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Chapter 1286 - Awakening! (2)

Li Qianmei still didn't return… It was as if she had disappeared from the world and had never been in this valley. The sword formation and jade were the only evidence to everything that had happened.

The valley was completely silent, and the stone statue gave off a glow along with the jade. However, the light from the jade became even more dim and was like a candle in the wind, seeming like it would dissipate at any time.

Time slowly passed. On the 27th day after Li Qianmei left, an old woman wearing white slowly arrived on this wild continent almost no one went to.

This old woman was gloomy and held a jade in her hand. She kept checking her direction as she moved and gradually closed in on this wild continent.

After a day, the wild continent Wang Lin was on appeared in the fog before the old woman.

The old woman let out a cold snort and stepped forward. She disappeared and reappeared on the wild continent. The old woman's divine sense spread out, revealing her peak Nirvana Shatterer cultivation, and swept across the wild continent.

She instantly found the valley she was looking for!

After finding the valley, the old woman moved like a bolt of thunder toward the valley. Thunderous rumbles echoed and she immediately appeared outside the valley Wang Lin was in.

"This is the place!" The old woman frowned and was about to enter the valley when nine swords suddenly rushed out from the valley and prevented her from entering!

The old woman's expression was neutral, but there was a hint of complication as she looked at the flying swords. She let out a sigh as she threw a jade, and the jade immediately touched the nine swords.

The jade released a flash of light and gave off a gentle aura that surrounded the nine swords. The swords immediately trembled and gave up resisting before dissipating.

Without the swords stopping her, the old woman stepped into the valley and saw Wang Lin's statue at the center! She also saw the jade hanging around his neck.

Looking at the stone statue Wang Lin had turned into, the old woman revealed a complicated gaze. After a long time, she let out a sigh.

"Li Qianmei, you sacrificed so much just for this man!! This old woman promised you I would deliver your soul blood, and I have completed my promise!" The old woman waved her sleeve and a storage space crack appeared. A fist-sized ball of blood flew out.

This ball of blood didn't look like real blood, it was more like a soul. After it appeared, the old woman waved her hand and it entered Wang Lin's statue.

The moment the soul blood entered Wang Lin, the statue shook and a monstrous, blood light shined. However, this blood light contained no killing intent. Instead, it was filled with vitality and 10 years of companionship...

As the stone statue trembled, an aura seemed to be attempting to break out! Cracking sounds echoed and large amounts of cracks appeared around its eyes. After sleeping for 10 years, Wang Lin opened his eyes for the first time!

As his eyes opened, the stone on his face collapsed. It seem like it would still take some time for him to completely break out.

There was confusion in his eyes. Wang Lin seemed to have had a dream, and during that dream, he entered a strange realm. It was the dao realm...

"Hmph, you're awake!" A cold voice interrupted Wang Lin's confusion. This caused Wang Lin's eyes to immediately recover. He looked at the old woman in white standing in the distance.

"You are…" Wang Lin's eyes were calm as he looked at the old woman. He clearly saw an origin soul inside the old woman and all the spells flashing inside the origin soul. Under his gaze, all those spells seemed to stop, and if he willed it, he could easily see through the root of all those spells!

As his gaze moved, he saw a seal on the right of the old woman's heart. This seal was used for healing and had been there for at least 1,000 years.

Before his gaze, the old woman's face changed greatly. She subconsciously took a few steps back and cold sweat covered her forehead. At that moment, she felt as if this person had seen through her and all her secrets. She even had the terrifying illusion that if this person wished it, all her spells would be wiped from her memory!

What terrified her even more was that the healing seal placed on her by a high elder of the Demon Sect 1,000 years ago almost collapsed from his gaze. It was enough to reverse the 1,000 years of healing and cause the serious injury she suffered 1,000 years ago to reappear!

Although she was terrified, her personality had always been fierce. While she retreated, she shouted, "This old woman came from the rank 9 Demon Sect to bring you Li Qianmei's soul blood to help you awaken. What are you going to do? Are you going to kill this old woman!" 

"Li Qianmei?" Wang Lin was startled.

When the old woman saw Wang Lin's expression, she suppressed her terror. She revealed a sad smile and said, "Li Qianmei, ah, Li Qianmei, you did all of this and he doesn't even know about it! Forget it, this old body has already brought your soul blood here and returned your favor. I no longer owe you anymore!"

The old woman suddenly turned around and was going to leave!

Wang Lin seemed to have guessed something and quickly said, "Fellow Cultivator, please don't leave so quickly!"

As he spoke, the law of the world seemed to change. The old woman in white trembled, and she unexpectedly found that she wasn't able to leave. She looked at Wang Lin and gloomily said, "You're powerful and can kill me easily. Now you don't want me to leave. What is the meaning of this?"

Wang Lin looked at the old woman and slowly said, "I have been in a coma for a long time and don't know what happened. I hope you can tell me what happened in detail!"

The old woman sneered. After a long time she said, "You want to know? Alright, I'll tell you everything! Do you know a woman named Li Qianmei? You don't have to answer, you must know her!

