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Chapter 1329 - Scatter Thunder Clan

The thunder suddenly descended and entered the young man, causing him body to tremble. His dissipating soul and vitality suddenly stopped and rapidly contracted as if they were being imprisoned.

The wound he had torn open between his eyebrows quickly healed, and even the wound on his chest recovered in a short period of time. The thunder mark between his eyebrows had reappeared and was giving off a ghostly glow.

After a long time, the youth slowly opened his eyes!

There was no cowardice and sorrow anymore; they were replaced with coldness and age. It was as if these eyes had seen everything in the world, discovered the true meaning of life, and had survived for countless years...

A cold aura came out of his body the moment the youth stood up. The youth had collapsed in a meadow, and right now all the the grass was bent over as if it didn't dare to stand straight.

"This body isn't bad…" The youth sat up, moved his head, and stood up.

A powerful cultivation moved within his body and origin energy gathered from all directions. However, the body stayed at the Core Formation stage, there was no cultivation level increase or transformation done to the body.

He was Wang Lin!

To be more precise, it was a portion of Wang Lin's divine sense possessing this body. His original body was still fusing with the boundless thunder lake! Wang Lin wasn't so arrogant to think he could fight the entire Scatter Thunder Clan himself. The Scatter Thunder Clan was one of the powerful families of the Ancient Star System, so they had to have a lot of powerful cultivators.

If Wang Lin directly rushed in to absorb the eternal thunder, the only thing awaiting him would be death!

Therefore, Wang Lin had already made a plan. He was going to possess the body of a Scatter Thunder Clan member to absorb the eternal thunder! If he pretended to be a Scatter Thunder Clan member, there would be no issue, because he was someone who controlled thunder!

In particular, he had possessed the body of someone who hadn't died, so it was foolproof! Wang Lin had even indirectly saved this person's life. After Wang Lin absorbed the eternal thunder and left, this person would regain control of his body. Depending on how long Wang Lin possessed this body, this person would receive a great fortune.

With Wang Lin's cultivation level, he didn't need to worry about the initial period of adjustment after possessing, and he didn't intend to truly possess this body.

After searching the memory of this body, Wang Lin learned that this person was named Yu Fei. He was a very ordinary Scatter Thunder Clan member. His parents had died early in his life and he was left alone. After many difficulties, he had reached the Core Formation stage and inherited a cave his parents had left him.

This cave was beside a spirit vein and was considered very good. However, with his cultivation level, there was no way he could keep it for long. Three days after he inherited it, it was stolen and he was forced out.

In the 200 years following that incident, his cultivation had been stagnant. If not for the Scatter Thunder Clan's physique, which gave him a little more lifespan, he would have died long ago. However, these 200 years were painful for him. He had been bullied by his clan, and his life was worse than death!

He had recently become under a Nascent Soul cultivator, and this was the same cultivation level as the cultivator that had taken his cave away all those years ago. Inside the cave was a Thunder Fruit Tree left by Yu Fei's parents for him.

The Nascent Soul cultivator had allowed Yu Fei to grow this Thunder Fruit. The Thunder Fruit could allow their clan mark to become even more powerful, and even their lifespan would increase.

However, in order to make the fruit mature, a cultivator at least at the Core Formation stage would have to nourish it with the power of thunder.

Yu Fei knew that his cultivation was stagnant and his lifespan was near its end. After hesitating, he devoured one of the nine Thunder Fruits, but this brought a calamity upon himself.

If not for the rule that fellow clan members couldn't kill each other, he would have already been dead. However, he was greatly humiliated, and on top of suffering his serious injuries, his cultivation had been sucked away. He was then kicked out by the Nascent Soul cultivator.

Yu Fei didn't have many memories, and most of them were extremely negative. There was a monstrous hatred; he hated himself, he hated the Scatter Thunder Clan, he hated all his clan members, and his personality was twisted.

Wang Lin's divine sense left Yu Fei's memory and his eyes lit up.

"Thunder Fruit… empowers the clan mark…" After Wang Lin came to the Ancient Star System, he had devoured a lot of cultivators here and gained an understanding of the cultivation methods here.

The Ancient Star System was completely different from the Inner Realm. They didn't cultivate domains. Instead, one's cultivation was gathered in the mark between their eyebrows. This mark was a heritage. The stronger it became, the higher their cultivation level would be!

Wang Lin touched the thunder mark between his eyebrows. This mark was made by Wang Lin himself. Although it looked the same as the Scatter Thunder Clan mark, the meaning was very different!

