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Chapter 1302 - Cover the Sky With One Hand

Thunderous rumbles echoed like crazy from the clouds. The endless rumbles linked together, forming a even more intense sound!

The sound of this thunder was already indescribable. The sound violently spread across space, and the fog was pushed back. Large amounts of fog beasts died from the shockwave.

Wild continents collapsed one by one. Even the Demon Sect formation flickered as it resist the increasing power from the thunder that seemed to have existed since the beginning of time!

The countless cultivators in the Demon Sect trembled before this hunder and didn't dare to resist it at all. It was as if they were ants under the heavens' might and couldn't even withstand one blow!

"The divine retribution is like this… The divine retribution is like this…" At this moment, the divine retribution was engraved into the hearts of the cultivators and created an imprint that couldn't be erased!

If they couldn't break through this imprint their, cultivation levels would stop at this point for the rest of their lives. However, if they could break through, their cultivation levels would increase greatly!

The sound of thunder became even more intense and space trembled. An even louder tearing sound came a moment later, and the thunder spread past the rank 9 region. Even the rank 8 region could clearly hear it!

"Sound retribution… Sound retribution…" The thunderous rumbles seemed to echo these two words. When the thunder had replaced all sounds in the world, bolts of lighting shot out from the clouds and shrouded the entire rank 9 region.

These bolts of lightning were purple and shot out frantically from the clouds toward the spatial crack outside the Demon Sect! The purple lightning bolts replaced everything in the sky and attracted the attention of all the cultivators in the rank 9 region.

There was too much lightning, the thunder was too intense, and the roars were heaven-shaking!

As the endless purple lightning bolts shot out, they seemed to cross endless distances in an instant. It was as if nothing in the world could stop them and the concept of distance didn't exist to them!

In an instant, the endless purple lightning bolts that pierced through the clouds enveloped the entire rank 9 region. They formed a giant net around the spatial crack and condensed a giant bolt of thunder about 10,000 feet long!

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!

This thunder shot toward the spatial crack. It carried with it a killing intent to destroy everything as it descended! This bolt of thunder attracted the attention of all the cultivators. Their minds went blank, and the only thing occupying their minds was this indescribable divine retribution thunder!

This bolt of thunder seemed like it could not be blocked or resisted by any living creature. Just as it descended on the spatial crack, a red figure walked out!

When the figure appeared, a monstrous smell of blood followed. This blood came from the clothes on his body and his aura. It was as if he had killed so much inside the spatial crack that the scent of blood had gathered around him!

He appeared just as the thunder descended. It was too fast and closed in in an instant. It was going to turn this person to ash and make them disappear from his world!

This red figure was Wang Lin!

The moment the thunder closed in, Wang Lin's right hand protected Li Qianmei and his left hand pressed against the thunder!

A person with one hand and two indifferent eyes seemed to cover the sky. The moment he walked out of the crack, he seemed to challenge the heavens and the divine retribution!

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!!

The thunder and Wang Lin's hand collided, creating an even more violent sound. The space around Wang Lin collapsed and the spatial crack behind him was ripped open several fold!

His body trembled and his left hand shook lightly. However, his expression remained neutral, and he mercilessly squeezed!

"Divine retribution thunder is useless against me!" As he squeezed, a thunderous rumble echoed and the thunder roared like crazy. An unexpected will came from Wang Lin's left hand. He was going to fight for control of the thunder from the heavens!

As the thunderous rumbles echoed, the two wills inside the thunder collided. The thunder suddenly exploded and the endless, purple lightning bolt spread out with Wang Lin as the center. In just instant, the entire world seemed to turn into a thunder well!

The rumbles continued. Although the thunder had collapsed, Wang Lin was not like his past self. He wasn't just going to resist the sound divine retribution, but break the divine retribution altogether!

His right hand grabbed Li Qianmei and he swing her back so she was on his back. His origin energy formed ropes and tied them together. After doing this, Wang Lin's hands formed seals and he waved. The thunder well with him as the center roared once more!

"I am thunder. Exercising my right to control thunder, all thunder, listen to my order. Up!" Wang Lin's words were filled with might. The moment his voice echoed, the purple lightning bolt roared and rushed toward him.

The lightning was endless and circled around Wang Lin. The people in the Demon Sect were all terrified and dumbfounded by all of this!

