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Chapter 1320 - Fuse

The first spell Dao Master Blue Dream displayed was an extremely powerful offensive spell!

The second spell, Light and Shadow Shield, was the peak of defense! When these two spells appeared, the world would change colors!

Wang Lin hadn't completely comprehended the Heaven Reversal Stamp, and now he was immersed in this Light and Shadow Shield. His mind constantly alternated between these two different spells.

"Look closely, the third spell I'll teach you is Dao Fusion! This is not an attack or defense spell, but a dao spell that fuses your spell with your essence in a special way. If you can learn this spell, you can fuse all your spells and make them into tens of millions of different ones, or all fused into one!"

Dao Master Blue Dream's voice was calm. After displaying the Heaven Reversal Stamp and the  Light and Shadow Shield, he didn't put down his right hand. Instead, his right hand formed a bizarre seal and he pointed at the void.

One of the clouds that had been pushed away quickly flew over and surrounded his fingertip. It turned into a ball of fog and began to rotate rapidly.

As it rotated faster and faster, the fog instantly disappeared and turned into white water vapor. The water vapor also rotated and formed a vortex.

However, the vortex quickly changed once more, then it turned into a glittering drop of water above Dao Master Blue Dream's fingertip and then started rotating even faster.

When Wang Lin's eyes observed this, it caused him to gain some enlightenment.

Just at this moment, the water changed once more. Crackling sounds echoed and the water turned into ice crystals. The ice crystals quickly linked together, releasing a crackling sound that was no weaker than the sound of thunder. Soon, an ice sword appeared at the tip of his finger!

This sword was seven feet long and three inches wide, emitting an endless chill. When the sunlight shined on it, it gave off a colorful glow!

From cloud, to fog, to water, and then ice before finally changing into an ice sword! Wang Lin's mind was shaken in a short period of time, feeling as if he had vaguely grasped something.

"This fog essence has been changed by this dao spell. Display two spells that need to be fused!" Dao Master Blue Dream looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin didn't hesitate to wave his right hand, and black wind howled across the world. Seven black dragons appeared in the world and blasted out cold air that could extinguish all life.

"Oh? One of Celestial Emperor Bai Fan's six spells, Call the Wind! Although it is not a dao spell, if it is cultivated to the peak, it is still quite powerful!" Dao Master Blue Dream was astonished.

After Call the Wind was finished, Wang Lin didn't pause before his right hand formed a seal and he pointed at the seven black dragons. The seven black dragons let out earth-shattering roar that spread out. As thunderous rumbles echoed, there was a flash of light and raindrops appeared out of nowhere!

"Bai Fan's Summon the Rain!" Dao Master Blue Dream frowned. He didn't expect Wang Lin to be able to actually cast these two spells. He had heard of the name "Bai Fan" before. He was the ruler of the Thunder Celestial Realm, and his spells were extremely difficult to integrate.

"This child is indeed clever. He must have realized that I wanted to help him fuse two spells, so he took out his most powerful spells…" Dao Master Blue Dream looked at Wang Lin with a smile that wasn't a smile, and his right hand reached at the void.

The seven black dragons suddenly trembled and swirled around each other to form a giant vortex. The vortex absorbed all the raindrops within it.

The thunderous rumbles continued to echo. The vortex became larger and larger until it seemed to replace the sky.

"With my understanding, the purpose of Bai Fan's Call the Wind and Summon the Rain was to cover the sky with Call the Wind and cover the earth with Summon the Rain. Cover the sky and the earth to form a world! The fusion of these two spells should be comparable to the protection of the Light and Shadow Shield!" Dao Master Blue Dream waved his right hand and the giant vortex in the sky roared even lounder. Then it suddenly began to expand.

The sky was covered by the wind and the earth was submerged by rain. There was not trace of light and the earth was not visible at all. There wasn't even any origin energy; it was as if it had been separated from space and formed its own world!

This world could be large or small. It could be as big as the universe or as small as yourself, making it a powerful form of protection!

As Dao Master Blue Dream waved his right hand, the world trembled and returned back to normal. There was a small, black vortex sphere floating next to the ice sword.

"Whether you can comprehend the three spells will depend on your own fortune." Dao Master Blue Dream took a step forward and turned into blue light. Only his parting words that were like him talking to himself echoed after he disappeared.

"If she can recover her memory, forget the Blue Silk Clan. Even if I become a traitor to the Ancient Star System, so what?" His words were filled with determination, revealing his character and answering Wang Lin's previous question...

