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Chapter 1315 - The First Predestined Battle (5)

After leaving the formation, Wang Lin knew Tuo Sen wouldn't let him go. At this moment, he was seriously injured, but he clenched his teeth and devoured like crazy. Not all of the Moon Clan members were strong; most of the 100,000 people didn't last even one blow.

Wang Lin howled as he moved and devoured countless people. His injuries recovered at an astonishing rate. All the bones in his body repaired themselves and his wounds rapidly recovered.

The entire Moon Clan star domain was a mess! All those elders sitting on the cultivation planets coughed out blood when the god sealing formation collapsed, but they all became focused. Their eyes started glowing red, then a portion of them went toward the black fog Wang Lin formed, while the rest charged toward Tuo Sen under the lead of the white-haired old man!

The white-haired old man let out a roar and waved his right hand. His body began to expand and the crescent moon mark between his eyebrows rotated. His body was thousands of feet tall, almost equal to an ancient god!

This was a spell their Moon Clan had created after countless years of research in an attempt to become ancient gods themselves! As they had absorbed ancient god power, they could simulate an ancient god to a certain extent!

He wasn't the only person who turned into a giant thousands of feet tall, there were nine in total! Once these nine people turned into giants, they obtained terrifying power, and thunderous rumbles echoed as they battled Tuo Sen!

However, they were not Tuo Sen's match at all. As Tuo Sen roared, they were all pushed back!

When those old men got close to Wang Lin, he would merge with the world and disappear. Then he would reappear elsewhere and begin devouring like crazy.

Mournful screams echoed through the void, and in just a moment, more than 30,000 Moon Clan members were devoured by Wang Lin. Most of his injuries recovered immediately. This time, without waiting for the Moon Clan elders to charge at him, Wang Lin pounced on them!

Tuo Sen let out a roar.

"Shatter for me!" With a bang, one of the old men who imitated an ancient god exploded from Tuo Sen's punch. However, before his body could dissipate, black fog immediately wrapped around the old man. Wang Lin had already been paying attention to the battle here. He wrapped around the old man before he died and began devouring!

The entire Moon Clan was a mess. The people of the Moon Clan quickly retreated, their faces filled with shock and horror. This was the first time many of them had laid eyes on a living ancient god, and the first time they saw how powerful an ancient god was!

Although this was the first time Tuo Sen and Wang Lin had worked together, they understood each other well. However, this all broken when Tuo Sen's eyes turned cold and his right hand reached for Wang Lin after he blew up that old man!

"I don't care if what you said was the truth or a lie. You won't be able to escape today!"

Wang Lin had already been on guard. When Tuo Sen's right hand reached over, he revealed a sneer. As he retreated, his hands formed a seal while the veins on his face bulged, and he let out a roar at Tuo Sen!

"Ancient god spell, Mysterious God Star!" As he spoke, his hand pointed to between his eyebrows. The six stars between his eyebrows began to rotate and then flew out!

They formed a giant vortex. This scene was shockingly familiar to Tuo Sen devouring cultivators  with his stars!

Originally, Wang Lin couldn't use ancient god spells like this. He didn't have the ancient god power to support this, but he had calculated all of this. When he used the Void spell, he had saved half of the ancient god power Tuo Sen had poured in. One half was used to cause Tuo Sen to become injured by the ancient god finger, and the second was being used right now!

At this moment, this vortex appeared and gave off a powerful ancient god aura. All of Wang Lin's ancient god energy, as well as the portion he had saved from the earlier spell, was used on this spell!

Tuo Sen's punch immediately collided with this vortex. Wang Lin coughed out blood and then quickly retreated. He raised his right hand and mercilessly sliced down with the blood sword!

Tuo Sen also didn't feel good. He was injured in succession, and he didn't expect Wang Lin to use an ancient god spell. He felt an endless suction force coming from the vortex. A portion of his ancient god power inside his punch had been sucked away and used against his punch.

His right arm felt numb and paused for a moment. At this moment, Wang Lin's blood sword sliced at his right palm!

The sword swept by and Tuo Sen's index finger was cut off! Since the two had begun battling, this was the greatest injury Wang Lin had inflicted on Tuo Sen!

Tuo Sen's eyes were filled with monstrous killing intent. At this moment, he didn't even think about devouring. All he wanted to do was kill, kill, kill, kill! Kill this fellow clan member!

However, just as Wang Lin and Tuo Sen began to battle, the elders injured by Tuo Sen immediately retreated. The person with the highest status was the white-haired old man. He had a ferocious expression, and blood was flowing down the corner of his mouth. He naturally saw that Wang Lin was no match for Tuo Sen. Once a winner was decided between the two ancient gods, then their Moon Clan would be doomed to die!

