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Chapter 1305 - Divine Retribution is a Calamity But Also a Fortune

When Wang Lin's soul entered the Heaven Defying Bead and he saw the Lord of the Sealed Realm before he was sent into the dao realm, the Lord of the Sealed Realm said that the Sealed Realm Formation was his final resting place!

It was because of this that Wang Lin had some confidence in breaking the Sealed Realm Formation. This was his other method, aside from borrowing the power of the divine retribution!

The moment his divine sense spread out, the Heaven Defying Bead that had disappeared inside his origin soul suddenly appeared, The moment it appeared, a jade flew out from within and flew out of Wang Lin's body!

The moment this jade appeared, the heavens trembled and shook. Even the Eight Diagrams divine retribution shook.

Inside the Demon Sect formation, the high elder had his divine sense spread out. While he observed the divine retribution, he was also paying attention to Wang Lin, who was going through the divine retribution. When he saw the jade, the middle-aged man trembled for a moment.

His eyes suddenly widened and revealed unbelievable shock!

"Sect Master's jade!!!! He- he actually has Sect Master's jade!! Could he be the inheritor designated by the Sect Master?!" The middle-aged man had cultivated for countless years and was rarely moved. However, right now he was in shock and his face was red from excitement!

He didn't hesitate to step forward and break through the formation into the starry sky. Then he took another step, entered the spatial crack, and arrived in the void next to Sealed Realm Formation.

The moment he arrived, the light from the jade spread across the void and a giant tree that could support the world appeared!

The appearance of the giant tree caused the void to tremble. The Eight Diagram was shrouded by a mysterious force and stopped all movement.

The giant tree was so large that it filled the void. An old face gradually appeared on it.

"Sect Master!!!" The high elder from the Demon Sect looked excitedly at the giant tree. His eyes were filled with extreme reverence.

The moment the giant tree appeared, a huge uproar was set off in the rank 9 region. In the God Sect, Daoist Water originally had a hideous expression and was roaring constantly. However, at this moment, his body trembled and his face filled with fear.


There was also that 9-star ancient devil that was secretly devouring the power of the divine retribution, but at this instant, his expression changed. He looked into the distance and his expression became filled with uncertainty.

"Lord of the Sealed Realm…"

Among the stars, the Heaven Breaking Sect's sect master was walking over, but at this moment, he stopped. His expression became serious as he looked ahead and began to ponder.

In the void, the face that appeared on the tree revealed an ancient aura. He looked longingly at his surroundings before finally looking at the Sealed Realm Formation.

After a long time, he released a sigh and let out an ancient and exhausted voice.

"Mysterious Brilliant…"

The Demon Sect's high elder trembled and seemed to return back to the past. "Subordinate is here!" he replied without hesitation.

"Use my dao treasure to organize the Cloud Sea and gather all its strength to be ready for… the war with the Outer Realm that will occur soon! Kill any who rebel!"

The Demon Sect's high elder's body trembled and he looked up. There was a flash of coldness in his eyes as he shouted, "As you command!"

"Under my order, after settling the Cloud Sea, go to the other three major star systems. Go find Master South Cloud, Master Red Shan, and Master War Celestial. Tell them that they can fulfill the agreement of the past...

"I want you to use your fastest speed to organize the three other major star systems. Unite the Wind, Rain, Thunder, and Lightning Celestial Realms into one to fight… the great war that will start soon!!"

"As you command!" The Demon Sect high elder looked excited.

The ancient face on the giant tree looked into the distance, and after a long time, he whispered, "Dao slave… if you can help the Demon Sect on this matter, this old man won't kill you…"

Inside the God Sect's secret chamber, Daoist Water trembled, and his forehead was covered in sweat. He knelt down and kowtowed on the ground.

"Devil Master, you fled from the Outer Realm and I gave you the entire Ghost Sect as your disciple to help you heal. Now you have recovered and have become a 9-star ancient devil. It is time to fulfill our agreement!"

The eyes of the ancient devil shadow outside the Ghost Sect lit up, and after pondering for a bit, he nodded. He looked through the void at the Outer Realm, and a glint cold and hatred flashed in his eyes.

After that, the human face on the giant gree looked profoundly at Wang Lin and softly said, "Divine retribution is a calamity but also a fortune. Because of the rule of the Ancient Celestial Realm, I can't tell you more. Take care of yourself… The divine retribution is not something from the Ancient Celestial Realm. Even the Celestial Emperor has his divine retribution...

"Divine retribution comes from primal times, from when the world began, from the dead heavenly dao… The divine retribution you face is only a small retribution, not a great one, nor the Ji retribution that can destroy all life…" As he spoke, his eyes slowly collapsed and the giant tree collapsed, dissipating into the void.