The surroundings were silent and the world was peaceful. It was as if everything that had happened were merely an illusion, just a memory.

Wang Lin didn't notice Dao Master Blue Dream's departure as his eyes were staring at the ice sword and the black vortex sphere. His mind was immersed in what had just happened. The three spells Dao Master Blue Dream had displayed rapidly flashed in his mind as he quickly verified and comprehended them.

Time passed, three days, seven days, half a month… Unknowingly, one month had passed!

After one month, Wang Lin still sat there motionlessly. His eyes were bloodshot and were filled with confusion. There were huge waves inside his mind, echoing like thunderous rumbles. Wang Lin had been comprehending these three great spells. However, these spells contained the world. Even with Dao Master Blue Dream's personal demonstration and explanation, they would be difficult to learn.

"Heaven Reveseral Stamp… to make the sky the earth…" Wang Lin closed his eyes as if he was sleeping, but his mind was working like crazy, as if he was deducing a restriction to deduce the changes that occurred in this spell.

One month,  two months… three months passed.

Wang Lin had been sitting on top of the mountain for four months. More than 100 nights and days had passed, and it was now the rainy season. The sky was no longer blue but filled with dark clouds. The sky was foggy and rain fell down. The mist made the world look even more hazy.

Wang Lin sat there, allowing the rain to hit his body, but he didn't notice anything. Although his eyes were closed, his fatigue had created two lines of blood that flowed out like tears and were washed away by the rain. The deduction inside his mind had also reached a peak, making him feel as if he was going to go crazy.

On this day, it was nighttime and the rain continued to fall. Lightning sometimes flashed across the sky and lit up the earth. Wang Lin's clothes had long been soaked and his body was trembling. It felt as if the mountain was trembling with him.

He suddenly opened his eyes. The moment he opened them, lightning flashed across the sky. While illuminating the earth, it also revealed Wang Lin's eyes to the world.

His eyes were completely bloodshot, but deep within his pupils was the reflection of the world. The sky, the lightning, the earth, and all the rain were within his pupils. What was even more strange was that it was all slowly turning!

The turning was barely noticeable, but they continued to turn. The earth in his pupils was tilted and was about to… completely flip upside down!

As the world rotated, Wang Lin's bloodshot eyes stared at the world before him. Under his gaze, this world filled with rain began to twist. It was as if the world outside was syncing up with the world in his eyes, and it began to.... tilt!!!

Thunder rumbled in the sky and the rain became even more dense. It was if the clouds had noticed the danger and wanted to release all the rain quickly. However, as the world inside Wang Lin's pupils slowly turned, the rain inside his pupils paused for a moment.

The moment the rain paused, the rain in the real world also stopped!

At this instant, Wang Lin's eyes shined brightly. He raised his right hand and pressed toward the sky as he said with a hoarse voice, "Heaven Reversal!"

The moment he spoke, the world roared. The world inside Wang Lin's eyes flipped, and the sky became the earth and the earth became the sky!

The rain that fell from the sky fell backwards and collapsed.

This was what was happening in the world inside his pupils. This was reflected in the real world he was looking at as well!

The sky filled with thunder suddenly turned into earth and everything reversed. The rain collapsed, the clouds disintegrated, and the thunder scattered!

The earth that replaced the sky rumbled loudly. As Wang Lin lowered his hand, the earth quickly pressed down!

If someone looked up at the earth that had replaced the sky, they would see the upside down ocean, the mortal capitals, and the mortals walking in the rain.

They would see the small beasts inside the dense forest and the python galloping through the water. But they seemed to not notice any of this!

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. He could clearly feel that once this Heaven Reversal Stamp crushed down, it would contain the power the destroy the world. It was several times stronger than all his other spells!

He waved his right hand. The earth didn't crush down but instantly returned to normal. The sky was still the sky and the earth was still the earth!

"This isn't the only way to use the Heaven Reversal Stamp! If you treat a person as the world, then their flesh, blood, and skin are the sky and their internal organs are the earth. Reverse those and the lethality of this spell will increased greatly!" Wang Lin silently pondered for a moment and suppressed the joy of comprehending this spell. He closed his eyes and began comprehending the second spell!

When Wang Lin used the Heaven Reversal Stamp, on Mount Blue, Dao Master Blue Dream's hand on the zither paused for a moment.

"A person with five essences is indeed shocking. He was able to learn the Heaven Reversal Stamp in just four months… I thought he would need several years…"

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