The edges were jagged and there was still gravel floating around the edges.

This broken continent was completely black without any life. However, every Scatter Thunder Clan member knew that that broken continent had been there for as far as they could remember, and it was their holy land!

There was a heaven-piercing temple on that continent! A bolt of thunder was sticking out of the void and touching the top of the temple. It had never disappeared over the countless years!

That thunderbolt was completely black. If you looked closely, you would see that there were countless colors within. These color fused together to from this thunder.

One of the 16 cultivation planets had an earth yellow color. On this cultivation planet, there were countless caves.

There were tens of thousands of caves, big and small. This was where the adults of the Scatter Thunder Clan cultivated.

In the Scatter Thunder Clan, once one becomes an adult and reaches a certain cultivation level, they leave the three mother planets go to the 13 remaining cultivation planets. They could search for their own cave, be gifted one, open their own, or even steal one.

The members of the clan could fight with each other, but no killing was allowed. If someone were to kill, they would be severely punished. But as long as no one died, everything was fine. This way of cruel infighting cultivated generations of clan members.

The weak will be eliminated!

At this moment, on this earth yellow planet, there was a young in black with a bloody wound on his chest walking through the plains with his head lowered.

There was no edge to the earth before him. His current mood was cowardly with a hint of sorrow.

"I hate myself for not having good talent. I hate myself for being a cultivator. I hate myself for being a member of the Scatter Thunder Clan!!" the youth muttered, his expression twisted.

His excited mood shook his injuries, causing him to cough out blood. He fell to the ground and looked at the flashing thunder in the sky. The sorrow in his eyes became even stronger.

"I don't want to become a cultivator… I want to live the life of a mortal…" The young man's eyes became lax, but he struggle to lift his right hand and look at his fingers. A moment later, madness filled his eyes, and with the last of his strength, he reached toward the thunder mark between his eyebrows and mercilessly pulled.

Blood and flesh splattered. He actually ripped off the Scatter Thunder Clan mark between his eyebrows.

He gradually closed his eyes with a miserable smile...

He couldn't see that the moment his eyes closed, a bolt of thunder broke through the void and appeared in the sky as if it had perceived his existence. After a slight pause, it charged toward the wound between his eyebrows!

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