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Chapter 1327 - Scam…

The other cultivation planet within the Demonic Scorpion Clan noticed the commotion, and a large amount of cultivators flew out.

However, the woman in white felt that the only thing left was her and the light shadow giant. The giant punch closed in, and no one could block it for her!

At this moment of crisis, she released even more milky white aura. When the punch arrived, the milky white aura rushed to the spot between her eyebrows. A mark appeared between her eyebrows!

This mark was three lines that gave off red, yellow, and blue light. The moment it appeared, a memory she seemed to have forgotten flashed through her mind.

In her memory, she knelt on the ground and was chosen as the saintess of the River Clan. On the acceptance day, a jade-like hand appeared before her. The hand was warm, and when it touched her forehead, it erased her clan mark. 

"From today onward, you will become one of my avatars. You will use your body to nourish my projection avatar to help me heal… You will also become my Joss Flame Disciple…"

This memory flashed across her mind, but time didn't allow her to think too much. The moment the mark appeared, the milky white aura formed a vortex. The vortex confronted Wang Lin's punch!

Thunderous rumbles echoed and space itself trembled. The woman in white coughed out blood and was thrown away. As she was being through away, the milky white aura surrounded her, allowing her to break all barriers and merge with the world.

Wang Lin's right hand felt numb and his eyes revealed a strange light. As the woman in white disappeared, he took a step and also disappeared!

After he left, the light disappeared, leaving behind countless corpses and the shocked Demonic Scorpion Clan cultivators that had arrived late!

In the eastern part of the Ancient Star System, ripples dispersed as the woman in white surrounded by the milky white aura walked out. She was almost like an empty oil lamp. After she appeared, she didn't hesitate to take the last step!

"The last one. Once I get there, I'll be rescued!"

However, just as she raised her right foot, the world trembled and space itself shook. Blood light pierced through the void from all directions and charged at the woman in white.

The woman in white didn't even look at Wang Lin, who appeared with a venomous and mocking expression. When the blood sword arrived, her body was already transparent. No matter how much the blood sword tried, it couldn't injure her body.

As the woman in white was about to disappear, she said these cold words," I'll let you go for now, but you will die for sure next time. Keep your divinity safe… It won't be long before we see each other again!"

However, what answered her was Wang Lin's right index finger and an even colder voice!


After he spoke, the world stopped moving. Even the woman, who was turning transparent, stopped as well. Her eyes still retained the coldness and ridicule!

Everything in the world stopped! While everything was stopped, Wang Lin took a step and his right hand reached toward the woman in white. The five essences in his eyes rotated rapidly and a portion of it broke off into his right hand.

This allowed his reach to break through everything. He pierced through the ripples and caught her transparent body. He then pulled her out from the void!

"I told you, you can't escape!" Holding the woman in white, the Stop spell dissipated. The woman's body quickly turned from transparent to corporeal. Her eyes were filled with disbelief and panic!

Wang Lin had already turned to normal, and his right hand held the woman in white. He lifted his left hand to search her soul, but milky white aura rushed out. It wasn't to attack Wang Lin, but to destroy the woman in white!

Without any time to search her soul, Wang Lin was more reluctant to give up her soul. As the milky white aura was about to destroy her, there was a flash of blood light and the blood sword pierced the woman. He destroyed her origin soul before the milky white aura could!

This was stealing the soul from the reincarnation cycle and stealing Joss Flames from the Blue Concubine!

The moment the woman in white trembled for the last time and completely died, the soul of a woman appeared in his Wind and Rain World. A powerful Joss Flame came from her soul and was absorbed by Wang Lin!

After the woman in white died, her flesh melted into a pool of blood water. However, a golden thread flew out of it and charged for the void!

This golden thread was formed by the projection avatar the Blue Concubine had been nourishing! Now that the woman in white had died, the golden thread was about to break through the void and return to the recovering Blue Concubine!

Wang Lin suddenly raised his head and swung the blood sword at the golden thread. However, the indestructible blood sword went through the thread and didn't damage it at all!

