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Chapter 1285 - Awakening! (1)

Inside the valley, Wang Lin's stone statue had turned from an old man to a youth. He looked the same as he did before he turned into a stone statue. Li Qianmei silently stared at the stone statue. Every time she looked at it, she felt like Wang Lin was standing before her.

"You promised me you would send me off…" Li Qianmei whispered as if she was talking to herself and at the same time to Wang Lin.

Her memories of Wang Lin had often appeared in her mind over the last six years, becoming more ingrained. However, she would sometimes ask herself why everything had become like this.

She didn't understand why, but Wang Lin's figure in her heart had become even stronger...

What she thought about the most and what kept going through her mind when she cultivated was the eyes of the fish in the water staring at the bird in the sky.

The bird fell down once and shook its feathers. While drinking water, its gaze met with the fish's in the water. Although it was only for an instant, it seemed to last for an eternity inside Li Qianmei's mind.

"Is there really… a past life…" Li Qianmei bit her lower lip as she tore off the scabs on her 10 fingers and continued to cover Wang Lin's statue in blood.

Time unknowingly passed. In the blink of an eye, another year went by.

During this year, Wang Lin's stone statue began to absorb even faster. Li Qianmei only had half an hour a day to rest. She spent the rest of the time looking at the statue. Before the blood had been fully absorbed, she had to cover it again.

Over and over… This year of time was almost equal to the previous six years combined… There wasn't much time to recover, so she could only continue this constant consumption of her vitality.

The pills in her storage space had been almost all used up. She had consumed them to turn them into origin energy and restore her vitality.

However, the consumption of pills couldn't compare to the vitality she used. Even more pills wouldn't help. They would be useless… because Li Qianmei had no time to digest the pills. She only had half an hour every day...

If the pills interrupted her from covering Wang Lin with blood, then her seven years of effort would be lost...

Li Qianmei's face was pale and gloomy. Only her eyes still shined. She didn't think about whether it was worth it or not, she only knew that she want to do this, that she had to do this… There was no regret...

This was enough.

After covering Wang Lin's statue with blood, Li Qianmei took out a pill and quickly put it in her mouth. She used all the time she had to absorb it, and after half an hour, she gave up, allowing the pill to dissipate. She barely exchanged it for some more origin energy before forcing her own vitality to produce more blood to cover the statue...

One month, two months, three months… A woman with her tenacity, her obsession, and her determination to last eight years...

She didn't wait hundreds of years like Li Muwan or the lonely music, but she had the same obsession. Whether it was eight more years or until the end of her life...

"You still haven't answered the third question. I still haven't hear your answer to the third question…"

Li Qianmei bit her lip as she continued to cover the statue in blood until the end of eternity.

After eight years, she didn't have that half hour of rest. Wang Lin's stone statue's absorption had reached a terrifying degree. The statue would absorb the blood almost as soon as it was covered, and she would have to begin covering it in blood once more.

This method made her even more fragile. She had no time to rest or cultivate, and she relied on her Nirvana Shatterer cultivation to overdraft her life force.

A woman could do all of this. Asking whether it was worth it or not was blasphemy...

She had lost her ability to think and stopped thinking about anything. Her memories of Wang Lin flashed in her mind and turned into a force that helped her get through the eighth year.

However, the most terrifying was the ninth year. Wang Lin's stone statue's absorption had reached a terrifying degree. Often, before she even finished covering him in blood, a part that had been covered earlier would have already dissipated.

This exceeded Li Qianmei's limit. Even if she used both her hands, she couldn't keep up. After discovering this, she revealed a miserable expression and didn't hesitate to bite the tip of her tongue to use her essence blood!

Essence blood was very important to a cultivator. The amount one had determined everything for a cultivator. It didn't exist in the limbs, only at the tip of the tongue and the heart.

One drop of blood here was equal to the entire body.

After she spat out the essence blood from the tip of her tongue, her hand formed a seal and turned it into a blood mist a that covered the stone statue. Only by using this method of extreme consumption could she keep up with the rapid absorption.

However, every time she spat out essence blood, her face would become even more pale. She looked like only skin and bones, and her previous beauty was no longer there.

However, all of this changed in the second half of the ninth year. Wang Lin's absorption rate increased, and not even the essence blood from the tip of her tongue was enough!

