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Chapter 1298 - Tearing Off the Seal!

The seal suddenly collapsed after Wang Lin tore it. After it collapsed, an indescribably powerful aura erupted from Wang Lin's body.

This aura was very strong and formed a vortex. This vortex became stronger and stronger; it was so strong that it caused fear to appear in the eyes of the surrounding beasts!

This seal had suppressed Wang Lin's cultivation after he absorbed the dao fruit in the Seven-Colored Realm.[1] This seal separated him from the Nirvana Shatterer stage!

Right now, for Li Qianmei, to pay back her 10 years of effort, and as something he should do as a man, he opened the seal without hesitation!

The moment the seal was released, it was as if a giant mirror had collapsed and countless fragments had scattered. The sound of the mirror breaking and the popping sounds inside Wang Lin's body seemed to be the only sounds left.

All the roars from the beasts were suppressed. Even the king beasts behind all these beasts trembled. It was as if a large amount of power was gathering toward Wang Lin from all directions.

Even the two large whips coming from the void paused for a moment. However, they quickly lashed toward Wang Lin.

However, just as the two whips closed in, an unimaginable aura erupted from Wang Lin's body. This created a huge vortex around Wang Lin, and a thunderous rumble echoed.

Wang Lin's roar came out of the vortex. One of the whips immediately collapsed when it touched the vortex. When the second tail broke through the vortex, a hand immediately caught it!

Wang Lin's body gave off an extremely dangerous aura and his white hair moved without any wind. His left hand held the whip and his right hand held Li Qianmei. His eyes gave off a cold glint.

The sound of a mirror shattering became even stronger. It was as if a powerful aura wanted to squeeze out of Wang Lin's body. The powerful aura coming from Wang Lin became even more intense.

The origin energy inside his body circulated like crazy and endless origin energy rushed into his body from outside. The origin energy continued to gather until Wang Lin finally passed a threshold that was extremely difficult for cultivators!

He had truly stepped into the Nirvana Shatterer stage!

The moment he entered the Nirvana Shatterer stage, the world before Wang Lin's eyes changed. Origin energy rushed into Wang Lin like crazy, and he let out a roar!


This roar was heaven-shaking and surpassed all thunder. It turned into a sound wave and spread like crazy. As the roar echoed, it formed a destructive aura!

The fierce beasts around Wang Lin bled out from their orifices and their bodies collapsed as they let out miserable screams. As the popping sounds echoed, they formed a ring of blood mist.

What was even more shocking was that the blood mist collapsed once more due to the sound wave. All the fierce beasts around Wang Lin exploded into a mist of blood!

This was no longer killing, but a slaughter!

Since the creation of this spatial crack, this wide scale slaughter was extremely rare. Wang Lin's roar caused hundreds of beasts to explode. Even the king beasts further away revealed fear in their eyes and retreated.

For the fierce beasts, this was like a nightmare, but right now the nightmare wasn't over. It had just begin!

He broke through peak Nirvana Cleanser and entered the early stage of Nirvana Shatterer. However, this wasn't the end for Wang Lin. The power of the dao fruit hadn't dissipated completely, and the comprehension Wang Lin had gained in the dao realm erupted!

The aura inside his body suddenly spread out. It became stronger and even more crazy. All of this happened in a flash. Wang Lin broke through the early stage of Nirvana Shatterer and directly entered the mid stage!

If it wasn't for this spatial crack being extremely strange, which made it so divine retribution couldn't enter, it would have immediately appeared. And it would have been countless times stronger than before!

This would be the strongest divine retribution he had to face!

The moment his cultivation erupted to the mid stage of Nirvana Shatterer, there was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes. He stepped forward, and at that moment, the vortex of origin energy around him swept his surroundings with an indescribable impact

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!

Under this impact, the fierce beasts couldn't dodge at all, and they all collapsed. The smell of blood permeated the world. It was very strong, very strong!

Wang Lin was like a slaughter god. As he moved forward, his left hand grabbed the whip and pulled. He opened his mouth and spat out a palm-sized blood sword. The blood sword followed the whip and charged off into the void!

There was a thunderous bang so powerful that even the world seemed to tremble violently.

As the world trembled, a clear and muffled groan came from the void. The whip collapsed and dissipated without a trace.

