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Chapter 1306 - Birth of the Ji Realm

The Seven Stars, Six Directions, and Five Elements fused together. This power could destroy everything! Wang Lin's face was pale, but his eyes became brighter and brighter!

He vaguely grasped the words of the Lord of the Sealed Realm. Divine retribution was a calamity but also a fortune!

"Nine is the limit. There are Nine Palaces, Eight Diagrams, Seven Stars, Six Directions, Five Elements, so there are surely four, three, and two! I don't know what four and three are, but two is definitely yin and yang!

"From nine to two, after going through some phases of change, they will change into one!! Could the one of this retribution be Ji!?!" Wang Lin heart was pounding, but he wasn't sure. However, he had to fight and resist to the end to see if this was his long desired Ji, he was unwilling to give up!

Right now the Seven Stars suddenly closed in, and the expression of the high elder of the Demon Sect changed. Although the sect master didn't say anything about the person facing the divine retribution, from the sect master's final words and the jade, this person's relationship with the sect master couldn't be normal.

His eyes lit up and he was about to step forth to help Wang Lin resist the Seven Star calamity!

"Senior, you don't need to help. I'll resist this divine retribution myself!" Wang Lin's voice echoed across the void. The Demon Sect's high elder stopped for a moment, and the Seven Stars closed in!

The Seven Stars descended with monstrous killing intent and seven rays of light fell on Wang Lin. There was a thunderous rumble and he was covered in blood. His origin soul was trembling and he was pushed back. He was deathly pale afterward, but he began to laugh.

The moment the Seven Stars entered his body, it connected to the Eight Diagram and formed an even more destructive aura to collapse his body!

However, under this power, Wang Lin faintly felt the aura of the Ji Realm. Wang Lin was extremely familiar with the Ji Realm. It once accompanied him for several hundred years!

When he felt that sliver of Ji, how could he not feel happy and laugh? Although he was seriously injured at this moment and his body almost had collapsed, he still laughed. He opened his arms and allowed the tortoise shells formed by the Six Directions to smash into his body.

Thunderous rumbles echoed once more. His body was a bloody mess, but the place hiding Li Qianmei was completely safe! The body of an ancient god, especially that of a 6-star ancient god, was strong to an indescribable degree. Even after suffering such blows, he was still rapidly recovering.

The shells formed by the Six Directions entered Wang Lin's body and linked together with the Seven Stars, Eight Diagrams, and Nine Palaces. Wang Lin's origin soul exploded! However, he locked it inside his body and didn't allow it to dissipate.

Wang Lin's eyes became lax but then became firm. He waved his right hand and a large amount of pills appeared. He devoured them to recover, then the Five Element palm prints arrived!

The moment the palm prints arrived, Wang Lin's eyes shined brightly. He was waiting for this moment! He struggled to step forward, then he opened his mouth to devour the fire palmprint.

"Fire of the heavens, enter my body and mold my origin soul!" Wang Lin roared as he devoured the fire palmprint. The endless fire swept through his body and swept his collapsed origin soul. Wang Lin's origin soul unexpectedly reformed under this fire, and fire essence began to appear. It formed a vortex inside his origin soul, absorbing the power of the fire palmprint.

At the same time, the metal, wood, water, and earth palm prints landed on Wang Lin's body. They left four clear marks and began to collapse inside his body.

"Fire and thunder of the Eight Diagram, reinforce my body!" As Wang Lin roared, the Eight Diagram that entered his body appeared. The fire and thunder diagrams broke free and began resisting the palm prints!

After these two diagrams entered Wang Lin's body, he had hidden them. Now he had erupted them, and this caught the divine retribution off guard! With the ancient god recovery and the two diagrams, he was able to resist the collapse of the Five Elements!

He didn't die after taking the Nine Palaces, Eight Diagrams, Seven Stars, Six Directions, and Five Elements!

Wang Lin wiped the blood from the corner of his lips and roared at the divine retribution vortex, "Is there any more?!"

"Four Divines… Infinite…" The vague voice filled with no emotion echoed across the world as if answering Wang Lin.

As the voice echoed, the roars of beasts came from the vortex. An Azure Dragon slowly came out, and after that, a red Vermillion Bird let out a heaven-shaking cry.

Killing intent spread out as a White Tiger charged out roaring, and a Black Tortoise also stepped out!

Divine Retribution's Four Spirit!

"So it was the Four Divines! Vermillion Bird, return!" Wang Lin's eyes shined and he smiled as he pointed at the Vermillion Bird. The Vermillion Bird trembled and let out a cry. It broke free from the other three and charged at Wang Lin.

