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Chapter 1319 - Choice

Wang Lin's eyes shined brightly as he looked at Dao Master Blue Dream.

Dao Master Blue Dream floated in the air, and with one step, he arrived at the top of the mountain. His hands were behind his back as he looked at the blue light behind him while waiting for Wang Lin's replay. The mountain wind caused his blue hair to flow in the wind, and his body gave off a gentle pressure.

As he stood at the top of the mountain, the mountain seemed to disappear. As he stood on this cultivation planet, the cultivation planet seemed to disappear. As he stood in this world, even the world seemed to bow down. Everything lowered their heads before Dao Master Blue Dream.

When he stood among the stars, all the starlight had to avoid him. Wherever he was, he was the mountain, the sky, and the stars!

"Most of my spells are self-created. There are nine spells; six celestial spells, three dao spells, and one life and death spell. I can pass them all to you. Are you willing to learn!"

Wang Lin remained silent.

"I have the Joss Flames of more than 200 billion disciples, and my comprehension of the void realm. Do you want them?"

Wang Lin's breathing became a bit rough as he looked at Dao Master Blue Dream, but he still didn't speak.

"I also have five dao treasures refined by outer world meteorites. Even the Sovereign fears them. With five dao treasure, the world would be torn apart! Do you want them?"

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and his breathing became even heavier.

"I also have a third step dao inheritance that I haven't passed on to anyone. Do you want it?

"I can also take you on a trip through the Ancient Star System and get dao spirits from the other four masters so you can obtain the most powerful spells!

"I can break the void for you and take you to the legendary Ancient Order Cemetery. That will help you absorb the ancient souls and let your ancient god body reach completion!

"There are five essences in your body and you have amazing talent. I have never heard of anyone who can create five essences. I can help each of your essences reach completion, and when you inherit my dao, you will have seven essences!"

Dao Master Blue Dream's voice was calm. His gaze fell on Wang Lin and he slowly said, "Do you want all of this?"

Wang Lin's eyes were bloodshot as he stared at Dao Master Blue Dream. The message being conveyed in these words was heaven-shattering. How could Wang Lin not be tempted!?

He was extremely tempted!

"You must have become aware of the danger outside the Blue Silk Clan. That woman has a powerful backing, but if you become my inheritor, I'll carry all the danger for you! Think about it!"

"... Conditions!!" Wang Lin's voice was hoarse. Dao Master Blue Dream's words were like thunder in his mind.

Dao Master Blue Dream's expression remained neutral as he met Wang Lin's gaze and gently said, "The conditions are very simple; there are only two! From now on, you will no longer be a person from the Inner Realm, but a member of my Ancient Star System, the Blue Silk Clan's young master! Take the Heart Forgetting Fruit and set an essence oath to leave the Inner Realm behind! 

Your body, your heart, your everything will no longer be connected to the Inner Realm. You cannot participate in the battle between the Inner and Outer Realms, and you can't help the Inner Realm ever again!"

Dao Master Blue Dream's words were like knives that charged into Wang Lin's body and caused his body to tremble.

"Two, I don't care what relationships you have in the Inner Realm. All of it will be cut off! I only have one daughter. You and her can become a cultivation pair and you may only have her!"

Wang Lin closed his eyes. Dao Master Blue Dream's temptation was the greatest one he had faced in his life. If the conditions were changed, Wang Lin would've been very tempted and he would've very likely accepted it!

However, how could he agree to Dao Master Blue Dream's two conditions?

He was a member of the Inner Realm, he was born in the Inner Realm and had grown up in the Inner Realm. If the Inner Realm was a country, then he would be a traitor if he agreed! The words of the celestials that died to the Sealed Realm Formation echoed in his ears. The sacrifice of the Lord of the Sealed Realm echoed in his mind.

He couldn't accept the first condition, let alone the second condition. Giving up Li Muwan was like giving up his dao, his pursuit in life, and his promise!

He must not accept this!

He opened his eyes. Wang Lin's eyes were bloodshot as he said, "I don't want to learn…"

There was a flash of coldness in Dao Master Blue Dream's eyes as he stared at Wang Lin.

What Wang Lin didn't know was that many years ago, Qing Lin had also faced this great temptation. Except Qing Lin was tempted by the Sovereign, while Wang Lin was facing Dao Master Blue Dream!

Wang Lin lowered his head and softly said, "Senior's cultivation is indeed powerful, but Junior wants to ask if Senior has someone more important than yourself!"

Dao Master Blue Dream pondered for a moment and then slowly said, "There is!"

"If Senior was me and you had to give up that important person for a power, would Senior agree?" Wang Lin raised his head and looked ato Dao Master Blue Dream.

"In addition, if Senior had to give up the entire Blue Silk Clan, would Senior agree?"

