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Chapter 1292 - The White Figure Under the Red Light

At this moment, at the spatial crack battlefield next to the Demon Sect, as the surrounding cultivators retreated, the roars from the fierce beasts became even more violent. The entire star field trembled as an even more powerful aura erupted from the spatial crack. This aura was so strong that it immediately suppressed the roars of the surrounding beasts.

A dragon-shaped fierce beast slowly came out of the spatial crack as the fierce beasts retreated!

It was a completely black dragon! However, it was still different from a real dragon. This dragon was covered in scales and had two hideous horns. They weren't straight but bent!

Its body was tens of thousands of feet long, and after it appeared, it gave off a powerful pressure. Its dragon eyes was filled with killing intent as it looked at the surrounding cultivators. Eventually, its gaze moved to the three people surrounded by blue mist.

After it saw those three people, the dragon let out a heaven-shaking roar. This roar was filled with madness, monstrous rage, and bloodthirst!

It recognized the blue mist. In its memory, the people surrounded by blue mist were their mortal enemies that prevented them from charging out of the spatial crack!

"It's unexpectedly a young dragon from the Nine Abyss. This dragon can no longer be considered a fierce beast. Although it is rank 12, it can display power equal to a rank 13 king beast that can't take human form!"

"It is indeed a dragon from the Nine Abyss. This kind of beast hasn't appeared for a long time. Elder once said that these kinds of groups far surpass the beasts that can turn human. Legend has it that it was one of the six beast companions that belonged to Ji Qiong!"

"This matter is important, we must report it to the elders!" The three people inside the blue mist sent thoughts to each other. One of them took out a jade and crushed it. It immediately sent out a message.

Just as this message was sent out, the Nine Abyss Dragon roared and black gas came out of the crack on its body. The black mist turned into black skulls that could penetrate the soul. They scattered in all directions and charged out of the spatial crack!

Thunderous rumbles came from the spatial crack as if it was trembling and was unable to bear the force. The endless black skulls charged out of the spatial crack and pounced at the surrounding cultivators.

The fierce beasts from the crack followed after the black skulls, launching a shocking attack! However, the Nine Abyss Dragon didn't rush out but remained inside the spatial crack, coldly looking outside with a murderous gaze.

The thousands of cultivators outside the spatial crack had all been fighting for hundreds of years and had strong mental strength. However, even they were shaking right now. But once they were here, they weren't allowed to retreat and had to fight. When they black skulls closed in, the cultivators began a life and death battle.

The six geniuses charged out for the Nine Abyss Dragon inside the spatial crack.

"If the six of us work together to kill this dragon, we came become members of the Demon Sect!" one of the middle-aged men among the six shouted. His hands formed a seal, his body was surrounded by a purple light, and his aura increased!

The remaining five people all used their strongest spells. The beautiful middle-aged woman's hair instantly became white. Her white hair swept and formed a white hair storm before her. It carried a shocking power as it charged at the Nine Abyss Dragon

There was also that old man with the highest cultivation level. He waved his right hand and countless golden cores appeared around him. This was similar to the golden cores cultivators had but also very different. This was a spell the old man had created himself with his great wisdom. These golden cores were formed by origin energy, and their collapse could be exchanged for even stronger power. In a flash, almost 10,000 golden cores appeared around him!

There was also that cold woman. She bit the tip of her tongue and spat blood onto the thin sword in her hand. The sword gave off a dazzling glow and melted to form a golden river. The river surrounded her and gave off a destructive aura. It then charged out with her!

The six most powerful cultivators among the thousands of cultivators all attacked at the same time and began a battle against the Nine Abyss Dragon!

The surrounding cultivators all screamed miserably. The black skulls were too strange, as no spells or magical treasures had any affect on them. They directly penetrated into the cultivators' bodies, and as soon as they entered, they would explode. The destructive force would cause the cultivators' bodies to explode and their origin souls to dissipate.

In addition to the fierce beasts charging out from the spatial crack, it was a moment of crisis!

The six powerful cultivators had closed in on the Nine Abyss Dragon and were launching their attack. However, as their spells closed in and they got close, the Nine Abyss Dragon opened its mouth to spit out a mouthful of black mist!

The moment the black mist was spat out, it formed a black skull 10,000 feet large. The skull shot at the six of them!

