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Chapter 1291 - The Spatial Crack at the Demon Sect

Wang Lin's gaze swept past the six elders of the Everlasting Sect before retracting his hand. The blood sword in his right hand flashed red and turned into a drop of blood. It landed between his eyebrows and engraved itself there before gradually disappearing.

He waved his right hand and a storm appeared. He took the old woman and they disappeared before the people of the Everlasting Sect.

"This treasure refined using an ancient god star by an ancient god of unknown stars is indeed amazing! As a 6-star ancient god, I can only use about 30% of the sword's power, but that 30% is enough to cut down any first Heaven's Blight cultivator!" Wang Lin moved extremely fast as he flew through the stars.

The old woman beside him was numbed by everything she saw. The strength Wang Lin had displayed filled her with disbelief.

"Before I battled Daoist Water, I was half a step into the Nirvana Shatterer stage and could battle first Heaven's Blight cultivators. However, it would be a bitter battle. In order to win, I would've had to pay a price, and it would be very difficult!

"However, right now I still haven't opened the seal on my cultivation. After comprehending my first dao spell in the dao realm, it strengthened my body, and I can already overcome first Heaven's Blight cultivators! As for second Heaven's Blight cultivators, even though I'm not as strong as them, with this ancient god weapon, I can put up a fight!"

Among the Heaven's Blight stages, the gap between each stage was great. After all, if one failed at any of them, they would die, but if they succeeded, they would obtain unimaginable power!

This was power obtained by risking one's life, so it was difficult to overcome.

"However, if I open the seal, my cultivation level will increased greatly. It has only been 10 years in the outside world, but I have comprehended for a long time in the Heaven Defying Bead. As a result, if my seal is released, I'll have a chance to reach the mid stage of Nirvana Shatterer in one go! If I can reach the mid stage Nirvana Shatterer, second Heaven's Blight cultivators would be no match for me. I should even be able to battle third Heaven's Blight cultivators!" Wang Lin's eyes shined!

He felt his own strength. This kind of strength made him feel like he held the world when he clenched his fist. Confidence filled his heart!

"My goal is to become a third step cultivator to kill Daoist Water and the ancestor from the ancient Allheaven family that deceived me with the Qixi spell!"  [1]

Before he battled Daoist Water, Wang Lin considered the third step, the legendary, heaven-shattering realm, something that could only be reached by true gods. Every time he thought about it, it was like a powerful pressure that could destroy everything, something he couldn't resist.

However, now, because Wang Lin's cultivation had improved, because Wang Lin had battled Daoist Water, and because Wang Lin had comprehended in the dao realm, the mysterious veil around third step cultivators was torn apart. Their invincible legend crumbled and the only thing that remained was Wang Lin's killing intent!

Wang Lin broke through the rank 8 region with confidence and determination to save Li Qianmei. He entered the rank 9 region for the first time!

When he stepped into the rank 9 region, someone was sitting in a secret room inside the God Sect. The veins on his face were swollen and his body gave off an endless seven-colored glow. The white-haired boy let out a mournful scream.

His face rapidly aged. but when his age reached a limit, it reversed. This cycle continued. The alternation between life and death caused pain that no ordinary person could endure!

Daoist Water had suffered this pain for 10 years!

"Little bastard, I'll make you repay the pain this old man is suffering now 10,000 fold!!!! Also, Master, even though you didn't die, you must be extremely weak. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to escape 10 years ago!" Daoist Water's expression was ferocious, but soon he began screaming miserably again.

There were no pupils left in his eyes; they were completely replaced by seven-colored light!

Ignoring Daoist Water for now, after Wang Lin entered the rank 9 region, the old woman immediately led the way. The two of them broke through the fog and charged for the Demon Sect!

There were rank 12 beasts inside the fog in the rank 9 region, but Wang Lin had no time to kill them, and he didn't want to get blocked. The moment he entered the fog, his cultivation erupted and a monstrous killing intent shocked all the fog beasts. The fog was pushed back and the beasts hidden inside avoided Wang Lin!

"God Sect, Daoist Water, I'll definitely kill you!" In the rank 9 region, Wang Lin's killing intent became even stronger.

Along the way, Wang Lin moved at top speed. Thunderous rumbles erupted as he broke through the fog before him and charged toward the Demon Sect battlefield under the old woman's guidance.

The Demon Sect, the most mysterious sect in the rank 9 region. Rumor had it that the Demon Sect didn't have many disciples, but every single one was an amazing cultivator!

Being stationed at the battlefield for countless years and fighting off waves of fierce beast invasions had made the people of the Demon Sect filled with killing intent. In addition, they almost never left the Demon Sect, so in the minds of the people of the Cloud Sea, they could match the God Sect!

The rumors stated that the Demon Sect had separated from the God Sect and no longer listened to the God Sect. All of this was very strange. Whether it was true or false, it was enough to show the Demon Sect's strength!

