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Chapter 1317 - Continue…

The middle-aged man walked out of the blue light. He didn't even look at Wang Lin, only at Li Qianmei, who Wang Lin was holding. His gaze revealed affection and heartache.

The moment his voice appeared, Wang Lin's mind trembled and he immediately looked up. He instantly saw the middle-aged man in blue, and a roar echoed in his mind.

This man looked very similar to Li Qianmei. It was obvious at the glance that they were relatives.

"Dao Master Blue Dream!" Wang Lin looked at the middle-aged man. He recognized his voice. This voice had almost brought him death!

He would never forget this voice!

This was unfathomable. No one would think that their short meeting a little more than 10 years ago in the Seven-Colored Realm would result in them meeting in again in person.

The middle-aged man looked at Li Qianmei, and his heartache became even stronger. He waved his sleeve and a storm shot toward Wang Lin. He moved at an incredible speed and instantly closed in on Wang Lin.

A powerful force surrounded Wang Lin and shrouded Li Qianmei. Li Qianmei softy flew into the middle-aged man's arms. The man held Li Qianmei, and there was affection under the heartache in his eyes.

He turned around and walked into the distance, holding Li Qianmei. The blue light gathered toward him until he disappeared. From beginning to end, he never looked at Wang Lin once!

When Wang Lin was hit by the storm, he retreated a few steps before he stopped himself. With a complicated expression, he looked at where Dao Master Blue Dream disappeared to, and became silent.

He was almost certain that there was kinship between Dao Master Blue Dream and Li Qianmei. Since Dao Master Blue Dream had taken her away, he naturally had a way of reviving her.

His previous plan was to leave the Blue Silk Clan and this star domain. After pondering a bit, Wang Lin chose not to leave. He wanted to make sure that Li Qianmei would really awaken.

While pondering, Wang Lin turned into a ray of light and flew straight ahead. He gradually entered the depths of the of the Blue Silk Clan. He didn't need to spread out his divine sense, as he could clearly see a cultivation planet emitting a strong blue light among the endless stars. That was where Dao Master Blue Dream was located.

This cultivation planet was covered in blue light; even the inside of the cultivation seemed to be covered in a blue light that permeated the ocean. Wang Lin moved forward and entered the cultivation planet.

There was no protection formation, so Wang Lin floated in the air on the cultivation planet. The sounds of the waves of the ocean below him slowly entered his ears.

There were some ships on the ocean, and music blew with the wind into Wang Lin's ears. The music was filled with joy.

After a long time, Wang Lin took a step into the void and disappeared without a trace. When he reappeared, he was below a blue mountain.

Mountains surrounded the area, and trees were everywhere. However, when standing before the blue mountain, you would feel like you were very small. The mountain was not blue on its own, but there was endless blue light coming from inside the mountain that made it look like a blue mountain!

Looking at this blue mountain, Wang Lin revealed a complicated gaze. After a long time, he let out a sigh and rushed forward toward the blue mountain. However, when he got close, his expression changed and he stopped mid air. He was less than 10,000 feet from the blue mountain!

The moment the blue light entered his body, it turned into endless resistance force that stopped all from approaching!

"What a powerful restriction!" Wang Lin stared at the blue mountain. With his understanding of restrictions, he naturally saw at a glance that this was not caused by a person, but by the light from the blue mountain.

After silently pondering for a long time, Wang Lin's eyes lit up. Origin energy filled his body along with ancient god power. He moved like a meteor and entered the blue light!

As he rushed in, the resistance became even stronger. In the end, it was like an iron wall, and thunderous rumbles echoed around Wang Lin.

When his feet stood below the blue mountain, the resistance force felt like the heavens crushing down on him, and popping sounds echoed from inside his body.

However, none of this was able to stop Wang Lin. He raised his head and looked at the blue mountain peak covered in clouds. His eyes were filled with determination as he began walking up the mountain.

This blue mountain towered into the clouds with no end in sight. However, there were winding stairs that led to the top. Wang Lin walked step by step toward the top.

He was extremely fast and didn't stop at all. As he walked, he used all his origin energy to resist the force pushing him back. He roared as he finished 30% of the stars instantly!

However, at this moment, the resistance force from the mountain became earth-shattering. It was like a cultivation planet pressing down, preventing Wang Lin from moving forward. Every step he took, he had to bear endless pressure. What was even more shocking was that as he moved up, the resistance multiplied!

Time slowly passed. Li Qianmei was sitting inside the ordinary house on top of the mountain with her eyes closed and her body giving off a blue light. Her father, Dao Master Blue Dream, was sitting behind her. His hands formed seals and occasionally pointed at the air.

Every time he pointed, Li Qianmei's body would tremble. Black gas would come out of her orifices and disappear from the room.

