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Chapter 1289 - The Strong are Respected!

After entering the Everlasting Sect again, Wang Lin charged forward without pausing. The old woman quickly followed him.

Due to the activation of the transfer array, the disciples of the Everlasting Sect immediately noticed. Some of the closest gatekeepers immediately flew over.

However, before they could approach, Wang Lin moved like lightning and swept by the disciples of the Everlasting Sect. The storm he set off caused the Everlasting Sect disciples to retreat and reveal looks of terror.

Wang Lin's speed had already reached a limit. He teleported as he moved. and in the blink of an eye. he appeared before the giant mountain peak from before!

"This is it!" What Wang Lin wanted was the ancient god sword that turned into a mountain and he suspected was made by a 9-star ancient god! Only with this would he be confident in saving Li Qianmei from that dangerous battlefield.

There wasn't enough time for Wang Lin to think too much. He only knew that he had to get this ancient god weapon and he had to be fast! Fast! Fast!

At this moment, he closed in on the mountain and clasped his hands at the ground.

"I'm going to take this mountain, but I will definitely repay you in the future. I'm willing to pay any price! I hope you fellow cultivators of the Everlasting Sect could help me this time!" With that, Wang Lin took a step forward and landed on the mountain.

He didn't hesitate. The moment his feet landed, all his ancient god power activated. In a flash, the mountain seemed to awaken and an ancient aura erupted from within.

This aura was very strong and heaven-shaking. It contained a powerful ancient god aura and suddenly roared. It caused a giant vortex to appear outside the mountain, and the vortex began to rotate.

In a flash, the ancient god aura erupted from the mountain. The entire mountain shook and even the earth trembled. More and more ancient god power surged like crazy into Wang Lin's body from his feet!

At this instant, the ancient god stars appeared between Wang Lin's eyebrows. Although his ancient stars had shattered, the ancient god power hadn't left. When he turned into stone, the ancient god power had returned into his body in a chaotic state!

Now that the ancient god energy from the mountain surged into Wang Lin, an ancient god star  suddenly appeared!

Shortly after, the second ancient god star flashed and reappeared as well!

As the ancient god aura that had been asleep for countless years entered Wang Lin's body, popping sounds echoed through his whole body. The mountain trembled even more violently and the origin energy of the world began to stir!

The sky changed colors and the clouds were scattered!

It was as if an ancient god was struggling to open its eyes under this mountain. It was roaring as it struggled to escape!

Large amounts of cracks appeared on this mountain, accompanied by popping sounds. The mountain seemed like it was going to collapse. Rocks fell off and the earth shattered!

All of this happened in an instant. As Wang Lin absorbed the ancient god aura, six extremely powerful auras came from all sides, including two coming from the mountain.

These six auras were all extremely powerful cultivators at the first Heaven's Blight stage!

"Li Zhihao!!! It's you!! What are you doing?!" A roar echoed from one of the two auras coming out of the mountain. He had white hair and wore a black robe. After roaring, he saw what Wang Lin was doing, and he revealed killing intent!

Wang Lin hadn't seen this old man before, but from his cultivation level, it was obvious that he was one of the Everlasting Sect's high elders!

The old man's eyes revealed killing intent as he waved his right hand and thunder echoed. Endless thunder appeared in the sky, and it was all absorbed by the old man's hand. Then 19 heaven-shattering balls of thunder shot toward Wang Lin!

There was another person beside him. This person looked gloomily at Wang Lin. It was the Everlasting Sect's sect master!

When the 19 balls of thunder closed in, Wang Lin suddenly looked up. At this moment, he was rapidly absorbing the ancient god power from the mountain, and the third ancient god star suddenly appeared.

"Thunder!" Wang Lin's eyes revealed a strange light!

The moment that word came out of Wang Lin's mouth, the balls of thunder suddenly stopped and began to tremble. Then they stopped attacking Wang Lin and charged toward the old man in black.

It was as if Wang Lin was their real master, the master of all the thunder in this world!

The face of the old man in black changed. He waved his sleeves and collided with the balls of thunder. A thunderous rumble that shook everything echoed!

"Fellow Cultivator Li, my Everlasting Sect has been good to you. Back then you wanted Extreme Yin, and this old man gave it to you. You killed the Celestial Music Sect's sect master and I didn't pursue the matter. I even moved the Origin Sect into the rank 7 region! Even though you have been missing for the past 10 years and were rumored to be dead, this old man still treated the Origin Sect the same!! You appeared again and originally would have been a guest, but now you want to take my Everlasting Sect's mountain!! Do you think you're qualified to fight my Everlasting Sect!?" The Everlasting Sect's sect master stared at Wang Lin, and his words were like thunder!

