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Chapter 1307 - Devour the Body and Soul, Heaven Extinction Spell!

Infinite divine retribution began!

The Nine Palaces turned into nine meteorites and formed a pattern. The Eight Diagrams flashed inside and rotated! Inside the Eight Diagrams were the Seven Stars, releasing a shocking pressure!

Inside Seven Stars were the Six Direction tortoise shells, and even deeper were the Five Elements, flowing!

Inside the Five Elements were the Four Divines roaring. Every time the Four Divines made a turn, the outside would turn as well!

Deep within the Four Divines was the monstrous Three Talents' light that lit up the void. At the center of the Three Talents, the Two Rites appeared!

The Two Rite were Yin and Yang, forming a diagram that slowly turned. This caused all the outer layers to rotate as well. They rotated faster and faster until they were impossible to see clearly. What was bizarre was that all eight layers of the divine retribution were rotating at different speeds. From the Two Rites to the Nine Palaces, the eight different kinds of retribution formed eight vortexes that rotated at a different speeds, and they fused together!

As the thunderous rumbles echoed inside the rotating Yin and Yang diagram, a burst of light with no color erupted. But it contained the feeling of Ji!

Ji Realm!

At the same time, Wang Lin's body also rotated. All the divine retributions in his body mirrored the ones outside and rotated. At the center of the Yin and Yang diagram, the Ji Realm was born!

The moment the Ji Realm was born, Wang Lin's body stopped collapsing and his origin soul stopped dissipating. Everything stopped and Wang Lin opened his eyes!

The moment his eyes opened, red lightning started flashing in his eyes. This red lightning that represented the Ji Realm hadn't appeared in Wang Lin's eyes in over 1,000 years!

His white hair moved without any wind and a red light came from the roots of his hair. In just an instant, Wang Lin's white hair turned unexpectedly red!

This red was blood red!

The red light in his eyes became even more intense, and a monstrous killing intent spread out. The Ji Realm descended!

With great sacrifice and with the determination to die, he faced the infinite divine retribution. After his body absorbed all the retributions, a sliver of Ji Realm was born. Wang Lin had finally regained the Ji Realm he had lost so long ago!

Just at this instant, the Ji Realm formed by the Nine Palaces to Two Rites in the void turned into red lightning and shot straight at Wang Lin.

The moment it arrived, Wang Lin let out a laugh and red lightning shot out of his eyes and landed in his right hand. Then his right hand grabbed the Ji Realm from the divine retribution.

The moment the destructive aura entered Wang Lin's body, he leaned against the Sealed Realm Formation. He used his body, which was extremely familiar with the Ji Realm, as a medium to transfer the power of the Ji Realm onto the Sealed Realm Formation.

The formation rumbled and the treasured spirits appeared to counterattack. At this moment, a large amount of green threads appeared and entrangled them, preventing the treasured spirits from appearing!

The Ji Realm from the divine retribution went through Wang Lin's body and entered the formation like crazy. As Wang Lin's body was pushed back, the formation was like a net that was being elongated by Wang Lin!

Wang Lin's eyes released red lightning and then his right hand smashed into the Sealed Realm Formation. The Ji Realm that was born inside his body left and shot at the formation.

This attack contained two Ji Realms. The divine retribution's Ji Realm and Wang Lin's Ji Realm combined to form an unimaginable impact.

At this moment, the amount of green threads inside the Sealed Realm Formation increased. They spread out like ripples and caused a large scale destruction of the Sealed Realm Formation.

Thunderous rumbles continued to echo. In just an instant, the net-like formation that had been elongated showed signs of collapse. A small opening was created!

The moment the gap was created, screams came from the formation. The Heaven Splitting Axe that Tuo Sen recognized that belonged to his ancestors appeared!

The moment it appeared, the green threads on the formation suddenly collapsed and began resisting the axe.

"Why are you not leaving? What are you waiting for?!" The Lord of the Sealed Realm's ancient voice echoed from the formation. The moment his voice echoed, the gap in the formation ripped open even more, revealing a hole big enough for a person to pass through!

Wang Lin didn't hesitate to shrink down to the size of a normal person from his ancient god body. His right hand grabbed Li Qianmei and then he charged out of the gap!

What appeared before him was a foreign space, the Ancient Star System! There were also a few hundred foreign cultivators wearing strange clothes looking at him with dumbfounded expressions!

These cultivators were people of the Ancient Celestial Realm!

However, the moment he charged out, the giant ancient god axe entangled by the green threads broke free. It mercilessly chopped down on Wang Lin!