It closed in an instant and surrounded Wang Lin, letting out excited roars. At the same time, a Vermillion Bird shadow appeared around Wang Lin's ancient god body. As they resonated, the Vermillion Bird flew into Wang Lin and fire shot into the void.

After absorbing the fire from the Eight Diagram and Five Elements, along with the Vermillion Bird, the fire inside Wang Lin had reached an incredible peak!!!

The Vermillion Bird inside him had already awakened three times, and with each awakening, his understanding of fire increased greatly. The three awakenings had caused his comprehension of fire to reach an unimaginable realm, and also gave birth to essences!

All fire spells had to yield before him!

He could ignite the fire of anyone who cultivated fire spells, and he could kill them with the wave of his hand. After the essence was born, Wang Lin's control over fire had reached a limit, but this limit was only to corporeal fire!

Fire was divided into two. One was corporeal fire, which encompassed many different types of fire. The other was ethereal fire, which was far more illusive. Unless one had reached the limit of corporeal fire, it was impossible to grasp the realm of ethereal fire!

Anger was a type of ethereal fire. It has no physical form, but it could surpass all fire in the world. It was a kind of dao, a spirit, and also a domain!

If Wang Lin could awaken the Vermillion Bird a fourth time and reach the realm of ethereal fire, then even if someone hadn't cultivated any fire spells, Wang Lin could ignite their anger. He could then burn them to death with the fire of anger!

The strongest fire in the world was the fire of anger. Everyone had it, and it was invisible. If you couldn't withstand it, then you would without a doubt die!

At this moment, after absorbing all the different fires from the divine retribution, Wang Lin would reach his fourth awakening. He only needed a bit more to break through the realm of corporeal fire and enter the realm of ethereal fire!

The Vermillion Bird around him cried and entered his body. It nourished his body and repaired his origin soul, so Wang Lin had enough strength to resist the arrival of the other three spirits!

However, the divine retribution wasn't over, and it was becoming stronger and stronger. At this moment, the vague voice echoed once. It was cold and ruthless, devoid of emotions!

"Three Talents… Infinite…"

Three Talents, heaven, earth, human! These corresponded to the sun, moon, and stars! The heavens was the sun, the earth was the moon, and the human was the stars! As the sound diffused, the void changed and became chaotic!

The heavens had the power of the sun and emitted endless law of origin! The origin of everything. This power spread endlessly!

The earth has the power of the moon, and it contained the opposite of the law of origin. The law of the end appeared in the void!

The human had the power of the stars and entered chaos, forming a law Wang Lin had never seen before. It didn't belong to the law of origin or law of the end! The three forces turned into three rays of light and shot at Wang Lin.

The power inside was unimaginable and could destroy everything!

"Two Rites… Infinite…" The vague voice echoed once more. As the cold voice echoed, something else appeared in the void!

Two Rites was the power of Yin and Yang, life and death. It was also the power of karma. Everything in the world was included in it. Heaven and earth gave birth to the Four Divines, and the Four Divines turned into Nine Palaces. They also resonated with Three Talents to create a heaven-shaking power. They formed a giant yin and yang diagram in the void.

The yin and yang diagram formed with Wang Lin as the center. It rotated like crazy, and a thunderous roar echoed as it rapidly shrank toward Wang Lin!

At the same time, the Three Talents light closed in on Wang Lin. This was not a power Wang Lin could resist. The Heaven Light pierce the spot between Wang Lin's eyebrows. The Earth Light pierced Wang Lin's chest. The Human Light split into four and pierced his limbs!

At this moment, the yin and yang diagram clamped down on Wang Lin and covered his entire body.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. Wang Lin's 6-star ancient god body couldn't withstand this destructive power. His body was a bloody mess, but Li Qianmei wasn't injured at all. This divine retribution only targeted Wang Lin and ignored everyone else!

"One retribution… Infinite retribution, begin…" When Wang Lin's body was about to collapse, the vague voice echoed once more. The void seemed to have been destroyed, and waves of light appeared out of nowhere.

Nine Palaces, Eight Diagrams, Seven Stars, Six Directions, Five Elements, Four Divines, Three Talents, Two Rites all appeared, and as they rotated around each other, an extreme heavenly force was born!

This was Ji!

Although Wang Lin was seriously injured, his dao heart and domains were still there. Then a change suddenly occurred! In his body, the Nine Palaces to Two Rites unexpectedly… unexpectedly also appeared in his body like the divine retribution!

Ji was also born inside his body!

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