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Chapter 1309 - Hunt!!

"Tuo Sen!" The moment Wang Lin merged with the world, there was a flash of coldness in his eyes, and he looked at the giant figure behind him. Although he was still far away, Tuo Sen's body was extremely large. Just his roar was able to almost collapse the origin energy in the world.

"He really is in the Outer Realm!" Wang Lin disappeared.

Shortly after he disappeared, there was a thunderous rumble and a giant body arrived outside the Sealed Realm Formation. His body gave off an intense smell of blood. During these years in the Outer Realm, he had been slaughtering clan after clan in the Outer Realm, and in the end he caused the third step cultivators of the Ancient Star System to hunt him!

If it was only one or two third step cultivators, he wouldn't be afraid, and it was likely they would be killed by him. However, it wasn't just one or two, but three third step cultivators chasing him!

One of them was at the Spirit Void stage. Although he hadn't gone through the retribution yet, he could already use heaven-shattering spells! This alone was enough to give Tuo Sen a headache.

Tuo Sen was already injured when he broke through the Sealed Realm Formation, and he had to blow up the captured third step cultivators in his stars, so he was at his weakest. However, his body was something Wang Lin couldn't compare with!

His body was a true ancient god body, a true royal ancient god body that had survived for countless years. Its strength was unimaginable.

Under the pursuit of the three third step cultivators, his injuries became more numerous, but those three weren't having a good time either. They were also injured, and neither side could handle the other.

Only the powerful cultivator at the Spirit Void stage was able to give Tuo Sen a heavy blow, which caused him to retreat in anger. He destroyed all living thing he saw, and the three third step cultivators didn't seem like they were willing to push him too far. It seemed they wanted to chase Tuo Sen until he was completely exhausted!

The anger that had been raging in his heart for 10 years was enough to burn the world. He had come here looking for Wang Lin but couldn't find Wang Lin, and this almost made him go crazy.

However, just as his anger reached a peak, he unexpectedly felt Wang Lin's aura in the Ancient Star System. Tuo Sen charged over without any hesitation after discovering this!

The three rays of light followed him far away. There were two men and one woman. It was impossible to see what they looked like as the space around them was twisted by a spell that blocked all divine sense and vision.

They followed Tuo Sen from a distance without stopping.

Tuo Sen arrived next to the Sealed Realm Formation with a thunderous rumble, and his right hand punched at the void. A powerful roar echoed as he tore open a spatial crack. His body shrank to the size of a normal person and disappeared into the spatial crack.


No matter what, he had to catch Wang Lin and devour him. Then he would turn around and devour the three third step cultivators chasing him to appease the anger in his heart!

Wang Lin merged with the world and used Spatial Bending without any target. He used his full power to go to the farthest place possible.

Large amounts of ripples dispersed in a star field in the northern part of the Ancient Star System. Wang Lin's figure walked out, and he was still covered in black fog. Without any hesitation, he began teleporting away.

However, the moment after he appeared, a storm started appearing behind him. This storm was powerful beyond imagination. The storm roared and immediately tore open a spatial crack.

Cold air came out like crazy and a roar echoed. Tuo Sen charged out of the spatial crack like crazy. His eyes were bloodshot and filled with greed.

"Wang Lin!! This god has finally found you!!"

Wang Lin walked forward. Instead of teleporting, he used Spatial Bending. As he merged with the world, he turned to look at Tuo Sen, who was charging out from the spatial crack. His eyes flashed red as the Ji Realm turned into red lightning and shot out toward Tuo Sen.

Tuo Sen revealed a ferocious expression as his right hand formed a fist and he threw a punch.

One punch had the power to explode a cultivation planet!

His right hand moved very fast and collided with the red lightning. The red lightning drilled into Tuo Sen and began a frenzy of destruction.

However, at the same time, Tuo Sen's attack shot out, and a portion of it shot toward Wang Lin. It landed on Wang Lin's body as he merged with the world.

His body trembled violently and he coughed out blood. The black fog around him collapsed and he disappeared into the world.

Tuo Sen's right hand paused and his eyes revealed a strange light!

"Divine Retribution Ji!!"

His expression changed. He couldn't destroy the red lightning inside his body, so it continued to cause destruction inside him. However, it wasn't much harm compared to an ancient god's powerful recovery. But Tuo Sen was already injured, so it left a hidden danger.

