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Chapter 1287 - Even If Tens of Thousands of People Try to Stop Me, I'll Still Charge Forward!

Five very simple words!

"I'm going to save her!" This was a determination, a firmness, something that had to be done without the fear of death! After hearing the old woman in white, these words were like thunder, these words were like tears, there words were like blood, and they were engraved into Wang Lin's heart! This imprint was blood-colored! But it gave off no killing intent, only sadness and warmth!

It was as if millions of thunderclaps had exploded in Wang Lin's heart, causing him to be startled in place. An intense pain came from his heart, from his blood, and from his soul!

"You promised to send me off…" Li Qianmei's parting words still faintly echoed in Wang Lin's ears. Her request was never that demanding. She only wanted a goodbye, a parting smile, a blessing, to never forget an agreement with her...

She wouldn't steal Li Muwan's place in Wang Lin's heart or replace Li Muwan. She only did this because of a dream about her past life...

She only wanted this… Such a woman, a woman named Li Qianmei silently gave her everything… Perhaps she didn't wait for hundreds of years like Li Muwan or ripped Wang Lin's heart open like Liu Mei, but she had made Wang Lin feel guilty with the 10 years he could never pay back. This made Wang Lin's heart feel pain...

"If one day I'm no longer here, will you remember that in your life, there was a woman named Li Qianmei that quickly passed by…" Li Qianmei's words seemed to become an eternal existence that wandered Wang Lin's heart.

"If I never come back… I hope you remember…"

Even though this woman was going to disappear, she didn't want Wang Lin to know everything she had done. If it wasn't for the fact that she had to tell the old woman everything to get the old woman to bring the soul blood, Li Qianmei wouldn't have said anything. If it wasn't for the old woman questioning Li Qianmei in detail after seeing Li Qianmei's weakened state, she wouldn't have known everything.

Li Qianmei didn't want Wang Lin to feel guilty and pity her after learning everything. She wanted him to accept her existence. She didn't want affection like this!

She also didn't expect to be with Wang Lin until their hair turn white and they died. All she wanted in this vast world was for Wang Lin to remember a woman named Li Qianmei...

Whether she lived or died… this would be… enough!

All she wanted was for two people that might be lonely for different reasons to both look at the same sky… As long as the two people were under the same sky, even if they were separated by life and death, separated by an uncrossable gully and distance, it was enough.

She didn't want them to forget each other. What she wanted was that after they crossed paths, their memories of each other would remain clear deep in their hearts. This memory would be sealed and kept until they grew old. When death came, they could hold this memory and not be lonely, and they could close their life for an eternity with a content smile...

Her request wasn't much...

Wang Lin raised his head and looked at the dark sky. His heart felt pain. He was going to save Li Qianmei, the woman who had given him her everything over the last 10 years!

Even though the spatial crack battlefield might be connected to the Outer Realm. Tuo Sen was in the Outer Realm, and once he stepped one foot into that place, Tuo Sen would notice him. He would likely face danger.

Even though right now he needed time to go into closed door cultivation to comprehend what he had gained in the dao realm so he could reach the heaven-shattering third step!

However, all of this was thrown aside by Wang Lin. He didn't want to think about it. He only knew that there was a woman named Li Qianmei that was facing life-threatening dangers. If he didn't save her, he could never be happy, because he owed her 10 years that were difficult to pay back!

Those simple five words contained everything!

With one step, the sky trembled. Wang Lin moved like a burning meteor as he charged forward.

The old woman in white was held by him in the void and the two of them disappeared without a trace.

The old woman in white stared dumbfoundedly at Wang Lin. This roaring speed made it feel like space was being torn apart; it was as if a large sword was piercing space itself. This speed shocked her!

She also felt Wang Lin's determination from this speed! This was an aura that wouldn't be stopped even if tens of thousands of people wanted him dead!

"There are no transfer arrays in the rank 3 or lower regions. The rank 4 Sea Soul Sect has a transfer array to the rank 6 Celestial Music Sect, which is a branch of the Everlasting Sect. They have a transfer array to the rank 8 Everlasting Sect…"

"The Everlasting Sect also has a transfer array to reach the rank 9 region at the fastest speed possible! Once we are at the rank 9 region, I'll tell you where the Demon Sect is!"

