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Chapter 1316 - Give Her to Me

Wang Lin couldn't guess what had happened to cause Tuo Sen to give up chasing him and escape so anxiously. He remembered that one of Tuo Sen's star had given off a dazzling glow before he escaped.

Ripples slowly spread in a bright part of the Ancient Star System. The ripples were like the hearts of two lovers that were gradually getting more and more distant.

Wang Lin staggered out of the center of the ripples. His face was pale, and the moment he appeared, he clawed at the void. A spatial crack appeared before him and he held Li Qianmei in his arms.

Li Qianmei's expression was even worse, and she began to wither.

When Tuo Sen was hunting Wang Lin, he was afraid of injuring Li Qianmei, so he had surrounded her in origin energy to maintain Flowing Time and stored her inside his storage space. This allowed her to not be injured during Wang Lin and Tuo Sen's fated battle.

However, being in the storage space was not as good as being right beside Wang Lin. In the short period of time that had passed during the battle, Li Qianmei had lost a lot of vitality.

Looking at Li Qianmei's haggard face, Wang Lin's heart felt pain and sorrow. It was just like how he promised Li Muwan back then that even if the heavens wanted her to die, he would take her back. He had also promised Li Qianmei that he would give it his all to prevent her from dissipating from this world!

This was his promise, his promise as a man.

His right arm gently held Li Qianmei. Wang Lin ignored his injuries and continued to use his origin energy to power the Flowing Time spell around Li Qianmei. He helped nourish her mind and life force.

The starry sky was very quiet, without any disturbance. Even the world seemed to dim. There was only a man and woman silently flying across the starry sky.

The half of the ancient god finger bone was put in Wang Lin's storage space. He didn't have any mind to study it. Even the origin soul of the white-haired old man from the Moon Clan that was wrapped by the Soul Lasher was sealed so he couldn't move and put into Wang Lin's storage space.

Wang Lin didn't want anything to disturb him in this flight. He wanted to silently accompany Li Qianmei to Dao Master Blue Dream, or to be more accurate, to send her off for the last time...

"When I leave… You have to send me off…"  Li Qianmei's voice from 10 years ago echoed in Wang Lin's ears.

Today, Wang Lin was fulfilling his promise from back then and sending Li Qianmei off.

The beauty of space was not the bright nebulae or the flashing meteorites, but this extreme silence. In this silence, you could feel your own loneliness and experience the coldness of being the only one left in the world...

Holding Li Qianmei, Wang Lin's eyes revealed a soft gaze. He moved toward the location of the Blue Silk Clan and was getting closer and closer.

Starlight draped over their body and seemed to silently accompany them on their last journey. Li Qianmei was becoming weaker and weaker, and Wang Lin had to use even more Flowing Time on her.

As he continued to use Spatial Bending, they got approached to the Blue Silk Clan through the vastness of space. The Blue Silk Clan's star domain was in a remote region, and Wang Lin silently moved forward.

The Blue Silk Clan was one of the few rare clans that one shouldn't kill. Just like their name indicated, the hair of their clan members were all blue.

The blue of pain and melancholy permeated the soul of every Blue Silk Clan member. The Blue Silk Clan didn't have much talent regarding cultivation or dao. Throughout the ages, there weren't many powerful cultivators in the Blue Silk Clan except Dao Master Blue Dream, whose name echoed across the Ancient Star System.

Before Dao Master Blue Dream became famous across the Ancient Star System, the Blue Silk Clan was a very small family. Although their cultivation levels were not high, they excelled in music, alchemy, treasure-refining, and other non-mainstream practices. Their music skills had almost reached the peak of music.

Every single Blue Silk Clan member was a master of music, and the members of the Blue Silk Clan were all beautiful. All the members, men and women, were all very good-looking.

Due to all of this, the members of the Blue Silk Clan became favorite pets among powerful clans.

This was a sorrow and pain to the Blue Silk Clan. This sadness permeated their hearts for a long time. This gave all the women of the Blue Silk Clan a strange sense of beauty, and the men of the clan were the same.

There was no longer any joy in their music; it had become the only a way to express the sorrow in their hearts as they became slaves to the large clans.

They didn't have a home. Every single Blue Silk Clan member was taken away before reaching adulthood, with their life and death unknown. There was no chance of them ever coming back to their home.

All of this lasted until the rise of Dao Master Blue Dream, which caused a drastic change!

