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Chapter 1318 - The Woman in White

His heart was filled sadness. This sadness was very, very light… but it lingered in his mind.

Wang Lin let out a sigh as he went further and further from the blue mountain until it looked blurry. It was as if everything before was a dream and now he had awakened from the dream.

He had brought Li Qianmei here and now he was leaving alone. Wang Lin knew that he was very familiar with this lonely feeling, but he couldn't help but feel melancholy.

After almost 2,000 years of cultivation, he had seen many things in this world. He had learned to live in solitude and devour that loneliness and that blue melancholy.

"Forget it…" Wang Lin turned around and looked at the blurry, blue mountain. He vaguely saw a figure on the mountaintop before turning around and slowly walking into the distance.

The figure of his back looked somewhat bleak as he gradually went farther away.

The star domain of the Blue Silk Clan was vast. Wang Lin walked through the stars and slowly made his way into the distance.

He didn't know why, but he felt exhausted in his heart. This exhaustion came from his mind, from that faint feeling of sadness. He slowly walked the path he came from and arrived at the edge of the Blue Silk Clan. Soon, he would leave the Blue Silk Clan.

His body reappeared from teleportation and was about to leave the Blue Silk Clan. However, at this moment, he suddenly stopped and his eyes glowed like torches as he stared ahead.

The starry sky before him was bright and quiet. It was beautiful but gave off a strange feeling.

However, Wang Lin could feel shock when he arrived here. He was not unfamiliar with this feeling. In his 2,000 years of cultivation, he had encountered it many times, and every time, it meant a life and death crisis!

The last time he felt it was just before Daoist Water arrived!

Wang Lin's expression became serious. This was the first time he had experienced this feeling since he got the Ancient Star System. Even when Tuo Sen appeared, he didn't feel this shocked!

While looking at the calm space before him, Wang Lin gradually closed his eyes. His divine sense extended outward and found nothing. Wang Lin frowned as he opened his eyes.

It was still empty before him, but that shocking feeling was even more shocking! Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he closed them once more. Deep within his pupils, blue flames burned, and there was thunder around the edges of the flames.

The yin and yang symbol of life and death appeared around the flame and thunder. The rotation of the yin and yang symbol formed karma and then flickering of true and false appeared!

Five essences appeared deep within Wang Lin's pupils. As they rotated rapidly, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes and looked ahead! His gaze could break through all obstacles in the world and allow him to see the source of all things!

This gaze was infinitely close to the dao gaze spell Wang Lin had accidently used in the Allheaven Star System!

However, the moment his eyes opened, his pupils shrank. All the hair on his body stood up and the origin energy in his body cycled like crazy, causing his eyes to glow like lightning!

Not far away from him, he saw a woman in white!

The woman in white floated among the stars like a ghost. There was no sign of life or existence within her at all; even divine sense couldn't find her! Her long, black hair was draped over her shoulder, and there was a light shrouding her, making it impossible to see her appearance!

It was as if a mysterious force was surrounding her so that all gazes would pierce through this woman!

Wang Lin's mind became focused as he stared straight ahead.

The woman silently stood there and silently looked at Wang Lin. A strange silence appeared before the two of them.

She didn't speak, and Wang Lin didn't open his mouth. He normally wouldn't be able to see this woman, but the five essences in his eyes had allowed him to break open the heavens and see the strange woman that had followed him here!

The first impression this woman gave him was a great shock. A great sense of crisis suddenly erupted from his soul!

"She isn't human!" For some reason, this thought suddenly arose in Wang Lin's mind!

After a long period of silence, Wang Lin slowly retreated. He moved very slowly with his eyes narrowed. His right hand was casually placed on his side and there was a faint sign of the blood sword. 

The woman didn't move at all and only silently looked at Wang Lin until he disappeared into the distance.

After a long time, the woman softly muttered.

"He could see me…"

As Wang Lin continued to retreat, he moved away from the woman. The shocking feeling weakened but was still present. Wang Lin's expression became gloomy.

He didn't know why, but he recalled the bright light coming from Tuo Sen's star and Tuo Sen's change in expression just before he quickly escaped. Wang Lin felt like there was a vague connection.

While silently pondering, Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he moved to the closest Blue Silk Clan planet. This planet was also emitting a blue glow, and oceans covered most of the planet.

