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Chapter 1290 - One Line!

The old man in black grinned as he stepped closer and launched a spell! The Everlasting Sect's sect master's eyes were also filled with killing intent as he closed in!

Six first Heaven's Blight cultivators all launched their attacks. It looked like they were determined to kill Wang Lin!

The old man in black immediately shouted, "He said the God Sect's head elder, Daoist Water, failed to kill him. He is extremely absurd. This person has offended the God Sect and escaped a calamity, then he came to provoke our Everlasting Sect. We will capture him and give him to the God Sect for a reward!" 

The six auras were heaven-shaking. This was a combined attack of six first Heaven's Blight cultivators. Only those at the second Heaven's Blight would be able to counterattack; all others would die!

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes and the 10 million rays of sword energy howled around him. A thunderous rumble echoed as the six Everlasting Sect elders attacked!

At this moment, it felt like the world was going to collapse, and the earth trembled violently. The mountain below Wang Lin collapsed even more and even more ancient god power rushed into his body.

At the same time, a faint, indescribable aura spread out from the inner part of the mountain. It was as if some treasure was awakening and was going to charge out of the mountain!

Wang Lin raised his right hand and was going to use a spell, but his expression changed. His right hand reached out and a crack to his storage space appeared. A jade flew out and landed in Wang Lin's hand.

This jade was formed by Li Qianmei's life soul. It was no longer warm, and the crack on it had suddenly spread half an inch!

This jade already cracked when Wang Lin awakened, and now the crack was even larger!

The crack on the soul jade meant that Li Qianmei was facing a life and death crisis. If the jade completely split open, that would mean that Li Qinamei had died!

The expression of the old woman beside him changed greatly when she saw that the crack had extended half an inch. Her eyes were filled with sorrow.

Wang Lin stared at the jade. The pain in his heart became even stronger as the crack extended. In this short moment, Wang Lin felt like 10 years had passed. A moment later, the crack stopped extending. Li Qianmei's soul jade didn't shatter but was extremely weak.

Wang Lin's eyes were filled with blood light, and an earth-shattering aura erupted from his body, forming a storm connecting him to the world. A thunderous rumble echoed as the fifth star suddenly appeared, and a moment later, the sixth star appeared!

6-star ancient god! A true 6-star royal ancient god!

However, Wang Lin wasn't happy. He felt anxious. Li Qianmei didn't have much time, and he had no time to waste at the Everlasting Sect. Right now no one could stop him!

The 10 million rays of sword energy echoed as the six Everlasting Sect elders attempted to break through to Wang Lin. They were surrounded by spells filled with law, their power shocking!

"You're all courting death!" Wang Lin's right foot mercilessly stomped the mountain. His ancient god power turned into unimaginable strength and entered the mountain through his feet. The power quickly spread, causing the mountain to collapse completely!

The Everlasting Sect's mountain collapsed. Large amounts of dust were kicked up and the shockwave formed a storm!

Wang Lin originally didn't want to do this, because he didn't want to destroy the mountain. That's why he was only gently absorbing the ancient god aura and was only going to take the treasure while preserving most of the mountain.

However, right now he had to destroy the mountain to obtain what was below!

The moment the mountain collapsed, a powerful ancient god aura rushed out and went into Wang Lin's body. The popping sounds echoing inside Wang Lin's body were louder than thunder!

The six ancient god stars between his eyebrows rapidly rotated. As the powerful ancient god aura entered his body, even the seventh star began to take shape!

Although it hadn't completely formed, a vortex formed!

At this moment, Wang Lin jumped into the air and his right hand reached at the collapsed mountain. The sky changed colors and an extremely powerful aura charged out from the mountain!

It was a ray of red light, a blood red light! Inside the red light was a fist-sized sword! This sword was made of blood, and the blood inside of it flowed, giving off a red light that permeated the world!

There was sword hymn that contained a hint of excitement and joy from being released from countless years of suppression. The instant the blood sword fell in Wang Lin's hand, Wang Lin felt a sense of blood connection with it!

It was as if this blood sword originally belonged to him, had always been his!

As he held the blood sword, the surrounding 10 million rays of sword energy were being weakened by the six people of the Everlasting Sect. The moment they charged in, Wang Lin's ancient god power rushed into the blood sword and he sliced at this surroundings!

A thunderous rumble shook the world!

It was impossible to describe this slice. This slice could break the heavens and earth; it could pierce the sky and shake all life! The moment he sliced down, the old man in black that was closest to Wang Lin was filled with horror as his body collapsed into a bloody mess. His origin soul struggled to retreat and his face was filled with fear.

There was another Everlasting Sect elder beside him whose body also collapsed!

The other four all coughed out blood and retreated like crazy. Their bodies were pierced by the blood light and started emitting red smoke afterward. Then their bodies rapidly withered and soon were like bags of bones!

"What a sword!!"

"What kind of treasure is this?!"

"What is Lu Zihao's cultivation level?!"

One slice! Out of six first Heaven's Blight cultivators, two had lost their bodies and the rest were all injured. This was only because Wang Lin didn't want to kill. Otherwise, those two that had lost their bodies wouldn't have been able to escape at all!

This sword completely shocked everyone and caused a huge wave in their hearts!

Wang Lin's body flickered and then he took the dumbfounded old woman straight into the sky. The six people from the Everlasting Sect didn't dare to stop him at all!

"I'll be back. If the Origin Sect is damaged at all, I'll remove your Everlasting Sect from the Cloud Sea! All six of you will die!" Wang Lin coldly looked back at the six of them in the air. He had tried being polite and sincere; he had even made an oath, but it was all useless! In the cultivation world, strength was the only thing respected!

One sword and one line were 10,000 times stronger than any blood oath!

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