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Chapter 1303 - Sealed Realm Formation

The blood sword had absorbed the blood of a large amount of fierce beasts and was nourished in that sea of blood. The moment it appeared, it gave off a monstrous, blood light. Even the clouds in the sky were pierced by this blood light.

With the blood sword in hand, Wang Lin's eyes shined. The moment the green sword broke free and shot toward him, he swung the blood sword!

A thunderous rumble echoed. The moment the blood sword swung down, a spatial crack was torn open. This spatial crack collided with the green sword!

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the green sword let out a sharp hiss. The green light collapsed and large amounts of blood light entangled it as it rapidly retreated.

The blood sword was unscathed and let out a loud sword hymn. It gave off an indescribably fierce aura and gave chase!

Just at this moment, cracks appeared on the other stone sword in front of statue on the white jade pavilion. It burst open, releasing a powerful, blue light. It flew out and began resisting the blood sword together with the green sword!

The rumbles echoed like crazy as the three swords collided, causing space to tremble!

The origin of the blood sword was mysterious, and it contained endless power. Even matched against the two swords of divine retribution, it wasn't any weaker and became even more fierce!

A thunderous roar came from the clouds when the three swords collided. A wave of pressure came from the clouds. This pressure was almost solid as it spread, and the white jade pavilion squeezed a bit more out of the gap!

There were two more swords behind the statue on the pavilion. One more suddenly cracked and a black sword shot out. It worked together with the green and blue sword to suppress the blood sword.

Thunderous rumbles trembled. The attack of the three mysterious swords just made the blood sword even more crazy. The blood light was monstrous, but it gradually retreated; it was obviously not a match.

The blood sword had its own spirit, and it let out a roar. It was angry at the three swords that were clearly inferior to it.

All of this happened in an instant. Wang Lin stepped forward and the ancient god stars between his eyebrows rotated like crazy. When the rotation reached its limit, Wang Lin's right index finger pointed to between his eyebrows. He broke through his flesh and a drop of blood flowed out.

This blood wasn't his essence blood, it was formed by his ancient god stars. The drop of blood flew at the blood sword and was absorbed. The blood sword immediately gave off a shocking pressure and the blood light intensified several fold.

A giant blood shadow appeared from the blood sword. This shadow was blurry and vaguely looked human. After it appeared, the blood sword swept forward and the three colored swords immediately retreated. Popping sounds echoed, and they were obviously not a match.

Just at this moment, the last stone sword collapsed and gave off a golden glow. It carried a powerful pressure and sword energy as it collided with the blood sword.

With a bang, the blood sword retreated once more.

The four swords, green, blue, black, and gold, floated into the air at this moment. They began to rotate and formed a giant vortex. It was complete chaos inside the vortex, as if it contained another world!

That world was a blur, but one could vaguely see that it contained innumerable planets with countless mortals on them. They were all muttering, and the bizarre voice that came from the vortex could shake anyone's mind.

This voice quickly filled the entire rank 9 region and penetrated the sect protection formation. It clearly entered the soul of every cultivator and beast!

"The land of Paramita. One retribution opens, one retribution ends… Those who come can have eternal life and obtain grand dao. They can be rid of all pain and struggle and become my disciple...

"Enter my land of Paramita and you can become the pride of the heavens, be above others, and obtain the heavenly dao...

"Enter my land of Paramita and your dead loved ones can be resurrected and live forever. You can live at ease and achieve the true dao...

"Enter my land of Paramita and your reincarnation cycle will collapse. There will be no life and death...

"Enter my land of Paramita and your heart will be complete and your mind will follow…"

A voice filled with pressure came from the world inside the vortex. This voice was powerful, and for some reason, one would feeling warmth and trust toward it.

The thousands of cultivators that entered the Demon Sect to avoid the divine retribution immediately became confused. One of the youth's pupils became blurry and were replaced by the vortex. He looked happy and smiled.

This smile was extremely bizarre. In an instant, light surrounded him and he disappeared.

The moment he disappeared, hundreds of the surrounding cultivators revealed that same strange smile. Light surrounded them and they all disappeared one by one.

"This is the infinite retribution's Paramia Summon. Focus your minds, or else if your dao hearts will become unstable and you will be summoned into the world inside the vortex!" The Demon Sect's high elder stared at the vortex outside the formation, and his expression was extremely serious.