There was a flash of blood light in the void and the blood sword flew back. There was a drop of dark gold blood on the tip of the sword, and it flowed through the sword. Wang Lin's right hand held Li Qianmei as killing intent filled his eyes. His left hand formed a seal and eight black dragons appeared. Call the Wind surrounded Wang Lin!

As he moved forward, large groups of the remaining fierce beasts began to die. The blood sword contained a sliver of Wang Lin's divine sense. It flew through the void, harvesting the lives of these fierce beasts.

This place was filled with blood, so the blood sword was very excited. The blood sword let out sword hymns while it killed. It drank blood as it penetrated the fierce beasts. Their bodies would tremble, and in the blink of an eye, they would become skeletons.

The blood light from the blood sword became stronger and stronger. There was a sense of cheer as it howled through the void. It seemed excited from all the slaughter; it was as if it had been a long time since it slaughtered like this.

As it continued to slaughter, the aura of the blood sword increased greatly. It became even more sharp!

There was also those 10,000 mosquito beasts that were stimulated by the blood. They let out earth shattering hisses and didn't care about death as they began a slaughter with the fierce beasts around them.

Inside the crack, Wang Lin was surrounded by countless fierce beasts. However, with the mosquito beasts, blood sword, and his mid stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivation, he carved out a path of blood!

His clothes had become blood red! But he never stopped. As this intense slaughter went on, time continued to pass!

After an unknown amount of time, fewer fierce beasts remained. As the slaughter continued, they became more afraid! They had lived inside the crack from the moment of their birth, and they only feared the aura of a king beast. Facing any foreign being, especially cultivators, they would not fear them no matter how strong the foreign being was. Instead, it would just make them even more ferocious.

However, witnessing Wang Lin's slaughter, they were afraid for the first time!

An unknown amount of fierce beasts had died to Wang Lin's spell; even he himself couldn't remember how many. He only knew that fierce beasts filled the world before him, and he had to kill, kill, kill!

He had to slaughter a path of blood to take Li Qianmei out of the spatial crack and to the Outer Realm, regardless of Tuo Sen's presence. He had to bring her to Dao Master Blue Dream, who seemed to have some relation with Li Qianmei!!

Dao Master Blue Dream was willing to let Wang Lin go after seeing Li Qianmei's bracelet. With Wang Lin's intelligence and Li Qianmei's identity as an orphan, he was able to roughly guess a few things.

"With that Dao Master Blue Dream's power, he can certainly save Li Qianmei!" This was Wang Lin's only hope. Even if he were to die, he was going to send Li Qianmei there!

This was what he owed Li Qianmei, he had to repay her!

There were broken corpses floating inside this cold and purple realm inside the spatial crack. It had already become hell. The blood mist was dense and stuck together to form a sea of blood.

There were only 5,000 mosquito beasts remaining from the previous 10,000, but they were all filled with killing intent far more powerful than those living in the Wind Celestial Realm possessed!

The Wind Celestial Realm belonged to the mosquito beasts. Aside from the battle between mosquito kings, there weren't many dangers. This hindered the mosquito beasts' evolution.

However, inside the cruel spatial crack, the mosquito beasts had awakened their special bloodline during this slaughter. All those that survived were now extremely fierce!

In particular, the mosquito king let out a monstrous roar from its large mouth that could pierce the world. If anyone were to meet its ruthless gaze, they would feel a chill in their heart.

The blood sword moved through the sea of blood, giving off a demonic glow as it did so. The sword howled and gave off a fierce aura! It was as if a soul was devouring the blood and was slowly awakening.

There was only a sea of blood within 10,000 feet. No more fierce beasts dared to take half a step inside; all they could do was stare at Wang Lin in fear.

However, just at this moment, a sharp whistle came from the void. It was nine whip-like shadows lashing at Wang Lin.

At this moment, a giant figure appeared in the void. It was a giant scorpion with nine tails! The scorpion was tens of thousands of feet tall and gave off a shocking pressure.

It wasn't solid, but an illusion. Before the shadow was a woman in black with a scorpion tattoo on her face. She moved forward with a gloomy gaze and blood coming out of the corner of her mouth. She stared at Wang Lin.

"I'm Purple Blood under the command of the ancient Imperial Concubine. Who are you?"

1. This didn't happen in the Seven-Colored Realm. I think the author just uses "Seven-Colored Realm" to refer to what happened at the time.

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