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Chapter 1321 - The Barrier to the Third Step

A majority of the cultivation planets in the Blue Silk Clan had a rainy season where the rain would constantly fall. Sometimes it poured from the sky and moistened the earth.

These rainy seasons would often last for half a year and then different seasons would follow, depending on the cultivation planet. The planet Wang Lin was comprehending on turned to winter after seven months of rain.

This winter after the rainy season was very moving. The earth was completely moist and then was instantly frozen by the snow. Walking on top of the frozen earth made you feel the coldness of the earth through your feet. Even your blood seemed to slow down and freeze.

For mortals, this kind of season would be terrible, but the mortals of the Blue Silk Clan had gotten used to this. With the help of the Blue Silk Clan cultivators, after many years, it wasn't much of an hardship anymore.

Even some food was harvested in this cold. The colder it was, the better the harvest would be.

The snowflakes floated down the air and covered thousands of miles of land. It was very beautiful. The peak Wang Lin was on was also covered in snow; it was now a snowy mountain.

However, the few black rocks that weren't yet covered showed what the mountain originally looked like as it waited for the winter to pass.

The snow on the top of the mountain was very dense, and it was completely smooth without a single footprint. Wang Lin was still sitting there with his eyes closed and was covered in snow.

The ice sword and the vortex sphere were still floating in the air. The snow couldn't get close, so it would move around them.

After comprehending the Heaven Reversal Stamp, Wang Lin stayed on top of the mountain for four more months. The second spell, Light and Shadow Shield, contained the power of light and was ethereal. Wang Lin continued to try to deduce it but couldn't find any clues.

The scene of Dao Master Blue Dream using this spell replayed over and over in his mind.

On this day, Wang Lin opened his tired eyes and stared at the snow that had gathered before him. He muttered, "There is also light in my Sundered Night and the law of origin. Except that light comes from the rising sun, and Dao Master Blue Dream's light has nothing to do with the law of origin. His light is gathered from all living things… What exactly is that light…"

Wang Lin spread out his divine sense as he pondered. His divine sense spread out with the mountain as the center. With his powerful divine sense, he seemed to split off into millions of different directions.

He saw white mountains, the snow gathered on the earth, the frozen rivers, and the glaciers floating on the sea.

He saw mortal capitals and some mortals inside a house. They were around a fire, and he saw their warm life.

He saw the beautiful foods of the rich royal families. He saw the cultivators of the Blue Silk Clan and the beautiful music they played.

He saw the snow that fell from the sky, the rare fishes under the frozen river, and the rare vegetation that grew on the frozen earth.

He saw the endless starry sky through the hazy sky, the cold wind, and the glistening snow.

He saw some trembling little beasts and the frozen corpses buried under the snow. He recorded everything as his mind gradually spread across the entire planet.

He silently watched, silently observed, and silently became a part of the world until the winter slowly passed and the snow began to melt.

After an unknown amount of time, Wang Lin saw light. While watching a mortal family of three, he saw a very warm light.

This light was very weak, as if it would extinguish with a mere breath of the wind, but it was real. Slowly, he saw more light. He then saw light from two lovers and he saw light from the body of a rich person...

He even saw light coming from a dead skeleton. This light was filled with sadness, reluctance, and struggle. He also saw light from the little beasts!

All life gave off this light. The mountains, rivers, seas, earth, sky, everything gave off this faint light. He was even able to faintly see this life from space.

In his mind, everything on this cultivation planet contained this light. This light gradually spread like a spark in a prairie, filling Wang Lin's mind.

He opened his eyes.

The moment his eyes opened, all the light his divine sense saw gathered like crazy toward his body. The sky and earth emitted this light, the vegetation, mountains, and rivers shined nonstop!

There were even starlight coming from space, and even the mountain Wang Lin was sitting on released light. This light came from all directions until Wang Lin was like a scorching sun! A giant shadow was formed by this light!

This light and shadow were outside and Wang Lin was inside. There was enlightenment in his eyes, but they still contained a hint of confusion.

"Is it vitality…" He lifted his hand and silently waved. The light and shadow disappeared and everything returned to normal.