"I don't know how you met, but did you know that 10 years ago, Li Qianmei gave up the great opportunity to become a Demon Sect disciple and abandoned the Demon Sect? She became the first person to leave the battlefield, only to meet someone in the Everlasting Sect!

"The Demon Sect naturally didn't want this, and even her Heaven Breaking Sect was not happy. Once this precedent was set, then naturally others will no longer abide by this rule as well! What she lost has nothing to do with you, and even if you didn't know, it wouldn't hurt you!"

Wang Lin was startled. He really didn't know about this. When he met Li Qianmei at the Everlasting Sect, she didn't say any of this.

"Did you know that 10 years ago Li Qianmei returned to her sect due to an order from her teacher? You should know this. Did you know that after she returned, she was immediately trapped by her teacher and was not allowed to leave for three months? Why trap her for three months? Because a certain person was facing a life and death crisis! This old woman doesn't know much about this, but I presume you understand!"

Wang Lin's mind trembled. He naturally knew of this, but this was the first time he had heard about what happened to Li Qianmei at the Heaven Breaking Sect.

"Did you know that in order to save you, Li Qianmei severed her relationship with her teacher, who was like a father to her, in exchange for a chance to leave? She then became someone without a sect or home!

"Did you know that in order for you to awaken, Li Qianmei covered your body with her blood over the last 10 years? After her blood was exhausted, she used her essence blood, and when that wasn't enough, she used her own domain!

"Do you know how painful all of that was, to continue for 10 years and never stop?

"Did you know that in these 10 years, aside from the last few months, she never left the valley and accompanied you the entire time?

"Did you know in these 10 years, not only did she use her blood, but her vitality, her everything. She consumed her life to cover you with blood and then became extremely weak!

"Did you know when her domain wasn't enough, she went to the Demon Sect? Then, at a cost unknown to me, she retrieved her soul blood and asked this old woman to bring it to you!

"Did you know that even though she left, she left her soul jade to nourish your body. All of this, you don't know? You don't know???"

The woman looked at Wang Lin with a sad expression as she spoke!

These words were like rumbling thunder in Wang Lin's ears, and they echoed through his body. He knew, he now knew what the uninterrupted blood light that gave him warmth in the Heaven Defying Bead and never stopped even when he was in the dao realm was!

He lowered his head and saw the jade around his neck. The light from it was very dim, and it seemed like it could dissipate at any moment. For some reason, when he looked at it, a small crack appeared!

"Do you know where she is at this moment?" The old woman's voice was filled with sorrow.

"You don't know, you don't know what kind of condition she agreed to at the Demon Sect to retrieve her soul blood. How could you know? If not for the fact that I watched her grow up, that I am her senior sister, and that I forced her to tell me everything at the Demon Sect, I wouldn't know either…"

Wang Lin pondered and softly asked, "Where is she…"

"Where is she? How could retrieving her Blood Soul from the Demon Sect be so easy? She left the battlefield 10 years ago and didn't return for 10 years. She also was kicked out of the Heaven Breaking Sect. How can the Demon Sect not punish her? If she wanted her soul blood, she had to pay a price!

"In order to retrieve her soul blood, she promised the Demon Sect she would go into the deepest part of the spatial crack battlefield. To explore the area filled with fierce beasts to see if there was a passage to the Outer Realm!

"If there is really a passage to the Outer Realm, how could she return safely? Even if there isn't, there are powerful fierce beasts deep inside. She will die!

"Not to mention, at this moment, she has lost a majority of her life force and her cultivation level dropped greatly from overdrafting her life. How can she survive? The Demon Sect wants her to die on the battlefield to serve as an example!

"In order to retrieve her soul blood, she has already gone deep into the battlefield inside the spatial crack. The people of the Demon Sect won't let her come back, so all she could do was ask me bring this soul blood. Now you know! She wouldn't let me tell you, but since you asked, what right do I have to not tell you? Why shouldn't I tell you. I want you to know all of this!" The old woman's voice was cold and every word was like a painful stab at Wang Lin's heart.

Wang Lin's body trembled. The stone on his body that originally required some time to break trembled violently. The cracks spread quickly and it collapsed in a thunderous rumble!

This stone was connected to Wang Lin's body. and now that it had collapsed, Wang Lin was covered in blood! However, how could he care about any of this now?

The stone statue he turned into was connected to the wild continent. Now that the statue had collapsed, the wild continent trembled and instantly collapsed!

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the entire wild continent began to collapse. A giant gully appeared, causing the wild continent to be torn apart!

The moment the wild continent collapsed, Wang Lin charged out! A powerful cultivation aura spread out from his body. This aura was powerful enough to shake the heavens!

After he came out, he looked at the stars and took a step. His hand reached out and grabbed the old woman.

"Lead me! I want to go to the Demon Sect's battlefield!"

Wang Lin's voice was calm, but it gave off a majestic that couldn't be rejected. Not even peak Nirvana Shatterer cultivators could reject him! They wouldn't dare to reject him!

"You…" The old woman's origin soul trembled. She couldn't even use any spells before Wang Lin's aura. She couldn't dodge at all and was instantly grabbed by Wang Lin.

"I'm going to save her!"

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