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Chapter 1296 - Laughter!

Her face was without blood and she was very thin, almost a bag of bones. As she moved forward, a large, whip-like shadow was charging straight for the woman in white.

The moment the shadow closed in, the woman waved the long sword in her hand to counter the shadow. There was a thunderous rumble and her face became even more pale and she coughed out blood. She charged into the depths of the void, and the shadow chased closely after!

The twisted void trembled and collapsed. The spell traces collapsed as well. At this moment, Wang Lin's eyes revealed excitement and madness!!

"Li Qianmei!" Although the woman in white had changed and was extremely thin, Wang Lin immediately recognized her as Li Qianmei!

Her weakened state and pale face pierced into Wang Lin's heart like a needle. The intense pain caused his divine sense to erupt and form a violent storm that penetrated the Nine Abyss Dragon. The Nine Abyss Dragon let out two blasts of hot air from its nose and charged forward as it trembled.

This time, the Nine Abyss Dragon moved even faster as it pierced the void and into the depths of the spatial crack. However, the Nine Abyss Dragon was trembling even more violently. Its soul was on the verge of collapse.

It was as if this was a forbidden place, a place it didn't dare to enter!

Shortly after, the Nine Abyss Dragon let out a mournful roar and stopped despite Wang Lin's stimulation. It roared in fear as it trembled.

A cold feeling flowed through the purple world like air flowing. It was this cold energy that caused the Nine Abyss Dragon to stop due to fear and disregard Wang Lin's order.

Not only did it not move forward, it wanted to retreat. Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he was about to step off. However, his face changed and he waved his right hand. A jade appeared in his hand. It was Li Qianmei's soul jade.

There was an ear-piercing cracking sound, and the crack became even wider. Li Qianmei's life soul had become even weaker; it was almost extinguished!

Wang Lin's heart twisted for a moment, as if something had punched his chest. A crazy aura filled his body. He ignored the Nine Abyss Dragon as he jumped off and charged into the depths of the spatial crack.

However, without the Nine Abyss Dragon's king beast aura, the moment he charged out, beast roars began to echo. The beasts that lived in this purple world suddenly charged at Wang Lin.

A fierce beast with the body of a tortoise and let out a powerful roar as it charged at Wang Lin from 1,000 feet away.

Wang Lin didn't slow down at all and charged forward. The 1,000 feet distance closed in an instant. Wang Lin formed a fist with his right hand and threw a punch.

The thunderous rumble seemed to begin the slaughter and echoed across this dark world. The tortoise beast trembled and its eyes were in a daze. Its body immediately exploded into a mist of blood.

Wang Lin rushed out from the blood mist and charged ahead. However, the moment he charged out, beast roars echoed and more than 10 different kinds of beasts closed in.

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the world. Wang Lin was like a slaughter god, and nothing seemed to be able to stop him. He waved his hand and a lion-like beast to his left suddenly collapsed into a pile of flesh and blood.

A 10,000 foot python closed in and was stepped on by Wang Lin's right foot. It let out a miserable scream and immediately died.

A giant, human-faced spider with a 10,000 foot body like a small mountain approached. It opened its mouth to devour Wang Lin, but Wang Lin pressed down with his right hand and the spider died.

The screams of the beasts before their deaths increased. Wang Lin was like a storm that was causing a rain of blood as he tore through the void!

Red light appeared in Wang Lin's eyes, and he moved even faster as he roared, "Scram, scram, scram, scram, scram!!" His right hand formed a seal and 10 million swords surrounded him. The surrounding fierce beasts all screamed and retreated, but as they retreated, their bodies collapsed and they died miserably.

However, their deaths released a bloody scent that attracted even more beasts. There were hundreds of thousands of beasts rushing toward Wang Lin, and there was no end in sight.

Wang Lin was filled with killing intent and coldness flashed through his eyes. As the hundreds of thousands of beast charged at him, a blue flame rushed out of his body. The blue flame spread everywhere, and any beast that touched it screamed as they were burnt to ashes.

This blue flame was too fast and appeared too suddenly. It rapidly spread and created a sea of flames 10,000 feet wide around Wang Lin. Now there were no more fierce beasts around him!

His right foot took a step forward and he started moving forward at a heaven-shaking speed.