He still hadn't completely comprehended what this  light was… It was as if there was a barrier preventing him from understanding what it was. If he couldn't break through this barrier, he would never be enlightened as to what it was.

Wang Lin didn't know that this barrier was the door to the third step. Very few people could feel this barrier, and even fewer were able to break through it in their lifetime!

The three spells Dao Master Blue Dream had taught Wang Lin had their own profound meaning...

When the light and shadow disappeared, Wang Lin's gaze fell on the ice and vortex ball that hadn't changed since Dao Master Blue Dream had left.

Looking at these two items, Wang Lin let out a big breath. Of the three spells, this dao spell was the only one left!

His right hand reached out and the vortex ball flew into his hand. His eyes lit up and began observing it.

This vortex ball was formed by Dao Master Blue Dream with the dao spell. It combined Call the Wind and Summon the Rain into a more powerful spell that contained its own world!

This fusion was the power of the dao spell Dao Master Blue Dream wished to pass on to Wang Lin!

As he carefully observed the small sphere between his fingers, the five essences gradually appeared in Wang Lin's eyes. The essences started rotating, then invisible gas came out of the sphere and entered Wang Lin's eyes. The sphere got smaller and smaller, and a few days later, the sphere completely dissipated.

Wang Lin closed his eyes and began to comprehend.

Dao spells were very different from spells. Whether it was normal spells or abilities, they could be clearly explained, be it attack or defense, and their effects could be observed.

Like the Heaven Reversal Stamp and Light and Shadow Shield, they could all be seen!

Dao spells were invisible and impossible to explain. Wang Lin had been exposed to a dao spell for the first time in the Seven-Colored Realm when he faced the old man. And he wasn't able to resist it at all. If not for the Ji Realm and the Heaven Defying Bead, Wang Lin wouldn't have been able to resist.

The second time he came into contact with a dao spell was when he entered the dao realm with the help of the Lord of the Sealed Realm. He had comprehended his own dao spell, but it was difficult to explain this spell. Even though it was not complete, Wang Lin's dao spell would cause a strange ripple that hurt the enemy without them knowing it. Outside the Demon Sect, he was able to injure the Demon Sect elder without that person realizing it.

Right now, this was the third time he had come into contact with a dao spell. His mind was immersed in a strange state in which he felt like he could change any spell into any shape or form. 

Compared to the two spells from before, this dao spell didn't take too long for Wang Lin to comprehend. Dao spells were all like this: if you understand it, you understand it. If you don't, then even after 1,000 years, you won't understand it!

With his eyes closed, Wang Lin's right hand reached out and the ice sword flew into his grasp. Although his eyes were closed, he could feel that what he was holding wasn't a sword, but clouds….

As he comprehended it, cracking sounds echoed and large amounts of cracks appeared on its surface. A moment later, it shattered into ice crystals.

The ice crystals circled around Wang Lin's right hand and then melted into drops of rain. Then the rain formed a vortex and rapidly rotated before turning into fog.

The fog was like a small storm inside Wang Lin's right hand, and then it gradually disappeared. In its place there was a white cloud…  Wang Lin held the white cloud in his hand and waved. The white cloud slowly ascended into the sky.

Wang Lin opened his eyes and looked with a smile at the white cloud that flew into the distance.

"This spell can fuse spells. The first spell I need to fuse is Spatial Bending! Although that spell is powerful and enables me to instantly move across the endless space, it has a fatal flaw. Once the origin energy in the world has been disrupted, it can't be used… The woman in white is waiting outside the Blue Silk Clan. Only by shaking her off completely can I do as I wish in the Ancient Star System!

"Then I'll absorb enough Joss Flames to complete my five essences! The Fire Sparrow Clan's fire and the Scatter Thunder Clan's thunder will all be great sources of nutrients for me!

"The marks between the eyebrows of the people of the Ancient Star System are strange. They seem to be able to devour each other and constantly evolve toward a certain kind of perfection…

"What I want to know is what clan the scheming Sovereign belongs to!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up. The origin soul of that white-haired old man from the Moon Clan was in his storage space. All the answers could be found there.

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