His voice was like thunder, and it rumbled across the Demon Sect. This awakened all the cultivators in the Demon Sect that were in a daze. However, the moment they awakened, they entered a daze once more.

What disappeared weren't only people of the Demon sect. The Ghost Sect, God Sect, Heaven Breaking Sect, and the fierce beasts in the fog all had people disappearing.

The blood sword surrounded Wang Lin. He looked up at the vortex made by the four swords. The strange voice also entered his mind, and because he was the one enduring the sound divine retribution, it was even more clear than others. However, the voice in his ears wasn't old, but constantly changing!

Sometimes it was his mother and father, sometimes it would be Li Muwan and Wang Ping, sometimes it would even be the old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor. All these voice staggered and formed a strange tone that echoed in Wang Lin's mind.

"Paramita…" There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes. His dao heart was strong, much stronger than that of ordinary cultivators. Even some old monsters that had cultivated for countless years were not better than him. Wang Lin had faced many dangerous in his life, and a mere illusion couldn't affect his mind.

"Is there Paramita?" He raised his right hand and charged out. He mercilessly swung the blood sword at the vortex made by the four swords!

The heavens and earth roared as a shocking sword light flashed and fell on the vortex. A rumble echoed as a powerful force come out of the vortex and smashed toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's body trembled and he retreated several steps.

Just at this moment, the vortex suddenly rotated faster and disappeared into the clouds. The clouds began to roar violently as if they were being pulled by the vortex. They were gathering in one place.

In just a moment, the clouds formed a cloud mountain! This mountain was endlessly tall and completely purple. It gave off a heaven-shaking pressure.

There were large amounts of runes on the mountain that intersected to form the word "dao!" All the clouds began to gather like crazy, making the mountain bigger and bigger. It was an giant mountain that could support the heavens itself!

The thunderous rumbles continued to echo as the cloud mountain pressed down on Wang Lin. It seemed like it wanted to crush Wang Lin completely!

The pressure was so powerful that it caused the Demon Sect's protective formation to show signs of breaking. Cracking sounds echoed and cracks spread out.

Popping sounds echoed from Wang Lin's body as the endless pressure came from all directions. His feet pressed against the starry sky, giving off an unbearable sound.

His face turned slightly red and his origin energy cycled his whole body. He looked at the cloud mountain and his eyes lit up!

He was waiting for the moment when the divine retribution released all its power. This was the moment! Wang Lin's eyes lit up as the cloud mountain pressed down on him. All of his origin energy erupted and he swung the blood sword below him. A thunderous rumble echoed and a giant spatial crack appeared!

This spatial crack was ripped open layer by layer, and adding the powerful pressure from the cloud mountain, the spatial crack collapsed even more intensely. After a few moments, the spatial crack was completely torn open!

This revealed the void beneath the starry sky!

This void was where the Sealed Realm Formation was!

When the spatial crack was ripped open, cold energy rushed out. Wang Lin's body stepped into the crack and into the void! The cloud mountain had already locked onto Wang Lin and descended. The crack was ripped open once more and the cloud mountain entered!

When Wang Lin and the cloud entered the void, a net-like structure appeared. It gave off a powerful aura that stopped all living things from breaking in!

Wang Lin's eyes revealed a strange light and he quickly closed in on the net. His hands formed a seal and a large amount of seals fell on his body. At this moment, the cloud mountain chased in and landed on Wang Lin's body.

Wang Lin suddenly lifted his arms as if he was supporting the mountain, then an indescribable roar echoed. Wang Lin's body trembled and he coughed out blood as he transferred this force onto the Sealed Realm Formation.

The entire void suddenly lit up and revealed the net. This net was endless, and it was impossible to see where it ended. It surrounded the entire Inner Realm, and over the countless years, no matter how much the cultivators of the Inner Realm tried, they could never break the formation on a wide scale to allow people to enter the Outer Realm!

Only a few amazing individuals had been able to use their powerful cultivation to break out by themselves!

However, throughout the ages, there had never been anyone who borrowed the power of the divine retribution to break out of the Sealed Realm Formation. Wang Lin was the first one!

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