Just as he was about to continue to chase, he suddenly frowned. The three rays of light behind him suddenly sped up. Ever since he arrived here, the three of them had been following him. The moment they saw the red lightning, they immediately recognized it. At this moment, they didn't hesitate to close in, and the three rays of light charged at Tuo Sen!

Wang Lin's figure staggered out of the void somewhere in the Ancient Star System. His face was pale and he coughed out another mouthful of blood. The wound on his chest was torn open once more and blood dyed his clothes.

This wound contained the aura of the Heaven Splitting Axe, so it was extremely difficult for an ancient god to recover from it. Unless he could force out this aura, it would take a very long time for it to recover.

Wang Lin wasn't surprised to meet Tuo Sen here. However, even though he knew that Tuo Sen was here and that he wanted to kill him, how could Wang Lin not come with fear of his own death?

After his body reappeared, he waved his left hand and the blood sword appeared. He began teleporting without any hesitation. Aside from the Ji Realm, he still had this blood sword!

This sword was also an ancient god treasure. Even though it was no match for the Heaven Splitting Axe, it could still cause great damage to ancient gods. During Wang Lin's brief contact with Tuo Sen, he found that Tuo Sen was far weaker than he was back in the Land of the Ancient God.

More importantly, with Wang Lin's wisdom and his understanding of Tuo Sen, there was no way Tuo Sen would remain hidden. He must have gone on a killing spree. This would certainly attract the attention of the third step cultivators in the Ancient Star System, and they might even hunt him!

"Aside from breaking the Sealed Realm Formation, Tuo Sen's injuries must also be from being attacked. He looked exhausted, so I presume… he is being hunted right now too!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he quickly teleported.

His figure flashed through space, and every time he flashed, he crossed immeasurable distances. After a while, Wang Lin detected no signs of Tuo Sen chasing him, which confirmed his speculation.

However, he understood that this would only be short lived. There had to be a reason as to why Tuo Sen had been able to be so arrogant here for so many years, and with how strong his body was, very few people could kill him!

Tuo Sen would chase after him very soon, Wang Lin was very certain of this!

He didn't have much time; he needed to quickly return to his peak. At this moment, he flew at top speed and quickly rushed through space.

"Only after losing Tuo Sen can I send Li Qianmei to Dao Master Blue Dream. Earlier, when I devoured those hundreds of cultivators, I also took their memories. Blue Dream Dao Master is one of the five masters Ancient Star System. He lives on Mount Blue in the Blue Silk Clan!!" While Wang Lin teleported, he flashed through the stars. A moment later, there was a flash of coldness in his eyes. He detected a cultivation planet in the distance, and there were a lot of Ancient Star System cultivators living there.

"Right now I can't be soft-hearted. I was born in the Inner Realm, and sooner or later the Inner and Outer Realms will go into all out war. Killing one more person now will weaken the Outer Realm! This is a battle between two realms, there is no right or wrong!" Wang Lin's speed increased greatly as he pondered, and popping sounds echoed inside his body. The black fog returned once more and carried him toward that cultivation planet.

He flew faster and faster as he broke through space and closed in on the cultivation planet. The cultivation planet before him was dark and covered in swamps. The spiritual energy there was extremely dense, and not only were there cultivators, but also a large amount of spirit beasts! However, one strange thing was that the planet was filled with resentment. The resentment was so dense that it seemed to rush into the sky.

When he closed in, a sharp scream came from the planet, and the formation around it activated. It unexpectedly knew of Wang Lin's arrival.

However, the speed of the formation's activation was too slow to Wang Lin! In a flash, he charged into the formation while it opened. The black fog split into hundreds, thousands, tens of thousand of parts that spread across the cultivation planet, and it began devouring like crazy!

The miserable screams were heaven-shaking on this cultivation planet filled with resentment. All the cultivators were surrounded by black fog. Their flesh withered and all their vitality and blood was drained by the black fog.

A old man wearing green flew out of the cultivation planet and roared, "What demonic cultivator dares to come to my Devil Na Planet to devour!?" There was a green halo around him. A cultivator that had reached the first Heaven's Blight!

"A powerful cultivator!" Wang Lin's eyes turned cold and he licked his lips. Then his whole body turned into a ray of Ji Realm lightning that broke through the fog and shot at the old man.

The old man's expression changed and he was about to resist when a gloomy voice echoed.


With one word, the old man's body paused for a moment, and that pause was difference between life and death. The red lightning Wang Lin had turned into landed on the old man, and he let out a mournful scream. The black fog immediately surrounded the old man.

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