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Chapter 1308 - Tuo Sen

The cultivator that expanded rapidly and exploded released a lot of blood. However, the blood quickly recondensed and was absorbed by the black fog.

Even the cultivator's origin soul was completely devoured.

The mournful scream before death echoed across the quiet space and spread very far.

Just as these Outer Realm cultivators were in shock, an old man who was at the peak of the Nirvana Shatterer stage quickly roared, "Form a formation!" The cultivators retreated at once and their hands formed seals. Different marks began to flash between their eyebrows.

However, just as the peak Nirvana Shatterer old man roared, his expression changed greatly and he quickly retreated. The black fog that had absorbed the cultivator that exploded charged toward him. After a few seconds, the black fog disappeared without a trace!

The peak Nirvana Shatterer old man didn't hesitate to make all the origin energy in his body surge and erupt. A blast with his body as the center quickly spread out.

"This person is seriously injured. If we scatter our energy, he won't get close…" However, before he could finish speaking, the black fog appeared in the void behind him. Inside the black fog was a pair of eyes that contained red lightning. It was the Ji Realm. In a flash, it became as cold as the coldest winter night!

The red lightning attracted the gazes of all the cultivators here. The blood red Ji Realm became the only thing in their minds!

In particular, the pupils of the peak Nirvana Shatterer old man shrank as they reflected the red lightning. The red lightning shot out of the black fog and charged at the old man.

The old man let out a roar and his right hand formed a seal, and he slapped forward several times as he retreated. His left hand reached at the void and a shield with a strange face suddenly appeared before him.

The old man had never felt a crisis of death so strong, and he was completely focused on the red lightning. The world was large and space was boundless, and although there were many cultivators around him right, the old man had never felt so alone.

At this moment, all of the stars, the heavens, and the cultivators around him all disappeared. The only thing remaining in the old man's eyes was the red lightning that was rapidly approaching.

His right hand contained all of his Nirvana Shatterer cultivation, and as he slapped his hand, waves of powerful origin energy shot out. They turned into different spells to stop the red lightning, but the red lightning was far stronger than anyone could have imagined!

A thunderous rumble echoed in a flash. The spells the old man had used weren't even qualified to stop the red lightning, and they all collapsed instantly. The red lightning penetrated them all and closed in on the shield with the strange face!

The old man's face was ashen and his hands were on the shield. The veins on his face swelled up and he ferociously roared, "Ancestral spirit, protect…" However, before he could finish speaking, the red light smashed into the shield with the strange face.

Crackling sounds echoed across the stars and entered the ears of all the surrounding cultivators. They stared dumbfoundedly at all of this, and their eyes revealed unimaginable fear and horror!

The strange face on the shield moved when the red lightning closed in, and it appeared to devour the red lightning. The red lightning entered its mouth, and thunderous rumbles echoed inside. The strange face let out a mournful scream before collapsing as the red lightning pierced through. The red lightning landed on the shield and tore it apart.

As the shield collapsed, the red lightning flashed out of it and entered the old man. His body trembled and his eyes became dim as black blood oozed out of his orifices. The red lightning went into his body, and the moment it touched his origin soul, his origin soul collapsed without any resistance.

His soul collapsed and his origin soul was extinguished. Then all vitality disappeared from his body.

The black fog surrounded the old man's body, and a moment later, the black fog left, leaving behind a bag of bones that dissipated into ashes.

"Is this an Outer Realm cultivator…" A gloomy voice came from the black fog and echoed across the stars.

The appearance of this voice ignited the panic and fear that had been gathering in the hearts of the cultivators. The black fog was like a nightmare; the moment they encountered it, they would die miserably!

The Inner Realm cultivators were like a flock of sheep to them, not even worth considering a threat. They even believed that they were the Inner Realm's heavenly dao. Every single member of the Ancient Star System could be the heavenly dao of the Inner Realm cultivators.

The Inner Realm was like a wasteland filled with savages!

However, at this moment, all of those thoughts collapsed and their eyes became filled with monstrous fear. They didn't hesitate at all to retreat. They didn't dare to fight back, and the only thing in their minds was escape, escape, escape!