Waves of flute music echoed outside the house. It was the woman in pink sitting outside the blue house. She held up the flute and gently played. The music was filled with a complicated mood that echoed through the world, the house, and the mountain Wang Lin was climbing.

When the music of the flute entered Wang Lin's ears, he had finished nearly 50% of the steps. He looked very tired and his eyes were bloodshot. The resisting force from the mountain was indescribable. It was as if several cultivation planets were pressing down on him. Every step he took was extremely difficult!

Ancient god power moved through his body along with his origin energy, and a powerful force erupted from his body. His eyes shined as he lifted his feet and began walking once more.

Popping sounds echoed inside his body and large amounts of sweat flowed down. There was the faint color of blood inside his sweat. It was due to his blood rapidly flowing inside his body and being pushed out by the pressure.

His origin energy eventually reached a limit. As he breathed, large amounts of origin energy rushed into his body. As time passed, his ancient god power also reached its peak.

These two energies supported him as he got closer and closer to the mountaintop!

In three days, Wang Lin had climbed nearly 80% of the steps. At this moment, he looked up and could see the ends of the steps. However, he was extremely tired and his body was like a drum being beaten as the endless pressure weighed upon him. His body couldn't help but tremble.

For an instant, he seemed to faintly return back to before he started cultivating and he was going through the exam at the Heng Yue Sect. The magnificent, resisting force was like the whole world trying to crush him!

What was even more terrifying was that as he climbed up, not only was resisting force coming from above, but there was a resisting force pushing from below as well. He had to divide part of the force to stand still. Otherwise, if he relaxed, he would be blow far away.

Under these two resisting forces, Wang Lin's face was pale and sweat soaked his clothes. However, his expression was filled with determination. He would reach the top and see if Li Qianmei had indeed awakened!

After he saw her, he would leave, but before he saw her, even if the sky fell and the earth shattered, no force could stop him!

"I brought Li Qianmei here, so I must see it to the end!" Wang Lin clenched his teeth, the taste of blood appearing in his mouth. He raised his foot and walked toward the mountain top once more!

As he got closer, the pressure became even more unimaginable. After coughing out blood several times and when all his blood vessels were about to burst, Wang Lin had climbed 90% of the steps.

At the top of the mountain, inside the house, Dao Master Blue Dream opened his eyes. The last bit of black gas came out of Li Qianmei, then she was surrounded by a blue light. Her withered face rapidly recovered and her eyelashes trembled as she slowly opened her eyes.

The door to the house was pushed open and the woman in pink walked in. Her gaze swept past Li Qianmei and she entered a trance for a moment. After a long time, she softly said, "He is about to reach this place… Should we…"

Dao Master Blue Dream lowered his head and looked at the zither. He touched it and softly said, "Yue Er, you go… Tell him your name…"

Li Qianmei nodded and gently stood up. There was a hint of confusion as she walked out of the house. She saw the sun rise, and the confusion in her eyes became even stronger.

Under the endless resistance, Wang Lin took the last step and set foot on the mountaintop. He stood at the top of the mountain!

Here, the resisting force suddenly surged, turning into a silent roar. It pushed on him like crazy, but his body remained motionless. The moment he reached the top, he saw Li Qianmei, he saw the woman staring at the sunrise. Her clothes fluttered with the wind, making her seem like a celestial.

The woman also turned her head at this moment and looked at Wang Lin.

Their gazes met at this moment. Wang Lin revealed a smile. Li Qianmei had awakened!

"Father told me to tell you my name. My name is Blue Moon. Who are you?"

Wang Lin was startled for a moment and then looked at Li Qianmei's eyes. After a long time, he revealed a hint of bitterness and softly said, "My name is Wang Lin…" With that, he stopped resisting the force, and at that moment, he was thrown far into the distance.

The distance between him and the woman at the top of the mountain was quickly pulled far apart. Even their gazes were gradually being blocked by distance until they couldn't clearly see each other.

"It's better we forget each other. That's fine as well… That's fine as well…" Wang Lin was in a complicated mood that was impossible to comprehend. As he was being thrown, he turned around and walked into the distance.

The confusion in Blue Moon's eyes became even stronger. She faintly felt pain in her heart, and there was a feeling of suffocation. Everything before her seemed to become like water. She was under that water and looked at a bird that was flying further and further away.

Blue Moon didn't look back and softly whispered, "Father, why do I feel like he is very familiar, as if he were a part of my memory… Very important, very important…" 

"The greatest distance in the world isn't the end of the world or yin and yang, but being forgotten… A wrong relationship occurred at the wrong place at the wrong time. It was all wrong from the start… If you two can start again after forgetting each other, then Father won't stop you… Even if he is selected by the Ancient Celestial Realm, Father would dare to fight them for you!" Instead of answering Li Qianmei's words, Dao Master Blue Dream closed his eyes and touched the zither.

"The greatest distance… Is being forgotten… Meng Er, when will you remember me…"

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