The jade turned into a crystal light and fell on the Sealed Realm Formation. The Sealed Realm Formation shined brightly and trembled. The treasured spirits appeared one by one as if resisting this light.

However, the power within the jade was extremely strange. It slowly turned into countless green threads that spread across the giant formation before it gradually disappeared.

The moment the green threads disappeared, the Eight Diagrams that were frozen in the air roared and moved toward Wang Lin once more.

"Divine retribution is a calamity but also a fortune… Heaven's Ji divine retribution… Ji retribution… Ji Realm!!!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he stared at the Eight Diagrams. His eyes became even brighter! He seemed to have grasped something, but he wasn't sure.

"With your current cultivation level, don't bother comprehending the Ji Realm… When you reach Nirvana Shatterer, maybe… you can comprehend it from the divine retribution…" Qing Shui's words echoed in his ears.

The Eight Diagram wheel closed in on Wang Lin. Wang Lin's expression rapidly changed, and the moment the wheel closed in, Wang Lin's eyes revealed madness. He made a decision!

"I'm giving it my all!!" Wang Lin gave up resisting as it closed in, and with a roar, it imprinted on Wang Lin. It immediately collapsed and turned into eight runes that penetrated Wang Lin's skin and entered his veins!

The Eight Diagrams contained the heavens and earth, so they formed their own world. The moment they imprinted in Wang Lin's body, they turned into a powerful force that almost made Wang Lin's body collapse. He coughed out blood, and the Eight Diagrams resonated with the Nine Palaces to form an unimaginable seal.

They began destroying Wang Lin's body like crazy from the inside.

Fortunately, as an ancient god, his recovery speed was shocking. Under the attack of the Nine Palaces and Eight Diagrams, Wang Lin let out a ferocious roar. The veins in his body swelled up and he rapidly recovered.

However, the Eight Diagrams were extremely strange. They suddenly multiplied to 64 diagrams and continued to change. They then turned into 128 diagrams and then again until it was endless!

Popping sounds echoed inside Wang Lin's body, and his 10,000 foot body was covered in diagrams. Blood sprayed out from every part of his body!

Wang Lin had a ferocious expression as he looked up at the void into the vortex and roared, "A mere Nine Places and Eight Diagrams won't kill me!! Is there a more powerful divine retribution??"

As he roared, the vortex roared and seven rays of light came out from within. The seven lights were starlight!

The starlight was bright, and the moment they rushed out of the vortex, they turned into seven cultivation planets. They were real cultivation planets, unlike the Nine Palaces, which were just meteorites!

The seven cultivation planets shined brightly, forming the big dipper!

After the Nine Palaces were the Eight Diagrams, and after the Eight Diagrams was the Seven Star Big Dipper! The seven stars: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, and Zeta!

"Seven Stars… Infinite…" The moment the vague voice came out, the seven stars shined like crazy and penetrated the void. Their light penetrated the starry sky and the entire Cloud Sea, replacing all other starlight. It was as if all the starlight in the world had been absorbed by these seven stars and formed a heaven-shaking killing intent!

This was the Seven Star Killing Intent, the Big Dipper Slaughter Might!

The Seven Stars were killing intent and the Big Dipper was slaughter. This was not a seal, it carried the intent to kill! As it approached, the seven stars formed seven trails as they shot at Wang Lin. They were like seven slaughter swords charging at Wang Lin!

At this moment, the vague voice echoed once more!

"Six Directions… Infinite…"

Eight Desolate Six Direction. Together, this represented how desolate the universe was!

There was no escaping from the Six Directions. Even if your body collapsed, your origin soul couldn't escape. This was a heaven-sealing formation, and after being surrounded, you could only fight!

Six giant tortoise shells appeared in all directions and charged at Wang Lin!

However, after the Six Directions, that vague voice echoed once more.

"Five Elements… Infinite…"

Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. Although they somewhat overlapped with the Eight Diagrams, they were completely different. The five elements were part of the world. If the five elements weren't present, the world would collapse!

After the words echoed, five rays of light suddenly appeared and formed five giant palm prints. These five palm prints represented the five elements!

The metal palmprint had the power to split the heavens. The moment it appeared, it gave off an indomitable power! The wood palmprint was filled with life. It continued to change between life and death, forming an indescribable life and death power!

The water and fire palm prints were two extremes that contained two opposite peaks. The monstrous waves and endless flames formed two giant palm prints that charged at Wang Lin!

The last was the earth palmprint. It was just like the earth and was extremely heavy. The moment it appeared, it gathered all the power of earth among the stars and gave off an indestructible aura!

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