However, after a moment of silence, even more fierce beasts roared and surrounded Wang Lin from all directions! The coldness in Wang Lin's eyes became even stronger, and he waved his right hand. Thunder roared in his dark world and countless silver snakes gathered toward Wang Lin. They formed countless balls of thunder and charged at those fierce beasts.

Thunderous rumbles echoed once more and shook the world while Wang Lin rushed out. A fierce aura erupted from his body, and the rumbles echoed as he flew. The beasts collapsed one by one.

Some blocked Wang Lin's path and were destroyed by the swords. Wang Lin directly slammed into some of them and smashed their bodies into pieces!

The smell of blood became even stronger. As Wang Lin moved forward, not a single beast was even able to make him pause. Endless beasts appeared before Wang Lin. He let out a cold snort and waved his right hand!

A giant palmprint appeared before Wang Lin and large amounts of origin energy gathered, causing the palmprint to immediately turn corporeal.

As Wang Lin waved his right hand, the palmprint moved forward. All the fierce beasts that collided with the palmprint died miserably.

The smell of blood became even stronger!

However, Wang Lin started moving even faster. With the War Spirit Print, all the fierce beasts died. Wang Lin pierced through the darkness and arrived at the end of the passage marked in the jade.

After he arrived here, there was no more direction to follow. The cold aura was even stronger here. It penetrated his body and even his origin soul seemed to slow down.

When the War Spirit Print was assaulted by the cold air, crackling sounds echoed and ice appeared on it. In an instant, the huge palmprint turned into an ice sculpture!

At this moment, a white gas appeared in this cold world. It turned into fierce beasts that gave off an icy aura.

These fierce beasts all looked different, but their ferocious gazes were far more intense than that of the beasts Wang Lin had killed. The moment they appeared, they charged at Wang Lin.

At a glance, the amount of beasts formed by this white gas was endless!

Killing intent flashed through Wang Lin's eyes, and he didn't hesitate to tear the space before him. His storage space immediately appeared!

"Mosquito beasts, appear!"

The moment Wang Lin spoke, a heaven-shaking buzzing overshadowed the roars of the beasts. Mosquito beasts rushed out one by one!

One, two, ten, one hundred, one thousand… over ten thousand!

At this instant, more than 10,000 mosquito beasts suddenly appeared and surrounded Wang Lin. They pounced on those ferocious beasts!

Wang Lin let out a laugh. This slaughter was heaven-shaking, and an extremely powerful aura erupted from his body. He then took a step forward!

Li Qianmei bit her lower lip. Her face was extremely pale. There was blood on her skirt, and all her magic treasures had been exhausted. Even the sword had collapsed in exchange for her to escape once.

However, right now despair filled her heart. In this strange world, she felt lonely and helpless. There were too many fierce beast here, no matter how much she killed she couldn't kill them all...

She looked around and bit her lower lip before revealing a miserable expression. There were countless beasts around her, and they were all roaring at her. It felt like their ferocious gazes were going to tear her body apart.

Li Qianmei had exhausted her origin energy and her pills were all used up. However, determination filled her heart, allowing her to last until now.

The golden pen in her hand drew runes one by one, resisting the beasts around her. However, as she weakened, the pen could no longer do much damage to the beasts surrounding her.

If it wasn't for the blue light forming a protective barrier 100 feet around her, she would have already died.

However, right now the blue light was trembling as if it could collapse at any time. The surrounding fierce beasts were slamming into the blue light even more violently!

There was also be a whip-like shadow that would break the void and mercilessly slam into the blue light. The blue light would tremble violently and disappear for a moment when it did so.

Every time this happened, a few fierce beasts would break through the blue light. Li Qianmei would have to pay a great price to kill them.

She couldn't last any longer. The loss of vitality and origin energy had made her a lamp without any oil.

"Am I going to die… I wonder if he has awakened… I didn't get a chance to see him again… I don't regret it…" Two streams of tears flowed down her eyes as she looked dimly ahead. After a long time, she slowly closed her eyes, waiting for the blue light to dissipate and death to arrive.

Li Qianmei muttered, "I don't regret it…"

However, just as she closed her eyes, a laugh that could shake the heavens and contained an unstoppable aura came from the distance. This shook Li Qianmei's mind, and she suddenly opened her eyes. She stared at the source of the sound in disbelief, and her tears flowed once more...

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