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Chapter 1297 - Rush!!!

However, the world inside the spatial crack was purple, and from afar, the purple was intense. An invisible, cold undercurrent moved and stirred the world. This caused this world to be filled with unfathomable changes!

Just as Li Qianmei started shedding tears and opened her eyes to look at the source of the laughter, the giant whip suddenly closed in. It mercilessly lashed at the blue light!

The blue light trembled and collapsed for a moment. Several fierce beasts charged at Li Qianmei with a roar!

Thunderous rumbles echoed. Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he looked into the distance. He couldn't see exactly what was going on, but he could see that there were spell fluctuations there!

Within the spell fluctuations, there was an aura he was familiar with. It was Li Qianmei's aura!

Wang Lin's mind trembled and he didn't hesitate to charge at the source of the spell fluctuations. The boundless fierce beasts continued to rush at Wang Lin. His eyes were red as his hand formed a seal and waved. Origin energy suddenly condensed and thunderous rumbles echoed across the world.

The fierce beasts collapsed one by one into mists of blood, then he moved even faster. The 10,000 mosquito beasts also surrounded him, turning Wang Lin into a slaughter vortex. Not a single fierce beast was left alive where he passed by!

"Die, die, die, die!!" Wang Lin's eyes were bloodshot as he charged out. The surrounding fierce beasts continued to die, and their cries became even more miserable.

Continuing this slaughter, Wang Lin's speed increased. He slaughtered a bloody path through these countless beasts!

Blood was everywhere, and the smell of blood filled the world. Even the purple seemed more dark red now! At this speed, Wang Lin closed in on the location where the spell fluctuations originated. He could clearly feel the weak aura coming from the spell fluctuations. It seemed like Li Qianmei was facing a great danger!

Wang Lin let out a roar and his right hand formed a seal. Origin energy gathered in his palm and shined brightly. He shot it into the air and then it collapsed into a bright cloud. This caused this dark world to immediately light up.

The moment the world lit up, Wang Lin saw a scene he could never forget in this life!

This scene made his mind tremble, and he let out a heaven-shaking roar that could collapse the world. His body trembled and an extreme madness erupted!

He saw a woman in white with a pale face smile gently at him while being surrounded by countless fierce beasts tens of thousands of feet away.

However, this smile seemed to last for eternity. There was a faint, blue light around her, but a giant whip-like shadow lashed at the blue light.

The blue light suddenly collapsed. The whip broke through the blue light and charged at Li Qianmei! Once that whip landed, Li Qianmei would die!

Time seemed to slow down. Wang Lin raised his right hand and roared. He revealed a ferocious and crazed expression as he pointed at the giant whip. He shouted, "Stop!"

An indescribable law filled the world and turned into countless threads that wrapped around the giant whip. The whip slowed down but didn't stop!

The moment it slowed down, Wang Lin's mind went blank, and the only though in his mind was to save Li Qianmei. He lifted his right foot and ripples echoed under his feet. He disappeared and merged with the void. Spatial Bending!

That giant whip contained a mysterious force, and not even law could stop it. Popping sounds echoed as the Stop spell around it collapsed. The whip got closer and closer toward Li Qianmei.

Li Qianmei wasn't able to dodge or resist. At this moment, her vitality was almost gone. She was a dried up oil lamp. Even if the whip didn't hit her, she wouldn't live for long. Her injuries had already caused her origin soul to collapse. The only reason she was still alive was an inexplicable sense of will.

After she saw Wang Lin, she revealed a smile. She was satisfied and could now die. She just wanted to see Wang Lin, to see that he was fine. Him awakening was enough for her.

She was very tired and very cold. It seemed these 10 years had consumed her everything, and at this moment, all of that erupted, and it was going to drown her.

The whip was already close. As a thunderous rumble echoed, the golden pen in Li Qianmei's hand suddenly collapsed. The whip lashed at Li Qianmei's body.

However, when the whip was seven inches from Li Qianmei's body, a crazy roar echoed. A powerful hand appeared from the void next to Li Qianmei and grabbed the whip!

