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Chapter 1310 - Association

The celestial devour spell relied on destroying everything and absorbing it all. The old man's body suddenly collapsed. Strangely, his flesh and blood didn't scatter, but quickly burnt into ashes.

Fog came out of the old man's collapsed body, revealing Wang Lin's figure. His face was rosy, but there was a vague, black line between his eyebrows.

After he appeared, he didn't stop; he charged into the cultivation planet. Wherever he passed, black fog rushed into every cultivator he passed. They all let out miserable cries and their bodies withered. Their flesh and blood were absorbed by Wang Lin.

A moment later, all the cultivators on the cultivation planet were extinct. Wang Lin's body was surrounded by a cloud of monstrous black fog that was almost like demonic flame. As he floated in the air, he mercilessly reached down at the ground.

"Planet Soul Extraction!

The entire cultivation planet began to tremble, and an ancient aura leaked out. It was as if it was forced to awaken from its slumber.

Strands of white gas came out of the cultivation planet and gathered in Wang Lin's left hand. They formed a ball of gas in his hand.

The ball seemed to contain its own world.

Holding the planet soul, the monstrous black fog around Wang Lin wrapped around him and he disappeared from this cultivation planet.

Among the stars, Wang Lin merged with the world and charged forward. Every time he passed a planet, he would rush in and devour all the cultivators. Then he would extract the planet's soul and leave. There were now seven planet souls around Wang Lin.

Thunderous rumbles echoed as he rushed forward, and an ancient aura filled the stars.

As time gradually passed, his origin soul healed. Aside from the wound on the chest made by the Heaven Splitting Axe, which was still bleeding, there were no major problems.

Even the wound showed signs of recovered after he had devoured so much. However, the aura of the Heaven Splitting Axe caused the recovery to be slow.

"If I don't force this aura out, it will take too long for this wound to recover!" Wang Lin's eyes turned cold as he looked at the bright star system before him.

"Absorbing the flesh and blood of these ordinary cultivators isn't enough to force this out. I have to absorb ancient god power…  In this Ancient Star System, I only know one place where I can find ancient god power!

"That is the slave Moon Clan!" Wang Lin's eyes shined and he let out a cold snort. He took a step, merged with the world, and quickly rushed to the location of the Moon Clan in his memory.

The Moon Clan had many powerful cultivators, including a large amount of old monsters that had been alive for countless years. It would be like a den of dragons and tigers, danger at every turn! However, Wang Lin had other plans. He knew that during these years, the Moon Clan wasn't destroyed by Tuo Sen.

"Since Tuo Sen won't stop chasing me, I'll simply lure him to the Moon Clan. I want to see how they will resist!" Wang Lin's gaze became very cold as he merged with the world and disappeared.

The Moon Clan was very far from where Wang Lin was. He had never been there before, and he only knew the direction from the Moon Clan member he soul searched in the Seven-Colored Realm. He knew one Spatial Bending wasn't enough, so he had to do it several times.

As he rushed, he had no time to look at the Ancient Star System. The Outer Realm was different from the Inner Realm. No matter how bright the Inner Realm was, it always felt as if there was a sense of haziness, like something was there. It was as if they were in a cage.

If one hadn't come to the Outer Realm, one would never notice this. One would just think that the world was always like this.

For the Outer Realm cultivators, the Inner Realm was a cage that contained the thing they were greedy for. It was because of the Sealed Realm Formation that the Outer Realm cultivators could launch plan after plan against the Inner Realm.

Whether it was the seven-colored dao fruit or the collapse of the Celestial Realms or planting traitors, all of this greatly weakened the Inner Realm.

It was extremely difficult to exit the Inner Realm, but it was not difficult for people of the Outer Realm to enter. Whether it was the Sovereign or the ancient demon and devil that attacked Qing Lin, they were able to enter the Sealed Realm Formation without any problem, and this was given to them by the Outer Realm's Ancient Celestial Realm.

Wang Lin heard all of this from the Lord of the Sealed Realm. He also found out that aside from absorbing the dao intent of the lives inside the Inner Realm, the Sealed Realm Formation also absorbed origin energy!

The origin energy in the Inner Realm felt boundless, but it was, in fact, weakened throughout the ages. However, it was boundless in the Outer Realm!

What shocked Wang Lin the most was that not only did the formation absorb origin energy, it was also the reason there were so few third step cultivators in the Inner Realm. Over the countless years, there were geniuses that had formed their own essences and only required them to reach completion to reach the third step. However, due to the formation, their essences could never be completed, and they could only die as time passed.