Dao Master Blue Dream was the most talented person in the Blue Silk Clan. Legends of him continued to spread across the Ancient Star System to this day...

In the Ancient Star System, when you mentioned Dao Master Blue Dream, you wouldn't think of how strong he was, but how infatuated he was with love. In his life, he had only ever loved one woman.

This was the pain and sorrow in his heart that had accompanied him for ages.

Rumor had it that it was due to Dao Master Blue Dream's love that he was able to reach this step and become one of the Five Masters of the Ancient Star System. Even the Sovereign dreaded him!

The Blue Silk Clan became a big clan of the Ancient Star System due to Dao Master Blue Dream, but the nature of the clan didn't change. They quietly lived inside their huge star domain. The sadness in their music was gradually replaced by joy.

They obtained their joy under the protection of Dao Master Blue Dream. To the Blue Silk Clan, Blue Dream was their deity, and he received the respect and admiration of the entire Blue Silk Clan.

Mount Blue, the place he lived, had become a holy land for the Blue Silk Clan! However, even though there was joy in the Blue Silk Clan, the faint sadness in the music coming from Mount Blue would forever linger.

Just like Dao Master Blue Dream's memory, that sadness had become eternal.

At this moment, at the top of Mount Blue, there was a very ordinary house faintly swaying in the wind. Inside was a middle-aged man with blue hair, playing the zither before him. After a long time, he gradually raised his head.

His appearance would make all other men in the world look dim. Even women paled in comparison to his handsomeness. It was as if his handsomeness shouldn't appear in the world.

However, the fatigue and the reminiscence in his eyes gave him a melancholy aura that made him look old.

He had a head of blue hair, but there was white hair near his sideburns. It was as if it was telling everyone that he had been unhappy for countless years.

The middle-aged man's eyes revealed sadness as he lowered his head and looked at the zither before him. His hand slowly played.

After a long time, the door was silently opened by someone, and a beautiful woman walked in.

This woman was very beautiful. She was wearing pink clothes, and she gently approached him.

The woman silently sat down by his side and softly said, "You… Still can't forget her…"

The middle-aged man didn't speak and didn't even look up. He only stared at the zither, and the sadness in his eyes became even stronger.

"It has been a very long time, and she is already deady. You… Why are you still doing this?" The woman bit her lower lip and looked at the man with a complicated expression.

"She isn't dead!" The middle-aged man raised his head. His gaze was like lightning when it landed on the woman.

"But what difference is there with the her now and being dead? She is already dead!" The woman stared at the man with a mournful expression.

The middle-aged man silently pondered. After a long time, he stood up and calmly said, "Your elder sister is not dead!"

Crystal tears appeared in the woman's eyes.

The middle-aged man let out a sigh as he pushed opened the door to the house and walked out. As he looked at the distant horizon, the sun gradually set. He took a step, and his body gave off a soft, blue glow and he disappeared.

The Blue Silk Clan's star domain was extremely vast. At this moment, at the edge of this star domain, a woman in white had calmly followed Wang Lin here.

Just as she was about to enter the Blue Silk Clan's domain, the woman in white suddenly stopped and calmly looked ahead.

Blue light silently appeared in the void before her. The middle-aged man that had disappeared from Mount Blue walked out.

His eyes were cold, and he only said one word.


The woman in white silently pondered but remained unphased. Her expression didn't change at all due to this word.

After a long time, the woman in white calmly said, "He has already been chosen, you can't protect him."

"Scram!!!" Killing intent flashed across the middle-aged man's eyes. Although his voice was calm, an indescribable aura shot toward the woman in white. In an instant, an absolute killing intent spread out!

The pupils of the woman in white suddenly shrank. She waved her right hand and drifted backwards.

"He will have to come out." The woman's voice was still calm as she gradually retreated into the distance before disappearing.

After moving for an unknown amount of time across the starry sky, Wang Lin brought Li Qianmei to the beautiful home of the Blue Silk Clan, the place where Dao Master Blue Dream was, and Li Qianmei's home...

As Wang Lin moved forward, the vast space became brighter. The star domain the Blue Silk Clan was located in was very beautiful. Even the cultivation planets were like real stars that gave off a soft, blue glow that spread very far.

Wang Lin looked at the sleeping Li Qianmei in his arms and softly said, "Qianmei, we are here…"

Just at this moment, endless, blue light came from the Blue Silk Clan's star domain. When the endless, blue light appeared, a low voice echoed across the world.

"Give her to me!"

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