Li Qianmei's body was extremely weak and despair appeared in her eyes. However, she clenched her teeth and waved her hand. A small silver sword appeared and she stabbed her own heart!

There was still essence blood in her heart! The intense pain caused her body to tremble. However, none of this stopped her. But she became even weaker.

With this unimaginable method, Li Qianmei got past the ninth year and went into the 10th year...

"That voice said that if I can last 10 years, there is a chance for him to awaken. Now it is the last year…" Li Qianmei had changed a lot in the last nine years. With the arrival of the 10th year, the essence blood at the tip of her tongue and her heart were no longer enough to cover the stone statue.

Li Qianmei chose her origin soul dao blood… The origin soul dao blood was her understanding of dao that had fused into her origin soul, her foundation. She refined it and forced it out as an aura. Although it wasn't blood, it was much more valuable, and it was Li Qianmei's everything!

In this last year, Li Qianmei also hesitated. However, her hesitation turned into a blooming smile when she looked at Wang Lin's statue. Just like when they first met, her smile was extremely moving.

"There is another woman in your heart. I will not steal you or make you choose. I presume you must have suffered a lot for her over the years… How can I force you...

"It's fine if you don't care. There are always things in this world that can't be explained… I believe that if the woman in your heart came in these nine years, she would have done the same and done it even better than me...

"Even if that Mu Bingmei found out about everything and came here, she would have done the same… I don't expect anything, I just want to complete that picture in my heart. You were a bird and I was a fish… Over the years, I have thought a lot and understood a lot. Perhaps it was all an illusion, but I saw a lot...

"In a blur, I saw you, who was a bird, land near my pond twice. Once when you came to drink and once when you were injured… I used my strength to push you from the pond to the shore so you could breathe and fly away…"

Li Qianmei carried a gentle smile as she looked at Wang Lin's stone statue and closed her eyes. As she closed her eyes, her origin soul began to move and a vortex appeared between her eyebrows. Dao blood flew out drop by drop and covered Wang Lin.

Li Qianmei was like a fallen flower, and she continued to wither. However, this 10th year seemed extremely long, much longer than the previous nine years. On the ninth month, she opened her eyes and looked at the stone statue. She pondered for a very long time.

She gradually got up and looked at the sky as if she was seeing the scene of her previous life when she pushed the bird onto the shore.

Li Qianmei gently shook her head and took the necklace with a jade on it hanging around her neck. This jade contained her life soul. She looked at the stone statue and then gently hung the necklace around the statue.

"Even with my everything, I can't help you get through the last three months… I can't do it… However, when a cultivator that goes to the battlefield in the Demon Sect is recognized by the Demon Sect, they have their soul blood extracted by a high elder. It can be stored, and once they die, they could have their soul reformed. Then they can reincarnate to cultivate again… I was recognized by the Demon Sect and had my soul blood extracted. I'll go the Demon Sect for it. Maybe it can help you get through the last three months…" Li Qianmei looked at Wang Lin's statue, and after a long time, she withdrew her gaze.

Li Qianmei took out nine flying swords and placed them down around the valley to form a sword formation. This was her strongest treasure, and it had helped her kill countless fierce beasts on the battlefield!

After placing the sword formation, Li Qianmei bit her lip. With her weakened body, she swallowed pills and left the valley for the first time in 10 years. She charged straight for the Demon Sect in the rank 9 region!

"I don't have much time, and my life soul jade can only last one month, so I have to get it within one month. It's just… that soul blood won't be easy to obtain…"

Li Qianmei turned into a ray of light and disappeared into the stars. She couldn't take Wang Lin's statue away. Three years ago, the statue seemed to fuse with the wild continent.

After Li Qianmei left, she never came back...

The last three months passed. Without the woman in the valley, the valley became more lonely. The roar of the fierce beasts became even more intense, and they closed in on the valley.

However, with the sword formation present, all the fierce beasts that entered the valley let out miserable screams and died. The fierce beasts gradually retreated and didn't dare to approach.

One day, two days, three days… In the blink of an eye, ten days passed.

The jade Li Qianmei had left around Wang Lin's stone statue gave off a soft glow. It was as if Li Qianmei had never left and had been nourishing Wang Lin's stone statue.

The jade held her warmth, her tens years of effort, her heart, and turned into a force that accompanied Wang Lin...

The 11th day, 12th day… until the 20th day.


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