Wang Lin's figure could vaguely be seen inside the black fog as he licked his slips. This devour spell was extremely powerful. After devouring several people, Wang Lin's injuries were rapidly recovering.

The comfortable feeling after he devoured someone was like eating a celestial fruit. It was intoxicating and made it hard to stop.

His eyes flashed red. The moment the hundreds of cultivators scattered, Wang Lin laughed and stepped out of the black fog towards them.

His body was thin and he was surrounded by black fog as if he had just walked out of hell. Now he charged out and arrived next to an Outer Realm cultivator. This cultivator wasn't old, he looked like a youth. His eyes was filled with indescribable fear. When Wang Lin arrived, he forgot to resist and screamed.

However, his scream had only started when it suddenly stopped. Wang Lin's left hand grabbed the youth's neck and then he charged forward without pausing at all.

As Wang Lin moved forward, the youth's neck was being choked, so he couldn't make any sound. The youth trembled violently as black fog came out of his body. His body immediately withered, and his origin soul, soul, origin energy, and vitality were absorbed by Wang Lin's left hand.

His eyes widened, and the moment his eyes blurred, his body exploded. Even his blood was absorbed by Wang Lin. It was as if his entire body had been devoured by Wang Lin's left hand.

The moment he collapsed, Wang Lin caught up to another Outer Realm cultivator. This was a delicate woman, and her eyes were filled with endless fear.  The first time Wang Lin had devoured someone was when he was covered in black fog, and although it was terrifying, it wasn't as bloody. But what had happened just now was visually impactful.

When he closed in and the smell of blood entered her nose, she screamed. She tried to retreat, but she slammed into Wang Lin's chest and was pushed forward.

Her mournful screams became even more violent and sharp. The woman's body trembled and quickly withered. The beauty was no longer there, only bones remained...

"Demon!!! This person is a demon!!!" As the mournful screams echoed, the cultivators all ran, and they were filled with endless panic.

As the miserable screams echoed, Wang Lin devoured, and he started moving faster and faster. Thanks to his Spatial Bending, these hundreds of cultivators had nowhere to run!

Wang Lin would often catch up to a person in a flash. It didn't matter if they were male or female, they were all his enemies!

There was no reason for the battle between the Inner and Outer Realms, only slaughter!

This crazed bloodbath continued outside the Sealed Realm Formation. The Sealed Realm Formation was the only witness to this blood bath. The roars of the Inner Realm cultivators when they were killed by the formation spirit while being looked down upon with cold indifference by the Outer Realm cultivators echoed.

"There will be a day when a future generation of cultivators will break this formation and cause all you outsiders to become extinct! Rivers of blood will flow in your Outer Realm!"

The blood didn't form a river, but it was even more shocking than a river of blood!

As the devouring continued, Wang Lin rapidly recovered in a short period of time. His origin soul had recovered and his soul had solidified. Only the injury on his chest was recovering slowly!

A majority of the hundreds of cultivators had been been devoured by him in a frenzy. The remaining 100 or so cultivators with the highest cultivation levels had all escaped far away with fear and terror in their eyes.

After licking his lips, Wang Lin suddenly turned around and looked at the escaping cultivators. The black fog spread out and covered the area!

"None of you can escape!" He suddenly turned around and began to form a vortex with the black fog, and it rotated like crazy.

As it rotated, the vortex became larger and larger. It also gave off a powerful suction force. The escaping cultivators slowed down, and some were terrified to find that their bodies were being pulled in.

The fear of life and death and the shock from the bloodbath from before made these cultivators feel despair!

Just at this moment, Wang Lin's expression changed greatly and he looked into the distance. Without hesitation, he waved his hand and the black fog turned into arms that grabbed the surrounding cultivators. The moment the black fog entangled a cultivator, he began to devour them!

Miserable screams echoed, and everyone guarding the formation died!

After devouring these cultivators, Wang Lin quickly took a step and disappeared without a trace. The moment he disappeared, a mad roar came from the distance.

"Wang Lin!!!"

A giant figure comparable to the starry sky rushed toward this location!

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