Wang Lin silently pondered as he looked at the Everlasting Sect's sect master. After a long time, he slowly said, "I will owe the Everlasting Sect a great favor and will definitely return what is inside this mountain in the future! Due to certain reasons, I must take it with me! In the future, I'll return and repay you all!"

The ancient god aura under Wang Lin moved once more and charged into him. This caused his clothes to move, and the ancient god aura inside him surged. The fourth star between his eyebrows formed!

"Favor? Who do you think you are? What qualifications do you have to owe the Everlasting Sect a favor? Do you think you're the God Sect's head elder?!" The old man in black that had launched the thunder attack at Wang Lin had finally resisted his own spell. His face was a bit pale and he sneered sarcastically. He charged at Wang Lin and his hands formed a seal. A heaven-shaking spell began to form and purple thunder appeared around him!

The Everlasting Sect's sect master became even colder. After he learned of Wang Lin's disappearance and supposed death, he hadn't kept the Origin Sect safe like he had said, but instead had kept them ready to be handed over to the God Sect. He wouldn't become the enemy of the God Sect for one person, one branch sect! Much less protect the small Origin Sect that had no value left.

At this moment, he also charged forward and pointed at the sky. A seven foot sword appeared in his hand. This sword was shaped like a dragon, and the moment it appeared, the roar of a dragon echoed!

The two of them moved at an unimaginable speed and closed in on Wang Lin!

The moment their spell and dragon sword arrived, Wang Lin pointed forward with his right index finger. At this moment, a black and white aura appeared, turning into two small deer. At the same time, 100,000, 1 million, 5 million, 10 million rays of sword energy erupted!

The 10 million dazzling rays of sword energy covered the sky!! Even Daoist Water was injured by these 10 million rays of sword energy, so its power was amazing! This was the second time it appeared in Wang Lin's hand and formed a storm.

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the cultivation planet; even the fog around the planet was pushed back as if it were afraid to approach! When the black-robed man charged into the rays of sword energy, the thunder around him collapsed. He coughed out blood and immediately retreated. He revealed a look of fear he had never shown before!

The sect master's expression changed greatly and then he waved the dragon sword, creating countless swords. Popping sounds echoed as he tried to resist, but he was forced to retreat by the storm of 10 million rays of sword energy. He wasn't able to approach Wang Lin at all.

"This Lu Zihao was already very strong. After 10 years, he is even stronger!!!"

"I don't wish to become an enemy of the Everlasting Sect. I only want to borrow what's inside the mountain. I'll surely return it one day!" Wang Lin was surrounded by 10 million rays of sword energy, and his voice was filled with sincerity.

The Everlasting Sect's sect master avoided the sword energy and gloomily said, "Why should the Everlasting Sect lend it to you? Why should the Everlasting Sect believe you!?"

"The fact that the God Sect's Daoist Water wanted to kill me but failed and instead was forced into closed door cultivation with serious injuries! Or the fact that I'm willing to make a blood vow!" Wang Lin bit the tip of his tongue and spat out blood. The blood turned into a blood-colored rune that contained a hint of Wang Lin's soul! The rune flew out of the storm of sword energy and floated before the Everlasting Sect's sect master.

Wang Lin's words were like thunder that shocked the mind of the Everlasting Sect's sect master and the old man in black!

"The God Sect Daoist Water failed to kill you!?!" The Everlasting Sect's sect master gasped and his eyes filled with disbelief.

"Nonsense, no one in the world would believe you. Your blood oath is useless in this old man's eyes!" The old man in black had retreated from Wang Lin twice. With his cultivation level and status, this was something that had never happened before. He sneered as his eyes lit up and his right hand reached for the blood oath made by Wang Lin's blood. He mercilessly crushed it!

The blood rune collapsed with a bang!

Wang Lin's face immediately turned pale, but his eyes became cold. He had been benevolent. This ancient god treasure didn't belong to the Everlasting Sect, and due to the Everlasting Sect, he had been extremely sincere, not even hesitating to leave a blood oath. However, all of this was useless!

"Strength speaks in the cultivation world. The strong are respected…" Wang Lin's eyes lit up.

Just at this moment, the other four powerful auras suddenly closed in. These four auras were four high elders of the Everlasting Sect. They were all powerful as well!

When they closed in, they didn't even talk to Wang Lin, they just quickly shot spells toward Wang Lin, who was standing on the mountain peak!

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