Thus, he didn't mind helping Wang Lin. This was also his Moon Clan's opportunity!

"Fellow clan members, shatter your Moon Spirits and offer them as sacrifice for the Moon Clan!"

The old man's body immediately began to swell as he mercilessly pointed down and shouted in a hoarse voice, "Summoning the Moon Clan treasure again: Ancient God Remnant Bone!"

The moment his words echoed, the moonlight around his body became monstrous. The ancient god finger that was stabbed deep into the ground suddenly rose into the air and charged toward Tuo Sen!

This ancient god finger closed in extremely fast. Tuo Sen was being attacked from all sides and was facing many people. Due to his finger being cut off by Wang Lin, he was ferocious. He waved his hands and caught the giant ancient god finger. The veins on his body swelled as if his body couldn't bear the force. He let out a roar as his stars rotated rapidly. One of the stars contained a third step cultivator, and he didn't hesitate to explode that cultivator!

An explosive force filled Tuo Sen, and he slowed the finger down. He let out a roar as the six stars between his eyebrows flew out and formed a vortex!

"So this isn't the bone of a 9-star ancient god, but of someone infinitely close to 9-star. Devour for me!!"

He was going to absorb this almost 9-star ancient god finger like a third step cultivator into his stars! At this moment, aside from the female third step cultivator he had just absorbed, there was no one else left!

Even Wang Lin was deeply shocked by this. He couldn't help but feel fear toward Tuo Sen's madness. He had seen madmen before, but none of them were as crazy as Tuo Sen!

The ancient god aura inside the finger was like the sun; it couldn't be absorbed at all. Even an ancient god would be like an ant before it!

Wang Lin's eyes suddenly lit up and revealed a strange light.

"If he can absorb, I can as well!" Wang Lin clenched his teeth. He wasn't willing to let this opportunity go, especially since Tuo Sen was devouring this ancient god finger, so it was a once-in-lifetime opportunity!

Wang Lin had a decisive nature. Once he made a decision, he wouldn't hesitate. He no longer retreated and instead charged forward. He closed in on the ancient god finger and mercilessly chopped down with the blood sword!

There was a thunderous bang and a crack was created by the blood sword. As Tuo Sen absorbed like crazy, it was split in half!

The sharpness of the blood sword was terrifying!

The finger suddenly collapsed and a powerful shockwave spread out. A majority of this force rushed toward Tuo Sen, causing him to let out a scream. When the impact hit his body, he coughed out a large mouthful of blood. His body quickly retreated and disappeared in the blink of an eye. The force pushed half of the finger into his star vortex, and it was sealed inside a star!

However, Tuo Sen was too seriously injured, so he continued to cough out blood. But he didn't give up on chasing Wang Lin. He struggled to stop himself from being thrown back. At this moment, the star the female third step cultivator was sealed in released a glaring glow.

Tuo Sen's body trembled and his expression changed greatly. He unexpectedly abandoned the notion of chasing Wang Lin and quickly escaped while coughing out blood!

The shockwave from the collapsed finger swept by. The white-haired old man from the Moon Clan was hit by the shockwave. Popping sounds came from his body, causing him to cough out blood, then his body collapsed. His weakened origin soul escaped for his life.

The surrounding Moon Clan members that hadn't escaped were hit by this shockwave. They exploded as if a giant palm had swept by. Countless people died!

As for Wang Lin, he also coughed out blood as he was too close to the finger. Although a majority of it was directed at Tuo Sen, a good portion had gone toward Wang Lin.

His body was unable to withstand it at all. However, the moment the shockwave closed in, Wang Lin let out  a roar. A blue flame, heavenly thunder, karma, life and death, and true and false all erupted from his body!

Five essences appeared at the same time, forming a vortex to resist the shockwave. At the same time, Wang Lin's eyes flashed red and the Ji Realm rushed out!

Popping sounds continued to echo as Wang Lin's body continued to retreat. Carrying almost half of the ancient god finger, which was like a small cultivation planet, he began merging with the world. He was about to leave using Spatial Bending.

However, the moment before he left, although his eyes were bloodshot and filled with exhaustion, there was still a flash of coldness within them. With a thought, a whip appeared around him!

Soul Lasher!

The moment the whip appeared, it immediately extended to infinite length and wrapped around the escaping origin soul of the white-haired old man. With a tug, the old man's origin soul was pulled back, then Wang Lin disappeared from the Moon Clan star domain while carrying the giant ancient god finger!

It was a fruitful trip!

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