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Chapter 1311 - The First Predestined Battle (1)

This one punch was heaven-shattering, and it carried the impact of an entire cultivation planet smashing down. Among the three third step cultivators, one of them was at the Spirit Void stage, while the other two were at the Nirvana Void stage. They had become familiar with Tuo Sen and remained calm before the punch. They didn't scatter, but each person touched their forehead.

In an instant, a powerful force came from their bodies and turned into three rays of demonic light that shot toward Tuo Sen's punch.

A thunderous rumble echoed across the world, and as crackling sounds echoed, large spatial cracks appeared. As the shockwaves spread, it seemed as if space itself was going to be split in half!

The battle of third step cultivators could collapse the star system!

Tuo Sen let out a muffled groan and his eyes revealed a hint of madness. The three cultivators hunting him would never separate. In the 10 years they had been chasing him, they had never separated to give him a chance to kill them separately!

However, in order to catch Wang Lin as soon as possible and not be entangled by those three, he revealed a hint of madness.

"This god has killed several third step cultivators in my life. You three have chased me for 10 years. Do you really think this god can't deal with you three!? Star, shatter!!" The stars between his eyebrows shined and one of the flew out. It gave off a dazzling light that had an incredibly powerful penetrating force. Even Wang Lin, who had merged with the world and was far away, felt that indescribable ancient god power!

The ancient god star shined brightly, and as it shined, Tuo Sen's crazy roar echoed.


He didn't hesitate to shatter a star to stop the three third step cultivators from slowing him down. This showed his determination to devour Wang Lin!

The ancient god star gave off endless desolation and exploded with the power to destroy the world. The explosion widened until it formed a storm that swept across the surrounding area.

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!

That thunderous rumble made it seem like the world was going to collapse, and space itself was ripped open. Huge spatial cracks appeared and covered the surrounding 5,000 kilometer, 50,000 kilometer, 500,000 kilometer area.

The countless cultivation planets, countless cultivators, and countless creatures were all turned to ashes!

A small portion of the Ancient Star System shook and felt the destructive force of this crazed explosion. The fallout turned into a shockwave that continued to spread out.

The three third step cultivators released their full power when faced with this powerful force. They had used their treasures and spells, but they had still been pushed back and scattered by this power!

The hands of the old man at the Spirit Void stage formed seals. Although he was being pushed back and his face was pale, he wasn't too seriously injured. The power of the shattered star was dissipated layer by layer.

However, the man and woman coughed out blood and retreated like crazy. Thunderous rumbles echoed before them, and as a result, the three of them split up!

"They've finally separated!" Tuo Sen was willing to destroy a star just to split them apart. Now that they were separated, he had nothing to fear. He stepped forward with a grin. His body was incomparably large, so a thunderous rumble echoed. He immediately arrived beside the Nirvana Void man, and the remaining stars between his eyebrows rotated to form a vortex that shot toward the Nirvana Void man!

The expression of the old man at the Spirit Void stage changed greatly and he quickly roared, "Master Simo, retreat!" Ripples appeared in the space around him like water as he shot out straight to Master Simo, who was being surrounded by the vortex formed by the ancient god stars.

Master Simo was middle-aged. His eyes were shining. The moment the stars closed in, his hand formed a seal and he began to mutter, "Prisoner of the dao of heaven. All sentient beings must endure immeasurable calamities. It only takes a thought to leave the deep prison. All life must walk forever forward and solve the modern age. Escape the will of heaven and obtain the path to life. Seal the will of the heavens. Engrave the dark days. Await the path of cultivation…"

His voice was strange, and the moment he started muttering, Tuo Sen's voice changed. His right hand formed a punch and he threw it at the incoming Spirit Void old man. Tuo Sen unexpectedly let this person go and flew past the old man to arrive next to the other third step cultivator.

This person was a woman. She had been injured by Tuo Sen's shattered share. As she retreated, her pupils shrank when she noticed Tuo Sen's arrival.