"This is the fastest speed, but the transfer arrays require a lot of origin crystals, and I don't have enough. The transfer arrays aren't usually open, and they don't let people borrow them so easily…"

The old woman's words didn't get any response form Wang Lin. After he spoke those five words, he had been silent. This silence created a powerful pressure that terrified the old woman. She unexpectedly felt regret telling him everything.

She vaguely had a feeling that after the youth had heard everything she had said and spoke those five words, he turned from a celestial into a… devil!

The thunderous rumbles in space echoed like crazy as Wang Lin moved even faster. His white hair waved and the veins on his face were swollen. Even if there was something blocking him, it wouldn't make him retreat!

The rank 2 region was vast, but thanks to Wang Lin's speed, the fog in the rank 2 region was pushed back as if it didn't dare to get close. All the beasts hidden in the fog retreated. They had a feeling that a slaughter god was rushing through, and if they dared to block him, they would without a doubt die!

The rank 2 region flashed by as Wang Lin moved through. A thunderous rumble passed and a large crack appeared. This crack almost split the rank 2 region in half!

At this speed, Wang Lin charged out from the rank 2 region and the rank 3 region. He entered the rank 4 region and stepped onto the continent where the Sea Soul Sect was located!

The Sea Soul Sect was a branch of the Silent Soul Sect. Since the Silent Soul Sect was the strongest rank 8 sect, the Sea Soul Sect had always been domineering in the rank 4 region, and rarely did anyone dare to provoke them.

The sect master was a peak Nirvana Scryer cultivator. He was powerful enough to dominate the rank 4 region!

Right now it was night on the continent the Sea Soul Sect was on.  All the cultivators were cultivating, and even the sect master was sitting inside his secret chamber. At this moment, a thunderous rumble echoed and the entire continent trembled.

This tremble wasn't strong, but it was enough to awaken all the cultivators. The Sea Soul Sect's sect master opened his eyes and quickly left the secret chamber. The elders of the Sea Soul Sect also rushed out.

The moment they appeared, they immediately saw the protection formation shine brightly. They were dumbfounded as they watched the protective formation collapse as a pair of giant hands ripped it open. A figure stepped into the continent after the protection formation collapsed!

Before they could speak, a voice as cold as nevermelting ice echoed across the world. It was earth-shattering!

"Open the transfer array and bring me all your origin crystals. Otherwise… die!" With these words, a white-haired youth appeared with a gloomy expression. This person had only said one thing, but the meaning of the sentence terrified the people of the Sea Soul Sect!

The Sea Soul Sect's sect master trembled. Although he couldn't see through this person's cultivation, ripping open the protection formation like this was not easy. After hearing those words, he clasped his hands and was about to speak. However, his gaze met Wang Lin's gaze. His mind trembled and he coughed out blood, then his face immediately turned pale.

Wang Lin didn't do anything, it was just that the Sea Soul Sect's sect master was too weak. When he met Wang Lin's gaze, his mind became unstable and he injured himself. It had nothing to do with Wang Lin!

"Yes!!" The Sea Soul Sect's sect master respectfully responded and rushed out without hesitation. He took the shocked elders to open the transfer array and respectfully handed over all theot origin crystals.

He didn't doubt that if he was slow or hesitated for a bit, the other side would start killing!

He felt that the person before him wasn't a cultivator, but a primordial beast that had descended on this world with monstrous killing intent!

It would take some time for the transfer array to open. At this moment, all the elders sat down to speed up the process because the slaughter god was looking coldly from above.

Wang Lin didn't have time to wait. Even if the Sea Soul Sect's sect master opened it personally, it would take half a hour. He couldn't wait this long.

As the formation slowly activated, Wang Lin stepped out and his right hand pressed down!

The world trembled as all the origin energy in the world gathered like crazy toward the transfer array. It was as if it was trying to inflate it until it exploded!

Wang Lin used this method that would seriously damage the transfer array to open it in an instant. Wang Lin stepped inside and the old woman followed.

After taking the origin crystals the Sea Soul Sect prepared, Wang Lin and the old woman disappeared inside the formation.

The moment the two of them disappeared, cracking sounds came from the transfer array. Several cracks appeared and it suddenly collapsed.

"I must leave because I'm in a rush. I've destroyed your formation and took your origin crystals. In the future, I'll return them you 10 fold!" Wang Lin's voice echoed in the ears of the cultivators of the Sea Soul Sect.

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