Dao Master Blue Dream didn't answer this question. Instead, after silently pondering for a bit, he silently said,

"The third step of cultivation is called the four void realms! The first is Nirvana Void. Spirit Void is considered the threshold, Arcana Void is considered the grand dao, and Void Tribulant is the peak! Since ancient times, I have only heard of people reaching the peak of Void Tribulant, but never of anyone who was able to successfully reach that legendary fourth step, Heaven Trampling!

"Even the eight imperial concubines haven't reached that step!" Dao Master Blue Dream withdrew his gaze from Wang Lin and slowly spoke as he looked into the distant horizon.

"I have two essences in my body. One of them is at the mid stage of Arcane Void and the other essence is currently sealed, but it is infinitely close to the early stage of Void Tribulant. When the two fuse, I can display power at the peak of the Arcane Void stage!

"Do you know how many people like me exist here in the Outer Realm?" Dao Master Blue Dream asked calmly.

"Not counting the ancient imperial concubines, there are at least seven people!"

"Your Inner Realm doesn't have Joss Flames, and it has been trapped by the Sealed Realm Formation for countless years. The Sovereign is also known for his schemes, and he almost caused your Inner Realm to fall apart! What's the use of you clinging to a lost cause?" When Dao Master Blue Dream's words entered Wang Lin's ears, he became silent.

After a long time, Wang Lin raised his head and looked at Dao Master Blue Dream. He calmly said, "If what Senior says is true, then why hasn't the Outer Realm begun a war against the Inner Realm? Why are they relying on slowly withering the forces in the Inner Realm instead? I fear there is something in the Inner Realm that Senior and the others are extremely worried about!"

Dao Master Blue Dream silently pondered for a moment before calmly saying, "There is indeed such an existence. Back then, just one roar had the power to force the Sovereign to flee in panic!"

Wang Lin's mind was shaken. It was only a guess, but he didn't expect to hear such a secret from Dao Master Blue Dream!

"Since you have already made up your mind, I won't force you. You've brought Yue Er here, so while I can't give you my dao teaching and Joss Flames, I can teach you three spells. How much you understand will depend on yourself!" Dao Master Blue Dream let out a sigh. He liked Wang Lin, and everything he had said was true, but there were some things that couldn't be forced.

As one of the five masters of the Ancient Star System and a third step cultivator, he had his own pride. He didn't want to force others!

"Watch carefully, this is my first spell!" Dao Master Blue Dream raised his right hand and reached at the sky. The wind roared and clouds churned. The whole sky became filled with endless, blue light and a giant vortex appeared.

As the vortex rumbled, origin energy gathered from all directions and quickly formed a giant stamp! This stamp made of origin energy. It looked like the stamp of a mortal emperor!

When the stamp fell, the heavens and earth trembled. At this instant, the sky became the earth and the earth became the sky. Heaven and earth were reversed!

The mountain Wang Lin was on turned upside down. The earth became the sky and became a giant cone hanging from the sky. However, what was bizarre was that no stones fell, and it was merely just something Wang Lin was feeling. However, his mind was shaking as a indescribable force had filled the world.

Below him was a sky filled with blue light. The clouds and sun were all reversed, and only Dao Master Blue Dream was still standing!

"This spell is called the Heaven Reversal Stamp! What is heaven reversal? In my opinion, it is to flip the sky to become the earth! The earth that became the sky will become the strongest stamp!" Dao Master Blue Dream waved his right hand and the earth that had turned into the sky smashed down toward the sky!

Wang Lin's mind trembled as he looked at this and revealed a look of disbelief. He would have never thought that such a spell could exist in the world. This spell was extremely strong, and if used it space, it could slaughter all life!

"If you want to use it in space, you will need to contain a world in your heart!" Dao Master Blue Dream lifted his right hand, and time seemed to reverse. Everything returned back to normal in an instant. The sky was still the sky and the earth was still the earth!

"What is the most abundant in space? It's not people, not spirits, not spells, and not origin energy. In my opinion, it is light! The most abundant thing in this world is light! Light is everywhere, and there is no place without light! The Heaven Reversal Stamp is an attack spell, and my second spell is a defensive spell. Look carefully!" Dao Master Blue Dream didn't give Wang Lin time to digest before he raised his right hand once more.

The moment he raised his right hand, everything in the world gave off endless light. There was even bright light coming from space far away.

This endless light instantly arrived, looking heaven-shaking while it surrounded Dao Master Blue Dream. At this moment, he seemed to become the source of all light in the world. Even Wang Lin felt like he couldn't open his eyes due to the pain.

A giant shadow appeared around Dao Master Blue Dream. It was as tall was the heavens!

"Although this spell isn't a dao spell, it is something I comprehended when I reached the Spirit Void stage. If you can learn this, you will have the ability to protect yourself in the Ancient Star System! As for the last spell I'll teach you, it is one that I comprehended at the peak of the Spirit Void stage, one of my three great spells! " 

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