She was about to use a spell when Tuo Sen's punch landed. Popping sounds echoed and she coughed out blood. At this moment, the vortex formed by his stars surrounded her and pulled her back. She was sealed inside his second star!

All of this happened in a flash. After sealing this woman, Tuo Sen tore space and disappeared inside.

"This god still has a few stars that haven't shattered. I will be waiting for the two of you to catch up!" Although Tuo Sen had left, his gloomy voice echoed across the stars.

The Spirit Void old man looked at Master Simo. A strange smile appeared on the corner of their mouths, but there was a hint of envy within them. Then they turned into two rays of light and quickly left.

"That person being chased by Tuo Sen also gave off the aura of an ancient god. He is also a royal ancient god…"

"I fear that they are the only two ancient gods left. Tuo Sen is not a problem, but as for the other one, he is not someone we can hunt…"

"I wonder what use they have for a royal ancient god for them that they need to spend so much effort… And even change plans half way…"

"This matter is top secret. I heard about some of it, but I don't know how much of it is true. It is said that the royal ancient gods had the divinity to open the ancient heaven and allow…"

As the two of them galloped, they both sent out divine sense messages, but before the Spirit Vold old man could finish speaking, his expression changed and he stopped speaking.

Master Simo beside also looked ahead.

A woman gradually appeared before the two of them. She was wearing white and had a blurry appearance. She came silently but seemed like she could cross endless distances.

This woman gave off an ethereal aura, as if she shouldn't exist in this world and was someone from the celestial domain.

"Thank you two." The woman's voice was ethereal, and she waved her right hand. Two rays of white light flew out and landed in their hands.

"This is the promised rank 6 dao spirit." After she finished speaking, she passed through the two men and made her way into the distance.

As the old man at the Spirit Void stage looked at the white light, his eyes shined. The two of them still didn't speak before they disappeared among the stars.

It seemed like the woman in white was the only thing that remained in the world. A river of stars seemed to form under her feet as she walked toward where Tuo Sen was chasing.

Wang Lin continued to head toward the Moon Clan using Spatial Bending based on his memory of the Moon Clan's location. His expression was gloomy. That ancient god power fluctuation gave him a few speculations.

However, right now wasn't the time to think too much. After using Spatial Bending many times, he arrived at a star domain covered in dazzling moonlight. The moonlight came from the surrounding planets and spread across the void. It was extremely gorgeous, like a dream realm.

"This is the place!" There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes. The Moon Clan was here!

Just at this moment, a thunderous roar came from behind him. Wang Lin didn't turn back but charged forward and spread out his divine sense. Soon, he found an area filled with ancient god aura!

"Bait to lure me in?" Wang Lin sneered. At the same time, the rumbling sound of space being torn echoed like crazy in the moonlight-filled star field.

A spatial crack was ripped open and Tuo Sen stepped out, exhausted.

It was very bizarre. This violent sound didn't attract the attention of the Moon Clan at all. It was completely silent.

Tuo Sen's voice was like thunder as he roared, "You can't escape!" His eyes were cold and he threw a punch at Wang Lin with his right hand.

"I won't be running!" Wang Lin arrived at where the dense ancient god aura was coming from. At a glance, he saw a number of large ancient god statues giving off dense ancient god aura.

He suddenly turned around and his eyes turned cold. Popping sounds echoed and his body grew into a 10,000-foot-tall giant. His six ancient god stars rotated rapidly, and a powerful surge of ancient god aura erupted from his body.

He waved his right hand and a blood light flashed, turning into a giant sword thousands of feet long! He chopped down on Tuo Sen's punch!

He stood around the ancient god statues and inhaled. The ancient god aura rushed into his body like crazy. All of this ancient god aura rushed to the wound on his chest. After adding his own ancient god power, there was a thunderous rumble.

As popping sounds echoed, a vague, axe shadow was forced out from Wang Lin's chest!

Without the power of the Heaven Splitting Axe, the wound on his chest quickly recovered until not a trace of it remained!

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