All of this was due to the lack of Joss Flames, which was the most critical part of becoming a third step cultivator! Even those that had become third step cultivators had to go into hibernation due to the Sealed Realm Formation, this was to prevent their essences from dissipating!

Due to the Sealed Realm Formation, there was not a sliver of Joss Flames in the Inner Realm. Even if some was artificially created, it would be drained by the Sealed Realm Formation!

The only way someone could obtain Joss Flames to allow their essence to grow was to head to the Outer Realm or become a spy for the Outer Realm, like… Daoist Water!

Nirvana Void, Spirit Void, Arcane Void, and Void Tribulant were the four great stages of the third step. Nirvana Void wasn't as bad, but it was basically impossible to reach Spirit Void.

When the Lord of the Sealed Realm descended, the first problem he had to solve was the Joss Flame issue. He united the four Celestial Realms into a powerful treasure and used it to counter the absorption of the Sealed Realm Formation.

The Lord of the Sealed Realm had powerful spells and wisdom. With his help, everything was going in the right direction. By using the four Celestial Realms, he stopped the Sealed Realm Formation from absorbing the Joss Flames.

However, all of this was destroyed. The Outer Realm wouldn't allow this to happen in the Inner Realm. Before the calamity, the Lord of the Sealed Realm was sneak-attacked by Daoist Water. Then he was seriously injured by the Sovereign, the other masters of the Outer Realm, and some traitors from the Ancient Celestial Realm. He had almost died! Bai Fan went crazy and pointed at the sky. Qing Lin's heart was broken by the Sovereign's daughter and then he was hunted by the ancient devil and ancient demon.

The Cloud and Lightning Celestial Realms suffered similar fates!

Everything was completely destroyed so that the cultivators of the Inner Realm would forever be stuck in a cage and could never have the real world!

They charged at the Sealed Realm formation time and time again to break this cage!

The Outer Realm had never launched a large scale invasion on the Inner Realm. They were constantly weakening the Inner Realm until the Inner Realm was so weak, they could launch a thunderous attack!

They would charge through the formation and destroy the Inner Realm. Then they would find the heaven's gate and head to the Inner Realm's Ancient Celestial Realm!

This day was not far away, it was very, very close!

The Inner Realm had reached its weakest state after countless years. The day the Outer Realm had been waiting for was arriving!

It was because of this that the Lord of the Sealed Realm had to send Wang Lin into the dao realm and help him enter the Outer Realm. Then Wang Lin could obtain enough Joss Flames and reach the third step!

The Lord of the Sealed Realm naturally saw the five essences in Wang Lin's body. Although he looked unphased, he was greatly shocked, but he didn't say it. It was because of the five essences that he decided to make Wang Lin his inheritor! To lead the Inner Realm against the Outer Realm and even… slaughter their way to the Outer Realm!

He had chosen to integrate into the Sealed Realm Formation with the last of his strength so the Sealed Realm Formation would belong to the Inner Realm. When the Inner Realm needed to rest and recuperate, it would prevent the Outer Realm from invading, and when the Inner Realm was ready to fight back, it would open!

Whether he succeed or not, Wang Lin admired him!

"This place doesn't belong to me… I'm from the Inner Realm…" Withdrawing his eyes from the Ancient Star System, Wang Lin's gaze became even more determined.

He stepped forward and was about to merge with the world, but then he suddenly looked back. His eyes shined as he disappeared in the starry sky.

The moment he disappeared, a thunderous rumble resounded and a giant spatial crack opened. Tuo Sen rushed out with red eyes.

Three rays of lightning were chasing after him. It was the three third step cultivators from the Ancient Star System chasing closely after him!

Tuo Sen's roar echoed among the stars. Being chased by those three third step cultivators had made him ferocious. If not for the Spirit Void cultivator, he wouldn't run. Every time he thought about the Spirit Void cultivator, Tuo Sen would become furious.

Although he was reckless, he was still cunning. Those three must have their own purpose for hunting him like this! However, just as he was about to catch up and devour Wang Lin, the three of them entangled him even more. This caused Tuo Sen's anger to reach a peak.

"If I don't chase those three away, I'll have no chance of devouring Wang Lin even if I catch up to him!" After Tuo Sen charged out from the crack, his eyes released a monstrous, cold light. He looked at where Wang Lin disappeared and suddenly turned around. His body expanded countless fold into his ancient god body!

"The three of you have been chasing me for 10 years. Could it be you're all waiting for this god to become tired? Then this god will give you a chance!" Tuo Sen's roar was earth-shattering, and it made space itself tremble. He turned around and took a step straight toward the three people chasing him through the spatial crack!

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