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Chapter 1288 - Fame From 10 Years Ago!

There was a transfer array on a continent in the rank 6 region. There were more than 10 cultivators sitting around it, including a man and woman who were talking to each other. The woman would sometimes smile and look at the man with an alluring gaze.

"I don't believe you at all. If Lu Zihao was as powerful as you said, powerful enough to kill our sect's sect master, elder, and senior disciple, the Everlasting Sect would definitely protect him. How could he have died?"

"Junior Sister, everything I said is true. It was said that Lu zihao offended the God Sect and was hunted by them. He died in the rank 5 region!" The man laughed.

"Lu Zihao was considered a genius of the Cloud Sea. Unfortunately, he was arrogant and provoked the God Sect…" As the man spoke, the transfer array they were guarding activated and gave off a dazzling glow.

The man stopped speaking and looked over.

"I wonder which low rank region opened the transfer array." The man was haughty. He was a disciple of the Celestial Music Sect. He was in charge of guarding the transfer array, and every time someone came, they would gift the guard some origin crystals. This had become a rule in the Cloud Sea.

However, just at that moment, the transfer array shined even brighter and the light reached a peak. The world rumbled, the wind howled, and the sky changed colors. Endless rumbles came from the transfer array and cracking sounds echoed as a crack appeared on the transfer array!

This sudden occurrence caused the expressions of the cultivators around the transfer array to change, and they all stood up.

"They sure have guts to force the transfer array to accelerate its opening like this. Once this transfer array is destroyed, none of the lower rank sects can afford this responsibility! I want to see what sect dares to be so arrogant!" The man that spoke before became gloomy. He waved his right hand and a flying sword appeared. With a point of his finger, the flying sword shot toward the transfer array!

However, just as the flying sword closed in, a thunderous rumble came from the transfer array. The light from the transfer array shined even brighter and it exploded. Two figures charged off into the starry sky!

"You…" The person who used the flying sword was about to speak but immediately stopped. When the two figures charged out, he vaguely caught a glimpse of one of them.

This caused his expression to change greatly!

"Lu Zihao!!" This man was at the Everlasting Sect and personally saw Wang Lin's superb battles. He had also personally witnessed the death of his sect master, head elder, and senior disciple!

Wang Lin didn't pay any attention to these juniors. After he charged out, he charged forward, creating a thunderous rumble as he flew away.

"The closest place to here is the Celestial Music Sect. From there you can teleport to the Everlasting Sect!" The old woman's face was pale as she looked at Wang Lin with fear.

"This person is crazy! Crazy! In order to speed up the transfer speed, he wasn't even willing to wait half an hour. He chose the extremely dangerous method of infusing origin energy into the transfer array to make the transfer instant. This is something only a madman would do, as the smallest mistake would mean death within the torn space!"

The old woman felt lingering fear when she recalled what happened during the transfer.

Wang Lin's expression was extremely gloomy as he charged into the starry sky. As the thunderous rumbles echoed, he followed the old woman's directions toward the Celestial Music Sect!

He used almost his full speed and moved like thunder through the rank 6 region. It didn't take long for the Celestial Music Sect to appear before his eyes!

The Celestial Music Sect was a rank 6 sect with three continents, and they had a more powerful protection formation. Ordinary people would find it difficult to break. Even a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator would find it difficult to open in a short period of time and would need to spend some time.

However, if the Celestial Music Sect's Nirvana Shatterer cultivators came out to reinforce it, the formation would become even stronger!

Wang Lin walked through the stars. He was so fast that he set off a thunderous rumble. There was also a frenzied aura that charged forward, alerting all of the Celestial Music Sect. The newly appointed sect master and elders all came out of their closed door cultivation. They looked ahead gloomily while floating in the air.

What they saw caused their expressions to change greatly!

"Lu Zihao!!!"

"Lu Zihao!!! The Lu Zihao that killed the previous sect master and head elder!!"

"Wasn't this person killed by the God Sect? How could he not be dead?!"

"It is said that 10 years ago, the God Sect killed this person in the rank 5 region. However, not only is he not dead, but he is even more powerful. Could it be that not even the God Sect can kill him?!"

The moment they saw Wang Lin, the people from the Celestial Music Sect that saw Wang Lin at the Everlasting Sect were all in an uproar. They were shocked and their eyes were filled with endless fear and panic!

Wang Lin's figure was too deeply engraved in their minds!

Under their gazes, Wang Lin didn't pause at all and arrived next to the transfer array outside the three continents. His gaze was cold and he didn't even look at the cultivators that were shocked due to his arrival. He raised his hand and mercilessly pressed down on the formation!

