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Chapter 1304 - Nine Palaces, Eight Diagrams

The cloud mountain was like a veil of mist that surrounded the flashing Sealed Realm Formation and pressed down on Wang Lin. Thunderous roars echoed and Wang Lin's face became even more pale, but his expression didn't change. He stared at the cloud mountain while leaning against the formation, remaining motionless!

"I have seen the power of the divine retribution many times and have survived through them all. Today's divine retribution is strange, but it still can't destroy me! My dao heart can't be destroyed, so my mind can't die. My body is as stable as Mount Tai, and not even the heavens can prevent me from completing my dao!" Wang Lin's voice was calm and slow.

His hands formed a seal and the blood sword circle him, releasing screeches as it did so. The blood light enveloped Wang Lin. The cloud mountain roared as it pressed down, and Wang Lin waved his hand. An ancient god shadow appeared around him, and at the same time, his right hand formed a fist and punched the mountain. His left hand pressed down on the Sealed Realm Formation!

The ancient god shadow moved with him. His right hand threw a punch at the descending cloud mountain.

The pressure from the cloud mountain descended and collided with the ancient god power. An earth-shattering rumble echoed as a destructive power erupted into the ancient god shadow. Then it was transferred to the ancient god's left hand and into the Sealed Realm Formation.

Thunderous rumbles continued to echo, and the Sealed Realm Formation flickered violently. Bright, seven-colored light shined and immediately lit up the entire void, the entire Sealed Realm Formation!

The giant formation suddenly activated when the seven-colored light shined!

Its activation would stop anyone in the Inner Realm from taking half a step outside. The seven-colored light even penetrated the cloud mountain as if it was useless before it!

Powerful pressure suddenly came from the shining seven-colored formation. The thunderous rumbles echoed across the void!

Because the attack on the formation had reached the requirements to summon the formation spirit, there was a violent flash and a ray of light condensed from the formation.

This light was silvery-white, as if it was lightning, and it instantly turned into a lance. This lance was covered in endless lightning, and it shot toward the cloud mountain.

Thunder entangled the lance and popping sounds echoed. The lance contained shocking force and was like a bolt of lightning that pierced through the cloud mountain!

The cloud mountain trembled and collapsed. The cloud was pushed back, revealing the four rotating swords!

Wang Lin's body also felt very uncomfortable. After transferring the attack into the formation, he had suffered injuries. He coughed out a mouthful of blood, but his eyes were still firm. He coldly watched the formation and divine retribution attack each other.

Whether it was the Sealed Realm Formation or the divine retribution, both were things Wang  Lin didn't like. He still remembered what he saw inside the Seven-Colored Realm. Throughout the ages, the Sealed Realm Formation had been contaminated with the blood of too many Sealed Realm cultivators. Even now, Wang Lin could still hear their unwilling roars.

"I refuse to let this be! I refuse to let this be! There will be a day when a future generation of cultivators will break this formation and cause all you outsiders to become extinct! Rivers of blood will flow in your Outer Realm!"

The first time he heard this voice, it ignited Wang Lin's blood and aroused his bloodlust. After all, he was born in the Sealed Realm, and the Sealed Realm was his home!

The cloud mountain collapsed and the rotation of the four swords was stopped by the white lance. Due to the large amounts of clouds being pushed away, the white jade pavilion that was constantly squeezing out of the gap to another world was exposed.

There was a flash of gentle light coming from between the eyebrows of the statue on the white jade pavilion, and it soon enveloped its entire body. Its whole body seemed to melt, and its right hand suddenly changed from stone to flesh and blood!

Its right hand moved!

The statue raised its right and gently pressed down on the crack leading to the void where the Realm Sealing Formation was!

"Nine Palaces… Infinite…" As a vague voice echoed, the statue's right hand pressed down. The four swords inside the void immediately flew back along with the collapsed clouds.

These clouds surrounded the statue, forming a giant vortex. The four swords rotated within, causing the vortex to grow larger.

As the vague voice echoed, the gap the white jade pavilion was in was suddenly ripped open and revealed the world within!

Inside the gap, there were nine identical planets, forming a formation that gave off the might of the Ancient Celestial Realm!