The golden thread didn't seem to belong to this world. It had no solid form and couldn't be injured by treasures at all! The golden thread flew further and was about to disappear.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin's mind trembled and his storage space opened without his will, then a woman walked out.

This woman was wearing silver. It was the silver corpse!

She walked out from the storage space and looked at the golden thread with confusion in her eyes. Looking at the golden thread that had broken through the void and disappeared, she raised her hand and gently reached out.

Space rumbled and time seemed to reverse. The gold thread that had disappeared reappeared once more. It continue to struggle without any effect and was caught by the woman in silver.

The moment the golden thread landed in the woman in silver's hand, it trembled violently as if it didn't dare to struggle. The woman in silver looked at the golden thread for along time. There was still confusion in her eyes, and she gently squeezed it.

With a pinch, the golden thread collapsed into golden mist and entered her orifices as if it were being devoured by her.

Wang Lin squinted his eyes as he looked at everything before him. He had long wondered about her identity, but there were too few clues to guess who she was.

However, from Daoist Water's shock and fear from seeing her, Wang Lin knew that the silver corpose's identity wasn't simple!

"How could this kind of person become a refined corpse by the Cultivation Alliance… How did the Cultivation Alliance get her body…" Wang Lin looked at the familiar silver corpse. Her eyes were still filled with confusion as she looked into the distance. No one knew what she was thinking.

After a long time, Wang Lin calmly asked, "Do you remember who you are?"

The woman in silver silently pondered as she looked back at Wang Lin. The confusion in her eyes became even stronger and she gently shook her head.

"I only felt like the aura inside that golden thread was very familiar…"

Wang Lin's eyes shined as he carefully examined the woman and suddenly said, "Could it be you're one of the eight Ancient Imperial Concubines?"

As he spoke, his eyes were like lightning as he stared at her eyes.

After hearing those words, the confusion in her eyes became even stronger and she softly said, "No memory… Ever since I awakened, I can't remember…"

There was pain in her expression. She shook her head and turned toward the storage space. It was as if that was the only place where she could silently cultivate and not think about herself.

However, the moment she was about to enter the spatial crack, she stopped. There was a trace of clarity in her confused eyes. She hesitated for a bit and turned toward Wang Lin.

"Although I can't remember a lot of things, I vaguely know something. I can see that you have some Joss Flames in your body… I vaguely remember that Joss Flame is a poison…  It was a heavenly… Scam… I seem to have lost everything due to it…"

The storage space crack shrank and disappeared after the woman in silver entered.

However, her words set off a huge wave inside Wang Lin's mind, and his eyes shined brightly. From the Lord of the Sealed Realm, Daoist Water, and Dao Master Blue Dream, he had learned that Joss Flames was the key to reaching the third step and the key to nourishing his essences!

He had gradually come to this conclusion himself, but right now the woman in silver's words were the complete opposite!

For some unknown reason, Wang Lin felt a chill. He looked up at the sky and began to ponder.

"Poison… Scam…"

After pondering for a while, Wang Lin merged with the world.

"The woman in white has died and become a soul in my Wind and Rain World. There should be no one paying attention to me for now… This way, I have a chance of completing my essences!" Wang Lin merged with the world and his divine sense spread out.

"According to the memories of the Outer Realm cultivators I devoured, the Scatter Thunder Clan doesn't have a third step cultivator… There is a bolt of lightning that has existed since the beginning of time, and it is the clan's holy object! It is also the source that allows the clan to control thunder!

"If I devour this thunder, it will allow my thunder essence to grow… As for Joss Flames… In the end, which of them is telling the truth…" Wang Lin used Spatial Bending to appear in a foreign star domain. There was a flash of coldness in his eyes.

"Whether it is true or false, I should be extremely vigilant. I have never relied on any Joss Flames in my cultivation. I have comprehend my own dao, and even my essences were created without relying on the so called Joss Flames!" Wang Lin's body merged with the world again as he moved toward where the Scatter Thunder Clan was.

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