With this chop, a heaven-splitting ray of axe energy shot toward Wang Lin and instantly arrived!

Wang Lin's expression was ferocious as roared at the ray of axe energy, "You're a weapon of the ancient gods, yet you dare to attack your master!?"

The moment the axe energy closed in, it trembled as if it was struggling. However, in the end, it still flashed by and penetrated Wang Lin's chest!

Blood sprayed everywhere and a giant gash appeared on Wang Lin's chest. His face turned pale and he coughed out blood. He was already seriously injured by the divine retribution, and now he was hit by the axe, making his injuries worse. His origin soul had collapsed and even his body wasn't recovering due to the ancient god aura within the axe!

Blood continued to flow out, and Wang Lin's organs began to break. His vision became blurry, but he stared at the Sealed Realm Formation as he staggered backwards.

At this moment, the gap Wang Lin charged out of rapidly healed until it was flawless once more. However, the green threads charged at the gap like crazy and seemed to take root!

As for the giant axe, it floated in the formation, pointing at Wang Lin as if there was a spirit inside it watching Wang Lin. After a long time, the giant axe gradually dissipated into the formation.

While Wang Lin was forced to stagger back and he was about to pass out, the Ancient Star System cultivators were awakened from their shock. They looked at Wang Lin with pure killing intent.

The slaughter between the Outer and Inner Realms had no reason!

It could be said to be the slaughter between two different races, and only one could survive!

"Kill him! He charged out of the Inner Realm and is already seriously injured!"

"Kill this person and send him to the clan, there will surely be rewards!"

"He has already been injured by the formation spirit and is about to die. Kill!!!"

The people of the Ancient Star System were filled with monstrous killing intent. Their eyes were merciless and cruel as they charged at Wang Lin!

These Outer Realm cultivators all had varying cultivation levels. The lowest was Nirvana Cleanser, and the highest was peak Nirvana Shatterer!

Hundreds of cultivators closed in!

"You're all courting death!" Wang Lin was very weak and was seriously injured, but his eyes were cold. This was the Outer Realm, a place he had never been to before. This was the place his Sealed Realm ancestors all wanted to enter from what he saw in the Seven-Colored Realm!

"There will be a day when a future generation of cultivators will break this formation and cause all you outsiders to become extinct! Rivers of blood will flow in your Outer Realm!"

The roar of that celestial clearly echoed inside Wang Lin's ears, and his eyes became colder and colder. He looked at the foreign star system before him and the fading Sealed Realm Formation behind him. One realm apart was a lifetime for many people!

The Outer Realm cultivators closed in in an instant. Their ferocious expressions and eyes filled with killing intent clearly entered Wang Lin's vision.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and his left hand formed a seal before pointing to his chest several times. He calmly said, "Celestial Realm… Devour the body and soul, Heaven Extinction Spell!"

Back when Qing Shui appeared in the Thunder Celestial Realm, he went on a mad killing spree. The origin souls of all the cultivators he had killed were devoured, and their flesh and blood had been absorbed to become nutrients for Qing Shui to recover!

This cruel spell was terrifying, and it was created by Qing Shui. In his whole life, he had only taught it to Wang Lin and no one else! In this whole world, in the Inner or Outer Realm, only Wang Lin and Qing Shui knew this celestial spell!

What kind of celestial spell was this? It was clearly an extremely demonic spell!!

This was the first time Wang Lin had used it, and his body rapidly withered until he was like a skeleton. A frenzied aura came from his body, and even the scar on his chest unexpectedly moved so no more blood flowed out.

The moment the Outer Realm cultivators arrived, a devilish laugh echoed. Wang Lin stepped forward and turned into black fog before charging into the Outer Realm cultivators. An earth-shattering scream filled with indescribable fear echoed!

The expressions of all the surrounding cultivators changed when they heard this!

The black fog merged with the world and disappeared, leaving behind the cultivator that was caught. That cultivator was now only a bag of bones and his eyes were crazy. There was still monstrous fear on his face, and his body was completely drained. His body collapsed and dissipated.

The nightmare had just started for the Outer Realm cultivators guarding the Sealed Realm Formation!

Wang Lin, who had now entered the Outer Realm and could use Spatial Bending and this celestial devouring spell, was their biggest nightmare!

Black fog suddenly appeared behind an Outer Realm Nirvana Cleanser cultivator. He didn't have time to turn around before he felt pain on his back. The black fog charged into his body and his body expanded like crazy as he screamed frantically. In just a moment, his body exploded!

Blood spattered everywhere. The nightmare had begun.

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