Wang Lin's figure stepped out from the void. The veins on his body were all swollen and his eyes were red. He stood before Li Qianmei like a mountain that blocked the wind and rain, life and death!

Li Qianmei looked at Wang Lin. Her smile became even more gentle. However, her eyes became even more dim, and the light gradually dissipated.

The moment Wang Lin's hand grabbed the whip, a powerful force entered his body, as if a 10 million ton carriage had crashed into him. Even Wang Lin's body trembled, and he coughed out blood, but he didn't take a step back, because behind him was someone he had to save. A woman named Li Qianmei!

In his entire life, Wang Lin had only done this for Wan Er. But there was now another woman to whom he owed too much. If he didn't do this, he couldn't call himself a man!

His face revealed a ferocious expression. The moment the powerful force entered, popping sounds echoed inside his body. He let out a roar and his right hand mercilessly pulled the whip! The ancient god stars appeared and began to rotate like crazy. His ancient god power filled his body and gathered in his right hand. An ancient god phantom appeared around him, and Wang Lin let out a shocking roar!

"Break for me!!!" As Wang Lin roared, a thunderous rumble came from the whip, then it instantly collapsed!

However, the moment it collapsed, a powerful aura swept toward Wang Lin. He still didn't retreat and stood before Li Qianmei. He coughed out blood, but his eyes revealed a monstrous cold gaze!

"I don't care who you are, I won't allow you to take this woman's life!"

The smile on Li Qianmei's face became even more gentle. She looked at Wang Lin and softly said, "Thank you…" After that, her eyelashes trembled and she gradually closed her eyes as if she was sleeping.

Wang Lin trembled and suddenly turned around. His right hand formed a seal and then pointed at Li Qianmei. Origin energy rushed into Li Qianmei's body and sealed all of her dissipating vitality.

However, none of this could stop the death aura and her vitality from dissipating. Her origin soul was too weak, her soul had begun to dissipate, and her body had lost all of its luster. Only her smile became an eternal existence in Wang Lin's memory.

"Don't die! You can't die!" Wang Lin revealed sadness. Once again, he felt his own helplessness. More than 1,000 years ago, he watched a woman grow old in his arms and slowly die. The only thing that remained was a body and her sleeping soul.

After more than 1,000 years, he saw a second woman rapidly wilting like a flower before him.

"If one day I'm no longer here, will you remember that in your life, there was a woman named Li Qianmei that quickly passed by…" 

"If I never come back… I hope you remember…"

Sadness appeared inside Wang Lin's eyes. At this moment, he thought of Li Muwan, the lover who was unable to wake up inside the Heaven-Avoiding Coffin. However, the world was cruel and made him feel the sorrow he felt back then!

"I won't let you die!!" Wang Lin spoke words he couldn't even understand himself. He raised his right hand and pointed at Li Qianmei!

"Flowing Time!"

Flowing Time suddenly appeared, and the giant, stone door appeared, towering over the world. An ancient aura spread out and the power of time enveloped Li Qianmei.

At this instant, her rapidly extinguishing vitality unexpectedly… slowed down! However, the Flowing Time spell couldn't be stopped. Once it was stopped, Li Qianmei's vitality would rapidly dissipate in a short period of time. From then on, there might be someone else named Li Qianmei, but none of them would be her!

The Flowing Time spell from his right hand continued to drain his origin energy as he held Li Qianmei in his arms. He looked at the dark world around him and revealed monstrous killing intent!

At this moment, a thunderous roar came from the void. Two giant, whip-like shadows suddenly appeared and mercilessly lashed at Wang Lin!

In the distance, the endless fierce beasts emitted bloodthirsty roars and charged at Wang Lin! Even further away, there were several huge beasts who looked at Wang Lin with ferocious gazes.

There was an endless horde of fierce beasts surrounding him!

"Qian Mei, I'll take you out of here!" Wang Lin closed his eyes and placed his right hand between his eyebrows. A complicated restriction flashed between his eyebrows.

His left hand reached toward his eyebrows and mercilessly tore down! He opened the seal he had placed on his cultivation after he left the Seven-Colored Realm. At this moment, Wang Lin became the strongest he had ever been in his 2,000 years of cultivation!

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