The Scatter Thunder Clan's mark came from the eternal thunder.  If the eternal thunder was a creature, then all the marks extensions of that creature.

However, Wang Lin's mark was made by himself, and it was of much higher in status than the Scatter Thunder Clan's mark. It was on the same level as the eternal thunder.

"I need to study the Thunder Fruit… As for the matter with the Scatter Thunder Clan, this Yu Fei's cultivation level is too low, so he doesn't know much. Perhaps that Nascent Soul cultivator will know more." Wang Lin pondered as he charged toward the location of the cave in his memory.

This cultivation was very large. Wang Lin didn't teleport, but flew over the earth. His divine sense faintly spread out and he began to observe.

Not long after, three rays of light appeared before Wang Lin. There was a man and two women. The man was wearing white and was very handsome. The two women behind him were very beautiful.

As the three of them flew on flying swords, they seemed to be chatting. The man's cultivation level was decent, late stage Core Formation. The two women were at the early stage of Core Formation.

While the man was chatting, his gaze swept by Wang Lin. When he saw Wang Lin flying by without even looking at him, he frowned.

"Yu Fei, come here!"

Wang Lin turned a deaf ear and his divine sense swept across the earth. He seemed to have found some secret about this planet as he moved forward. When the man in white saw that Wang Lin was still ignoring him, there was a flash of coldness in his eyes. He let out a cold snort and turned around toward Wang Lin. He waved his right hand and a thunder sword appeared from his bag of holding. It gave off bursts of thunder and shot toward Wang Lin.

"Yu Fei, you got guts to not pay respects after seeing this lord!"

The thunder longsword rumbled loudly, but when it got near Wang Lin, it trembled and stopped in mid-air. Wang Lin withdrew his divine sense and coldly looked at the man in white.

"Are you talking to me?"

A simple sentence that anyone could say. Even though he looked like Yu Fei, the coldness in his gaze was like a boundless storm that swept the world!

The man in white was rushing forward, but when he saw Wang Lin, he felt his core rumble. It was as if he had been hit by lightning and was caught in an endless world of ice. He felt like he had been completely seen thorough and no longer had any secrets.

This terrified him to the point that his core stopped moving. Cracks appeared on it as if it couldn't withstand this gaze, and it was about to explode!

The two women behind the man in white were originally looking at Wang Lin with taunting and teasing gazes. However, when Wang Lin turned around and said those words, they felt the world tremble. The clouds scattered and the sky collapsed. It was as if the cowardly Yu Fei had turned into a ferocious ancient beast that gave off a monstrous aura!

Only one thought from him would be needed for them to die!

The three of them felt a roar in their hearts, but the outside world was completely quiet. This quiet was extremely bizarre!

The youth in white was pale and his eyes turned lax. He then revealed indescribable horror.

Wang Lin frowned. With his cultivation level, he really wasn't willing to bully these Outer Realm juniors. He withdrew his gaze and walked away.

It wasn't until after he had been gone for a long time that the youth in white coughed out a large mouthful of blood. The two women behind him also coughed out blood. There were countless cracks on their cores, and they began to melt.

The two women's faces were deathly pale, and their cultivation levels immediately fell from early stage Core Formation to Foundation Establishment.

As for the young man in white, his core also shattered. He looked at where Wang Lin disappeared with terror and shock.

"You… You…"

The three of them all looked at each other and remained speechless for a long time. They couldn't even have thoughts of resentment due to the fear that lingered in their hearts.

The cave from Yu Fei's memory soon appeared before Wang Lin's eye. This cave was indeed  good, and it was next to a spirit vein. Wang Lin could also see that there was a small river inside. This river flowed through the spirit vein and was very clear. There was faint spiritual energy coming from the river.

There were some restrictions protecting the cave, but in Wang Lin's eyes, these restrictions were simply… too weak.

His expression was calm as he walked with his hands behind his back. With one step, he arrived outside the restrictions. He didn't even do anything, but the gate opened on its own.

Wang Lin walked into the cave without any hesitation. Thunderous rumbles echoed and colorful lights flashed as all the restrictions activated when Wang Lin walked into the cave.

Wang Lin didn't even look as he walked through the rumbling.

There was an old man in green sitting 100 feet away from him. His eyes were wide open as he stared at the incoming Wang Lin, completely dumbfounded. His pupils revealed monstrous terror.

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