The Demon Sect's high elder's eyes shined brightly and he took a deep breath!

Wang Lin pointed at the cloud in the sky and let out a heaven-shaking roar. "Break the divine retribution for me!"

As the thunderous rumbles echoed, the lightning became crazy. It then formed a 10,000 foot bolt of thunder, and it was filled with Wang Lin's will as it shot toward the clouds.

As the thunderous rumbles echoed, the clouds and thunder collided. A sound even more intense than before appeared and spread across the rank 9 region!

Inside the God Sect, Mu Bingmei was awakened from her 10 years of cultivation. She looked outside and found that the sky was black and trembled violently as if it was going to collapse!

Wang Shanshan beside her turned pale and looked up at the sky.

Deep in the God Sect, in the chamber Daoist Water was in, the seven-colored light between his eyebrows had dimmed. The tip of the seven-colored nail had exposed itself and all the veins on his body had popped. He was about to force out the seven-colored nail!

The thunderous rumbles from before didn't distract him at all. He was at the most critical moment, and even if the sky collapsed, he wouldn't look. All of his focus was on forcing the seven-colored nail out.

However, just at this moment, the thunderous rumbles echoed again, and there was a hint of Wang Lin's will inside the sound as it fell in Daoist Water's ears. The seven-colored nail had already become dim and was about to be pushed out, but at this moment, due to Wang Lin's will inside the rumble, it resonated with Wang Lin's voice and shined brightly once more!

The intense flash caused Daoist Water's expression to change greatly, and he coughed out blood. All his hard work was undone!

He stared in a daze ahead and let out a heaven-shaking roar!

The rank 9 Heaven Breaking Sect had also heard this thunder and saw the rolling clouds. They immediately opened up the sect protection formation!

The Heaven Breaking Sect's sect master sat in his closed chamber and silently stared at the starry sky. After a long time, he let out a sigh and waved his sleeves. He broke open the sect protection formation and charged into the divine retribution clouds toward the spatial crack at the Demon Sect!

Aside from the Demon Sect, God Sect, and Heaven Breaking Sect, there was still the Ghost Sect! At this moment, deep in the clouds, there was a cultivation planet with its protective formation opened. However, there was a huge shadow over the formation. The shadow had a single horn, as if it was a devil god!

It greedily stared at the clouds and gave off a devilish aura. There were nine devil stars rotating in its eyes, and every time they rotated, a mysterious force entered its body.

The thunderous rumbles spread outside the rank 9 region and entered the rank 8 region. This caused the rank 8 cultivators' expressions to change drastically. Their minds trembled and they were put in a daze.

Outside the spatial crack next to the Demon Sect, Wang Lin carried Li Qianmei and looked up at the purple clouds. This divine retribution was the most powerful one yet! And it was extremely strange. He couldn't help but think of the time in the Alliance Star System where he saw the strange world where all those ancient demon, ancient devil, and ancient god statues were, along with that mysterious youth sitting on a statue!

His gaze penetrated the clouds and he clearly saw the white jade pavilion that had mostly came out of the gap that led to another world. He also saw the statue of a person sitting on the pavilion and the two stone swords before the statue!

"This divine retribution hasn't been completely activated, so it isn't enough to break the Sealed Realm Formation!"

Just at this moment, one of the two stone swords before the statue trembled and released a green gas. The green gas was like a cloud, and it instantly turned into a green sword. It gave off a heaven-shattering and indescribable sword energy as it broke through the clouds and shot at Wang Lin!

Wang Lin's expression turned serious. The moment the green sword closed in, he raised his finger and pointed. Two deer suddenly appeared and 10 million sword energy rays erupted. The roar echoed, but the 10 million sword energy rays didn't spread out. Instead, they condensed into one sword and shot toward the green sword.

A thunderous rumble echoed when the green sword collided with Wang Lin's 10 million swords. Sword energy flashed and popping sounds echoed as the green sword was being constantly weakened, but it still didn't collapse. At this moment, the sword that gave off the sword energy trembled and cracks appeared on it. Finally, the sword broke free, giving off a powerful green glow, and shot toward Wang Lin!

Wang Lin's pupils immediately shrank and his expression became very serious. He waved his right hand and there was a flash of blood light as the blood sword appeared in his hand!

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