They had been stationed at the battlefield for countless years, ensuring the peace of the Cloud Sea. This lack of knowledge made the people of the Cloud Sea look at the Demon Sect in awe. They respected their virtue and feared their secrets!

In the eyes of the Cloud Sea, the people of the Demon Sect could no longer be described as cultivators. They were more like an army, like the soldiers of a mortal imperial dynasty!

They were ruthless, but they guarded the entire Cloud Sea! It was because of the existence of the Demon Sect that the Cloud Sea could have tens of thousands of years of peace. They were the reason the Cloud Sea cultivators could fight amongst each other and obtain resources!

If one day the Demon Sect stopped existing and the first layer of defense against the fierce beasts that came out of the spatial crack disappeared, it would bring unimaginable calamity to the Cloud Sea!

It was thanks to the ruthlessness of the Demon Sect and their special mission that every Cloud Sea cultivator that came to the battlefield was extremely respectful to the Demon Sect and had to listen to the orders of the Demon Sect!

If there was anyone who defied orders, the Demon Sect would immediately kill that person! Only when someone extremely talented got the recognition of the Demon Sect would there be a chance of someone entering the Demon Sect. They would receive the attention of the Demon Sect.

Li Qianmei was one of the three that had obtained the recognition of the Demon Sect. Even when she clearly disobeyed their order to leave, the Demon Sect didn't kill her to stop her!

However, Li Qianmei had been gone for 10 years, so the Demon Sect had become angry. To the Demon Sect, there was no reason to leave for 10 years. If they didn't punish her, the Demon Sect wouldn't be the Demon Sect!

At this moment, outside the spatial crack next to ring formed by the Demon Sect's six cultivation planets, thousands of geniuses from the Cloud Sea were frantically fighting. All kinds of spells were being used.

Inside the spatial crack, different types of beasts roared and struggled to come out of the crack in order to kill everything before them! The ferociousness they gave off was very different from that of the fierce beasts in the cloud sea. They were far stronger!

These fierce beasts had survived through endless slaughter. They were not something the fierce beasts that lived in peace in the Cloud Sea could compare to!

The smell of blood spread out. As the fierce beasts rushed out, the thousands of cultivators fought fiercely. All kinds of magical treasures and spells filled the sky. Thunderous rumbles echoed across the stars!

Among these cultivators, there were six extremely strong cultivators. Whenever a fierce beast appeared around them, they would immediately die, their blood splattering everywhere. This made it so there were a large open area around each of them!

The surrounding cultivators obviously knew how strong the six of them were, so they stayed far away and wouldn't get close. They were very confident in the six of them!

Of the six, four were men and two were women.

Among the four men, three of them were middle-aged and one was an old man. They were peak Nirvana Shatterer cultivators, and the old man was showing signs of reaching the first Heaven's Blight.

The four of them were all extremely decisive and ruthless in their killing intent. Often, they would only require one blow to kill a beast that had charged out!

As for the two women, one of them was a beautiful middle-aged woman, and the other was a young woman that looked around 25 years old.

However, there was too many fierce beasts coming out of the spatial crack. As the thousands of cultivators fought, hundreds of people had their bodies torn apart by the fierce beasts. Some of their origin souls weren't able to escape and let out miserable screams as they collapsed.

Behind the thousands of cultivators stood three people. They were surrounded by a blue mist, making it impossible to see what they looked like. Their auras were strangely connected, giving off the aura of a first Heaven's Blight cultivator. The three were obviously not at the first Heaven's Blight, but under the connection of the blue mist, they were able to attack with the power of a first Heaven's Blight cultivator.

The death of cultivators, the collapse of fierce beasts, and the smell of blood didn't seem to exist to the three of them. They just stood there, looking at the spatial crack. No one knew what they were thinking.

They were real Demon Sect disciples! When some of the cultivators would retreat to swallow some pills and recover, they would occasionally look at the three of them with awe in their eyes.

Amidst the endless slaughter and thunderous rumbles, the fierce beasts inside the crack suddenly retreated. As their roars rumbled, a powerful aura erupted from the spatial crack. The surrounding beasts suddenly became even more ferocious.

"The amount of fierce beasts today is far more than before. I was puzzled, but it turns out a king beast has appeared!"

"King beasts don't appear much, but every time they appear, a large amount of cultivators die. However, this king beast also represents an opportunity. If we can kill the king beast…"

"Back then, Li Qianmei and other two killed a king beast each and became recognized by the Demon Sect! There is another king beast today. It is our chance!"

The moment the surrounding cultivators noticed the aura from the spatial crack, they were shocked. They immediately retreated and focused on the spatial crack.

The six extremely powerful cultivators also retreated. One of the women, one with cold eyes, revealed killing intent.

"King Beast? If Li Qianmei can kill it, I can kill it as well!"

The appearance of this aura made all the cultivators nervous. Only the three people surrounded by the blue mist weren't affected.

At this moment, under the guidance of the old woman, Wang Lin was getting closer and closer to this place...

1. Used to drain Wang Lin's life in an attempt to revive Li Muwan

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