Heaven Palace, Water Palace, Mountain Palace, Thunder Palace, Center Palace, Fire Palace, Wind Palace, Earth Palace, Swamp Palace. Different golden runes appeared on each planet, giving off an unimaginable aura. The moment the nine planets appeared, they rumbled and rushed out of the gap. They shrank, becoming smaller and smaller, until they charged out into the void!

They penetrated the crack and entered the void where the Sealed Realm Formation was. They rotated as they descended down on Wang Lin!

Celestial-Sealing Nine Palaces!

At the same time, nine white dots appeared on Wang Lin's body. These nine dots were the nine major blood flow intersections. When the nine dots linked together, they connected his whole body!

When the nine palaces arrived, the nine points gave off unbearable pain. It was as if nine nails had pierced his body. It was enough to make him go crazy.

Wang Lin's body trembled and he let out a roar as he stared at the nine palaces. The pain became even more intense! However, this pain just ignited his indomitable will. He had been a heaven-defying cultivator all his life. The heavens couldn't make him bend and fate couldn't make him obey, let alone this divine retribution!

From the moment he chose to become a heaven-defying cultivator, he was doomed to fight the heavens and struggle against fate! At this moment, popping sounds came from Wang Lin's body, and his body swelled up!

A 6-star ancient god appeared outside the Sealed Realm Formation. His almost 10,000-foot-tall body made Wang Lin look like a giant from ancient times. He hid Li Qianmei and clenched his fist as he walked toward the nine palaces!

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!

The moment he charged out, four of his blood points collapsed and blood flowed out. A destructive aura filled his body.

The moment his four blood points collapsed, four of the palaces turned into white light. They moved at an indescribable speed, penetrating the void and landing on Wang Lin's collapsed blood points.

Wang Lin's body trembled and thunderous rumbles echoed inside his body like crazy. The remaining five blood points all collapsed!

Similarly, the five planets shined. The moment they disappeared, they charged into Wang Lin's collapsed five blood points! The palaces moved within Wang Lin's body, causing endless destruction, and gathered toward the last palace in his chest. Once they condensed, the Nine Palace Seal would be complete!

The planets formed by the nine palaces were not real cultivation planets, and they had no living things on them. They were nine giant meteorites that had been refined over countless years, and they had become part of the divine retribution!

The intense pain inside Wang Lin's body almost made his origin soul collapse. His roars became even more intense as the ancient god stars between his eyebrows rotated rapidly. His expression became even more ferocious!

"Nine rocks can seal a celestial, but I'm not a celestial. I'm an ancient god!!" Wang Lin roared as his body trembled and his ancient god power erupted from his body.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the nine blood points on his body moved. The meteorites inside him unexpectedly stopped in their tracks and they weren't able to gather at the last palace!

However, the divine retribution wasn't over yet. The purple lightning, four colored swords, the Paramita Summon, the cloud mountain, and all of this were just the beginning of the divine retribution. The infinite divine retribution went on until you died!

After the nine palaces came the Eight Diagrams!

"Eight Diagrams… Infinite…" In the world the white jade pavilion was in, the right hand of the statue waved and eight giant runes appeared!

These runes were the imprint of the Eight Diagrams!

Heaven, Water, Mountain, Thunder, Fire, Wind, Earth, Swamp! The Eight Diagrams rotated forming its own world!

The moment the Eight Diagrams appeared, Heaven, Water, Mountain, Thunder, Fire, Wind, Earth, Swamp all appeared. They formed a giant wheel. As the wheel rotated, it went through the gap, rushed into the spatial crack, and entered the void. It carried a powerful pressure as it descended on Wang Lin!

Wang Lin's face was pale as his origin energy had to constantly keep the Flowing Time Spell active on Li Qianmei. His ancient god power had to constantly force out the nine palaces!

At this moment, when he had to face the Eight Diagrams that was much stronger than the nine palaces, his pupils couldn't help but shrink!

In particular, the giant wheel they formed would change every time it rotated, making it impossible to tell its trajectory. It was incredibly fast, and it instantly pressed down on Wang Lin!

At this moment of life and death, Wang Lin calmed down. He took a few steps back and leaned against the Sealed Realm Formation!

"Lord of the Sealed Realm, I have brought you to the Sealed Realm Formation. You can come out!"

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