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Chapter 1312 - The First Predestined Battle (2)

Tuo Sen's punch after shattering a star was extremely powerful. Although he couldn't use many ancient god spells, which was due to the lack of inheritance of knowledge, just the power of his body was heaven-shattering.

At this moment, the punch rushed forward and collided with the sword energy from Wang Lin's blood sword.

The thunderous rumble shook the world, creating a powerful shockwave that spread to the surroundings.

At the same time, the Heaven Splitting Axe aura that Wang Lin had forced out from his chest was thrown by Wang Lin toward the incoming Tuo Sen.

The Heaven Splitting Axe aura erupted with heaven-shaking ancient god aura and the power to split the heavens itself. It closed in and collided with Tuo Sen's punch.

Popping sounds echoed. Although Tuo Sen was strong, the blood sword had injured the Ancient Celestial Emperor and had a mysterious origin. Ever since Wang Lin obtained it, it had been indestructible!

Tuo Sen's body couldn't compare to how sharp the sword was. When his fist collided with it, blood sprayed everywhere, and at the same time, the Heaven Splitting Axe aura rushed into to his arm. A series of rumbles echoed as it began a destructive rampage inside Tuo Sen's arm. The tired Tuo Sen revealed anger, and his body was unexpectedly stopped and he staggered back a bit!

The moment his body stopped, the popping sounds inside his right arm became even louder. It was as if a destructive aura was going to charge out of his right arm!

This was the first real confrontation between Wang Lin and Tuo Sen!

Tuo Sen was stopped, but a portion of hi punch still got through. It turned into a storm and closed in on Wang Lin's 10,000 foot body.

The moment the punch arrived, Wang Lin's arm blocked before him. All of his ancient god power surged and blocked the punch. Wang Lin felt as if he was being hit by a cultivation planet, and he coughed out blood. He retreated back until he ran into an ancient god statue.

Cracks began to spread out from where Wang Lin collided with the statue. Large amounts of ancient god aura came out and entered Wang Lin's body. It instantly recovered Wang Lin's  physical injuries.

Wang Lin grinned and his left hand patted the statue behind him. He stepped into space and his left hand and formed a fist. As he formed his fist, seven milky white balls of light spread out from his left arm.

An ancient aura filled the world. They were the seven planet souls Wang Lin had extracted on his way here!

"Tuo Sen!" Wang Lin roared as his left hand threw a punch. The seven planet souls flew out with powerful force toward Tuo Sen, who paused for a moment! 

As they flew, seven giant cultivation planet phantoms appeared. It was as if Wang Lin was controlling the seven large cultivation planets to smash toward Tuo Sen!

Tuo Sen's expression was gloomy. Back in the Sealed Realm Formation, he had exploded one star, and in the battle just now, he had exploded another. He only had six stars left!

According to logic, he should be only as strong as Wang Lin, but he was Tuo Sen and also ancient god Tu Si!!!

Tu Si had been alive for far too long. This body was not a 6-star, but infinitely close to a 9-star ancient god. Although his stars had shattered,the power of his body was heaven-shaking!

In addition, Tuo Sen was a genius to seal third step cultivators into his stars to activate their power. Although he had exploded several, he still had one left from before and the woman he had just sealed, so he was still very powerful!

As a result, he was not someone Wang Lin could resist!

After all, Wang Lin had only obtained the inheritance of memory, while Tuo Sen had obtained the inheritance of power. Tu Si's physical body would terrify anyone who saw it!

"Once you and I fuse, this god can reach the peak I had reached in the past. You… can't resist this!" Tuo Sen roared and then rushed forward. He waved his hand and threw a punch toward the seven cultivation planet phantoms.

"Fuse with me so we can achieve the peak of my royal ancient god power. Why… Won't you obey!?" Tuo Sen roared as his fist collided with the seven cultivation planets.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. Every time they collided, Tuo Sen's roar became even more earth-shattering. It was as if nothing in the world could stop his advance. Those seven cultivation planet souls trembled violently as if they were about to collapse.

With a bang, one of the planet souls exploded from Tuo Sen's punch. It formed a powerful shockwave that spread out through the void.

Even the moonlight that filled the star domain collapsed into countless specks and dissipated.

"Integrate with me so I can break open the law of inheritance and use my ancient god clan's powerful spells. This world is large, and my ancient god clan can rise to glory once more. You… dare not obey!!" Tuo Sen seemed to have gone crazy, and two more cultivation planet souls were destroyed by him!