Wang Lin turned into a ray of light and arrived at the peak of a mountain. The cold mountain wind blew and Wang Lin's clothes fluttered. He looked at the sky as his five essences gathered in his eyes. After making sure the woman was not around, he sat down.

"What is this person's objective?" Frowning, Wang Lin simply closed his eyes and began to cultivate. However, the essence in his eyes didn't dissipate, and he was extremely vigilant.

Time gradually passed. In the blink of an eye, seven days went by!

During these seven days, Wang Lin didn't move at all, and the woman in white didn't appear.

After seven days, Wang Lin opened his eyes and his eyes lit up. His mind was calm, but the figure of that woman took room in his heart, creating worry for him.

"This person didn't think that I would see her before leaving the Blue Silk Clan. She was standing just outside the Blue Silk Clan's star domain… The Blue Silk Clan has Dao Master Blue Dream, whose cultivation is incalculable. Perhaps this is the reason she didn't enter the Blue Silk Clan's domain!"

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. During these seven days of cultivation, he carefully recalled what had happened since he entered the Ancient Star System. He gradually realized that this shocking feeling was already faintly present when he encountered Tuo Sen.

At that time, he thought it was just because he had encountered Tuo Sen. However, after calmly analysing it, he noticed that something was off. That shocking feeling wasn't due to Tuo Sen!

Even when he brought Li Qianmei toward the Blue Silk Clan, that feeling was still there. It was just very faint, to the point where it was almost undetectable. At that time, he was worried about Li Qianmei, so he had ignored this abnormality that was already difficult to detect.

At this moment, he calmed down and recalled these past several days. Under his careful observation, he finally noticed something!

"This person has followed me for many days before I entered the Blue Silk Clan and then stopped following!" Wang Lin's expression was gloomy. He had cultivated for a long time, and this kind of thing was rare. He had been followed by someone the whole way and hadn't noticed it at all!

"This is not right!" Wang Lin's expression revealed suspicion as he remembered something.

"Even though I have five essences that allow me to see that person, without that shocking feeling, I wouldn't have wasted the little essence I have. That person has followed me all this way, but I barely ever felt anything… Why did that feeling suddenly become noticeable when I was about to leave the Blue Silk Clan?"

Wang Lin's eyes narrowed. As he pondered, his origin energy cycled through his body. Then his ancient god power cycled through his body and his eyes became brighter.

"There is a bit more origin energy than before… Even though my ancient god power didn't increase, it seems more dense… It feels as if it has been compressed a bit… In particular, my origin soul and soul seem to be different. After experiencing something, they have become more sensitive…" Wang Lin looked into the distance. His gaze penetrated the boundless space and landed on the planet Dao Master Blue Dream was on and the blue mountain on it!

He vaguely guessed the answer and revealed a complicated expression.

Under the endless resisting force he had faced during the days he spent climbing, his body had undergone a dramatic change. Although his cultivation level hadn't increased, the climb had made his senses much sharper. This allowed him to clearly sense that shocking feeling!

"Dao Master Blue Dream… If all of this was his intention, then my earlier guess is correct. The woman in white was worried about Dao Master Blue Dream, and that's why she didn't enter the Blue Silk Clan!

"Dao Master Blue Dream used this method to secretly tell me that there is danger in leaving the Blue Silk Clan!" Wang Lin's mind was like that of a devil. He only needed a clue and he could be able to deduce the answer like breaking a restriction!

"This woman's background must be great if even Dao Master Blue Dream wouldn't dare to tell me directly and would instead resort to giving me hints! If this is all true, then who the hell is this woman in white? If Dao Master Blue Dream calculated all of this, he must know I would choose to stay in the Blue Silk Clan…" Wang Lin's expression became solemn and he looked silently at the sky.

He simply gave up the idea of immediately leaving. He simply sat down on a mountain and began to cultivate. The fatigue that had been gathering over the years began to be released.

Time passed. In the blink of an eye, Wang Lin had cultivated for a month on this planet. Origin energy continued to gather in his body.

The injuries he had suffered while climbing the blue mountain had recovered. His cultivation had recovered to its peak while calmly cultivating on this mountain peak.

On this day, endless, blue light appeared in the sky above the mountain Wang Lin was on. This blue light was gentle and shrouded the entire world. A vague figure walked out and gradually condensed.

Wang Lin opened his eyes and calmly looked at the middle-aged man that had walked out of the blue light. Dao Master Blue Dream!

"I have nine great spells. Are you willing to learn?"

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