Thunderous rumbles echoed. Out of the four men, only the old man didn't cough out blood. Their faces became pale and they were pushed back. Large amounts of milky white aura came out of their orifices and was devoured by the skull. It was their vitality!

Blood came out of the corner of the old man's mouth and he treated. His eyes became cold as his hand moved and he shouted, "10,000 golden cores, explode!" With that, the 10,000 golden cores collapsed, creating a destructive power that landed on the giant skull.

As for the two women, the white hair storm of the middle-aged woman collapsed. She coughed out blood and was forced to retreat. A large amount of her vitality was absorbed as she retreated.

As for the indifferent woman, her face was pale and her right hand was bleeding. The golden river around her seemed to be flowing slower as well. However, she clenched her teeth and pointed forward. The golden river around her exploded into countless golden raindrops that fell on the skull!

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the giant skull paused for a moment. Using this chance, the old man and indifferent woman quickly retreated after using their spells.

The old man had prestige among the thousands of cultivators. As he retrated, he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and immediately shouted, "There are too many enemy beasts. First, activate the sacrifice formation to kill them!"

After he shouted, the surrounding cultivators all retreated and their hands formed a seal. Formation light starting coming from their bodies.

"We offer life for the Demon Sect Formation!" Thousands of people sacrificed their vitality at the same time. The unified shout from the thousands of cultivators created a powerful pressure!

As their voices echoed, a ghostly light came from the spatial crack. There was a thunderous rumble and then the spatial crack became like a large mouth and suddenly closed!

Some fierce beasts weren't able to dodge quick enough and their bodies exploded. Even the Nine Abyss Dragon had to quickly withdraw its head to prevent itself from being chopped in half.

When the old man saw this, he let out a sigh. He originally wanted to lure the Nine Abyss Dragon out halfway before before using the formation to kill it. However, the six of them weren't strong enough to lure the Nine Abyss Dragon out.

"If Li Qianmei was here, with her strength and magic treasures, perhaps she'd be able to break the skull and make the Nine Abyss Dragon come out!" The old man sighed and put those thoughts out of his mind. Taking advantage of the short moment when the spatial crack was closed, he waved his right hand. Countless golden cores appeared and charged at the skull.

The indifferent woman was the same as him. These cultivators had worked together for many years and had a good understanding of each other. The other four didn't attack the big skull but spread out to attack those small skulls and isolated beasts.

The Demon Sect cultivators shrouded in blue mist floated there motionlessly as they watched the battle, watched the death of beasts and cultivators. Some of the skulls and beasts charged at them, but the moment they touched the blue mist, they died miserably.

"This place is a battlefield, and the weak won't survive. If you want to live, make yourself stronger and break through, then you must walk the line of life and death over and over. Back in the day, the three of us did the same!"

"Of course the Nine Abyss Dragon is very strong. After the formation has been used up, the three of us will deal with the Nine Abyss Dragon."

Two voices came out of the three people inside the blue mist.

The closed crack began to tremble after a moment. After being closed for a brief moment, it gradually opened. The roar of the Nine Abyss Dragon echoed from within.

The old man and the indifferent woman were fighting with the huge skull. They had trapped it and were about to destroy it!

The three people inside the blue mist stared at the spatial crack slowly opening and were about to step forward. However, their expressions changed greatly and they suddenly looked into the distance!

An indescribable roar came from the distance. This roar was heaven-shaking and contained a  powerful aura. Not only did it attract the three people from the Demon Sect, but also the attention of the cultivators on the battlefield.

Even the beasts outside couldn't help but tremble, and their eyes became filled with fear. They stopped attacking and began to retreat back into the spatial crack.

Even the skulls all trembled and let out screams as if they had sensed an aura that terrified them. They quickly retreated!

Even the eyes of the giant skull fighting the old man and indifferent woman released a ghostly fire filled with fear. It began to struggle violently in an attempt to retreat!

This sudden changed shocked the cultivators here, and they all looked toward the distance, where the roar was coming form!

They saw a shocking, red light in the direction. There were two people inside the red light closing in at a shocking speed!

The person was wearing white and had white hair. He had a gloomy expression, but his powerful cultivation caused space itself to distort! Behind him was an old woman in white!

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