The moment his palm touched the formation, Wang Lin gave off a shocking aura!

"Collapse for me!!!"

Thunderous rumbles echoed throughout the world, causing the three continents to shake. The formation shook violently and began to shine. Cracking sounds echoed as five cracks appeared along Wang Lin's five fingers!

These five cracks were like five vicious dragons that quickly spread and, in the blink of an eye, covered the entire formation!

The formation that even a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator would need some time to break suddenly collapsed and disintegrated before the eyes of the Celestial Music Sect cultivators!

An unimaginable impact scattered when the formation shattered! The formation broke like a mirror, and the countless fragments scattered. The fragments contained a powerful force as they scattered. This scene shocked all the Celestial Music Sect cultivators, and they quickly retreated in fear of being injured by these fragments!

One person, one palm. The force of one step shook the world!

"Open the transfer array to the Everlasting Sect and take out all your origin crystals!" Wang Lin's gaze coldly looked at the cultivators before him.

There was no chance to reject. These words descended like the heavens' might and spread across the Celestial Music Sect. All the cultivators' minds trembled and none of them dared to refuse!

The new Celestial Music Sect's sect master's forehead was covered in sweat. He looked at Wang Lin with fear and awe in his eyes. He had witnessed Wang Lin's brilliance at the Everlasting Sect and personally saw the previous sect master die.

"This person could instantly kill the sect master and head elder 10 years ago, and even the God Sect couldn't kill him. Now, 10 years later, he came back and is even more frightening than before. Such a person must not be provoked!" The Celestial Music Sect's sect master' didn't hesitate to give out a series of orders. The entire Celestial Music Sect began activating the transfer array to the Everlasting Sect!

Wang Lin had picked these two transfer arrays for a reason. The Sea Soul Sect transfer array was two ways, so there was no need for the other side to activate it to use it.

The rank 6 Celestial Music Sect as a rank 6 sect had the right to open the transfer array without the Everlasting Sect's permission in case of something unexpected happening.

Of course, there was a limit to this transfer. A single transfer couldn't exceed three people, and they would be strictly questioned. If there was no important matter, they would be severely punished!

10 years ago, Wang Lin's prestige set off a wave within the people that witnessed what he did at the Everlasting Sect themselves. Also, 10 years was considered very short for cultivators. When he appeared this time, he set off a wave in the Celestial Music Sect. After all, the Celestial Music Sect was even more familiar with Wang Lin because their sect master, head elder, and head disciple had all been killed by Wang Lin.

At this moment, the entire Celestial Music Sect began to work to quickly activate the transfer array. The new sect master cried bitterly in his heart. He only wanted to send this fiend away as quickly as possible. He was afraid of provoking Wang Lin, Back then, Wang Lin was willing to kill the previous sect master, and today he was likely to kill again.

After taking the bag of holding containing all the origin crystals, Wang Lin stepped into the formation with the old woman. The old woman was extremely shocked by everything. She had spent all her time in the battlefield at the Demon Sect and didn't know what happened 10 years ago. When she saw what happened here, she couldn't believe her eyes.

She could see that the elders and the sect master of the Celestial Music Sect looked at Wang Lin with unimaginable terror in their eyes. It was as if they were trying to send away a god.

She was worried about the matter of origin crystals, but when she saw the Celestial Music Sect giving Wang Lin the bag, she smiled bitterly. The way the Celestial Music Sect gave away their origin crystals was as if Wang Lin was the master of the sect. With a word from him, they had gathered all their origin crystals.

"I fear even if the Everlasting Sect came to ask for origin crystals, the Celestial Music Sect wouldn't move so fast. It's likely they would even hide some and not give all of it away…"

Wang Lin stepped into the transfer array with the old woman and disappeared. This kind of transfer array that went directly to the rank 8 region didn't require any wait. It only took an instant to teleport to the Everlasting Sect.

It wasn't until they saw Wang Lin leave personally that everyone relaxed a bit. The sect master finally relaxed a bit. When he looked at the empty transfer array and broken formation, he felt a lingering sense of fear.

"We've finally sent this person away. Forget asking for all the origin crystals, even if he wanted the entire Celestial Music Sect, I would have given it to him in hopes of him leaving quicker…"

Rank 8 sect, on one of the planets belonging to the Everlasting Sect. The transfer array there suddenly lit up and the light became intense.

"I have to get a treasure from inside the Everlasting Sect!" Wang Lin walked out of the transfer array, arriving at the Everlasting Sect he was at 10 years ago!

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