"You can't use the inheritance of knowledge at all. Even if you know the ancient god spells, you're powerless to use them. Only I, Tuo Sen, can use the spells of the ancient gods!" The distance between Wang Lin and Tuo Sen instantly closed. Tuo Sen moved like a meteor, and the remaining four planet souls all collapsed!

The resulting thunderous rumbles became the only sound left in his world. Even Tuo Sen's roar was suppressed by these rumbles!

"Even though you have six stars, you don't have the inheritance of power or the strength essence. What right do you have to compete with me!? In this world, only I, Tuo Sen, am a real ancient god, and only I am qualified to obtain all the inheritances!" Tuo Sen roared as he charged at Wang Lin.

The moment he closed in, Wang Lin's hands formed a seal and his left palm pushed forward. His eyes revealed a strange light and all his origin energy and his ancient god power went into his left palm. A giant palmprint appeared, and in an instant, all the origin energy in the area began to gather.

Then the palmprint turned solid and charged at the incoming Tuo Sen!

"You are merely a devil of Tu Si, yet you dare to call yourself a god!?" Wang Lin roared as the palmprint closed in on Tuo Sen. Tuo Sen growled and raised his hand. He mercilessly tried to rip the palmprint apart.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the void trembled. The star domain of the Moon Clan felt like it was going to collapse. The palmprint was unexpectedly torn in half and split into two parts by Tuo Sen.

After using the War Spirit Print, Wang Lin didn't think it would stop Tuo Sen. At the same time, he raised his left hand and placed it against Tuo Sen's right arm just like Master Lu Fu back then. He pointed at the back of his left hand with his right. It was as if endless origin energy was dragged into his left hand, and he began a frontal confrontation with Tuo Sen.

A roar echoed as Wang Lin coughed out blood and a powerful impact hit his body. Popping sounds echoed inside his body as he was knocked back into another ancient god statue. Large amounts of ancient god power entered his body.

Tuo Sen's giant body paused once more from Wang Lin's attack, but he continued to move forward. He opened his mouth and inhaled. A large portion of the ancient god aura here was absorbed by him.

"Weak, weak, weak!! Wang Lin, this god has given you nearly 2,000 years to grow, yet you're still so weak!" With a bang, Tuo Sen landed on the ground with all the ancient god statues.

The moment he landed, the earth trembled violently. His right hand rose into the air, covering the sky, and reached toward Wang Lin. He didn't want to kill Wang Lin but capture him alive!

The moment his hand closed in, Wang Lin absorbed the ancient god aura like crazy. The blurry seventh star vortex rotated rapidly as if it was going to solidify.

The ancient god aura was divided into two parts. Wang Lin couldn't compare to Tuo Sen, but he still took almost 40% of it. As Tuo Sen's hand reached out, Wang Lin let out a roar and the ancient god power in his body surged. As his ancient god power surged, the blood sword flew out giving out a monstrous red light.

"Ancient god spell, God Punch!" Wang Lin's roar was heaven-shaking. He wouldn't easily use ancient god spells, because they required large amounts of ancient god energy. He was an ancient god who had only lived for less than 2,000 years; he couldn't compare to Tu Si. However, after borrowing the dense ancient god aura, Wang Lin didn't hesitate to use an ancient god spell that a six star ancient god could use!

God Punch!

Both his of hands formed fists, with the blood sword in the center. Wang Lin's body turned into a vortex and shot at Tuo Sen's right fist. An ancient god shadow appeared as he collided with Tuo Sen's right hand!

A thunderous rumble shook the world. God Punch released all ancient god power in an instant to form a punch that could destroy the heavens!

Tuo Sen's right punch trembled and he was forced into the air. Wang Lin's body sprayed out blood. He was covered in blood as he was knocked into the ground!

"Be destroyed by this god!!" Tuo Sen's right hand was numb and his mind was shaken. He didn't expect Wang Lin to grow so much in such a short period of time. He no longer used his hand, but the six stars between his eyebrows flew out to surround Wang Lin!

He was going to devour Wang Lin like how he devoured third step cultivators!

At this moment of crisis, Wang Lin's eyes revealed a strange light. He was waiting for this moment!

"Tuo Sen, do you think Tu Si really died!?!"

"What?!" After Wang Lin spoke, even the expression of someone as strong as Tuo Sen changed greatly!

A great change suddenly took place!

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